The 6 Famous Top Tourist Places In Pabna

The 6 Famous Top Tourist Places In Pabna

Pabna Tourist Places: Pabna district, which is rich in the handloom industry, is a district in the Rajshahi division. Folk songs, folk dances, designs, palagans, etc. There are m any notable places to visit in this district including the Hardinge Bridge in Pakshistha, Jor Bangla Temple, Lalan Shah Bridge, Traditional Handloom Industry, Shatash Zamindar Bhawan, etc.

Bring your family and friends and explore all the tourist spots in Pabna district.

The 6 Famous Top Tourist Places In Pabna

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1.Chatmohar Shahi Mosque/Chatmohor Shahi Masjid/চাটমোহর শাহী মসজিদ

Chatmohar Shahi Mosque/Chatmohor Shahi Masjid/চাটমোহর শাহী মসজিদ is a historical place in Pabna.

The historic Chatmohar Shahi Masjid is a wonderful example of ancient architecture in the heart of Chatmohar Upazila, 30 km from Pabna district. 

According to inscriptions from the mosque, in 1581, during emperor Akbar’s reign, the Syed leader Abul Fateh Mohammad Masoom Khan funded his sibling Muhadd bin Turki Khan to build the mosque in Kaksal Chatmohar. 

The construction technique of the three-dome Chatmohar Shahi Mosque has an impact on ancient Sultani architecture. 

Chaatmohar Shahi Mosque is 45 feet long, 22 feet 6 inches wide, and 45 feet high and built with small thin Jafri bricks similar to the Kherua Mosque in Bogra.

The ancient sculptures on the walls of The Chatmohar Shahi Mosque are the most interesting aspects of the mosque. In the 1980s, the Republic of Bangladesh built the mosque completely. 

Three domes and roofs of the mosque were almost destroyed a few years after it was reconstructed. Later, mosques were renovated and declared as preserved antiquities under the Department of Archaeology. 

The Tughra inscription from Chatmohar Mosque is currently preserved in Rajshahi Barendra Research Museum. The mosque was built 400 years ago and attracted numerous visitors every day.

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2.Dublia Fair/ Dublia Mela/দুবলিয়া মেলা

Dublia Fair/ Dublia Mela/দুবলিয়া মেলা

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A century-old village of residents in Dublia village of Pabna Sadar Upazila organizes the Dublia Mela (Dublia Fair), which is one of the main sources of entertainment for the people of Dublia. 

History indicates that boats were a popular mode of transportation in Dublia, famed for its business during the rainy season. After that, the fair was mainly focused on boating, which was one of the sources of rural entertainment.

The Dubila Mela, known as the Art and Commerce Fair, is decorated with entertainment arrangements. 

Every year during Durga Puja, a month-long fair is organized at Dubliya High School and Haji Jassim Uddin Degree College premises. 

The Dublia Mela provides various products, including jute products, leather products, ceramics, handicrafts, winter clothes, household furniture, and electronics items, along with various items daily.

There are also various entertainment facilities for children and adolescents, including trains, nagordola, magic exhibitions, boats, and swings. 

Numerous buyers and visitors from different districts throng the traditional Dublia Mela in and around Pabna.

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3.Pakshi Resort/পাকশী রিসোর্ট

Pakshi Resort/পাকশী রিসোর্ট is one of the best resorts in Pabna. Lots of amenities are available in Pakshi Resort.

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The Pakshi Resort has been set up on 33 acres of land in charming natural conditions on the banks of the Padma River at Ishwardi in Pabna. 

Modern architecture and the scenic landscape have given a different dimension to the five-star Pakshi Resort. 

The Pakshi resort has been adorned with flower gardens, about 400 different species of trees, fruit gardens, aesthetic lakes, mini zoos, swimming pools, spas, multi-cuisine restaurants, resorts, and various indoor games.

Indoor games include basketball, table tennis, long tennis, badminton, billiards, carrom, chess, etc. 

Campfires and tent nights are available at the resort, which has all the modern amenities for adventure lovers. On the banks of the lake, you can sit on a bench and enjoy nature.


  • Pakshi Resort, Khanka Sharif Road, Ishwardi Upazila, Pabna – 6600
  • Mobile: +88-01730-706258, +88-01730-706251
  • Website: www.pakshiresort.comOpens in a new tab.

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4.Gajnar Bill/গাজনার বিল

Gajnar Bill/গাজনার বিল is a natural beauty in Pabna. Every traveler should visit Gajnar Beel in Pabna and enjoy the amazing sunset view there.

