The 18 Top Tourist Spots In North Aceh And Around

The 18 Top Tourist Spots In North Aceh and Around

North Aceh is one of the districts in Aceh Province that holds a variety of incredible tourism potential. North Aceh is about 267 kilometers from Banda Aceh and its capital is Lhoksukon.

There is a lot of nature tourism in Aceh North, but there are also historical tours depicting the past struggles of the heroes.

Those who are intrigued by North Aceh should not pass up the opportunity to visit its tourist attractions.

Perhaps all this time, some of you still do not know the location of Lhoksukon despite having often heard the name of the area. 

The fact that it lies in North Aceh certainly makes you want to explore every corner of the beauty that Lhoksukon and North Aceh have to offer.

The 18 Top Tourist Spots In North Aceh and Around

The following list of tourist attractions is intended as a guide for your upcoming North Aceh travel trip.

1. Jeulikat Reservoir/Waduk Jeulikat

Location: Gampong Jeulikat, Blang Mangat District, North Aceh

One of the new tourist attractions in North Aceh is Jeulikat reservoir, which is around North Aceh. This reservoir is not yet fully inaugurated, but you can still find beautiful spots for taking pictures there.

The beauty of this reservoir is formed naturally, so you are guaranteed to be amazed when surrounding this reservoir. 

Besides, visitors are also allowed to cross the reservoir by boat and accompanied by a guide. There are also cottages in this reservoir for tourists who want to relax.

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2. Lancok Beach/Pantai Lancok

Location: Gampong Lancok, Syamtalira Bayu District, North Aceh

North Aceh does have several beaches that you must visit, one of which is Lancok Beach. This beach is unique because it has huts that stand tall along the coastline.

This beach does present its exoticism that is guaranteed to amaze you. Moreover, the atmosphere on this beach is so calm and juxtaposed with a stretch of white sand that will make you more comfortable.

In addition to the beauty of the panorama, this beach is also known as a producer of blood shells. 

Usually, the blood kerng hunters do not hesitate to go down directly as far as 200-300 meters from the shore to look for blood shells. 

You should not miss this beach’s culinary tour, which includes a meal at a hall near the beach.

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3. Meuraksa Beach/Pantai Meuraksa

Location: Jambo Masjid, Blang Mangat, Lhokseumawe

This beach is located in Blang Mangat Subdistrict. Since tourists rarely visit this beach, it’s not surprising that it’s still quiet. Even so, this view of the beach is spectacular.

The natural beauty of this beach is complemented by its cleanliness and the addition of clean trees growing around it. This beach has lush trees growing around it. 

Around the shore, there are white sand, Ketapang trunks, and waru trees that add to the beautiful impression on this beach. 

The trunk of the tree waves as the wind blows as if it were a real natural masterpiece.

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4. Krueng Geukuh Beach/Pantai Krueng Geukuh

Location: Dewantara District, North Aceh

The beach at Krueng Geukuh is a popular tourist spot in North Aceh. This beach has a stretch of white sand and blue seawater that is very clean.

Even Krueng Geukuh beach is touted as the cleanest beach in North Aceh. It is because the local community is very aware of the importance of maintaining the beach’s cleanliness.

Usually, fishermen on this beach prefer to use traditional boats not to pollute the coastal environment. 

Don’t forget to try the Aceh noodle dishes while visiting this beach. They are sure to blow your mind and shake your palate.

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5. 7 Bidadari Waterfall/Air Terjun 7 Bidadari

Location: Seven Bidadari Waterfall, Geureudong Pase, North Aceh, Aceh

The North Aceh region offers not only charming beach tours but also waterfall tours that are equally beautiful. 

The location of 7 Bidadari waterfall is indeed in the Wilderness, making this waterfall still very natural and beautiful.

The name 7 Bidadari is derived from the seven levels of the waterfall that will astonish and charm visitors. If you like adventure, then this waterfall is perfect for you.

There are some challenges on the way to 7 Bidadari Waterfall. However, the struggle pays off once you see the 7-level waterfall.

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6. Sawang Beach/Pantai Sawang

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Location: Sawang Village, Samudra, North Aceh

The beauty of the beach in North Aceh continues with a visit to Sawang Beach. You cannot find this kind of beauty on other beaches shaped like bowls and have very long coastlines.

Even though this beach does not have clear water and brownish sand, its beauty is undeniable. Besides enjoying the panorama of nature, tourists can directly see the activities of local fishermen on this beach.

