Travelcar, Cheap Airport Car Parks: Opinion And Test

Travelcar, cheap airport car parks: opinion and test

Opinions on TravelCar, a specialist in airport parking and vehicle sharing platform between travelers!

“With TravelCar, consume intelligently and no longer pay for parking at the airport!”: this is the ambition of this first European platform for car sharing between travelers at airports.

Are you looking for the best parking solution near your airport or departure station? TravelCar allows you to find the most economically attractive paid car park around airports, train stations, and ports as an airport parking specialist. In addition to this, the site offers you the possibility to no longer pay your parking fees thanks to its vehicle-sharing platform. You can rent your vehicle to a private individual or rent one at your destination for a very competitive price.

We have tested the TravelCar website for you. Discover our report “opinion and test” on this French specialist in airport parking, also a car-sharing platform between travelers!

What is TravelCar?

The TravelCar adventure began in 2012 when Ahmed Mhiri launched his site after finding his insurance partner, MAIF. Its purpose is to allow travelers to drop off their car in a secure parking lot without paying for parking since it will be rented during their absence to other drivers.

In July 2014, the car-sharing platform raised €750,000 from Network Finances. It allows the company to develop its services and become a true specialist in airport parking. Users can now take advantage of free parking, allowing the rental of their vehicle during their trip, and rent a private vehicle or reserve a paid parking space. Today, the platform is present in several countries in Europe and outside Europe, such as the United States.

How does it work?

A platform that simplifies passenger mobility, TravelCar offers three main services:

  • Paid parking: the reservation of paid parking spaces
  • Free parking: thanks to the provision of your vehicle
  • Renting a private vehicle

Book a parking space with TravelCar

To reserve a paid parking space, you must go to the dedicated Section Parking Aéroports and see all our car parks. All you have to do is indicate the place of parking, then the desired dates and times.

A meter shows you the number of car parks available for this starting point. You will also have access to an interactive map and a list of available car parks, ranked from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Once the car park is selected, you are redirected to a new tab to find additional information, reviews, and an additional card. After clicking on the book button, you will have to indicate your first name, last name, email address, and telephone, then you can validate your reservation before proceeding with the payment. You frequently have an amount to pay online for the reservation and then an additional payment on site.

Benefit from free parking with TravelCar

How does free parking work? It’s simple: you make your car available for rental between individuals. If it is rented during your absence, you can receive remuneration based on the kilometers traveled. If it is not rented, parking is still free! The service includes all-risk insurance for owners, and the rental is managed from A to Z by TravelCar.

To get this service, simply go to the section target=”_blank” >Free parking and then search to book a paid car park. If free parking is available for your departure dates and location, you will first be offered on the list. You will only have to book for free and then fill out a form indicating the model of your vehicle to benefit from free parking.

Attention: if there are no more free parking spaces, the site will only show you paid parking.

Rent a car with TravelCar

To book a vehicle, simply go to the dedicated section. You must then choose the desired place of departure, dates, and times of departure and arrival.

As with car parks, a counter shows you the number of vehicles available for your dates and place of departure. An interactive map is also displayed, and you can consult the list of available vehicles, ranked from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Once the vehicle is selected, another tab opens. You will then have more information about the vehicle as well as instructions. After clicking on the book button, you will need to fill in various general details on the main driver. Several additional options (for a fee) are offered to you, such as cancellation insurance or any risk. We advise you to subscribe to the latter formula to have complete protection. Once the options have been validated (or not), you only have to validate the reservation to proceed with the payment.

TravelCar: Pros and Cons


  • Possibility to rent your vehicle and thus eliminate parking fees
  • Possibility of having a slight remuneration according to the kilometers traveled
  • Your vehicle is insured for all risks and is returned to you cleaned
  • Very competitive prices(from 9 €/day)
  • Possibility to reserve a place in a paid car park
  • Possibility to pay in euros and avoid exchange fees
  • The interface is clear and fluid, the processes secure


Unfortunately, any service also produces inconveniences.

  • Long refund periods, or even non-refunds when using the “free parking” option (damage, tickets, etc.)
  • The last-minute cancellation of the rental between individuals generating significant parking fees

TravelCar: the editor’s opinion

TravelCar faces criticism from disgruntled customers who have faced non-refunds or long delays due to damage, tickets, and other cleaning costs after renting their vehicles to individuals (option “free parking”).

Renting between individuals, if it offers advantageous rates, presents a major risk: if the owner cancels his trip at the last moment, you lose your reservation. You may thus pay the full price to a professional rental company to replace this lost reservation. There are also risks related to TravelCar, but to its partners (paid car parks) who can change their conditions at the last minute.

Nevertheless, TravelCar is an excellent solution for booking a place in a paid car park or renting a private vehicle at a low price. Its interactive map allows you to view the available options easily. The site includes many indications, instructions, and information about the paid or free car parks available. In the case of free parking, many users have had no problems and are satisfied with the service. As a parking specialist, TravelCar offers excellent mobility solutions, and it would be a shame not to test them or at least consider them.

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