25 Best Tourist Attractions In Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List)

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List)

Discover the best tourist attractions and picnic spots in Gazipur near Dhaka. Explore hidden gems, scenic beauty, and unique experiences at the top Gazipur tourist spots.

Gazipur Tourist Spot: Gazipur district is full of archaeological and colorful sightseeing history and tradition. Gazipur has many picnic spots and tourist places to visit.

Among the best tourist spots and artifacts of Gazipur district are Bhawal Rajbari, Baldhar Zamindar House, Ancient Capital Indrakpur, Boliadi Zamindar House, Kasimpur Zamindar House, St. Nicholas Church, Bhawal National Park, Nuhas Polli, Bangabandhu Safari Park, Man Pura Park, Bada Bhuiyan House, etc.

Top 25 Tourist Spots in Gazipur near Dhaka

There are many tourist spots to see in Dhaka City. Gazipur, situated within the Dhaka division, shares its regional proximity with Dhaka, the vibrant capital of Bangladesh. While Gazipur may be a distance away from the bustling heart of the main city, it certainly does not lack in terms of its captivating beauty and abundant tourist attractions.

List of Gazipur Picnic Spots

BMTF Picnic SpotBOF Picnic Spot
Pakhir Sargo Picnic SpotChuri Resort
Shooting ParkMia Resort
Zaman House, GazipurMegher Chaya Resort & Picnic Spot
Eagle ResortApon Bhubon Picnic & Shooting Spot
Bhawal Rajbagan Picnic SpotBhawal National Park

Gazipur Park List: All the Park in Gazipur

Shooting ParkBhawal National Park
BRRI GardenBangladesh Sheikh Mujib Safari Park
Rotkhula BotgastolaKitty Memorial Park
19th March Digital Shishu Park and New Bongo Super MarketJoydebpur Safari Park
Lalmati ParkIUT Tree Park
Lake View Study ParkKrishi Research Shishu Park
Gazipur Park List
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1. Bangabandhu Safari Park/বঙ্গবন্ধু সাফারি পার্ক – Tourist Spot in Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Bangabandhu Safari Park | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Pollab Kumar

Bangabandhu Safari Park is located at Maona Union in Sripur Upazila of Gazipur district. You can see the Bangabandhu Safari Park entrance as soon as you move 3 km west of the tiger market, and 40 km north of Dhaka Mymensingh Highway.

Bangabandhu Safari Park is one of the best places to go with family and friends.

Built on about 3,690 acres, Bangabandhu Safari Park is rich in small sand and salban. The Safari Park, an imitation of Thailand’s Safari World, was launched in 2013. Core Safari is one of the attractions of this safari park.

There are tigers, lions, giraffes, zebras, wild deer, and other animals walking around, and you can pass in minibusses through it. Suddenly, a tiger may block the road from the front, and a lion roar by the window.

Bangabandhu Safari Park can be an ideal place to travel with your family all day from Dhaka and the surroundings to experience this. It is an amazing tourist spot in Gazipur near Dhaka.

Bangabandhu Safari ParkOpens in a new tab. is divided into five parts: Bangabandhu Square, Core Safari Park, Biodiversity Park, Safari Kingdom, and Exclusive Asian Safari Park.

A. Bangabandhu Square

Bangabandhu Square was built with a stake of 38 acres in the safari park. Buildings, built-in parking lots, amusement parks, and administrative jobs were ranked in Bangabandhu Square.

Its main gate, fountain, and lake are embellished with murals and figures. Along with administrative buildings, there are display maps, park offices, information centers, restrooms, dormitories, natural history museums, eco-resorts, etc.

B. Core Safari

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Core Safari | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Technology Electronics

Tourists are entirely prohibited from entering core safari parts formed across 1217 areas without cars. Two jip and two minibusses are kept in the crowd for visitors here.

Anyone can see different wild animals kept in natural environments in cars or jip for a fixed fee. Here, many wild animals are roaming in the open environment besides tigers, lions, black bears, African leopards, Chitra deer, sambar, goyal, elephant, Maya, and para deer.

C. the Safari Kingdom

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Safari Kingdom | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Jakir Suman

The Safari Kingdom has been built across 556 acres of an area of Bangabandhu Safari Park. At the beginning of the Safari Kingdom is Macao Land, where about 34 species of birds are brought from Africa.

Next to Macao Land is a marine aquarium rich in about 20 species of fish. Among them are Tiger Fish, Crocodile Fish, Oscar, Black Goss, and chocolate fish that change color every 20 seconds.

Bangabandhu Safari Park has been attracted by a large tiger restaurant and lion observation restaurant. You can sit at the dining table and see lions or tiger kites on the other side of the glass.

Asia’s endangered wild animals at Bangabandhu Safari Park include miniature horses, al paka, wallaby, mandering ducks, crown cranes, etc.

The Safari Kingdom will also have three bird bars, butterfly safaris, orchid houses, giraffe feeding spots, vultures and ant corners, fancy carp gardens, ag world, boating, lake zone, island, and nature watching centers.

Entry price and other expenses of Bangabandhu Safari Park

Safari Park Entry:

The park entry fee is Rs 50 (0.59$) for all Bangladeshis, but children below 18 years of age can enter the park at Tk. 20 (0.24$) .

And students on public or education tours must pay Rs 10 to enter the park. The entry price to the park for foreign visitors is $5.

There is also a special entry fee for educational tours for those who come from educational institutions. If the group of students visiting the education tour is Tk 40-100, it will take Rs 400 (4.72$) for everyone to enter.

If the number of students exceeds 100, it will take Rs 800 (9.44$) to enter.

Core Safari Park Entry Fee:

A person has to pay Rs 100 (1.18$) per person to visit jeeps and minibusses through the Core Safari Park, where animals roam in open environments.

The entry fee for students and students under 18 is Rs 50 per person. The minibus will take you around for 20 minutes.

Tickets have to be cut to enter other places in the park. It will take around Rs 200-300 to see all the spots.

A few spot viewing packages are also available at the same time. It will also cost Rs 200 per person to travel for 30 minutes on a paddleboat.

Parking fare:

The parking fare of each bus, coach, or truck is Tk. 200. The parking fare for microbuses or minibusses is Rs 100. The parking fare of Gp, Private Car, Autorickshaw or CNG is Tk. 60.

(All fares may vary from time to time)

What is the visiting timing of Bangabandhu Safari Park?

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park is open from 9 am to 5 pm on six days of the week except for Tuesday. Bangabandhu Safari Park is closed every Tuesday of the week.

If you want to go around the whole thing, you’ll need the whole day. So it’s best if you leave early in the morning. Then you can comfortably travel all day and see all the parts.

How to go to Bangabandhu Safari Park?

A bus from Mahakhali to Sripur, Valuka, or Mymensingh in Dhaka will cross the intersection of Gazipur. And you can see a huge signboard of the safari park in the tiger market.

The rickshaw or autorickshaw fare is about Rs 20-40 to go to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park from Tiger Market.

There are also some human hollers to go from the Gazipur crossroads to the tiger market. You can go to the tiger market and then to the safari park in rickshaws or autorickshaws.

You must first come to Gazipur if you wish to come from elsewhere in the country. Then go to the place mentioned above with the travel system you like.

Advice for tourists in Bangabandhu Safari Park

  • Dump garbage in a designated dust box, including drink bottles, polythene, and waste items.
  • Do not get out of a moving car during the visit of tigers and lions.
  • Stay away from the wild animal’s sour.
  • Follow the warning message where it is written.
  • Do not use any device that plays the mic or causes loud noises.
  • If you want to use the restroom, book in advance.
  • Refrain from providing food to wildlife.
  • No food can be taken from outside in the park.

2. Nuhash Polli/নুহাশ পল্লী – Gazipur Tourist Spot

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Nuhash Polli | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Nuhash Polli

Nahash Polli Nandan Kanyanti is located in Pirujali village, 25 km from Gazipur district Sadar. The current area of Nuhash Polli is about 40 bighas.

Humayun Ahmed started implementing his dream in 1987 on 22 bighas of land. Nahash Polli is named after Humayun’s son Nahash.

Every establishment in Nuhash Polli is mixed with the touch and love of the story wizard Humayun Ahmed.

