The 8 Sherpur Tourist Spot, Mymensingh

Stunning Top Tourist Attractions in Sherpur, Mymensingh

Discover the top tourist spots in Sherpur, Bangladesh, and plan your next trip with this guide. From historical landmarks to natural wonders, find the best attractions to visit in Sherpur. Stay with us to know more about the best tourist places in Sherpur to visit and explore the fascinating side of beautiful Mymensingh.

8 Sherpur Tourist Places to Visit

1.Bonorani Forest Resort/বনরাণী ফরেস্ট রিসোর্ট

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The Bonorani Forest Resort, a modern tourist destination, has been constructed in a forested natural environment in Garo hills bordering Gandhigaon in Jhinaigatti Upazila Sherpur district.  It is one of the best Sherpur tourist places to go with family and enjoy a good time.

It takes only 10-12 minutes to walk to this privately owned picnic spot Bonorani Forest Resort from Gozni Vacation Centre. In addition to campfires and barbecue dinners, the resort has a romance of mountain rhymes, green forests, and wild elephant pastures. The resort also has a healthy 3 pm meal system.

Resort Expenses & Rent

If you want to do day outings only at Bonorani Forest Resort, it will cost Rs 1500. 

The double bedroom fare for one night is Rs 2500. It will take Rs 7000 to rent 3 rooms at a time, i.e., the entire resort. 

And the picnic will cost Rs 5175 to rent 1 room 4 bathrooms at Bonorani Forest Resort.


  • Banorani Forest Resort
  • Gozni, Jhinaigatti, Sherpur
  • Mobile: 01716-773232

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2.Pone Tin Ani Zamindar House/Pone Tin Zamidar Bari/পৌনে তিন জমিদার বাড়ী

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Pone Tin Zamidar Bari is one of the best Sherpur tourist spots that is mandatory going if you are a historical freak. The house of zamindars Satendra Mohan Chowdhury and Gyanendra Mohan Chowdhury, located in Sherpur district, is well known as the Pone Tin Ani Zamindar Bari. 

Built-in Greek architecture, the house is different from other zamindar houses. Although many of the beauty of zamindar houses have faded in the evolution of time, the magnificently designed spectacular pillars of zamindar houses continue to carry the tradition of the Zamindari period. The pillars are quadrilateral and use square forms.

The well-built altar of the temple inside the Pone Ani Zamindar Bari, the ornamented pillars at both ends of the entrance, and the carnish motive were also noticed. 

The use of lime threads on the wall lining and plaster of the house is noteworthy. The roof of the zamindar house is made of lime thread welding with traditional iron railings.

In addition, the architecture of Rangmahal in the south-eastern corner of the zamindar house captures the seriousness and aesthetics of the creepers and flower-designed estates. 

Dance songs and cultural programs were organized in this Rang Mahal. There is a pond with a shan-blocked ghat in front of the zamindar house.

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3.Panihata-Tarani Hills/পানিহাটা-তারানি পাহাড়

Panihata-Tarani Hills are well known to tourists for their natural beauty, surrounded by hills in the Ramachandrakura area bordering Garo Hills, 25 km from the city of Sherpur. It is a great Sherpur tourist place that you don’t want to miss.

To the north of Tarani, hills are the Tura hills of India, covered with cloudy clouds. Tura hills’ distant hills seemed to have created a charming atmosphere all around, with the kingdom of clouds. 

The hilly Bhogai river flows westward ahead of the Tura basin. The river’s clear underwater sun-lit pebbles and the green-covered mountains hundreds of feet high have created a different beauty around.

There are also Christian colonies, a small medical center, schools, and residential hostels for students along the Tura River. 

In addition to getting close to nature, numerous nature-loving tourists visit this place every year from far and wide to see the ugly beauty of clouds and mountains.

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4.Mai Saheba Jame Masjid/মাইসাহেবা জামে মসজিদ

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The traditional Mai Saheba Jame Masjid was first noticed after entering the city of Sherpur district. Built about 250 years ago, the mosque was renovated on various occasions, but the heritage impression can be seen.  It is a great tourist spot to visit in Sherpur.

Two high minarets of Mai Saheba Mosque, located on the south side of Sherpur Government College, the heart of Sherpur city, are visible from different parts of the city.

There is a story about the naming of the mosque in Mai Saheba Jame. At that time, Tinani, the zamindar of Sherpur, invited the zamindar of Muktagasa. 

The landowner of Muktagasa wants someplace in Sherpur in his badaul. As a result, the zamindar of Sherpur decided to give the mosque’s place to the zamindar of Muktagasa and ordered the destruction of the house used by the elephant to lift the existing Treasury. 

Once the elephant saw him approaching the house repeatedly, it sat down and saluted. On hearing this, the Tinani zamindar himself came and found a woman engrossed in worship inside this room. 

The zamindar realized his mistake and apologized, and went back. The woman’s name was Mai Saheb. 

After the death of Mai Saheb, the zamindar built a mosque here and renamed the mosque Mai Saheba Jame Masjid.

The 3-story Mai Saheba Jam Mosque is completely air-conditioned. Around 9000 Muslims can offer prayers at the mosque together. Every Friday, thousands of Muslims from nearby areas, apart from Sherpur city, come to pray at this mosque. 

The Mai Saheba Jame Mosque mosque is also known as the most donated mosque in the Mymensingh division. Religions other than Muslims also donate regularly here.

5.Rajar Pahar/রাজার পাহাড়

Rajar Pahar, a wonderful tourist destination situated on the banks of the Dheufa river in Sribordi Upazila of Sherpur district, surrounded by hills and rivers. 

