The 10 Unique Romantic Weekends In Alsace

The 10 Unique Romantic Weekends in Alsace

Unique Romantic Weekends in Alsace: Alsace attracts everyone. Why not go for a walk with your other half during an unforgettable romantic weekend?

Want to disconnect from everyday life? Need to escape as a couple during an unforgettable weekend? So, let’s go to Alsace!

Let yourself loose in the Alsatian territory with its flowery villages, large cities, breathtaking landscapes, fabulous Christmas markets, canals, rich gastronomy, and impressive cultural heritage. Also, it’s beautiful natural getaways off the beaten track.

Charming and generous, Alsace is the ideal destination for an unforgettable weekend without leaving France! Here is the list of the 10 unique romantic weekends in Alsace.

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The 10 Unique Romantic Weekends in Alsace

1. The Saint Mill of La Petite Pierre

Unique Romantic Weekends in Alsace

No doubt that, as soon as you arrive, you will be captivated by the one commonly called the Heiligenmuehle. Lost in the valley, surrounded by forests, this tastefully rebuilt water mill is a true haven of peace.

This charming accommodation offers you an unforgettable weekend in Alsace. Here personal rejuvenation and calm will be your mantras.

With your other half, you enjoy the tranquility of the place both inside the house and outside. During this romantic weekend, you can snuggle up by the fireplace for a romantic moment and enjoy the sauna’s joys.

As for the exterior, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it! During this unforgettable weekend in Alsace, you can also discover the forest of Petite Pierre on foot or by bike!

2. The houseboat accommodation “Nina puppele”

What are you waiting for to get on board moussaillon? The one nicknamed “Nina puppele” offers all the comfort and modernity possible to future lovebirds. By spending the weekend on this houseboat, your stay will undoubtedly be unusual!

At night you will be amazed by the waves of the waters. During the day, you can take the bridge to sunbathe and admire the surrounding landscapes.

Eschau is just a 15-minute drive from the center of Strasbourg and just 40 minutes by bike. Taking the path of schoolchildren by bike paths along the banks can be romantic.

3. The unusual cottage

The trailer is one of the most original accommodations for an unforgettable weekend in Alsace. You will be disoriented by the authenticity of the trailer and the tranquility of the surroundings.

The trailer is ideal for a romantic getaway and is in the heart of a preserved green nature.

Besides, many hiking and cycling trails (the hosts lend you bicycles) are nearby if you are sporty and curious. So, what are you waiting for to go on a romantic weekend in the countryside?

4. The Immersive Weekend: Making an Axe

If the expression “it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith” awakens in you a desire to shape the iron, you are in the right place! Undoubtedly the most atypical of the unforgettable stays at this top. The immersive weekend on the wood theme will please the most adventurous of you!

During the day, you can discover metalwork and forge your axe to live in the woods with Simon. Simon is an artisan blacksmith. In the evening, you can spend an unforgettable night in a trailer!

The atmosphere is cozy and cocooning. Also, fully equipped and decorated with raw materials (leather, wool, fur, and metals). Romantic at will!

5. The Alsace Wine Route

Considered one of the Alsatian jewels, Colmar is well-known for its gastronomic and wine heritage.

If you want to orient your trip around the Wines of Alsace, we advise you to follow the road of the same name. It is ideal for an unforgettable romantic weekend. It invites you to approach a region where life is an art and wine a pleasure.

Alsace Wine Route is 170 kilometers, from Marlenheim to Thann). Vineyards, villages, castles, cellars, chapels, good restaurants, winegrowers’ festivals, and abbeys will allow you to discover the rich palette of Alsace wines by their grape varieties and appellations.

The unusual accommodation favorite: a troglodyte accommodation

Wait, the surprises are not over in Colmar! For an unforgettable night, Generation Voyage has found for you a troglodyte accommodation. Located in a vaulted cellar of the seventeenth century, this Airbnb is perfect for a couple.

6. The gastronomic stay near Strasbourg

During this unforgettable weekend in Alsace, immerse yourself in a world of luxury! During this unique and romantic stay, you can stay in a charming 4* hotel. It is in an old family building typical of the Grand-Est.

The standard is at the rendezvous in the rooms with Alsatian decoration. Also, equipped with bathrooms and a spa. Pleasure and well-being are the keywords of your romantic weekend!

And to complete the picture in style, you have lunch and dinner in the hotel’s Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant. You can then discover the pairings of a mastered and refined cuisine. There delicate flavors proposed by chef Michel Husser await you.

Inspired by traditional Alsatian cuisine, the menu revolves around 3 courses. Such as the starter of Alsace duck foie gras with French Cléry strawberry, the dish around the croquette of candied beef brisket and potato sparkling wine. Also, the revisited Italian dessert: strawberry-rhubarb tiramisu. Happy tasting!

7. The “lovebox” in Strasbourg

What could be better than the unusual “Lovebox” weekend to enjoy a romantic stay in Alsace? The Sun King Prestige Strasbourg welcomes you in a charming 4* lakeside, surrounded by greenery.

Only 10 minutes from the center of Strasbourg, it is the perfect place to discover “the capital of Christmas.” We advise you to make this unforgettable weekend in winter to soak up the warm atmosphere of the festivities.

Whether strolling through the streets or visiting the Christmas Market, Strasbourg is an unforgettable destination for a romantic weekend.

8. The wellness weekend in Saint-Louis

Do you need softness and relaxation in a stressful daily life without a minute to yourself? Generation Voyage has the solution! What do you think of a wellness stay in one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in Saint-Louis?

Saint-Louis is an ideal place to spend a special moment with your other half. You can evacuate stress and toxins and take care of your body and skin in the spa. To relax and regain all your energy there isn’t any good place near.

During this unusual weekend in Alsace, live a tailor-made experience according to your needs and desires. Pamper yourself at the 4* hotel “La Villa K”!

9. The romantic stay at the Chateau

Who has never dreamed of sleeping in a castle? Like the princes and princesses of another time, you can stay in the 5* hotel of the Château d’Isenbourg. It offers many benefits and services to satisfy all your desires.

This establishment is a natural haven of peace. Here it is good to stop to taste the surrounding charm and the Alsatian sweetness of life. This place is perfect for a romantic weekend.

During this unforgettable stay with the chosen one of your heart, the change of scenery is total.

At the foot of the castle, the old town of Rouffach, the Rhine plain, and the black forest are drawn and mix small city and nature.

Enjoy the heated indoor and outdoor pools, hammam, sauna, and jacuzzi to complete this romantic stay. A little air of paradise!

10. The helicopter baptism in Colmar

Last unusual weekend in Alsace of this top but not least! Original and surprising, this helicopter flight over the Colmar region will amaze you! What could be better than taking the height to admire the immensity and beauty of the place?

You can sleep in a hotel in the heart of the city of Colmar. And can stroll between the half-timbered houses. For two, the experience takes on a whole new dimension! This helicopter baptism will give you sensations and emotions as magical as they are overwhelming. It is a romantic and unforgettable experience.

Enjoy an unforgettable stay at the castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg. Perched on the heights, you will be captured by the beauty of the place and the beauty of this privileged moment.

So, was the unique romantic weekends in Alsace guide helpful to you?

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