Humayun Ahmed spent a lot of his life shooting for various plays and movies in Nuhash Polli. Nahash Polli can be visited with family or loved ones every day as it is very close to Dhaka.

You can view this spectacular green wilderness only after arriving at Nuhash village. The story’s sorcerer, Humayun Ahmed, lies in the Litchi garden on this wilderness’s left.

As soon as you walk along Nuhash Polli’s entrance, you will see the sculpture of local architect Asaduzzaman Khan called ‘Mother and Child.’

Sculptures of ghosts and frogs have been installed to entertain children. Next to it is a zig-bent swimming pool. Humayun Ahmed swam in this swimming pool with noted Indian writer Sunil Ganguly.

As you walk across the swimming pool, you see Humayun Ahmed’s chess room and prayer place. A ‘Rainluxury’ comitator follows this with a huge tin-shed verandah. Humayun Ahmed loved to watch the rain and full moon sitting on the veranda of this college.

On the opposite side is his famous treehouse. Nahash Village has a medicinal tree garden, plus about 300 species of different trees.

Behind the medicinal tree, the garden is a shooting spot of tin and mud. And at the front of the garden are statues of mermaids and devils.

Next to it is a dinosaur statue made of concrete. Lilavati Dighi is all the north of Nuhash Polli.

In the middle of this dighi is an artificial island connected to a wooden bridge. Next to Lilavati Dighi is another building called ‘Bhutvilas.’

You can feel the poet’s existence as soon as you spend a day in the decorated Nuhash Polli. Spending time in Nuhash Polli is one of the best things to do in Gazipur. Every year lots of visitors go to this Gazipur tourist spot.

How to go to Nuhash Polli?

To go to Nuhash Polli, you first have to come to the Hotapara bus stand in Gazipur. Several bus services like Prabhati, Banshee, etc., ply from Dhaka.

From Dhaka to Hotapara, the fare is about Rs 50 (0.59$) to Rs 80 (0.94$) on the bus ride. Nuhash Polli can be visited by tempo, rickshaw, or CNG from the Hotapara bus stand.

The tempo will cost Rs 40 to Rs 50 (0.59$). The rickshaw fare will be Rs 50 to Rs 60 (0.71$), and the CNG fare will be Rs 120 to Rs 150 (1.77$). You can also go for a walk instead of going in a car if you want.

Entry price in Nuhash Polli

No prior permission is taken to enter Nuhash Polli. Anyone can join with an entry fee of Tk. 200 (2.36$). Children under the age of 10, drivers, and car parks do not require any money. There is no entry fee to visit Humayun Ahmed’s grave.

Sightseeing around Nuhash Polli

Bangabandhu Safari Park isn’t too far from Nuhash Polli. If you plan to visit Nuhash Polli a day from Dhaka, you can also visit Bangabandhu Safari Park.

It will take a long time to visit the safari park, though. So you can plan to visit the safari park immediately after Nuhash Polli according to your time. You can also spend some time in Bhawal National Park if you wish to walk.

3.Jol O Jungle Kabbo/জল ও জঙ্গলের কাব্য – Gazipur Tourist Place

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Jal and Jungle Kabbo | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – জ্বল ও জঙ্গলের কাব্য

The resort of Jol O Jungle Kabbo or Pilot House has been built on 90 bighas of land at Tongi’s Pubail in the Gazipur district. The resort is decorated with bamboo and jute by a well-nourished designer, leaving nature undistorted.

If you want to see the earthly beauty on the bill, you must come to the Jol O Jungle Kabbo resort. The Jal O Jungle Kabbo is a beautiful place to spend all day at a short cost near Dhaka.

There is nothing like an afternoon spent with a large hand in the quiet waters of the unable green and bill to fulfill your dreams. 

Apart from this, being very close to Dhaka, you can go and return by day. Bamboo, jute fences, canopy, and horizon waters have given birth to a clean rural touch to this place.

The Jal O Jungle Kabbo resort serves food made of vegetables, rice, and billfish grown on its land. Professionalism is also preferred over commercial interests in the resort of Jal O Jungle Kabbo. It is one of the natural beauty spots of Gazipur.

Cost & Package of Jol O Jungle Kabbo

Day Out Package

  • A day out, the package with lunch is Tk. 1500 (17.69$) per person, Tk. 750 (8.85$) per person for a child or driver/assistant. There has to be a minimum group of 10 people.
  • Tk. 2000 (23.59$) per person, including breakfast and lunch, Tk. 1000 (11.80$) for a child or driver/assistant. There has to be a minimum group of 10 people.
  • The package with lunch and dinner is Tk. 3,500 (41.29$) per person. 1750 (20.64$) for child/driver/assistant. There has to be a minimum group of 10 people.

Night Stay Package

PackageCost Per PersonCost – Child/Driver/Assistant
Breakfast and DinnerTk. 4,500 (53.08$)Tk. 2250 (26.54$)
Breakfast, Lunch, and DinnerTk. 5,500 (64.88$)Tk. 2750 (32.44$)
Package of Jal and Jungle Kabbo

(Jal O Jungle Kabbo packages vary from time to time, so call the authorities before going there and find out about the current package. )

How to go to Jol O Jungle Kabbo?

The distance between Pubail College Gate and Jol o Jungle kabbo Resort is only 3 km. You can get to Pubail College Gate from the Mohakhali bus stand in Dhaka in a rickshaw for a fare of Rs 40 (0.47$).

From Saidabad, Azimpur, Gulistan, or Mohakhali bus stand in Dhaka, you can come to Shivabari at a fare of Rs. 70 (0.83$) per person by bus to Gazipur.

VIP, Dhaka, and Balaka buses come to Jal O Jungle resort on a fare of Rs. 80 to Rs. 100 (1.18$).

Foods in Jol O Jungle Kabbo Resort

The resort of Jal and Jungle usually serves indigenous food and bread. The food list includes rice, pulao, chicken meat, dal with rice, cotton, cotton fish, potato bread, dal bharta, powdered fish, and many other delicious foods.

Jaggery, cheese bread, luchi, fish, bhaji, tea, and muri are served in the morning breakfast. And in the afternoon, rice, pulao, fish and sour curry, chicken curry, desirui, three dal dishes, a few dishes of bread and vegetables.

4. Seagal Resort & Picnic Spot/সীগাল রিসোর্ট ও পিকনিক স্পট – Picnic Spot in Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Seagal Resort Picnic Spot | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Mohammad Amirul Islam Bhuiyan

The confined environment of the city of Dhaka makes many people eager to escape to the open air of a nearby resort in Dhaka for a short time during the busy city life. Seagal Resort is a perfect place to do a picnic in Gazipur.

Considering the entertainment aspirants’ needs, Seagul Resort and Picnic Spot have been set up at Singdardighi village of Maona Union in Sripur Upazila of Gazipur district.

Its 42-bighas property has been transformed into a peaceful haven by gathering various indigenous and exotic fruit species and medicinal plants. 

The resort has 18 overnight rooms, the Kids Zone, a mini zoo, a conference room, a restaurant, a lake, and a playground.

It will cost Tk. 3,000 (35.39$) to 10,000 (117.97$) to rent a room in the Seagal Resort for a night. And to organize picnics or any social event, Rs. 80,000 (943.72$) to Rs. 1 lakh (1179.66$) will cost to rent Seagal resort.

How to go to Seagal Resort?

You can reach Seagal Resort in Singdardighi village, 4 km west of Gazipur, on your transport or bus plying on Dhaka-Mymensingh highway at Maona intersection in Gazipur.


  • Seagal Resort, Singdardighi, Sripur, Gazipur
  • Mobile: 01732-866866, 01711-057485, 01779-756504

5. Arshinagar Holiday Resort/আরশিনগর হলিডে রিসোর্ট – Gazipur Picnic Spot

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Arshinagar Holiday Resort | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Sazal Islam

Arshinagar Holiday Resort has been set up in rural natural conditions at Bhawal in Gazipur district, just 30 km away from Dhaka.

The Arshinagar Holiday Resort, which has modern facilities to spend time in the leisure of civic life in the company of nature, has green gardens, playgrounds, swimming pools, restaurants, resorts, picnics, boating, fishing, campfire, tracking, tents, and barbecue facilities.

