The Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Depok You Should See

The Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Depok You Should See

Do you live in Depok or planning to visit the city? Then, don’t miss the interesting and popular tourist attractions in Depok.

Between Jakarta and Bogor, this city has many mainstay attractions for tourists. In addition, Depok is a destination for nature tourism, religion, and education. As a result, the city is suitable to be used as a vacation spot for anyone.

If you spend a few days in Depok, you can’t visit all the tourist attractions. So, here are 10 Depok attractions you must see.

The Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Depok You Should See

1.Wiladatika Flower Garden/Taman Bunga Wiladatika

Wiladatika Flower Park is a 15-hectare tourist attraction in Depok suitable for adults and families with children alike.

It was already quite old since it was established in 1980; this park has grown tall and shady trees. The park also feels shady and cool so that visitors will feel comfortable walking around here.

In addition to trees, Wiladatika Flower Park is also overgrown with green grass and colorful flowers. The area where the flowers grow is surrounded by shrubs, forming a very beautiful garden design. 

In one part of the park, there is a fountain that makes the scenery more captivating. You can take photos in this place.

Wiladatika Flower Park is located in Hajarmukti, Cimanggis. The beauty of the garden, a walk around it, and taking pictures are just some of the things you can do there, as well as having an outdoor picnic with your family and visiting the pool. 

Flower garden and pool entrance fees are sold separately.

2.Dian Al Mahri Mosque/Masjid Dian Al Mahri

Those who wish to travel religiously, especially Muslims, can find a beautiful mosque in Depok. Dian Al Mahri Mosque is its name, sometimes referred to as the Golden Dome Mosque.

Dian Al Mahri Mosque has one large dome and four small domes on its side, all covered in gold. The main dome is designed to resemble the Taj Mahal, with a diameter of 20 m and a height of 25 m. 

The mosque also has six towers 40 m high, covered in granite and gray.

On the interior, Dian Al Mahri Mosque looks luxurious and beautiful. There are chandeliers imported from Italy, gold ornaments in the imam’s place, and calligraphy on the mosque’s ceiling. 

With this interior and exterior design, Dian Al Mahri Mosque became Southeast Asia’s grandest mosque.

The mosque in Meruyung, Limo, is open to the public, but every visitor who comes here must maintain order to not interfere with worship activities.

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3.White Sand Tourism Park/Taman Wisata Pasir Putih

Want to have a fun-filled holiday at a water park? Going to White Sand Tourism Park is one of the best things to do in Depok, Indonesia.

You can get the experience at Taman Wisata Pasir Putih. Located in Pasir Putih, Sawangan, Depok City, this tourist attraction in Depok has a variety of water rides for adults and children. 

Additionally, there are other supporting facilities such as bungalows, fishing, and playgrounds. On the ground, visitors can ride a flying fox or ride an ATV.

White Sand Park is closed every Friday. However, on other days, you can do various exciting activities in this tourist spot in Depok, either in large or small groups. 

For large groups, there are inns and halls that you can rent. If your group needs to go outbound, you can also do it in this tourist area.

4.Depok Salting Site/ Situ Pengasinan Depok

There is a natural tourist spot called Situ PengasinanOpens in a new tab. in the District Sawangan of Depok, located in the village of Salting. There are many interesting activities that you can do in this 6-hectare lake. 

For example, flying a fox, walking around the lake in a duck boat, or fishing.

For those who have a hobby of fishing, you should bring your fishing equipment. Unfortunately, there is no fishing gear rental at this recreation area yet. 

On-site, there is a public or free fishing area and a paid area; you have to choose your own which one you like best.

There is a green garden by the lake where you and your family can take a walk or roll out mats for a picnic. Some stalls usually offer food and drinks, so you don’t have to buy them all the way. 

Situ Pengasinan is one of the cheap tourist destinations in Depok, so anyone can visit it without spending a lot of money.

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5.D’Kandang Amazing Farm

Have you ever thought about taking your children to educational attractions so they can have fun while learning? Visit D’Kandang Amazing Farm located in Pasir Putih, Sawangan, Depok City. It is one of the best place to visit in Depok, Indonesia.

Although it is called D’Kandang Amazing Farm, this place is no ordinary farm. In this tourist spot, various interesting activities can be done by children. 

Your baby can interact directly with farm animals such as cows, goats, or horses. They can also try farming.

Not stopping there, there are still many other useful activities that can be done at D’Kandang Amazing Farm. 

For example, visitors can learn about how to milk, make fertilizer, or pick vegetables correctly. Of course, you can also take photos of children’s activities as souvenirs.

