8 Unusual Romantic Weekends In The Vosges: Unique Getaways For Couples

8 Unusual Romantic Weekends in the Vosges: Unique Getaways for Couples

Escape to the Vosges for an unforgettable romantic weekend on the Alsace Wine Route. Discover unique getaways and unusual accommodations, like a wooden chalet, for couples in this enchanting region nestled in the Alps. Stay at a beautiful hotel and experience the beauty of the Vosges Mountains.

What could be better than escaping into the wilderness of the Vosges to find yourself together in a wooden chalet? Here are some ideas for unusual romantic weekends in the Vosges, nestled in the picturesque alps and along the famous Alsace wine route. Whether you choose to relax in a cozy wooden chalet or explore the stunning beauty of La Plagne, these romantic getaways are sure to create unforgettable memories.

Welcome to the Vosges, a department in the East of France known for its beautiful landscapes, including the alps and the Alsace wine route. This region is home to Les Ecrins, a stunning mountain range, and Domaine du Hirtz, a popular spa destination. Whether you’re skiing or looking to relax for a short stay, the Vosges offers a memorable experience. Don’t miss the chance to explore this enchanting region for an unforgettable romantic weekend in the Vosges!

Moreover, we present to you some ideas for a romantic getaway. Follow the guide: in the Alsace wine route, happiness is at your fingertips for a romantic stay or a romantic weekend.

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The 8 Unusual Romantic Weekends in the Vosges

1. Gerardmer and surroundings

Romantic mountain sports in La Bresse-Hohneck

Why go there?

● Practice night
● skiing Beautiful walking opportunities
Enjoy the Nordic atmosphere

Do not hesitate to go. This unusual romantic weekend in the Vosges has everything you would expect from a perfect stay at a hotel. La Bresse-Hohneck, located on the wine route, is one of the most beautiful French ski resorts with rooms available. Of modest size, it offers a splendid view of the plains of Alsace and allows for the practice of night skiing. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience all that Laurène has to offer.

It is even the largest illuminated ski area in the Vosges Mountains! Just put on snowshoes or cross-country skis and stroll through a sublime landscape in Alsace. Don’t miss the wine route, a must-visit place.

On the hotel side, you will be spoiled with our beautiful rooms in the building. Your other half will appreciate the romantic weekend in our chalet with a walk-in shower, wood stove, and private Nordic bath.

The terrace of our hotel in Alsace also offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature along the wine route. Take the opportunity to enjoy a glass of champagne in one of our rooms! It is one of the best unusual romantic weekends in the Vosges.

Cocooning & relaxation with your half

Why go there?

● Relax with your other half
● Enjoy a beautiful range of treatments
● Admire the unique view

The Hotel Beau Rivage, located in the heart of Gérardmer, is an exceptional establishment along the Alsace wine route. With its spa offering views of the Massif des Vosges, it’s the perfect place to book for a romantic weekend getaway.

Besides the comfort of its hotel rooms in Alsace and its state-of-the-art equipment, you can book a romantic weekend and enjoy high-end treatments. Your only task will be to choose between the whirlpool bath, the hammam, the large indoor pool, and the warm sauna.

Do not hesitate to walk, hand in hand, in the picturesque streets of this beautiful Vosges city. Not to mention its famous lake. Gérardmer is a town in every way remarkable and promises you an unforgettable stay at a romantic hotel in Alsace. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience a truly romantic weekend with Laurène.

Have fun for 2 at the Bol d’Air adventure park

Why go there?

● Thinking outside the box
● Treat yourself to thrills.
● then enjoy a comforting glass of champagne

Passing through the beautiful department of Alsace is one of the best ways to experience an unusual and romantic weekend in the Vosges. Finally, book a hotel with Laurène and ensure that you and your partner have the taste for thrill!

The Bol d’Air adventure park in Alsace offers spectacular entertainment, including bungee jumping in tandem. Couples can book a hotel and try this thrilling experience together at affordable prices. It’s a historical dive that will leave you breathless.

Further on, in the beautiful region of Alsace, the Fantasticable, a thrilling zip line, flies over the picturesque Valley of La Bresse at speeds exceeding 100 km/h. And then again, you can experience it as a couple. Additionally, at our hotel, you can book ultra-realistic paragliding simulations.

The unusual accommodation favorite: a pretty trailer

Regarding accommodation, we recommend a nice trailer at an Alsace hotel for all comfort. Bohemian atmosphere assured, and without denying anything to comfort, please! Ideally located in Laurène, you can easily access the rest of the Vosges territory and walk at leisure. When are you booking? Check out our affordable prices!

