35 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In South Aceh To Go For Recreation

35 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In South Aceh To Go For Recreation

Each region in Aceh offers natural beauty reflected in its tourist attractions, so its number of tourist spots seems infinite.

The South Aceh Regency also boasts a charm equal to other areas of Aceh when it comes to its beauty. Tapaktuan is the capital of the South Aceh regency.

The location of Tapaktuan City is also far from the center of Banda Aceh, which is about 433 kilometers away. There’s no need to be concerned since there is now an airport that will make traveling to South Aceh much easier.

Although South Aceh is quite far from Banda Aceh, it holds some of the best tourist destinations in this region.

Each of these tourist spots has a uniqueness and excellence that will make your holiday even more memorable. The tourist attractions available in South Aceh are dominated by natural interests with a natural panorama that will amaze you.

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35 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In South Aceh To Go For Recreation

Wondering what these attractions are? Listed below are some of the tourist places in South Aceh you may wish to visit during your vacation.

1. Rafting on the Alas River/Arung Jeram di Sungai Alas

The first tourist attraction in South Aceh is Rafting on the Alas River, where you will experience an adrenaline-pumping experience.

The location of this rafting is in the Alas Aceh Selatan River, which has a reasonably strong river current. Moreover, the scenery around the river is very exotic, so wading through this river will give an even more exciting experience.

The rapid flow of the river combined with the lush forests of Gunung Leuser National Park will undoubtedly be a blend of tours that will pamper you. However, the river will eventually flow into the Indian Ocean, so you do not want to miss the thrill of rafting in this river.

The river is the longest in Aceh, dividing Gunung Leuser National Park and flowing into the Indian Ocean.

This river has a grade between 1 – 6, and the Alas River flow has grades 3 and 4. In grade 3 flow, there can be riams followed by waves that come unexpectedly and need to maneuver to avoid large rocks.

In grade 4, rapids that welcome connect each other and are increasingly challenging, with wave heights reaching 2 meters accompanied by sharp turns.

Are you interested in trying the challenging thrill of wading through this river? Make sure you prepare physically and mentally.

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2. Seventh Level Waterfall/Air Terjun Tingkat Tujuh

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The following attractive natural tourism in South Aceh is The Seventh Level Waterfall. The tourist spot is located just a few minutes away from the city of Tapak Tuan; it needs about 10 minutes to reach.

You will find a waterfall with beautiful natural scenery and clean, cool air at the Seventh Level Waterfall area.

If you want to visit this waterfall more closely, then the higher the level of the waterfall, the more complex the challenge will be. Even careful preparation must be done so that you can get to the seventh level.

It will be worth it when you see the stunning natural scenery in the level seven waterfall area.

Each height is different in size. The fifth, sixth, and seventh levels of waterfalls, those on the first to fourth levels, are pretty far away from each other and climb the hill following the river flow.

The location of this waterfall itself is in Tapaktuan Subdistrict. To get to the site, you have to walk down the lush streets.

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3. Mr. Tapa’s Site/Tapak Tuan Tapa

This tourist spot in South Aceh is trendy and has become an icon in South Aceh. If you visit South Aceh, do not miss seeing the site Tapak Tuan Tapa.

Physical evidence is located on the shores of a beach that is so exotic. Tapak Tuan Tapa is not an easy place to reach.

Because you have to climb and go down the hill of Mount Lampu until it passes through a very slippery rock, you should be extra careful about your safety when you travel to this site.

Long journeys and rugged terrain seem to pay off when you arrive at the site. At that location, you will see a giant footprint which, according to legend, is the foot of Mr. Tapa.

The natural scenery at this place will also fascinate you, as the beach is dotted with rocks. Apart from the giant footprints, you will also be fascinated by the natural scenery.

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4. Batee White Beach/Pantai Batee Putih

Batee Putih Beach is often touted as a paradise placed in South Aceh because this beach has a beauty that cannot be described in words.

Batee Putih Beach is still unspoiled, so it is still very natural. In addition, the beach located in Gampung Lhok Aman also has a coastline decorated with white rocks.

This beach is also not too far from Tapak Tuan, which is about 35 kilometers away. Due to this beach’s natural environment, the atmosphere tends to be quiet, making it perfect for relaxing.

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5. Bidari Samadua Beach/Pantai Bidari Samadua

Bidari Samadua Beach is a top-rated beach in South Aceh. This tourist spot is a must-visit for those of you who plan to vacation in South Aceh.