Last but not least, children can try other activities that are more active and beneficial for motor development. For example, they can tour this 8-hectare area on horseback. Alternatively, they can race to catch fish in the pond or go outbound. 

6.Ciliwung River Rafting/Arung Jeram Sungai Ciliwung

Well, if you like challenging sports, do not miss the opportunity to go rafting on the Ciliwung River. No need to drive far from Jakarta to do rafting; now you can do it in Depok.

Inaugurated by the Depok city government in early 2017, this exciting offer is a new tourist attraction. There will be four piers constructed. 

For now, visitors usually gather at The Ciliwung Ratujaya Monitoring Post or under the Grand Depok City bridge. From these two points, the rafting of the Ciliwung River begins.

Interestingly, the development of the Ciliwung River Depok into a tourist attraction makes the government and residents increasingly eager to maintain the cleanliness of this river. 

So, unlike the flow of the Ciliwung River after reaching Jakarta, the Ciliwung River in Bogor and Depok is still quite clean and safe for rafting activities. Do you want to try?

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7.Agrotourism Belimbing Dewa/Agrowisata Belimbing Dewa

As the name implies, Belimbing Dewa Agrotourism is a star fruit garden. Initially, every sub-district in Depok had starfruit trees, and this is the origin of this city dubbed “Belimbing City.” 

However, with the development, the garden area has been widely used to build buildings. 

However, there are still many star fruit trees in the Pasir Putih area, so the local government designated it Belimbing Dewa Agrotourism.

The tourist attractions in Depok have hundreds of trees with large, fresh star fruit that has a ‘god-like taste’ or is very good. 

Tourists can stroll among the star fruit trees and learn about the ins and outs of this fruit. But, of course, you can also pick the fruit directly from the tree. 

Various processed foods from star fruit can also be purchased here, such as sweets, crackers, syrups, dodol, and wingko.

Interestingly, Belimbing Dewa Agrotourism is not a single plantation. Instead, along the road in Pasir Putih, you can see starfruit trees growing in the courtyards of people’s houses. 

There are many star fruit farmers in this area, and you can buy star fruit directly.

8.Depok City Nature Reserve/Cagar Alam Kota Depok

Depok City Nature Reserve or also known as Taman Hutan Raya (Tahura) Pancoran Mas is a nature reserve with a long history. 

Why not? This nature reserve has been around since the 17th century, older than the Bogor Botanical Gardens.

Originally, Depok city was a lush forest area before it was transformed into a residential area. 

To prevent the loss of forest area, the Dutch colonial government set 30 hectares on the edge of Pitara Village as a protected forest.

Depok City Nature Reserve at that time had towering trees and became a habitat for various types of birds. 

Rare animals still live in this forest, such as Javan tigers, antelopes, monkeys, white storks, etc. Besides, about 40,000 types of herbs also grow in this area.

As the population grows, the area of this nature reserve narrows. Currently, the area of this nature reserve is only about 6 hectares. 

Nevertheless, this place is still lush with green trees and is home to several animals and birds. In addition, various types of plants are here, such as hazelnuts, resin, saninten, and puspa.

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9.Fantasy Waterpark

Fantasy Waterpark, also known as Aladin Waterpark, is an ideal tourist spot in Depok for families. 

It is located in Grand Depok City, Cibuluh, and is open daily. So what is interesting about this tourist attraction in Depok?

The first interesting thing is the concept of the place. Fantasy Waterpark carries the concept of Negeri 1001 night so that the design inside looks like a fairyland. 

This concept is certainly very interesting for fans of fairy tales, especially children.

The next interesting thing, of course, is the rides available at Fantasy Waterpark. Rides are available for children and adults, including Giant Slide, Waterplay, and Kiddy Park. 

The tourist attractions in Depok also offer a wide range of support facilities, from food courts and gazebos to a free stage, so vacationers will find it more enjoyable and convenient to spend some time here.

10.Godong Ijo Depok

The last recommended tourist spot in Depok that must be visited is Godong Ijo, located in Serua Village, Bojongsari. 

Godong Ijo means “green leaf,” which indicates that this place is indeed a cool and beautiful green area. This area later developed into an educational tourist attraction.

Besides being able to take a walk to enjoy the fresh air, Godong Ijo has fishing facilities, a botanical café, and a dome hall that can be used to hold meetings or receptions. 

Children can also do various activities in Godong Ijo, such as painting, batik, traditional games, outbound, playing angklung, becoming a little doctor or a child chef, and many more.

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