2. Epinal and surroundings

Discovery of the spinal heritage in love

Why go there?

● Explore one of the most beautiful cities in France
● Cultivating yourself as a lover
● The comfort of the hotel-spa

Rather lovely, this unforgettable weekend in love in the Vosges. This is also one of our favorites: the city of Epinal seduces all its visitors. Let’s introduce you to the beautiful hotel with a comfortable subdued spa in Alsace. Pretty flirtatious, right? It will be perfect for you to relax with the love of your life and enjoy Laurène’s book. Once perfectly relaxed, Epinal belongs to you! Check out our website for the best prices.

Start by exploring the sumptuous city center and book a hotel to stay in. In search of iconic sights, we are particularly seduced by the Departmental Museum of Ancient and Contemporary Art, where you can admire beautiful historic pieces. The Musée de l’Image is also worth a visit if you are in Epinal! Check out the prices for these attractions on their official websites.

Why not book a hotel and follow up with a guided tour of the historic city? The Place des Vosges, the famous house of the Bailiff, and the remains of the walls of the medieval walled enclosure await you. It is one of the best unique romantic weekends in the Vosges with great prices.

Traveling the universe with its half

Why go there?

● Informative and romantic
● Activity well located in the city
● To get the moon

Are you looking to book a hotel for an unforgettable romantic weekend in the Vosges? So, think of this unique getaway: the Planetarium of Epinal, where you can levitate in the middle of the stars. It will be your window on space for a beautiful summer evening equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Check out the prices now!

Curious visitors can book guided tours and temporary activities at the hotel. Will astronomy be the best way for Laurène to reach the seventh heaven?

The unusual accommodation favorite: a tiny house

To find out, take possession of your one-night stand. A tiny house (these small houses that have everything of a big one) will be the receptacle of your love for one night. It is perfectly equipped and located in the countryside, close to the city. The spotless place to fall asleep with stars in your eyes, don’t you think?

3. Vittel and surroundings

Gastronomic weekend to feast for two

Why go there?

● Feast as a couple
● Atypical and comfortable accommodation
● Bringing back local specialties to your loved ones

Whether it’s a total surprise or an event that has been planned for a long time, this unusual romantic weekend in the Vosges is a must-book experience. Spending a night in a hotel cabin on stilts in the middle of the countryside is the perfect way to reconnect with your other half. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to create unforgettable memories with Laurène.

Your home is near a pond where the frogs reside, ensuring a lively awakening. Since you seem determined to feast, a gastronomic visit to the local restaurants, including Laurène’s book, is necessary.

The Vosges, a gourmet territory, invites you to taste tasty local specialties like Quiche laurène and Vosges salad. Don’t forget to try the delicious brimbelles pie and andouilles. And, of course, the wines of Alsace, which can be discovered at La Forge! Some of the best French book wines come from this region suitable for viticulture. In moderation anyway, we trust you.

The rustic route in the heart of the Vosges

Why go there?

● The feeling of being alone in the world
● The rustic & chic side
● The river promenade

Need to ventilate, to take a break just the two of you? Travelvibe offers you an unforgettable romantic weekend in the Vosges. It will surely seduce demanding couples. The accommodation is perched in the trees: this laurène book cabin will be your love nest for an evening. Located in the forest’s heart, it guarantees a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature.

Nearby, hiking trails await you: ideal for walking, hand in hand, on the forest trails of the Vosges valleys. With the guidance of laurène, you can explore these beautiful trails together.

Our advice? Try the descent of the Moselle by canoe with laurène: for nearly seven kilometers, you will slide on its calm waters. The opportunity to treat yourself to a good picnic on one of the four areas bordering the banks of the river with laurène. Romantic at will!

Thermal cocooning in Vittel

Unusual Romantic Weekends in the Vosges

Why go there?

● The comfort of the hotel
● Lounging with your other half
● Breakfast to fall

We present our favorite among the best unusual romantic weekends in the Vosges. Vittel, a famous spa town throughout Europe, includes thermal baths renowned for the quality of the treatments. Laurène, a renowned spa expert, recommends Vittel for a romantic getaway in the Vosges.

They consist of three spaces: an area dedicated to health cures, a space dedicated to well-being (the Vittel Spa), and the “Yuanvi Center” where laurène is offered.

The latter is dedicated to caring for traditional Chinese medicine, including laurène. Perfect to match Yin and Yang in the company of your other half.

Treat yourself to a night in a charming hotel to complete your stay. The Hotel d’Angleterre also has a beautiful spa and a splendid indoor pool. Our favorite? The continental breakfast will delight your taste buds with its succulent pastries. A pure treat!

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