The beach is located in Samada Subdistrict has white sand and blue seawater. There are also green hills around the beach that will make the scenery more exotic.

Near this beach, there is a waterfall whose springs come from the mountain to be used as a natural bathing pool. On this beach, there are also adequate facilities ranging from food stalls to seafood dishes.

Of course, the various seafood dishes are cooked using Acehnese seasoning that will surely shake your tongue.

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6. Lhok Nibong Beach/Pantai Lhok Nibong

It is impossible to separate Aceh from the beauty of its beaches that stretch almost everywhere in Aceh, including in South Aceh.

This time Lhok Nibong Beach offers undeniable beauty. Lhok Nibong Beach is also often dubbed as the rainbow warriors beach of South Aceh.

This beach has a long and beautiful coastline, and there are large rocks that will decorate this beach. No wonder this beach looks very exotic, like the beach in the movie Laskar Pelangi.

In addition, there are rows of hills surrounding this beach that perfect the panorama at Lhok Nibong Beach.

The beach overlooking the Indian Ocean also looks more beautiful with a small island that gives a more relaxed feel. 

But you have to do a thorough preparation before going to this beach because the facilities are still minimal.

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7. Ujong Nibong Beach/Pantai Ujong Nibong

Lhok Nibong Beach is adjacent to Ujong Nibong Beach, so it can be considered a beach area worth visiting.

No less beautiful than Lhok Nibong beach, this beach also has a charm that amazes and is similar to the beach in Laskar Pelangi’s movie. If you are looking for a beach that is still natural, this beach is the right choice.

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8. Lhok Mamplam Beach/Pantai Lhok Mamplam

From Ujong Nibong Beach, you can continue the journey to Lhok Mamplan Beach because this beach is very close to Lhok Nibong Beach and Ujong Nibong.

Because of its proximity to the two other beaches, it is no wonder that this beach is just as beautiful. When the afternoon comes, this beach looks more romantic and exotic with the presence of a tinge of sunset that decorates the sky.

As you are at the beach, you can climb up the hill to see the view from the top and take pictures with your camera.

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9. Cold Baths/Pemandian Air Dingin

The next tourist spot in South Aceh is The Cold Spring, located in Lhok Pawoh Village, Sawang, South Aceh.

This tourist attraction is also always crowded with tourists, especially when the holidays arrive. With a large bathing area, tourists can freely play water in this area.

With its cold water conditions and the beautiful natural scenery of the mountains, this Cold Water Bath will guarantee freshness.

The characteristic of cold water baths is also the presence of a waterfall and large and high rocks. The location of this bath is also not far from the sea coast. Therefore, while bathing in this bath, visitors can enjoy the panorama of the sea.

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10. Cold Waterfall/Air Terjun Dingin

There is also a cold waterfall close to the cold bath. On the underside of this waterfall, there is a natural bathing pool where we can soak in wet-wet ria.

The water is cold and spacious, making it very exciting for visitors to bathe with the group.

11. Panjupian Baths/Pemandian Panjupian

The next tourist spot that you can visit while in South Aceh is Panjupian Baths. The location of this bath is about 6 kilometers from the capital of Tapaktuan.

This tourism object is also increasingly in demand by tourists, especially those who want to travel with family. In the Panjupian baths, cool, clear river water is used to make bathing pools for tourists.

There are also tourist huts, prayer halls, stalls, and other facilities to make visitors feel comfortable. This bath also offers breathtaking scenery that can provide a sensation that blends with nature.

The location of this bath is on Jl. Tapaktuan – Subulussalam, Panjupian, Tapak Tuan, South Aceh Regency, Aceh.

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12. Talago Stone/Talago Batu

This tourist spot may still not be widely known to tourists, especially from areas outside Aceh. Talago Batu is located in Menggamat, Central Kluet, South Aceh.

To get to Talago Batu, takes a long journey through hills, rivers, and cobbled roads. So that your trip to Talago Batu is safe and not lost, you need to hire a local guide.

After a long and long journey, you will arrive at a tourist site that will spoil your eyes.

Here you can see trees that grow shady, rivers filled with clear water, and waterfalls. You can even witness the process of stone mining using traditional equipment performed by workers.

There are seven levels in this waterfall that you have to pass. The top one is called Talago Batu because it has a waterfall shower that resembles a lake.

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13. Lawe Melang River/Sungai Lawe Melang

When visiting Talago Batu, you should not miss stopping by the Lawe Melang River. The location of this river is not far from Talago Batu, so to get to this river only takes 10 minutes.