The distance you have to travel by road access of 29 kilometers from Lhokseumawe is relatively short.

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7. Traditional House Cut Nyak Meutia/Rumah Adat Cut Nyak Meutia

Location: Pirak Mosque, Matangkuli, North Aceh Regency

It is known that Cut Nyak Meutia is a heroine from North Aceh. He led the army against the Dutch colonialists from 1890 to 1910 AD.

It was from this house that Cut Nyak Meutia actively organized the war strategy and led Falam. The house is now a museum to honor the service of Cut Nyak Meutia to the nation and Aceh.

This traditional Cut Nyak Meutia house is a museum and a historical tourist spot for students in the Aceh area. While traveling, you can learn about history more closely.

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8. Krueng Sawang Baths/Pemandian Krueng Sawang

Location: Sawang Village, North Aceh District

Krueng Sawah tourism is a tourist attraction that is used by the local community as a bathing location. In Acehnese, Krueng means river, so that this river is now turned into a tourist spot and bath for the people of North Aceh.

Some rocks rise from this river, and many corners of the river have shallow water. The lovely natural setting of Krueng Sawah blends nicely with the surrounding area.

Krueng Sawah is also known for its cold air and clear water, making it more popular with tourists. 

As well as playing in the water and admiring the scenery, in Krueng you can buy durian fruit, which is famous for its delectable taste.

This is because durian fruit in this area tastes so sweet and legit that it pampers the tongue. To enjoy durian, you can even pick your own from the garden. 

If you want to visit the Krueng Sawah baths, come to Sawang Village, 49 kilometers from the city center.

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9. Ulee Rubek Beach/Pantai Ulee Rubek

Location: Ulee Rubek Village Kec. Seunuddon, North Aceh

Another beach tour that you should not miss when visiting North Aceh is Ulee Rubek Beach. This beach offers a beautiful natural beauty which is very charming. 

The white sand of the beach combined with a clean environment will give a pleasant experience.

The sand at this beach is so smooth that sometimes tourists want to put it in a bottle at home as a decoration. 

Traveling to Ulee Rubek Beach is even more exciting when you try to pick up shells scattered around the beach.

The location of Ulee Rubek Beach is in Seunduddin Sub-district or about 49 kilometers from Lhokseumawe. 

It also feels more remarkable as you travel along the way, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.

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10. Blang Kolam Waterfall/Air Terjun Blang Kolam

Location: Sido Muliyo, Nisam Antara District, Aceh Urata

This waterfall is a tourist spot in the North Aceh area that offers stunning natural charm. 

Its location is in the middle of lush trees and away from the city’s crowds; this waterfall area feels beautiful and natural.

The waterfall’s exotic panorama will enchant you as you enter the waterfall area. You can even play water under the waterfall that feels cold and relaxing. 

But before finally arriving at Blang Kolam waterfall, you have to go through 660 steps. You will experience a truly fantastic view of the surroundings as you ascend hundreds of stairs.

If you want to visit this waterfall, come to Sido Mulyo Village, Kota Makmur, about 21 kilometers from Lhokseumawe. 

The road access to this waterfall is also quite good and can be passed by private vehicles.

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11. Bantayan Beach/Pantai Bantayan

Location: Bantayan Village, Seunuddin, North Aceh

Bantayan Beach is one of the beach tourism sites in Bantayan Village, Seunuddin, North Aceh. There was a time when this beach was closed because of fears that it could harm visitors.

But since this beach has undergone many improvements and changes, the beach is again open to tourists. Now, Bantayan Beach is a top-rated Sharia tourist destination in North Aceh.

However, it is crucial to remember that using the term sharia does not imply that this beach is only for certain groups. In Arabic, the word sharia means politely. 

Because of this, tourists who come to this beach can wear anything but must still wear modest clothing and tight shoes.

Typically, tourists come to this beach from the local region and all over the country. 

Especially when the weekend comes, this beach is increasingly crowded with tourists, especially those who travel with family.

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12. Mount Salak Nisam Antara/Gunung Salak Nisam Antara

Location: Peak of Mount Salak, Nisam Antara District, North Aceh Regency

The next tourist spot in North Aceh is Mount Salak Nisam, the ‘peak of Bogor.’ 

From here you can enjoy the view from a height, in the form of a forest with green trees. There are many instagrammable spots for you to take selfies.