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Gajnar Bill, located in Sujanagar Upazila, about 35 km from Pabna district city, is an important sight. A narrow paved road has gone by dividing it into two parts almost midway through the bill. 

On either side of the road is the horizon-wide water kingdom. During the rainy season, the water on this road in Gajna’s Bill overflows.

The wonderful bill revolves around the lives of different species of birds and local fishermen. Nature and economy here are largely based on the Gajnar bill.

16 bills, big and small, of 10 unions in Sujanagar Upazila were added to create a seven-acre Gajnar bill. Badai Sluij Gate has added the Padma River and The Gajnar bill together. 

Rice and onion are cultivated when the bill dries up during the dry season. Nature lovers are free to go to Gajna’s beel to buy fresh fish from the beel or enjoy the beauty of the beel by boarding a boat.

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5.Tarash Rajbari/তারাশ রাজবাড়ী – A Historical Place in Pabna

Tarash Rajbari/তারাশ রাজবাড়ী is a must-see tourist attraction in Pabna.

The Tarash Rajbari of Banmali Roy Bahadur, located in the heart of Pabna district city, is well known as the region’s oldest and most traditional palace

Basudev, the ancestor of the Khadash Roy dynasty, was the largest zamindar of the district in Kodada village of Bogra district. 

Basudev established The Tarash Bhawan by working in the revenue department of Nawab Murshidkuli Khan. 

Later, Basudev Nawab Murshidkuli Khan was awarded the title of ‘RoyChowdhury.’ The amount of mouza in Basudev’s estate was about 200.

Banmali Roy and Banwari Lal Roy founded the historical Banmali Institute. During World War II, the Zamindar family took shelter in the Tarash palace. 

The two-story Tarash Rajbari Building is built on 2 circular pillars. In front of the palace are open courtyards and huge entrance gates. 

The impact of the European Renaissance system can be seen in the construction of the Tarsh palace. The rectangular main building is 100 feet in length and 60 feet in width

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The two-story edifice on 4 corinthian pillars made the building more attractive. 

The Tarash Rajbari has been used as a government office at various times, so the zamindar house is still in good condition. 

The Bangladesh Archaeology Department reserves the Tarash Palace for visitors from all over the country.

Jor Bangla Temple

There are many tourist places in Pabna to see. Among them, Jor Bangla is a famous and historical tourist spot. The Jor Bangla Temple (Jor Bangla Mandir), located at Raghavpur in Pabna district Sadar, is one of the archaeological artifacts of Bangladesh. 

There was no inscription and exact information about the builder and construction period of the Jor Bangla temple available. 

Legend has it that in the mid-18th century, Brajmohan Crorei, a Tehsildar of the Nawab of Murshidabad, built this pair of Bengali temples.

There are three entrances to the front of the temple built on the brick altar and two huge pillars on either side of the road. This entrance was once filled with terracotta carvings like the other part of the temple. 

The wall of the Jor Bangla temple and the terracotta work resemble the Kantjiu temple located in the Dinajpur district. 

There is a way out of the temple at the back of the temple. At present, the Bangladesh Archaeology Department is in charge of overseeing the Pabna Jor Bangla Temple.

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6.Hardinge Bridge/হার্ডিঞ্জ ব্রীজ

Beautiful Hardinge Bridge/হার্ডিঞ্জ ব্রীজ afternoon view.

Hardinge Bridge is a railway bridge spanning the Padma river in Pakshi and Kushtia’s Veramara Upazila of Ishwardi Upazila of Pabna district. 

Viceroy Lord Hardinge inaugurated the bridge on March 4, 1915. The bridge is called Hardinge Bridge, named after Lord Hardinge. 

In 1889, a plan was made to construct a railway bridge over the Padma River to facilitate rail connectivity in the Indian subcontinent. 

The Pakshi Hardinge Bridge has been set up from a minimum water level of about 160 feet deep in the soil. 

The well water on pillar 15 of this bridge has been installed 159.60 feet below the lower limit and 190.60 feet below the maximum limit. Hardinge Bridge is a famous place to visit in Pabna.

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At that time, the Pakshi Hardinge Bridge was the deepest of such structures. 

British Chief Engineer Robert William Gayles was awarded the honorary ‘SIR’ title for the bridge’s aesthetics. 

The country’s second-largest Lalon Shah Bridge has been built next to the Hardinge Bridge. 

Many resorts and picnic spots have been built around the natural beauty surrounding the Pakshi Hardinge Bridge-centric Padma.

Pabna district is famous for ghee, sandesh and para of pardais (para of paradaise is the name of a sweet, which is found in Pabna).

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