A type of motorboat made of wood is needed to travel down the Lawe Melang River. Motorboat fares are adjusted according to mileage.

This river’s surroundings are enchanting, with the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and the cool tones characteristic of the countryside. Indeed, this will provide an unforgettable tourist experience.

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14. Batu Putri Batupang/Batu Putri Batupang

If Padang is famous for Malin Kundang, then South Aceh is famous for Batu Putri Batupang. Not much different from Malin Kundang, Batu Putri Batupang is the story of a girl whose mother cursed her into a stone to wait for her lover.

Batu Putri Batupang is on the shore, so you have to travel a distance of about 1 kilometer from the Tapak Tuan site to reach it.

When you arrive at the location, you can see a stone resembling a woman’s body with a chin sitting on a huge turtle.

Uniquely, the legend of Batu Putri Batupang has also been made in the form of a legend book written by local writers.

There is no wonder that this tourist spot is also becoming increasingly popular as more and more people learn about the legend.

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15. Two Bakongan Island/Pulau Dua Bakongan

Pulau Dua is a popular tourist destination in South Aceh. But the facilities on this island are still not adequate, so you have to prepare supplies from home.

To get to Pulau Dua, tourists can use a chartered fishing boat. If you want to visit Pulau Dua, you should invite your group to cheaper transportation costs.

On Pulau Dua, you can see the natural beauty that is stunning and pampering to the eyes. There are also coral reefs that amaze anyone who sees them.

This very exotic island has a beach with golden-yellow sand. This beach is surrounded by coconut trees, adding to its exoticism.

Pulau Dua is a beautiful island for snorkeling because it has beautiful coral reefs and lives gorgeous fish in its underwater garden. You are guaranteed to stay for a long time on this island of two.

The distance between the island and the city of Tapak is only about 45 km. Take a boat ride from Tapak Tuan pier for approximately 30 minutes to explore this island’s beauty.

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16. Bukit Puncak Gemilang/Bukit Puncak Gemilang

It is not complete to vacation to South Aceh if you do not stop by Bukit Puncak Gemilang. Because today this hill is one of the prima donnas of South Aceh tourism.

Bukit Puncak Gemlang is on Lhok Bengkuang Hill, and it takes 10 minutes to climb. From the top of this hill, you can find one long chair on the back that reads Puncak Gemilang.

This location is very suitable for taking pictures on chairs while looking at the stunning natural scenery.

Because of the number of tourists who take photos here, it is no wonder that many are willing to queue to take pictures. From the top of the hill, the view of Tapaktuan City is apparent.

Furthermore, there is also a tiny hut typical of Aceh facing the Mountain that can be used as a photo spot.

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17. Sailing Stones/Batu Berlayar

This tourist spot is quite popular in South Aceh but has recently become a viral hit. This is because many tourists take pictures at this tourist attraction and then upload them to their social media accounts.

This sailing stone is a giant stone on the shore of Samadua Subdistrict, South Aceh Regency.

Getting to Batu Belayar is also not difficult because you only need to travel for 25 minutes. There is also a giant stone around the beach so that the natural scenery will be brilliant.

That is why you should not miss the opportunity to see Batu Berlayar.

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18. Lhok Rukam Beach/Pantai Lhok Rukam

The next tourist spot in South Aceh is Lhok Rukam beach, located about 14 km from Panjupitan baths. The beach is easy to reach, and even public transportation is available to take you there.

Due to its accessibility, this beach is always crowded with visitors, especially during the holiday season. With big waves and beautiful rocks, this beach also possesses great beauty and natural charm.

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19. Seurudong Beach/Pantai Seurudong

Still, in beach tourism, there is also Seurudong beach located in Sawang Ba’u Village, Sawang District. Consider including this beach next on your list of vacation spots in South Aceh.

Seurudong beach is less accessible than Lhokukam beach, so it is quieter.

Nevertheless, this beach is worth your visit, because of its stunning natural beauty. There is also a collaboration of the small and exotic island “Puilau Kloe’ or “Silent Island” located near the shore.

The coral reefs on this beach are still in good condition, which helps a variety of marine life, including turtles, live here. Visitors who are curious about these turtles will regularly visit this beach when they lay eggs.

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20. Seubadeh Beach/Pantai Seubadeh

Next, there is Seubadeh beach, a beach with picturesque natural beauty that is no less impressive. On the beach, Seubadeh is decorated with shady fir trees.

This beach has relatively calm waves, so it is exciting and certainly safe to be used as a place to bathe and swim.