Arshinagar Holiday Resort’s natural beauty and the sunset and full moon thrill the incoming guests.

The Arshinagar resort has the right arrangement for the concert, DJ party, and conferences. The resort’s name has spread everywhere to spend time alone with friends or family.

Resort rent and package cost of Arshinagar Resort

PackageCost (Taka)Cost (USD)
The royal executive AC room rent for the twoTk. 5500(64.88$)
The rent for the super deluxe AC room of fourTk. 8000(94.37$)
An exclusive AC room for fourTk. 7000(82.58$)
The entire AC bungalowTk. 16400(193.46$)
Resort rent and package cost of Arshinagar Resort in Taka and USD

Complimentary morning breakfast is with every room booking

Day Long Package

  • The couple package with lunch, afternoon snacks, and non-AC room facility costs Rs 3500 (41.29$).
  • Couple of packages with lunch, afternoon snacks, and Royal Executive AC room are priced at Rs 6000 (70.78$).
  • The Regler Day Long package, priced at Tk. 1600 (18.87$) for all guests, has a room for every four, breakfast for each, lunch, and afternoon snacks.

(15% VAT and 10% service charges applicable to all fares)

How to go to Arshinagar Resort?

You have to come to the Gazipur intersection on your own or on public transport and go to the Gazipur DC office (Rajbari).

You can go to Arshinagar Holiday Resort, located at a distance of 7 km along Shimultali Road in CNG.

Some more beautiful resorts in Gazipur

Several other beautiful and pleasant resorts have been set up in the Gazipur district near Dhaka. Jol O Jungle Kabbo Resort, Star House Resort, Holiday resort, Angina resort, etc.


  • Dhaka Office – 81/1 Gauss Nagar (2nd Floor) New Eskaton, Ramna Dhaka,
  • Phone: +88-01976-462661, +88-01976-462665, +88-01626-462661

Resort Office

  • Pajulia, Jayadevpur, Gazipur.
  • Phone: +88-01976-462661, +8801976-462665, +88-01626-462661
  • Website: www.arshinaarresort.com

Gazipur Resort List:

Sarah Resort GazipurJoleswori Resort
Chuti Resort GazipurGreen View Resort & Convention
Saheb Bari ResortReverie Holiday Resort
Bhawal Resort & SpaThird Terrace Resort
Nokkhottrobari ResortAronnobash Resort
BRAC CDM (Rajendrapur)Family Life Resorts
CCULB Resort & ConventionGreen Heaven Cottage

6. Bhawal Raj Shamshanswari/ভাওয়াল রাজ শ্মশানেশ্বরী – Historical Place in Gazipur

Bhawal Raj Shamshanswar. A historical significant in Gazipur, Dhaka.

Photo Credit – Hossain Sanny

Bhawal Raj Shamshanswari at Jayadevpur in Gazipur district is an important archaeological site in Bangladesh. Among the historical places in Gazipur Bhawal Raj Shamshanswari always comes at the top list.

The mausoleum, Bhawal Raj Crematorium, was set up on the southern bank of the Chillai river, just 1 km from Bhawal Rajbari, to cremate the members of the zamindar family.

The deceased family members’ name also has a Shiva temple with six pillars built in Mughal architecture in the crematorium premises.

According to various historical sources, Bhawal zamindars’ ancestors used to live in the Vajrayogini village of Munshiganj district. In the 14th century, Balaram Roy worked as the dewan of Daulat Ghazi, the zamindar of Bhawal Parganas in then Gazipur.

Later, Daulat Ghazi’s estate was bought by Balaram Roy at auction. After Balaram Roy died in 1743, his son Krishnaraya started managing the estate, and Bhawal’s estate was established.

After the death of Krishna Roy in 1750, his son Jaydev Roy Bhawal took over as zamindari. Bhawal area was identified as Jayadevpur after zamindar Jaydev Roy.

In 1856, Kali Narayan Roy was given the responsibility of estate by the dynasty. The British government awarded him the title of Roy Chowdhury and Raja to manage the estate.

Bhawal Rajbari and Bhawal Raj Crematorium were constructed during the reign of Kali Narayan. It is customary that the famous architect of India, Kamadesha Roy, designed this crematorium.

How to go to Bhawal Raj Shamshanswari ?

The bus from Dhaka to Gazipur will drop you at Shivbari and then board a rickshaw to Bhawal Raj Crematorium.

Where to stay around Bhawal Raj Shamshanswari?

Being near Dhaka, you can go and return by day. There are numerous resorts and residential hotels in Gazipur for the night stay.

7. Belai Bill (lake)/বেলাই বিল – Best Gazipur Tourist Place

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Belai Bill gazipur | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Shadat Hossain

Belai Bill is a charming bill surrounded by Baria, Brahmingaon, Vakarpur, and Bamchini Mauja adjacent to the Chelai river in the Gazipur district.

Spread over about 8 square miles, many places have water almost throughout the year. But there is no alternative to the rainy season if you want to enjoy the bill’s true beauty. Belai bill is one of the best places to visit in Gazipur.

It is said that the bill did not exist 400 years ago. Like the flow of water from the Chelai river, this bill was also a drought. The rainy season saw fishers’ busyness around the bill, but belai bill became a paddy field in the dry season.

The beautiful view of the bill filled with lotus, boats’ movement, the vast waters already floating like an island, the single village, the belai bill, is a beautiful beauty of nature. And Bill’s batching central island village is famous across the country for a house in a mouza.

You can also see the burial ground/crematorium house called Bhawal Pargana, located next to the river if you have time.

How to go Belai Bill?

You have to come to Kanaiya Bazar by rickshaw or CNG by bus or any convenient transport from Gazipur bus stand or Gazipur Shibari from any place in the capital Dhaka.

Kanaiya Bazar ghat will get boat fare for the belai bill trip. You can bargain and walk around with the boat on an open bill.

And if you want to take a private car, you will cross the Tongi flyover, cross the mile from Pubail College Gate to the left road, cross the Kavya Resort in the water and forest, take a right turn and reach Kanaiya Bazar for another ten minutes.

Where to stay near Belai Bill?

Due to its location near Dhaka, you can go in the morning and return in the evening. And if you want to spend the night in a boat, definitely inform the Kanaiya Bazar Committee about your information.

Where to eat near Belai Bill?

There is nothing available in the Kanaiya market except tea and biscuits. You can bring food if necessary.

8. Ekdala Fort/একডালা দুর্গ – Historical Point of Interest in Gazipur

About 600 AD, about 10 km from Kapasia Upazila in Gazipur, a Hindu king built an Ekdala fort with a length of 5 km and a width of 2 km on the west side of the Shitalakshya and Brahmaputra river.

In 1352, Elias Shah renovated the fort to escape the could-be attack of Delhi’s Sultan Feroz Tughlaq. In 1353 and 1357, Sultan Feroz Tughlaq of Delhi attacked the Ekdala fort twice but could not capture the fort.

Nasir Uddin Shah, son of Alauddin Hossain Shah, then renovated the fort between 1518 and 1532 AD.

During Mughal Emperor Akbar’s reign, king Todormal included the region as Bhawal Parganas, and gradually the Ekdala fort was abandoned.

Dwar-e Darya (Dardaria) fort situated on the banks of the Kali banar river in Rayad Union was used as the branch fort of Ekdala Fort.

How to go to Ekdala Fort?

There’s a lot of bus service between different parts of Dhaka city and the Gazipur crossroads. And buses from the Gazipur crossroads to Kapasia Upazila are available.

You can ride local transport like CNG, Rickshaw, or Easy Bike from Kapasia Upazila Sadar to Ekdala Fort on the Sheetala river banks near Taraganj Market.

Where to stay near Ekdala Fort?

There are several exciting resorts near Kapasia. These include Sarah Resort, Nakshatrabari Resort, Jaleswari Resort, Rangvasanti Resort, Saheb Bari Resort, Rajendra Eco Resort, Bhawal Resort.

You can go to Ekdala fort in the morning, then return to Dhaka by night.

Where to eat near Ekdala Fort?

There are general quality food hotels and restaurants in Kapasia like Friends and Family, Hotel Dream Cafe, Burger Plus, Niru Hotel, Hotel Neela, etc.