The manager of the place has also prepared colorful umbrellas to increase the beauty of the site.

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13. Pase Grand Mosque/Masjid Raya Pase

LokasI: Panton Labu, Tanah Jambo Aye, North Aceh Regency

Remember to pray as you pass by the grand mosque during prayer time. This mosque is held up as one of the most beautiful mosques in Aceh, with very charming architecture.

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14. Samudra Pasai Kingdom Complex/Komplek Kerajaan Samudra Pasai

Location: Beuringen Village, Samudera District, Geudong, North Aceh Regency

You can also visit the Samudra Pasai royal complex, one of the oldest Islamic kingdoms in the archipelago. There is still evidence of this kingdom’s existence; it was founded in 1267 AD.

There is still a great deal of historical evidence of this ocean kingdom. You can visit Makan Sultan Mallikussaleh, who note bene is one of the first Sultans of Islam in Indonesia.

The location of the Sultan’s Tomb is in Beuringen village, Samudera subdistrict, Geudong, North Aceh Regency. Historical evidence from the Kingdom of Samudra Pasai is widely scattered around North Aceh. 

You can go around North Aceh or Lhokseumawe area to enjoy exploring the remains of Samudra Pasai Sultanate.

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Things to Do around North Aceh

Here are recommendations of tourist attractions around North Aceh that are also great travel destinations:

15. Seumadu Beach/Pantai Seumadu

Location: Muara Satu District, Lhokseumawe

You can start your journey in North Aceh by visiting Seumadu Island. Formerly known as Rencong Beach, this beach is now known as Seumadu Beach.

There is no doubt about the charm of this beach. This beach has a breathtaking natural panorama and a comfortable atmosphere.

The sound of waves breaking on the shore gives this beach a calming feel.

If you want to witness the beauty of Seumadu beach, then come to Seumadu Island, located in Muara Satu District, Lhokseumawe. 

No need to worry because access to this island is relatively easy, so it is guaranteed to make your trip feel more enjoyable.

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16. Ujong Blang Beach/Pantai Ujong Blang

Location: Ujong Blang Village, Ulee Road, North West Hagu, and Central Hagu Village, Lhokseumawe

Located on the coast of North Aceh, Ujong Blang Beach is a favorite tourist destination. This beach is so crowded with tourists that it has become one of the main tourist destinations in North Aceh.

Ujong Blang Beach has a long coastline and is facing the Indian Ocean. It is inconceivable how beautiful Ujong Blang beach is, especially the blue seawater that adds to the beauty of this beach.

Although facing the Indian Ocean, the waves on this beach are relatively calm and combined with a vast stretch of beach sand. 

Besides enjoying the beauty of nature, you can play sand by the beach, or you can play water on the ocean.

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17. Japanese Guha Bouquet/Buket Guha Jepang

Location: Blang Panyang, Muara Satu, Lhokseumawe City

The Tourist Spot of Japanese Guha Bouquet is a historical heritage site located on a hill in the Blang Panyang area. 

This cave tour was made during the Japanese colonial period and made using forced labor.

If you are interested in history, then this cave can be a destination full of historical value. 

You can imagine to guess and feel the events that took place in this cave during the Japanese colonial period when you visit this cave.

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18. Pusong Reservoir/Waduk Pusong

Location: Jl. Waduk Pusong, Lhokseumawe City

As well as the beach, North Aceh also offers a reservoir tour that is no less fascinating to visit, where Pusong Reservoir is the source of tourism here. 

This reservoir is the largest in Lhokseumawe. Initially, the reservoir was built to control flooding.

However, with the development of the times, this reservoir has become a popular tourist attraction that is always packed with tourists. 

Considering the reservoir’s size is 60 hectares, it makes sense that it would become Lhokseumawe’s largest reservoir.

Uniquely, one side of the reservoir looks jutting into the ocean so that you can see a vast expanse of ocean. 

To further accentuate the exotic feel, some trees in this reservoir area resemble the island.

Come at night if you want to experience the beauty of Pusong reservoir to the fullest. There will be a beam of light when night falls, giving beauty to anyone who sees it.

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Here is an explanation of the beauty of North Aceh’s tourist attractions that can be a guide for you and your family members.

If you are planning an exciting and fun traveling trip, then visit North Aceh. The natural beauty of the area is ready to pamper and amaze you so that your trip this time is inevitable to be unforgettable.

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