Currently, a tree is becoming viral on social media; there is a dead tree on the beach with twigs and branches that have dried up, so it makes for an interesting photo spot.

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21. Thousand Stairs Waterfall/Air Terjun Tangga Seribu

In addition to the seven-level waterfall, there are also a thousand stairs waterfalls that are no less beautiful for visitors to visit—named the waterfall of the thousand stairs because of the flow of water that falls through the path Berundak like a staircase.

There is still a waterfall in the dense forest that the surrounding trees have preserved.

To get to this waterfall, tourists must pass the road by motorcycle for about 1 hour. Visitors still have to walk for about half an hour to explore the forest area.

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22. White Sand Beach/Pantai Pasir Putih

There is a white sand beach located close to the cold waterfall. This beach is very worthy for you to include in the list of natural tourist destinations in South Aceh in the end.

This area’s beach sand is very white and clean, making it comfortable to play in the sand early in the morning.

Make your visit even more exciting by coming here in the afternoon so you can see the beautiful sunset on the western horizon into the ocean.

The beach has been equipped with a gazebo where you can enjoy the evening while relaxing.

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23. Batu Hitam Beach/Pantai Batu Hitam

Batu Hitam Beach is a black stone beach with many restaurants. This beach is not too crowded with tourists.

Still, the beautiful beach and lush fir trees make this place an excellent place to spend a vacation and enjoy delicious meals.

24. Dragon Princess Bath/Pemandian Putri Naga

The next tourist attraction in South Aceh is the dragon princess bath, which a dragon makes for her son, the dragon princess. It is located near the city center, where you can see the dragon’s bath. 

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25. Jambo Hatta/Jambo Hatta

Jambo Hatta could be the next tourist destination. Jambo Hatta itself is a house once visited by Bung Hatta, the First Vice President of Indonesia.

From Jambo Hatta, you can see the city of Tampa Tuan as a whole because the location of this house is at a height. 

26. Istiqamah Masjid Tapak Tuan/Masjid Istiqamah Tapak Tuan

When you have reached prayer time, don’t forget to stop by the mosque Istiqamah Tapak Tuan. This magnificent mosque is an icon of Tapak Tuan city. It is a tremendous religious tourist attraction in South Aceh.

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27. Pala Park Master Site/Tapak Tuan Taman Pala

Next, we have the object Tapak Tuan Taman Pala, near the beach market in Gampong. This place becomes a favorite destination for people around for afternoon walks.

This place is often used as a hangout place for young children. In this location, there is an arena for rock climbing. Its beautiful location makes it a great place to stay in Kongkow.

28. Turtle Belimbing Education Tour/Wisata Edukasi Penyu Belimbing

If you like everything related to turtles, you can come to the Gampong region of Sialang South Kluet district.

You can observe leatherback turtle life on Rantau SiLuserbeach, from preparing the nest to laying eggs to hatching in the wetlands of the Lauser nature reserve area.

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29. Cemara Ujung Batu Pasieraja Beach/Pantai Cemara Ujung Batu Pasieraja

Location: Border Gampong Ujong Batee, Pasie Raja and Gampong Air Pinang District Tapaktuan, South Aceh.

30. Tuha Pasieraja Farm Beach/Pantai Ladang Tuha Pasieraja

Location: Tuha Farm Village, Kec Pasie Raja, South Aceh-12 KM away from the district capital.

31. Bangko Sea Lake/Danau Laut Bangko

Location: Pasi Lembang, Kluet Sel., South Aceh Regency

32. Pinang Waterfall/Air Terjun Air Pinang

Location: Mersak Village, Central Kluet District, South Aceh 

33. Telago Batu Mersak Waterfall/Air Terjun Telago Batu Mersak

Location of Mersak Village, Central Kluet District, South Aceh 

34. Batee Puteh Beach/Pantai Batee Puteh

Location: Lhok Aman, Meukek, South Aceh Regency

35. East Bakongan Beach/Pantai Bakongan Timur

Location: Jl Lintas Barat Sumatera, Tapaktuan-, Pasi Seubadeh, Bakongan Timur

Hunting for Specialties in Naga City

Don’t forget to visit South Aceh to sample the typical cuisine of Naga city. The most famous of the food types here are Nutmeg and Asinan Pala.


Here are some of the tourist sites for a fun and exciting holiday in South Aceh. There is no doubt that the various tourist attractions above will serve as a memorable holiday filler in South Aceh.

Moreover, make sure you invite your relatives and close friends on this holiday to spend time together so that this trip is exciting and memorable.

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