9. Boliadi Zamindar House/Baliadi Jamidar Bari/বলিয়াদী জমিদার বাড়ী – Historical Tourist Attraction in Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Boliadi Zamindar House | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Ahmed Pabel

The Baliadi Jamider Bari is one of the most significant archaeological artifacts in the Baladi Union of Kaliakar Upazila in Gazipur district, relics of a 400-year-old traditional Bangladesh.

The estate of Baliadi, established in 1612 by the decree of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, belonged to Saad Uddin Siddiqui, son of Qutub Uddin Siddiqui.

Motwani Chowdhury Tanvir Ahmed Siddiqui is the 37th descendant of Caliph Abu Bakr Siddiqui of the present Boliadi estate.

The Boliadi Zamindar House is not a property owned by the Archaeological Department of the Government of Bangladesh. The descendants of the zamindars are currently the owners of the house.

Just two kilometers away from the nother zamindar house called Srifali Zamindar Ghar. Boliadi Zamindar Bari is a historical tourist attraction in Gazipur.

How to go to Baliadi Jamidar Bari?

From Dhaka’s Mohakhali or any other place, you can reach Tangail bypassing Kaliakai by bus and then take a rickshaw or CNG to get there.

Apart from this, the bus of Rajdhani transport plies to Kaliakar through the airport and Uttara. In the capital transport bus, the Baliadi zamindar can land at Srifali Junction near his house.

Again, from Gabtoli bus terminal, Moumita, Etihash, and Thikana transport bus stop at Chandra in Gazipur and then come to Kaliakai’s bus stand and take a rickshaw from there to The Baladi Zamindar House.

Where to eat near Balidai Jamidar Bari?

The food at the home restaurant located near kaliakai bypass is relatively standard. You can also come back to Dhaka and eat at the restaurant you like.

10. Saheb Bari Resort/সাহেব বাড়ী রিসোর্ট – The Best Picnic Spot in Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Saheb House Resort | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Saheb Bari Resort

Saheb Bari Resort is a unique name for visiting Dhaka for a short time. The packed Chhimchham Saheb House Resort won the hearts of the visiting guests at first sight. it is one of the best picnic spot in Gazipur.

As we enter through the resort’s main gate, built on about 15 bighas of land, you can see the 5-storey main resort building, swimming pool, restaurant, auditorium, green grass field, and shan-bound ghat pond, etc.

There are wooden benches under trees across the resort to sit alone and chat. There are also facilities for various indoor and outdoor games.

Expenses in Saheb Bari Resort

Free entry is still in place for day outings at Saheb Bari Resort. However, free entry may be canceled at any time as decided by the authorities. The charge of a swimming pool per hour at the resort is Rs 300.

The couple room fare is Rs 3500 per week from Sunday to Thursday except for public holidays, and the couple room rent for Friday and Saturday is Rs 4000. There is an opportunity to have breakfast and a swimming pool facility as complimentary with booking.

The student package price with entry, swimming pool, and lunch is Tk. 500 (per person). Besides, a minimum of 10 member families or corporate packages is priced at Rs. 1650 (per person).

Also, the resort authorities offer a variety of new attractive packages/offers at various festivals.


  • Baroipara Road, Dolipara, Rajendrapur Cantonment, Gazipur- 1742
  • Mobile: +8801929-115373.
  • Website: sahebbariresort.business.site
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/sahebbariresort

11. Dream Square Resort/ড্রীম স্কয়ার রিসোর্ট – Picnic Spot Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Dream Square Resort | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Tawfiq Suhas

If you want to leave the city’s noise and spend time in a quiet natural environment, you can visit the dream square resort at Maona Chowkpara in Gazipur. It is a beautiful picnic spot in Gazipur.

Founded on about 120 bighas of land, the resort has a beautiful combination of nature and modernity. Dream Square Resorts is specially decorated with entertainment arrangements for vacations.

The Dream Square Resort, surrounded by numerous trees, domestic and foreign, has aesthetic sculptures, guest houses, private watch towers, playgrounds, indoor games, swimming pools, fitness centers, attractive ride, mini-parks, coffee shop, restaurants, well-to-do parking, and barbecues in the form of rural huts.

In winter, many people come here to see picnics as well as migratory birds. Then there was a migratory bird fair sitting on three of the spiral’s lakes.

The streets surrounded by numerous coconut trees include shan-tied ghats, paddleboat roaming, and fishing. And benches have been constructed to sit in different parts of the resort.

The Three-Category Housing Facility at Dream Square Resort has been set up by the Two Cabin, Tares Cabin, and Duplex for the night. Sitting on the balcony of each of the beautifully decorated rooms can easily enjoy the night chat or moonlit night.

Cost & Package of Dream Square Resort

The Dream Square Resort has three types of packages of standard, premium, and exclusive.

According to the category, the cost of living will be Rs 5,500 (64.88$) to Rs 10,000 (117.96$). Also, any event or vacation will cost Rs 3,000 (35.39$) per person for the day of the 15 to 50 member group.

And this package includes single rooms, swimming, children’s playground roaming, paddleboat walking, morning breakfast, lunch (buffet), and afternoon snacks.

How to go to Dream Square Resort?

If you want to go to Dream Square Resort, you have to come to Maona in Gazipur by car or bus through the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway. Just 5 km north of The West Road from Maona is Dream Square Resort.

Where to eat in Dream Square Resort?

A variety of domestic and ethnic cuisine is available in international quality restaurants at Dream Square Resort. And pre-booking provides food for any event here.


  • Chakra, Medical Junction, Maona, Gazipur-1740.
  • Mobile: 01799-611607, 01799-611608, 01755-603310,01755-603311
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook: www.fb.com/DreamSquareResort
  • Website: www.dreamsquareresort.com

12.Sreefaltali Zamindar Bari/Sreefaltali Zamindar House/শ্রফলতলী জমিদার বাড়ী – Historical Place in Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Srifali Zamindar Bari | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Blue Star Event Management

The Sreefaltali Zamindar Bari is a historical place in Gazipur. It is located in the Sreefaltali village of Kaliakar in Gazipur district. The zamindar house was founded through Rahim Newaz Khan Chowdhury.

Rahim Newaz Khan’s father, Khoda Newaz Khan, was the head of the Sreefaltali Zamindar Estate. The Sreefaltali zamindar house was used for the management of the estate.

Rahim Newaz Khan’s efforts led to Kaliakra’s debut as a police station about 100 years ago.

Any visitor can visit the two-way part of the Sreefaltali Zamindar house. The present successors of the zamindar live in small-sided parts, so permission is required to enter it.

Small sides are hired to shoot various films. There is a mosque in the middle of the big and small side.

How to go to Sreefaltali Zamindar House?

From Dhaka, the bus of Rajdhani transport goes to Kaliakar through the airport and Uttara.

You can get off at Sreefaltali Junction on a capital transport bus. The zamindar will reach home only after walking for 5-6 minutes from Sreefaltali Mor.

From Gabtoli bus terminal, Maumita, Etihash, and Thikana Transport buses ply from Gazipur to Chandra. Then go from Chandra to Kaliakai’s bus stand and you can take a rickshaw from there and go to the Sreefaltali Zamindar house.

Where to stay near Sreefaltali Zamindar Bari?

Gazipur has some good quality residential hotels and resorts for night stay. Happy Day Inn, Nakshatrabari Resort, Nandan Village, Holiday X, etc., are notable.

13. Angana Resort/অঙ্গনা রিসোর্ট – Visiting Place in Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Angana Resort | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Angana Resort

There are many visiting places in Gazipur. Angana Resort is one of the best. Angana Resort has been set up in the village of Suryanarayanpur in Kapasia, Gazipur, near the capital Dhaka. In 2004, Syed Ali Murad, brother of renowned vocalist Runa Laila of the subcontinent, started his journey to Angana Resort on 18 Bigha land.

This rural environment has already gained a lot of fame to spend a day in relief outside citizens’ busy lives.

Angana Resort has mud houses, swimming pools, badminton coats, gardens, parks, ponds, mosques, two playgrounds, a bungalow with 14 rooms, and about 16 deer in two cages.

