The Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Purwokerto - Perfect For Holidays/Aesthetic Photos

The Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Purwokerto – Perfect For Holidays/Aesthetic Photos

In addition to being famous for its mouthwatering culinary, Purwokerto also presents various tourist attractions that offer beauty like a world paradise. 

One of them is Small Word. Small Word offers natural and historical attractions that are uniquely and creatively packed. For example, in Small Word, you can see miniatures of world wonder buildings that are very beautifully packed. 

Although this tourist attraction in Purwokerto was only inaugurated in September 2016, tourists have been quite loved, especially young people.

Why not? Many beautiful spots are suitable to fill the Instagram wall. There you can also see flowers of various colors that can soothe your eyes.

In addition to Small Word, there are also 10 other tourist attractions in Purwokerto that you must visit. What are those? Here is the list – 

The Top 10 Attractions In Purwokerto – Perfect For Holidays/Aesthetic Photos


Baturraden is a must-visit favorite attraction. It is located right on Mount Slamet, Karangmangu Village, Baturraden, Banyumas, Central Java. 

You can travel by public transport or private vehicle.

Be careful when driving a private vehicle. The up-and-down mountain terrain is enough to challenge your driving skills. 

Once there, you can enjoy the beautiful mountain panorama, complete with shady trees. You can also feel the coolness of the mountain air.

Baturraden attractions include a fairly complete tourist attraction. In this tourist attraction in Purwokerto, several tourist attractions can be enjoyed with families, such as swimming pools, glide pools, water bikes, fish therapy, and hot springs. 

In this tourist area, there is also a mini zoo that can be visited with full family.

Besides, there is a museum where Indonesian animal skeletons and Baturraden theater are uniquely packed. 

Yes, Batur Raden theater is a plane that has been transformed into a theater. The theater plays a 10-15 minute film, exploring Banyumas’ rich tourism, culture, and natural wealth.

Baturraden entrance fee is Rp 14,000, including entrance ticket, swimming, hot spring bath, and water bike game. A visit to a mini zoo will cost you Rp 8.000,00. Isn’t it cheap?

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2.Baturraden Adventure Forest (BAF)

This attraction is within the Batur Raden natural tourist complex. Baturraden Adventure Forest, commonly called BAF, offers an outdoor adventure experience. 

They offer several tour programs, such as mountain adventure, water adventure, tree adventure, and eco-adventure.

Each program is further divided into two tour packages—one-day tour packages and half-day tour packages, at rates of Rp 230,000 and Rp 150,000, respectively. Oh yes, there have also been prepared tents that visitors can rent.

3.Shower Pitu Baturraden and Goa Sarabadak/Pancuran Pitu Baturraden dan Goa Sarabadak

Pancuran Pitu Baturraden also managed to become one of the tourist attractions in Purwokerto that must be visited. The location is still located within the Baturraden tourist complex. You can walk for 1.6 miles there. 

If you are lazy, you can use public transportation or private vehicles by passing through Baturraden Campground.

Pitu Baturraden Shower offers beautiful natural scenery. In addition, there is also a hot spring that comes out of seven showers. 

It is said that the sulfur content of this hot spring can eliminate all skin diseases, such as itching or acne. Interested in trying?

Oh yes, not far from there (about 50 meters), there is also a Sarabadak cave attraction that presents a cave tour complete with unique golden cliffs. 

You can see the hot water sourced from the Pitu Baturraden Shower flowing along the cliff with a puff of hot steam. Sulfur deposits from the water that make the cliffs yellowish.

In West Java, there is also a crater hot spring tour for those of you who enjoy hot springs. 

4.Climbing Mount Slamet/Pendakian Gunung Slamet

Mount Slamet is certainly familiar to nature lovers. With an altitude of 3,428 meters above sea level, Mount Slamet is designated as the highest mountain in Central Java (and the second-highest in Java after Mount Semeru).

Three paths can be passed to conquer this mountain—the southern route through Baturraden, the western route through Kaliwadas, and the eastern route through Bambangan. 

Of the three lines, this last line (Bambangan) has the closest route. In addition to having a closer distance, the scenery on this trail is also the most beautiful. 

You can see a herd of apes that “accompany” you during the hike.

From the top of Mount Slamet, you can see clouds that stretch as far as the eye can see. You can also enjoy the “land above the clouds” while in this tourist spot in Purwokerto.

There are a few tips for climbing Mount Slamet. First, climb when summer comes because the rainy season will make the trail slippery. 

In addition, prepare good physical and mental stamina because this climb will be a lot of physical and mental drain.

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5.Gomblang Waterfall/Curug Gomblang

This is one of the waterfalls that are being hit in Purwokerto. Although this waterfall is not too high, the view is amazing. 

Moreover, several photo spots have been shown by the manager. Through the photo spot, visitors can take pictures with the background of Gomblang Waterfall.

This tourist attraction is within 17 km of Purwokerto City, with a travel time of about 42 minutes. Therefore, you can enter this tourist area in Purwokerto with a fairly low fund, Rp 5,000 only.

6.Cipendok Waterfall/Curug Cipendok

Love to play water while looking at rare animals? Then, you may want to check out this tourist attraction in Purwokerto. Yes, at Cipendok Waterfall, you can hear the sound of Java eagles circling the waterfall. 

You must, however, refrain from hunting or collecting the Java eagle because it is an endangered species. Instead, we should allow them to thrive in their natural habitat.

Additionally to java eagles, you can also see endemic species typical of Purwokerto, namely gray monkeys. Unfortunately, that’s also only if you’re lucky because the numbers are running low.

A stunning feature of Cipendok Waterfall Opens in a new the beautiful forest and cool mountain air it has to offer. This is because it is located in the Batur Raden tourist complex. 