Although there are many stories about the Rajar Pahar, it is not difficult to understand the creation of the Rajar Pahar name because of the noble king of the ancient royal dynasty. 

There are hundreds of hectares of flat land at the top of the mountain of the tallest Raja Pahar of the Garo hills. The heavenly view of the sky-rocketing giant Raja Pahar makes the mind more natural-loving.

Near the King’s Hill are the BDR Camp, World Vision, Beat Office, Karitas, and Rubber Garden. Some beauty of faraway India can be enjoyed from Rajar Pahar. 

Located 14 km from Sribordi Upazila Sadar, the Rajar Pahar is well known to the region’s people as one of the entertainment spots. The ugly nature and diverse culture and lifestyle of the tribal towns in Bablakona attract visitors equally. 

It also has the Bablakona Cultural Academy, museum, library, church, temple, and numerous natural exhibits.

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6.Modhutila Ecopark/মধুটিলা ইকোপার্ক

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Modhutila Ecopark is one of the most beautiful Sherpur tourist spots you should visit. The Park is officially located under the Ministry of Environment and Forests at Poragaon in Nalitabari Upazila, 30 km from the Sherpur district. 

Modhutila Ecopark has a 20-acre medicinal tree beside the afforestation of ornamental and rare species of trees. 

There are also rest houses, residences, various wildlife sculptures or portraits, observation towers, attractive rides, star bridges, canteens, mini zoos, car parking, and seating areas. 

Madhutilla Lake has 5 indigenous boats and 3 pedal boats to roam around. Every year, beautiful loved ones from all over the country visit Modhutila for green ceremonies and hill yams. 

Modhutila is very close to the eco-park, the Gozni Leisure Centre, which can also be visited if you have time in hand.

Modhutila has a Mahua Resthouse for travelers to use during the day. But nights cannot be spent here, and permission must be obtained from the Sherpur DC office if you want to use the resthouse.


The entry ticket to Modhutila Ecopark costs Rs 20 per person. The fee for boarding the watchtower is Rs 10 per person. The ticket price for different rides is Rs 20-40.

7.Gozni Leisure Centre/Gozni Obokash Kendro/গজনী অবকাশ কেন্দ্র

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The Gozni Leisure CentreOpens in a new tab. is located at the foot of the traditional Garo Hills of Jhinaigatti Upazila of the Sherpur district. In the minds of nature lovers, rows of gaujari, shawls, and teak trees of the Gozni Leisure Center bring tranquillity.

In winter, people rush here to see the beauty of the Garo hills. Mountain waterfalls, lakes, hills, clear water of rhymes, and dense green forests have given special features to the environment.

Artificial lakes have been constructed at the Gozni leisure center on the way to the hilly yams. In the middle of the lake are artificial mountains and the Lake View Pentagon, connected to a dorsal bridge. 

There is a modern rest house with 6 rooms on the top of Garo hillsThere is a zigzag staircase called Padmasiri at the foot of the hill from the rest house. 

The Gozni leisure center has adequate car parking facilities and playgrounds. There are pure water tube wells, adequate sanitation, and cooking arrangements for picnics.

What to see at the Gozni Leisure Centre

There is a watchtower in the Gozni leisure center; from here, you can enjoy the beauty of the hill mound. There are also mini zoos, cactus villages, children’s parks, rainbow bridges, crescent lakes, artificial waterfalls, pandal bods, pansitari boats, liberation war monuments, souvenirs of Kazi Nazrul Islam and Rabindranath Tagore, subways, lovelions, and portraits of various animals. 

The tribals living in Garo Hills are the extra dues of travelers visiting the Gozni leisure center.

Entry Fee

The entry fee per person at The Gozni Leisure Centre is Rs 20, the ticket price of the watchtower is Rs 10 per person. 

To enter the Gozni leisure center with a car, you have to take a gate pass from the Upazila Parishad checkpost. 

The gate pass has to be taken by paying Tk. 300 for buses and trucks, Tk. 150 for microbuses, pickups, and maxis, Rs. 100 for jeeps, private cars, and Rs. 50 for CNG entry. 

Save this gate pass as the gate pass has to be shown at BGB’s Nakshi camp on the border. It will also take between Rs 5 and Rs 60 to ride the park and various rides.

8.Shrine of Sher Ali Gazi/ Sher Ali Gazi Mazar/শের আলী গাজী মাজার

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Sher Ali Gazi’s Shrine (Sher Ali Gazi Mazar), known as Gazi’s Dargah, is located near Gazi’s farm, 10 km from the Sherpur district. 

Sher Ali Gazi was the last Muslim zamindar of Sherpur Parganas in the early 18th century. He ruled for 21 long years. Sherpur district was named after him. 

After his death, Sher Ali Gazi was buried at the Giddapara Fakir house on the farm. This place was known as the shrine of Sher Ali Gazi.

Every year, the annual Orsh is held 1 Falgun at Sher Ali Gazi, and a grand rural fair is organized in the shrine premises. Thousands of devotees and numerous devotees from different parts of the country came to the shrine irrespective of religion.


When it comes to exploring, Sherpur is a city that truly has it all! With abundant natural beauty, cultural heritage, and modern comforts, there’s something to suit everyone’s interests. This charming and diverse city is the epitome of adventure, offering visitors a wealth of sights and experiences. I hope you find the article “The 8 Sherpur Tourist Spot, Mymensingh” helpful.


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