Besides, all arrangements have been made for meetings, training, workshops. There are 18 employees employed to provide public safety and services to incoming visitors.

Expenses of Angana Resort

The rent for each room in the hotel located at Angana Resort is Rs 5,000 (58.98$) for a day. And if you want to rent the resort for an event or picnic, you have to spend 70000 (825.74$) to 85,000 (1002.69$) taka.


  • Phone: +88-01711-182626
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/anganaresort

14. Base Camp Bangladesh/বেস ক্যাম্প বাংলাদেশ – Best Recreational Place in Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | The Base Camp Bangladesh | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Israil Ali

For adventure lovers, the country’s first outdoor private camp, Base Camp Bangladesh, was set up in Rajendrapur, Gazipur, in 2013, just 37 km from the capital Dhaka.

The camp, which is different from traditional resorts, visitors can enjoy a pleasant natural environment and participate in various adventure activities.

At the beginning of entering the base camp, you will see a huge parking area and wide green fields. In this field, various adventure activities like “on the tree” and “on-ground” challenges are arranged under experienced instructors’ direction.

The on-ground activist at the base camp includes cycling, manky passes, tire passes, tire sandwiches, gp lines, rope trench, rope walk, boating, football, archery, cricket, and badminton.

Base Camp Bangladesh also has swimming pools, tree houses, special zones for children, tracking, and fishing. And in addition to staying in the tent at night, campfire and bar-b-q parties can be organized here.

In The Base Camp, Bangladesh is becoming popular with adventure lovers for their different religious experiences of picnics or tents. Base Camp Bangladesh is one of the most recreational places to visit in Gazipur.

Accommodation & Expenses of Base Camp Bangladesh

From September to March, The Base Camp is arranged to stay in a tent. It costs staying in a tent depending on different activists.

And the tent packages are mainly based on schools, families, and corporates. The fare is Rs 2,500 (29.49$) per two people’s tent slot for a team of 20.

Besides, single room fare with AC and Touch bathroom is Tk. 2,500 (29.49$) and double room rent is Tk. 3,500 (41.29$). The rent for duplex bungalows with large living rooms and lounges is Rs 12,000 (141.56$).

Food and Drinks In Base Camp Bangladesh

The Base Camps Bangladesh usually has a buffet system by day and night. But if you keep booking, you can arrange food according to your choice.

How to go to The Base Camp of Bangladesh?

The base camp along the Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway is located in Bangladesh. Any bus plying from Dhaka to Dhaka or Dhaka-Mymensingh route can be boarded to the base camp adjacent to Gazipur intersection.

Some base camp rules and precautions

  • You can’t enter the camp with food from outside.
  • Smoking is prohibited without smoking zones.
  • No drugs, alcohol, drinks, and weapons can be kept.
  • If you have a high phobia, diabetes, or heart disease, the instructor should be informed about the illness before participating in any activist type.

Other Sightseeing near Base Camp Bangladesh

Near the base camp is Bhawal National Park. There are also several state-of-the-art resorts, attractive places like Nuhash Polli and Bhawal Palace.


  • Base Camp Bangladesh
  • Gajariapara, Rajendrapur, Gazipur
  • Mobile: 01952-777999, 01942-777999, 01995-333111, 01880-085555
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: thebasecampbd.com
  • Facebook: www.fb.com/thebasecamp

15. St. Nicholas Church/সেইন্ট নিকোলাস চার্চ – Historical Place in Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | St. Nicholas Church | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Tanmoy Kairy

The historic St. Nicholas Church was built in 1963 on the Shitalakshya River banks and is the largest Christian missionary church in Bangladesh.

In 1984, a bilingual Bible was translated from the St. Nicholas Church into the regional Bengali language of Kaliganj. Even the first bilingual dictionary and prose book was published from this church.

The church was established at Emperor Jahangir’s direction after Portuguese Christians left their hideouts in the late 16th century.

Later, in 1988, a new church building was built by Bengali artisans in European architecture. The roof over the church, made of two indigenous architectures, is constructed in six ash corner semi-Gothic styles.

There are four entrances to enter the church with a lock standing on 12 iron poles. And in front of the main entrance is a statue of Jesus standing.

Apart from this, the church’s veranda entrance, the admonition prayer room, the single worship room, the three semi-circular entrances, and the house’s large size are the house’s architectural styles.

A primary school was started in 1910 with the church’s focus, which is currently upgraded to a lower secondary English school.

How to go to Saint Nicholas Church?

You have to come to Tongi in Gazipur first. ‎ From Tongi, one can cross the Ahsanullah Master Flyover through the Kaliganj bus or CNG and go to St. Nicholas Church via Nalchta Bridge.‎ The distance from The Nolchota Bridge to St Nicholas Church is only 2 km.

Where to stay near Saint Nicholas Church?

You can get to the Saint Nicholas Church by day from Dhaka and return by day.

However, for a night out, you can contact residential hotels like Al Medina Residential Hotel, Hotel Jolly, Hotel Anamika, Japan Residential Hotel, Hotel Dream Land Residential, Hotel Eliza International, etc. near the city intersection and Konabari bus stand in Gazipur for a night stay. 

Ghazipur also has a number of state-of-the-art resorts like Sarah, Sohag Polli, Bhawal, Green View, Spring Valley, Holiday, and Star House. But booking should be kept in advance in case of staying at the resort.‎

Where to eat near St. Nicholas Church?

Kathakali, Cafe Kasturi, Sky Ward, Hotel Bangla Ghar, and Rupsa Restaurant are very popular in Gazipur. There is also a place to take tea and breakfast at Nagari Bazaar near St Nicholas Church.

16. Bhawal National Park/ভাওয়াল জাতীয় পার্ক – Beautiful Place in Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Bhawal National Park 1 | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Ruhul

The Bhawal National Park has been built in a close environment in Jaydevpur, Gazipur, 40 km from the capital Dhaka.

Due to the abundance of the ghajari tree, many people refer to it as the average of Bhawal’s ghajari. Bhawal National Park, spread over about 5022 hectares, was recognized as a national park in 1982. The park’s 221 species of trees include:

  • 43 species of trees.
  • 19 species of shrubs.
  • 3 species of palms.
  • 27 species of grass.
  • 24 species of creepers and 104 species of medicinal plants.

There are also 64 different species of animals, including 13 species of mammals, 9 species of reptiles, 5 species of birds, and migratory animals.

Filled with natural, pleasant environments and biodiversity, many people organize picnics and various events on holidays.

Entering through gate 3 of Bhawal Garh, the first thing to notice is two elephants’ sculptures at the entrance wrapped in terracotta.

Inside the park are 31 picnic spots, 19 excellent storages, state-of-the-art rest houses, butterfly gardens, turtle-sapping centers, and children’s parks.

There are benches or sheds to rest when tired of walking in rows of trees in the park. In this vast forest, there will be more green paddy fields, ponds, or small lakes.

There are high watchtowers to see the entire park. People usually like to wander in boats in the lake water.

Rent & Entry Price of Bhawal National Park

Bhawal National Park can be visited from sunrise to sunset. The entry price per person is Rs 20 (0.24$).

Entry fee includes charges for children’s parks, watchtowers, mini zoos, and public toilets. If you want to enter with a private car, microbus or bus, you have to pay Rs. 60 (0.71$), 100 (1.18$) and Rs. 200 (2.36$) respectively.

How to go to Bhawal National Park?

Gazipur Sadar’s distance to Bhawal Ghajari’s Garh or, Bhawal National Park, is only 3 km. Just a little ahead across the Jayadevpur intersection, the main entrance to Bhawal Garh on the right side of the hand will be noticed.

You can travel from Dhaka in your car or from Mohakhali, Airport, or Rajendrapur to Bhawal Park on any bus going to Mymensingh through Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway.

Again, if you get on a bus from The Firing Station to Prabhati or Banshee Transport, you will be able to get down directly to Bhawal National Park’s main gate. The bus fare per person is Rs 80 (0.94$) to Rs 100 (1.18$).

Where to stay near Bhawal National Park?

Dhaka to Bhawal Park can be visited all day and returned by afternoon or evening. Several resorts like Sarah, Sohag Polli, Spring Value, Holiday, Nakshatrabari, and Jol O Jungle Kabbo near Bhawal Gajari Garh for a night stay.

