4 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Pirojpur

4 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Pirojpur

In this article, we have discussed the best tourist spots to visit in Pirojpur.

4 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Pirojpur

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1.Rayerkathi Zamindar House/Rayerkathi Jomidar Bari/রায়েরকাঠি জমিদার বাড়ি

Rayerkathi Zamindar House/Rayerkathi Jomidar Bari/রায়েরকাঠি জমিদার বাড়ি

Rayerkathi Zamindar House is one of the historical structures of the Pirojpur district. The Rayerkathi zamindar house, located just three kilometers north of the district headquarters, is about 350 years old

It has a place in Raj Bhavan, a guest house, Nahabatkhana, a theatre, and a temple. There were about two hundred buildings, big and small, in this zamindar house. Of which 40 to 50 huge buildings were built only for the adornment of the royal house.

Kali Mandir was constructed in 1658 at Rayerkathi Zamindar House, where a Shiv linga weighing about 25 tons was established. This Shiva linga is considered to be the largest Shiva linga in the subcontinent. 

At present, 7 buildings in the House of The Rayerkathi Zamindar stand as witnesses to the ancient period.

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History of Rayerkathi Zamindar House

During the reign of Emperor Akbar, Prince Salim came to Bengal and created a Pargana with parts of Jhalkathi, Bagerhat, and Pirojpur districts and named the Pargana Selimabad

In 1618, Madan Mohan was appointed to collect the revenue of Selimabad Parganas. In 1628, Madan Mohan bought some of the lands in Selimabad Parganas in the name of his son Srinath. 

Later, the Mughal emperor awarded Srinath Roy the title of king. In 1658, Rudra Narayan Roy Chowdhury, son of King Srinath Roy, cleaned the forest near present-day Pirojpur and built a Rajbari (Palace) and a temple. 

The area came to be known as Rayerkathi as the forest was cut down and a new state was established.

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2.Momin Mosque in Mathbaria/মঠবাড়িয়ার মমিন মসজিদ

Momin Mosque in Mathbaria/মঠবাড়িয়ার মমিন মসজিদ is one of the historical architectural artifacts of the wooden sculpture.

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The Momin Masjid is one of the architectural artifacts of the wooden sculpture in the Akan house of Burichar village north of Mathbaria in the Pirojpur districtOpens in a new tab.

Mathbaria’s Momin Mosque is the 23rd stunning mosque globally and the only wooden mosque in South Asia. 

In 1913, Maulvi Momin Uddin Akon started construction of mosques in his house with the help of 21 artisans brought from Swarupkathi in the then Barisal district. 

Momin Mosque has been built using natural colors on rare ironwood and Burma teak wood. The wooden walls of the mosque depict Islamic culture, calligraphy, attractive designs of flowers, leaves, and fruits in exquisite aesthetics. 

After nearly 7 years of tireless work, the construction of the Momin Mosque, a mix of Indo-Persian and European architecture, was completed in 1920.

The Momin mosque with a tin shed chauchala is 24 feet in length and 18 feet in width. The fence around the mosque is divided into 3 parts. 

A total of 12 windows are 2 to the north-south of the mosque and 4 to the east-west. The carved entrance of the mosque and the calligraphy that exists in the mihrab are the most interesting. 

On the upper left of the entrance, the names of the four caliphs of Islam in Arabic letters and Hazrat Mohammad (SA) in the middle are adorned. 

One of the mosque’s characteristics is that no iron or wire has been used in its construction. 

Mohammed Shahidullah Momin, the grandson of Momin Akon, wrote a book titled “Momin Masjid: Sriti Bistritir Khata” on the archaeological importance and maintenance of the mosque. 

As a result, the mosque was declared a preserved antiquity in 2003. As part of the renovation of the mosque, some changes were made to the original design using iron in 2008, under the Archaeological Department of the Government of Bangladesh. 

Many visitors come from far and wide to visit this mosque for attractive geometric designs and Arabic calligraphy. 

The main road of Udaytara Burichar village is named after Momin Masjid.

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3.Horinpala River View Eco Park/হরিণপালা রিভার ভিউ ইকো পার্ক

Horinpala River View Eco Park/হরিণপালা রিভার ভিউ ইকো পার্ক is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pirojpur.

The Horinpala River View Eco Park was set up on 6 acres of land on the banks of the Kancha River at Telikhali Union in Bhandaria Upazila of Pirojpur district in 2014. 

The beautiful park, which has river waves, kashban, bird buds, has aesthetic fountains, watchtowers, animal sculptures, horse carriages, toy trains, and various attractive rides. There is also the opportunity to ride a boat in a huge pond.

Deer and bird sanctuaries have been built across 74 acres next to the Harin Pala River View Eco Park, which adds to the beauty of the eco-park manifold. 

The park’s restaurant has various food, including Bengali Chinese. And visitors can spend the night in the park if they want.

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4.Bhandaria Children’s Park/Bhandaria Shishu Park/ভান্ডারিয়া শিশু পার্ক

3.Bhandaria Children's Park/Bhandaria Shishu Park/ভান্ডারিয়া শিশু পার্ক

Bhandaria Shishu Park, located at Bhandaria Upazila in Pirojpur district, is a family entertainment center. 

Bhandaria Shishu Park, meant to entertain visitors of all ages, has various attractive rides and portraits of different animals.

The 3.38-acre Bhandaria Shishu Park houses numerous varieties of plants and flowers. Covered in green, the park has been known everywhere as a state-of-the-art children’s park in the Pirojpur district in a very short period.

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5.DC Park, Pirojpur/ডিসি পার্ক, পিরোজপুর

DC Park, Pirojpur/ডিসি পার্ক, পিরোজপুর

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DC Park, located in the Pirojpur district, is a heritage site in Pirojpur. You can enjoy the view from the watchtower of this park in Namazpur village, built on the banks of the Baleswar river. 

The park is also known to locals as Pirojpur River View Eco Park. Md. Monsur Raja Chowdhury, the former Deputy Commissioner of Pirojpur district, took the initiative to set up a park in 2007 to entertain the local people. 

Since then, the place earmarked for the park has become known as DC Park.

Dc Park or Pirojpur River View Eco Park is one of the attractions of the riverbank road and the five-story high watchtower. You can enjoy the charming surroundings from this watchtower.

The DC park also has coffee houses, fountains, lovely lakes, and two wooden bridges. And there’s a pedal boat floating in the lake water. 

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Flower gardens, swings, seating benches, and round umbrellas have been built in DC Park to attract visitors and enhance the park’s beauty. 

There are also two cottages in the park. Each of these cottages has 2 bedrooms, 1 drawing-room, and 1 kitchen.

Entry Ticket

The entry ticket to DC Park is priced at Rs 15, which may change over time.

Park Location

The DC park is located just 2.5 km from Pirojpur district headquarters.


  • Officer in charge – Mr. Khan Masoom Billah
  • Designation – Nezarat Deputy Collector, Pirojpur.
  • Phone – 0461-62319

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