The water in this lake is still very clear, so you can swim and play until you are satisfied. However, for safety, avoid swimming near waterfalls because they have very strong currents.

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7.Tranggulasih Hill/Bukit Tranggulasih

This is also a fairly popular tourist attraction in Purwokerto, especially since 2015. According to the recognition of some tourists, Bukit Tranggulasih is the best place to enjoy sunrise and sunset.

In Bukit Tranggulasih, there are five sides with different views. In the north, there is a row of slopes. Slamet mountains are very beautiful. 

In the east, you can watch the sunrise very freely (and, of course, stunning). In the northeast, there is Bukit Cendana which is a well-known campsite. 

In the west, you can see a very romantic sunset. Finally, in the southern part, you can see a wonderful view of the sea and complete with the landscape of Purwokerto City that you can see from the top of the hill.

Another interesting thing about this tourist spot is that you can camp with friends while making campfires. 

8.Watu Hill Table/Bukit Watu Meja

This tourist attraction is located in Kebasean Subdistrict, Purwokerto. To enjoy the beauty of the hill panorama, you have to climb the hill for about 20 minutes. So, make sure your physical condition is supportive enough, yes!

At the beginning of the climb, the road to the hill is surrounded by shady bamboo trees. 

When you reach a high enough height, you will see a beautiful pine forest like in Bogor, complete with sunlight peeking from behind the leaves.

Once you get to the top, you will be greeted by a beautiful view of the Serayu River. This river appears twisted when viewed from above. 

Of course, this will be a beautiful setting to decorate your Instagram wall. Then, after you get tired of taking pictures, you can enjoy the breeze that will soften your mind.

Some of the huts on the hill sell traditional foods typical of Purwokerto, such as pecel and mendoan. Thus, you can “refuel” first before struggling down the hill.

9.Telaga Sunyi

As the name implies, this tourist spot in Purwokerto is still quiet because it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city and residents’ residences. 

There are not many tourists who come because there are few who know about it. Yet, behind his supposedly “lonely” name, he reveals a hypnotizing view.

The water in this tourist spot is very clear because it comes from the natural spring of Mount Slamet. 

In the middle of the forest, Telaga Sunyi offers cool, fresh air and a peaceful atmosphere.

You can swim, dive, and observe the beautiful rocks at the bottom of the lake. Don’t forget to take photos underwater, as other visitors usually do.

The facilities here are quite adequate, such as bathrooms and changing clothes that the authority has prepared. 

The budget required is also not too expensive, only Rp 13,000 for admission and Rp 3,000 for vehicle parking. To reach this tourist spot, you can travel for approximately 15-20 minutes from Purwokerto City.

The only advice we can give is that this place is more suitable for those who can swim since the lake reaches a depth of 3 km.

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10.Museum of Bank Rakyat Indonesia/Museum Bank Rakyat Indonesia

After exploring the natural beauty of Purwokerto, there is no harm in exploring the historical attractions there. 

Indonesia’s People’s Bank museum is one of the most popular historical attractions.

As we know, Bank BRI is the oldest national bank in Indonesia. So it’s no wonder they’re also a museum was created. This museum contains the history of this Red Plate Bank. 

In addition, you can also see their collection of old-fashioned money, from banknotes to coins. Here you can also see the banking equipment/ machinery that was used to operate a bank.

If you are interested, you can come to this tourist spot in Purwokerto at Jalan Sudirman No.57, Purwokerto.

What are the Best Cafe and Resto in Purwokerto?

1.Kargloss Autocare & Cafe

Type: American, Italian, Pizza, Steakhouses

Price range : Per person IDR 145,400 – IDR 363,600 (10.02$-25.07$)

Address : Jl. Raya Baturraden KM 5 Pabuaran – Purwokerto Utara, Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia


  • Сredit cards accepted
  • Booking
  • Takeaway
  • Wi-Fi
  • ParkingTV

Kargloss Autocare & Cafe Opening hours:

Opening DaysOpening Hours
Kargloss Autocare & Cafe Opening hours

2. Oemah Daun Cafe & Resto

Type: Asian, Indonesian, Vegetarian options

Price range: Per person IDR 145,400 – IDR 363,600 (10.02$-25.07$)

Address: Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim No.101 – 103, Purwokerto


  • Сredit cards accepted
  • Outdoor seating
  • Wi-FiBooking
  • Delivery
  • Takeaway

Ohman Daun Cage & Resto Opening hours:

Opening DaysOpening Hours
Ohman Daun Cage & Resto Opening hours

3. Quattro Cafe

Type: Pizza

Price Range: Per person IDR 145,400 – IDR 363,600 (10.02$-25.07$)

Address: Jl. Pungkuran No.10, Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia


  • Сredit cards accepted
  • Delivery
  • Outdoor seating
  • Takeaway

Quattro Cafe Opening hours:

Opening DaysOpening Hours
Quattro Cafe Opening hours

4.Daun Kemangi Cafe & Resto

Type: Indonesian, Chinese, Asian, Vegetarian options

Price Range: Per person IDR 145,000 – IDR 362,500 (9.96$-24.90$)

Address: Jl. Prof. Dr Jl. Profesor DR. HR Boenyamin No.175B, Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia


  • Сredit cards accepted
  • Delivery
  • Outdoor seating
  • Takeaway
  • Booking

Daun Kemangi Cafe & Resto Opening hours:

Opening DaysOpening Hours
Daun Kemangi Cafe & Resto Opening hours

5.Singgah Coffee & Book

Price range: Per person IDR 145,000 – IDR 362,500 (9.96$-24.90$)

Address: Jl. Riyanto No.29, Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia


  • Wi-Fi
  • No outdoor seating
  • Takeaway

Singgah Coffee & Book Opening hours:

Opening DaysOpening Hours
Singgah Coffee & Book Opening hours

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