But it is better to book in advance if you want to go to resorts. There are also numerous hotels of standard quality in Gazipur.

Where to eat near Bhawal Garh?

Inside Bhawal Garh are small tong shops and canteens for eating light tea and breakfast. You can get special permission to cook in the take-up at a picnic or an event in some cases.

Some alerts

  • Considering the security, it is better to go to Bhawal in groups in place of one or two people.
  • Night stay is not allowed in the cottage of Bhawal National Park.
  • There are restrictions on fishing and bird hunting in the pond inside the park.
  • It is dangerous to go out of the security area of the park.
  • It is forbidden to play any musical instrument that creates loud noises inside the park.
  • Keep sunglasses, hats, water bottles, and antiseptic cream steamed inside the forest as you walk inside.


Booking has to be made from the Mohakhali office of the forest department to rent a picnic spot or a rest house.

Besides, booking of Bhawal National Park can also be taken by depositing the prescribed fee from Rajendrapur National Park’s range office located a short distance from Bhawal Garh. Mobile: 01781-733000, 01713-575055

17.Bhawal Rajbari/ভাওয়াল রাজবাড়ী

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Bhawal Rajbari | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Hasib KGS

The historical Bhawal Rajbari is located in Jaydevpur, in the Gazipur district. The palace was declared a Zilla Parishad building in 1978 but is currently being used as the Bhawal rajbari deputy commissioner’s office.

Bhawal is associated with the palace, 12 years after Bhawal monk King Ramedra Narayan’s alleged death, the reappearance history, which started the famous Bhawal monk case.

Apart from this, “Sannyasin Raja” was made in the popular film starring Uttam Kumar around Bhawal Rajbari.

The palace’s construction started through zamindar Loknarayan Roy, but King Kalinarayan Roy completed the construction work.

But prince Ramendra Narayan and his two brothers, a zamindar, looked after the house. The swollen Nagalingam flowering tree will notice the entrance of the bordered Bhawal palace throughout the year.

The entrance door will be seen in front of the spacious verandah and the hall.

Different parts of the huge Bhawal palace have big buildings, raj Vilas, old houses, nat temples, Hawa mahals, buildings with different names like Padma Nav.

Douala This zamindar house has a total of about 365 rooms. On the west side of the palace are a huge dighi and a wide plain in front.

How to go to Bhawal Rajbari?

‎In order to reach Bhawal Rajbari, you must first come to the Gazipur crossroads from anywhere in the country. From Dhaka, you can reach the Gazipur intersection by bus or your own transport. 

Right after passing Ghazipur Crossroads, you will reach Bhawal Rajbari by following Jayadevpur-Rajbari Road through Shivpur Junction. 

Furthermore, any CNG wala from the Gazipur crossroads can come to Bhawal Rajbari if you mention the deputy commissioner’s office. Alternatively, you can take the train to Jaydevpur and then take a rickshaw to Rajbari.‎

Where to stay in Bhawal Rajbari?

From Dhaka to Bhawal Rajbari, you can return to Dhaka in the evening.

However, if necessary, you can choose resorts like Holidays, Sarah, Nakshatra House, Green View Resort, Sohag Polli, Spring Value, Jol O Jungle Kabbo, etc.

18. Sarah Resort/সারাহ রিসোর্ট – The best place to visit in Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Sarah Resort | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Sarah Resort Gazipur

Sarah Resort is an ideal travel place to spend a happy time with family or loved ones near Dhaka. Sarah’s resort has won visitors’ hearts in a short time because of its beautiful environment and caring attitude towards children at Rajabari in Gazipur.

The Sarah Resort, built across 200 Bighas, has 6 bungalows, water logs, Raja View Tower, swimming pool, 9D movie theatre, VR Games, mini bar, gym, jacoji, madhouse, kids zone, indoor and outdoor games, cooking, boat riding, cycle riding, mini zoo, etc.

If you want, you can also fly fungus or kites at Sarah Resort. There are also have enough facilities for birthdays, anniversaries, picnics and any kind of meeting-seminar.

Cost and Package Information of Sarah Resort

Built in a modern architectural style, Sarah Resort has rooms with different categories and facilities.

There are residential villas in the Residential King category, premium ones at Premium King, Water Log and Raja View Tower with Super area King and Super pair Twin facilities, and Mad House of Dilux King and Dilux Twin facilities.

10,000 (117.96$) to Rs. 70,000 (825.74$) to stay according to the category.

Other facilities, including villages and rooms, complimentary breakfast, AC room, free WiFi, 24 hours tea/coffee, telephone, hairdryer, continuous power service, laundry facility, satellite cable connected TV, and car parking.

Presidential Bhilai Sarah Resort

Presidential Villa:

The presidential villain rent for the presidential hotel has 6 rooms in the Presidential King Category at Rs. 60,000++ (707.78$++) . Other facilities at AC Villa include:

  • High-speed internet.
  • Coffee making system.
  • Satellite TV.
  • Complimentary breakfast of 6 people and premium bathroom facility.

Premium Villa:

The premium villain has a total of 22 rooms in the premium king category. The rent for this room with 2 people is Rs. 12,500++ (147.45$++) . Other premium villa facilities include high-speed internet, a coffee-making system, satellite TV, and complimentary breakfast for 2 people.

King View Tower Sarah Resort

King View Tower:

10,500++ (123.86$++) to have two people in the Superior King and Souper Twin category rooms at Raja View Tower.

Other facilities here include high-speed internet, a coffee-making system, satellite TV, and complimentary breakfast for 2 people.

Water Lage:

Like Raja View Tower, the water lodge rooms are in the Category of Souper King and Superior Twin. Here too, two people will have to spend Rs. 10,500++ (123.86$++) for their nights. And there are high-speed internet, a coffee-making system, satellite TV, and complimentary breakfast for two people.

Mud House Sarah Resort

You can choose a mudhouse for nighttime in a rural environment with modern convenience.

The madhouse rooms are in the Dilux King and Dilux Twain category, and the rent per room is Rs 8,000++ (94.37$++).

You will also get high-speed internet, coffee making system, satellite TV, and complimentary access to 2 people

(15% VAT and 10% service charge applicable with room rent)

Day Long Package: Day-long package is regularly introduced at Sarah Resort. One’s day-long package of Rs 3000 (35.39$) includes lunch, swimming pool, gym, boat riding, and WiFi facility. The day-long package can be located from 9 am to 6 pm.

Current Promotions & Offers

Sarah Resort has a variety of packages and discounts on the occasion of various festivals and days.

Summer Offer: One night for two people, breakfast, lunch and dinner, swimming pool, gym, boating, free WiFi, and limited indoor and outdoor services, the offer price is Dilux Twin/King Room 11,990 (141.44$) and Premium Bhila King Room is Tk. 14,990 (176.83$). The offer will continue till April.

Day Long Offer: Package offer with lunch, swimming pool, gym, boating, and free WiFi facility for one person is Tk. 3000 (35.39$). This offer will continue throughout the year.

Where to eat in Sarah Resort

Sarah Resort has three restaurants, an ice cream shop, and a pastry shop. The clubhouse restaurant has the opportunity to host BBQs starting from morning breakfast.

Also, domestic ethnic cuisine is available at The Tarres restaurant, but water-age restaurants serve rich Italian food.

How to Go to Sarah Resort

You can easily travel to Sarah Resort by bus. From the Mohakhali airport bus stop in Dhaka, take the Rajabari bus to the Rajendrapur cantonment via the Rajendrapur intersection.

From the Rajabari bus stop, take a right turn after going about 2 kilometers and then turn left and go a little further and you will be reached at Sarah Resort.


  • Sarah Resort, Rajabari, Rajendrapur, Sripur, Gazipur
  • Corporate Office
  • Fortis Sports Club,
  • New Market, Bada Berayid (adjacent to AKM Rahmatullah University College), Dhaka-1212
  • Reservation: +88019 8000 3000
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Corporate Bookings: +8801958-600-302, +8801958-600-303, +8801958-600-304, +8801958-600-305
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.sarahresort.com
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/sarahresort

19.Shohag Polli/সোহাগ পল্লী – A perfect picnic spot in Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | shohag palli | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Alif Rahman Ahsan

Shohag Polli Resort is one of the best places in Bangladesh to overcome the boredom of busy life. Sohag Polli has been built in a green embrace in a noise-free environment across about 11 feet of space in Kalampur village, 4 km from Chandra Mor in Gazipur.

Sohag Polli is known for its hanging sanco, pillars, and belkani-digging work. 

There are artificially built lakes with water throughout the year, and different fish species are found in that water. Sohag Polli has several qualities of accommodation. And the lake in front of the cottage is like an image of a decorated village in Venis, Italy.

There is also a two-storey restaurant called Mezban, a swimming pool and a hall room for conferences. And along with the various entertainment remedies of the children, some compelling portraits have been installed here. Sohag Polli has 40 officers and employees to provide public service.

Entry price

Sohag Polli’s entry fee for general visitors is Rs 50 (0.59$).

How to Go to Sohag Polli

The most convenient way to go to Sohag Polli is its transport system. You can take the passenger bus down the Dhaka-Tangail highway to Chandra Junction at which point you can rent autorickshaws or CNG for the 4 km trip directly to Sohag Polli.


To book in Sohag Polli and to know the details:

  • Phone: +88 01839 590251, +88 01839 590253, +88 01839 590248
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.shohagpalli.com

20.Ananda Park Resort/আনন্দ পার্ক রিসোর্ট – Picnic Spot to visit in Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Anand Park Resort | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Cyber Geek

Ananda Park Resort is a well-known name in Kaliakar in Gazipur. The name’s aura can be seen with the Anand Resort built with various entertainment arrangements at 42 Bigha places. Located in the Taltoli area of Sinabah in Kaliakar, the resort has various rides and direct bill fishing.

You can visit this resort in Gazipur by day from Dhaka.

Anand Park Resort with car parking and 24-hour room service has AC, non-AC 6 rooms for night stay. The Anand Resort also has various play materials, swimming pools, flowers, and fruit trees of different species.

Ananda Park Resort Expenses

Renting a room for 24 hours at Ananda Resort will cost from Rs 3000 (35.39$) to Rs 14000 (165.15$) as per the standards and type.

A picnic spot at Anand Park Resort costs Rs 50,000, and a full picnic spot will cost Rs 2,50,000 (589.82$). The fare for the conference hall at this resort is Rs 40,000 (471.85$).

How to Go to Anand Resort

Anand Park Resort has been set up near Sinabah Bazar, 2 km north of Sofipur Bazar on Dhaka-Tangail highway. You can easily reach Sofipur Market on Dhaka-Tangail highway by your travel system or passenger bus and easily go to Anand Resort in Sinabah Market.


You can contact for bookings and information:

  • Phone: +88 01712-310540, 01743-838123, +88 01711-958668, +88 01670-275864, 02-9125778
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.anandaresort.com.bd

21. Spring Valley Resort/স্প্রিং ভ্যালি রিসোর্ট – Wonder picnic spot in Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Spring Valley Resort | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Nahiyan Akram

The Spring Valley Resort, built-in Salna, Gazipur, near the capital Dhaka, is ideal for getting rid of city life’s exhaustion.

The Spring Valley Resort is the perfect place for picnics or hanging out with friends and family. It is built on 12 bighas of land and is managed by Tripsilo.

The resort has a lot of sports, huge playgrounds, swimming pools, and ponds. Guests arriving here can fish in the pond and float in boats if they want.

The resort is gaining popularity quickly for low-cost entertainment at a very close distance to Dhaka, so it would be wise to keep booking in advance for the holidays.

The Spring Valley Packages

The day’s package price at The Spring Valley Resort is only Rs. 1500 (17.69$) per person and includes many other fun events, including food, swimming pool, boat travel.

How to Go to Spring Valley Resort

It will be easiest for you to go to the Ring Valley resort if you have your transport system. If there is no own system, you can ride public transport along the Dhaka Mymensingh highway to The Spring Valley Resort.

In this case, you have to get down near the Salna bus stand in Gazipur. You can rent CNG or Autorickshaw from the Salna bus stand directly and reach the Spring Valley Resort.


  • Can call to book: 01689 777 444, 01873 111 999
  • www.springvalleyresortbd.com

22. Rajendra Eco Resort/রাজেন্দ্র ইকো রিসোর্ট – A Great Picnic Spot in Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Rajendra Eco Resort | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Ataur Chowdhury

The Rajendra Eco Resort is situated on about 80 bighas of land inside Shalban, 8 km from Rajendrapur cantonment in Gazipur district. 

More forests have been planned here to keep the natural beauty of the forest intact. Rajendra Eco Resort has several mud houses besides 26 cottage parks. Guests visiting the resort can catch fish, boat, and cycle or visit vegetables and farms on the resort’s lake.

Rajendra Eco Resort also has a swimming pool, massage parlor, and cafeteria. The observation tower is on the roof of each 4-story edifice, standing with its head held high inside the dense forest to view the forest in the eyes of birds.

The Rajendra eco-resort has a room rent of Rs 3000 (35.39$) per day and has breakfast and lunch. And the fee for the two to stay all day is Rs 4000 (47.19$).

If one wants to stay at Rajendra Eco Resort at night, it will cost Rs 4000 (47.19$) and have to count tk. 6000 (70.78$) for two. (The rent mentioned in the time may be more or less high. )

Guests at Rajendra Eco Resort are not charged separately for pool use. The resort authority will usually not give a room if there are less than two people, even if they manage the room in some way, they might need to give an additional charge.

Food in Rajendra Eco Resort

Rajendra Eco Resort has a taste of natural food produced using organic fertilizers on its land. The menu includes rice, fish, meat, vegetables, and pulses.

How to go to Rajendra Eco Resort

Rajendra eco-resort can be easily reached if you have your own transport system. And if you don’t have your car, get off from the bus in front of the cantonment college by any bus leaving Dhaka (Ananya Super, Ananya Classic, Eleven Sindur) towards Rajendrapur Cantonment.

Take CNG or Autoricksha directly to the resort. The resort is about 7 km away from the Cantonment college. You will see Greentech Resort after about 5 Km. Take the adjacent road and go 2 Km ahead to reach Rajendra Eco Resort.


  • Being very deep in the forest, there is no extra food available in this resort.
  • The resort in The Forest has no special security arrangements.


  • Booking Phone Number: +8802 48955025, +880 1886 151821
  • Website: www.rajendraecoresortltd.com
  • Email: [email protected]

23. Nakshatrabari Resort/নক্ষত্রবাড়ী রিসোর্ট – One of the best Gazipur Picnic Spot

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Nakshatrabari Resort | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Saiful Islam Sujon

Nakshatrabari resort in Dhaka is a peaceful and beautiful place where you can walk away from the busy city. 

Theatre actor, director, architect Taukir Ahmed, and actress Bipasha Hayat established the spectacular Star House Resort at Rajendrapur in Gazipur district for commercial purposes.

The resort, which is on about 25 bighas of land, has dighi, artificial fountains, conference halls, swimming pools, restaurants, a residential building, cottage, and 11 air-conditioned buildings made of wood and bamboo.

There has the proper arrangement of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Three members of each family arriving at Nakshatrabari Resort get the opportunity to use free swimming pools. At the same time, the rest have the opportunity to use the pool for extra charges.

Visit Nakshatrabari to witness the full moon, listen to crickets and frogs, or get lost in nature by watching fireflies.

There are shooting spots, a library, movie theaters, children’s playgrounds, boating, fishing arrangements, poolside parties, musical events, barbecue parties.

Musical nights are often organized from the resort. The Nakshatrabari Resort is the perfect place to spend your retirement holidays.

Expenses of the Nakshatrabari Resort

There are three types of housing systems at Nakshatrabari Resort. The hotel complex, water bungalow, and family bungalow.

Hotel Complex: Couple Regular Tk. 6325 (74.61$)/Night, Dilux Couple Tk. 8222 (96.99$)/Night, Twin Regular Tk. 6957 (82.07$)/Night.

Family Bungalow: Two bedrooms, one children’s room, lake view, and 5 accommodation costs Tk. 27830 (328.29$)/night.

Water Bungalow: Dilux Com. 10,752 (126.83$)/night, Premium Suite Tk. 22,770 (268.60$)/night, Family Suite Tk. 20,240 (238.76$)/night.

A day out package: Nakshatrabari resort has a day out package. There has to be a minimum group of 10 people. The package will cost Rs. 2000-2500 (29.49$) per person, including breakfast, lunch, afternoon breakfast, boating, swimming pool access, and one room for freshening. The package has a 50% discount for children (1-8 years of age).

The entry price of ordinary visitors to Nakshatrabari Resort is Rs 500 (5.90$). Also, the per shift fare for the huge conference hall is Rs 30,000 (353.89$).

Eating Arrangements

The resort has its food arrangements. There are all kinds of food arrangements in the morning, afternoon, and night.

How to Go To Nakshatrabari Resort

You can easily travel to Nakshatrabari Resort by car or bus. From the Mohakhali airport bus stop in Dhaka, take the Rajabari bus to the Rajendrapur cantonment via the Rajendrapur intersection.

After turning right from Rajabari Bazar, you will reach the Nakshatrabari Resort in the Bangalpara area of Chinashukhania village.


  • House # 268 (2nd Floor), Road # 19,, New DOHS, Mohakhali. Dhaka # 1206
  • Phone Number : 88+ 02-9835173, 01772-224281, 01772-224282, 01977-356165, 01771-799410
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: nokkhottrobari.com

24. Chuti Resort/ছুটি রিসোর্ট – Natural picnic spot in Gazipur

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Chuti Resort | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Mohammad Maniruzzaman

Chuti Resort has been set up in Sukundi village of Gazipur on about 50 bighas of land. Built in a rural atmosphere adjacent to Bhawal National Park in Gazipur, the vacation center has naval tours and tents in the forest of protected trees.

There are also chon-made houses, cottages, fishing arrangements, birdhouses, herbal gardens, fruit, vegetables, flower gardens, modern restaurants, two picnic spots, rural bread arrangements, two playgrounds, and the kid’s zone.

Every time you step foot in the holiday resort, you will be reminded of the village night through the bird’s coordination, fox essays, monkeys, fireflies, lights, and crickets. 

And if you come to the holiday resort on a full moon, you will be able to realize the fullness of the joshna (moonlit) in the night because no electric lights are lit at the Chuti resort on full moon nights.

Chuti resort is an ideal place to enjoy the distant days of childhood, full moon, and monsoon.

The guests who come to the Chuti resort are presented with a variety of seasonal fruits, and in the morning, rice bread, cheei bread, dal bhuna, vegetables, and chicken meat are served at the nasta (breakfast).

The Chuti resort has become more attractive to guests because of the feeding system. Several large lakes at the resort are available for fishing as you like by paying fixed fees. 

There are football, cricket, badminton games for incoming guests. 21 AC, non-AC storage has been set up at the holiday resort for housing.

The resort, which is home to rural and urban establishments, also has swimming pools and two conference rooms. Bengali, Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Continental food are available in the Chuti resort restaurant.

Rent & Other Costs of Chuti Resort

It takes Rs 5000 (58.98$) to 10,000 (117.96$) to rent the storage for 24 hours at the Chuti resort. The cost of renting a conference room is Rs. 20,000 (235.93$) to Rs. 50,000 (589.82$) and for a picnic of 100 to 200 people, it costs about Rs. 90,000 (1061.67$).

List of the cottage rentals (in order of price):

Cottage RentalCost (Taka)Cost (USD)
Wooden Cottage Tk. 7,500(88.47$)
Duplex VillaTk. 8,000(94.37$)
Dilux Twein E-StorageTk. 6,000(70.78$)
Premium Tin’s StorageTk. 7,000(82.57$)
Bhawal CottageTk. 10,000(117.96$)
Platinum King’s StorageTk. 8,000(94.37$)
Platinum King’s StorageTk. 8,000(94.37$)
Premium Delux VillaTk. 9,000(106.17$)
Executive SuiteTk. 13,000(153.35$)
Family Rooms 2 AC Rooms and Other FacilitiesTk. 14,000(165.15$)
Royal SuiteTk. 17,000(200.54$)
List of the cottage rentals

Note: 25% VAT and service charges are applicable with all prices

Each room/hotel booking will be complimentary with a swimming pool, playground, sports zone, health club, children’s zone, boating, breakfast, fruit basket, and water.

Holiday Resort Swimming Pool

Offers and Discounts: Discounts and packages are offered at holiday resorts on various occasions. To find out what offers and discounts are currently running, see: http://www.chutiresort.com/offer.php.

A day out package at the Chuti resort

There are special packages for day-outs at Chuti resorts with various facilities. The day’s package has breakfast, lunch, traditional homemade food and bread, AC rooms for rest, and many other facilities for a minimum group of 7-8 people. This package of the day is Tk. 2530 (29.84$) per person. You have to book in advance.

How to go to Chuti Resort

First, come to the Gazipur intersection on your own by car or bus and then go to the Gazipur DC office (Rajbari). Take a CHG from the DC office and after going further for 3 km you will be reached at Chuti Resort.

Holiday Resort Contact Address

  • Address: Holiday Resort, Sukundi, Amtli, Jayadevpur, Gazipur.
  • Phone Number: 01777-114488, 01777-114499
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.chutiresort.com
  • Facebook: facebook.com/chutiresort

25. Jaleswari Resort/জলেশ্বরী রিসোর্ট – Stunning tourist attraction and Picnic Spot

25 Best Tourist Attractions in Gazipur (Picnic Spot & Park List) | Jaleswari Resort | Travelvibe

Photo Credit – Joleswori Resort

Joleswori Resort is located at Faugan in Rajendrapur in the Gazipur district. Family, friends, or office colleagues can travel from this Joleswori resort very close to Dhaka to spend time in a quiet atmosphere in the middle of the green environment. It is a great picnic spot in Gazipur to go.

The resort, built on about 100 bighas of land, is surrounded by green vegetation that effortlessly conquers the hearts of travel-thirsty people. 

The resort has three well-equipped buildings for guests, swimming pools, restaurants, huge playgrounds, children’s play spaces, and large ponds. There are also various indoor and outdoor games.

Expenses & Packages of Jaleswari Resort

The couple day-long package is priced at Rs 5500 (64.63$) on any day from Sunday to Thursday every week, and the couple day-long package price is Rs 6500 (76.38$) on Friday and Saturday. Rs 7000 to Rs 8500 (82.25$-99.88$) based on AC non AC room for a couple of night stay.

A couple of day-long packages and night-stay packages will have well-equipped rooms (AC or non AC), breakfast, lunch, and dinner through packages, swimming, boating, car parking area, etc.

That amounts to Rs 1750 (20.56$) per person for a minimum group of ten people. The group package includes breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks. Additionally, there will be a refreshment room for ten people, swimming, boating, children’s play areas, and parking.

The student package costs Rs 750 (8.81$). The minimum number of people required for this package is 15. This package will provide lunch and swimming pool facilities.

In addition, the resort authorities offer attractive packages and discounts at various festivals. You can contact the following number to know the details of other resort facilities, current offers, and packages.

Contacts & Addresses of Jaleswari Resort

  • Joleswori Resort, Faugan, Rajendrapur, Gazipur.
  • Mobile: 01684 788 937, 01973 087 071
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jolesworiresort/

How to go to Joleswori Resort

You can easily travel to Joleswori Resort by your own transport or bus. You have to cross the Rajendrapur crossroads in Gazipur first by vehicle and come to Rajendrapur Bazar. From there, rent an auto and cross The Faugan Market and reach Joleswori Resort.

Food Expenses in Joleswori Resort

Joleswori Resort has its own restaurant, which has Chinese, Bengali, and Shahi food. There is fast food at Tacharo Evening Snack and a Bar-B-Q party at night. The breakfast price in the morning is Tk. 150 to Tk. 200 (1.76-2.35$) per item. Lunch and dinner range from Rs 350 to Rs 750 (4.11$-8.81$) per person per item.


In this article, we have tried to compile the best tourist spots in Gazipur, including the best resorts, picnic spots, and picnic spots in Gazipur too. If you don’t want to go far from Dhaka city to have a nice holiday with your family and friends, then you should definitely visit Gazipur. It has something for everyone.

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