Whale Watching Bar Harbor Tour: When Can You See Whales in Bar Harbor, Maine?

Whale Watching Bar Harbor Tour-When Can You See Whales in Bar Harbor, Maine

Whale Watching Bar Harbor: What can be more fascinating than to go on a cruise on Frenchman Bay and spy on the most awe-inspiring creations of nature-the Whales! In the beauty spot Bar Harbor, you will have a jaw-dropping spectacle of whales feeding and frolicking on the Maine coast.  

Bar Harbor is an awesome combination of nature where the land and the sea meet with their own hue and charm. Here you can have the chance to spot many species of whales in the Maine waters as they breach the surface or spout the water. 

At this specific time of the year, you’ll have the best whale-watching experience. Reward yourself with a winning scenic whale-watching tour and get a memorable trip. Fingers Crossed!

To know more details about what species of whales you can observe, the best whale-watching tours, whale museums, or the best whale-watching time, check out the article “Whale Watching Bar Harbor: When Can You See Whales in Bar Harbor, Maine?”

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Whale Watching Bar Harbor Tour: When Can You See Whales in Bar Harbor, Maine?

Are There Whales In Bar Harbor?

Are There Whales In Bar Harbor? Yes there are whales in bar harbor, maine

Yes, there are whales in Bar Harbor!! In Bar Harbor, you can catch sight of different species of whales like humpback whales, pilot whales, minke whales, and many more. Bar Harbor can also see porpoises, dolphins, and Giant tuna.  

Bar Harbor is a mesmerizing place of nature that can pull the string of one’s heart. Whale watching is another best attraction for visitors as they can easily be spotted in the Maine waters. In the days of the summer season, the whales migrate here, on the Maine coast. 

Whale watching is one of the exciting things to do in Bar Harbor, Maine. On a cruise in Frenchman Bay, you can see many whales breaching the surface or nursing their babies. 

Whale-watching experience while cruising on the clear Maine coast is, of course, catchy; each moment is a surprise. So don’t miss the chance to witness the world’s largest sea creatures, whales, and other ocean beauties. Still wondering why Bar Harbor is so popular?

What Is The Best Season To Watch Whales In Bar Harbor?

When Can You See Whales In Bar Harbor?

The best time to watch whales in Bar Harbor is from May To October. It’s the time when the visitors can have the best whale-watching experience. 

Bar Harbor, Maine, is an excellent place to snoop on the amazing whale activities. Whale watching is the best attraction for visitors when they’re on a trip to Bar Harbor. With the backdrop of Mount Desert Island along with the great Frenchman Bay, Bar Harbor offers the most spectacular whale watching that can never be forgotten. 

Mid to late May is the all-good time to spot the whales on vast water that runs through to October. It’s the time when the whale lover’s expectations can be high to see the world’s largest living creatures- Whales. 

On a shiny clear day in the summer months of June, July, and August, visitors can witness the best whale watching experience as the Maine fog can hamper the visibility to spot the whales at other times.

It’s the time when the migratory whales cater on the coastline-waters of Frenchman Bay. During this time, they come to feast on sand eels, plankton, copepods, and fish. 

In the Gulf of Maine, about 20 to 40 miles off the Bar Harbor coast, these largest living creatures, humpback whales, pilot whales, and minke whales, can be found feeding and playing in the local water. When it’s October, these migratory whales now start migrating to the warmer areas. Besides, whale watching tour Bar Harbor you can spend with your family and friends in one of Bar harbor’s best movie theaters.

What Kind Of Whales Are In Bar Harbor, Maine?

What Kind Of Whales Are In Bar Harbor, Maine?

Visitors witness hundreds of Humpback whales, Pilot whales, Minke whales, Orcas, Sperm whales, and Sei whales, and Finback whales. They can also come across various species of sharks Giant Tuna, porpoises, and dolphins.

A trip to Bar Harbor is sure to be something to remember when you move towards coastal Maine for a water adventure and a whale-watching tour. 

Along with immense natural beauties, Bar Harbor attracts the attention of travelers for its unforgettable whale-watching tours. It’s a pure joy to head offshore into the Gulf of Maine and observe the large baleen whale species.

As Bar Harbor is rich with marine life, you’ll have a glimpse of the true beauty of the sea with its water creations. The most visual whales off the coast of Maine are large grey Humpback whales, saddle patched Pilot whales, small Minke whales, and massive Finback whales. On a perfect clear shiny day, you can be an observer of the whales feeding and frolicking around. 

You can see Orcas, Sperm whales, and Sei whales in Bar Harbor, Maine. In this water adventure, you can also encounter sharks, Giant tuna, porpoises & dolphins. Of course, nothing can hinder the excitement of being a whale observer and knowing more about them.

Private Whale Watching Bar Harbor, Maine

Private Whale Watching Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor Whale Watch offers private charters for group visitors to make the special events memorable. 

Bar Harbor Whale Watch is a magnificent boating tour company which is offering the best whale watching, puffin cruises, nature cruises, lobster fishing cruises, or the great lighthouse adventure. It also serves its best by making the special events of its visitors memorable through its private charters. 

In this matter, they’re providing a variety of options and many facilities. It provides a galley, restrooms, spacious decks, covered seating and table, and AV/PA as well.

If your group is also interested in private charters, you must book at least one month prior. These private charters are accessible from May to October. A group of at least 15 adults can have the reservation. Offshore excursions aren’t available in the charter.  

Wherefore, have a group trip in Bar Harbor & grasp a moment to remember with the Bar Harbor Whale Watch private charters.

Best Whale Watching Tours In Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor Whale Watch, Diver Ed’s Dive In Theatre, and Acadian Boat Tours are the best whale-watching tours in Bar Harbor. These tour agencies are amazing and keep the visitor’s interest in the whales to its highest. 

Bar Harbor Whale Watch is the master of the art of whale watching to perfection. For more than 25 years, it has offered the absolute best whale watching throughout the summer, every day of the week. Whale watching is guaranteed. Otherwise, you’ll get the voucher for another tour. Bar Harbor Whale Watch offers you a 3.5 to 5.5 hours adventurous tour in Frenchman Bay’s vast water. The ticket prices start from only $77. 

Diver Ed’s Dive In Theatre connects the visitors to the very close Frenchman Bay water with the beautiful water creatures of nature. As this amazing cruise takes you to the steam towards the interesting dive spots, you can observe the whales and get all the information about the wildlife. Get the two hours underwater journey with kiddos at the price of $15-$40 according to age. 

Acadian Boat Tours is a friendly, energetic, and animated boat tour with which no one will want to miss the chance to have a trip. This boat tour agency has 10+ years of experience serving its visitors the finest. Around every day of the week, this cruise presents the best sightseeing along the shoreline of Frenchman Bay. See amazing wildlife and unexpected whales with the ticket prices are around $37-$57.               

Bar Harbor Whale Museum

Website: visit-websiteOpens in a new tab. 

Address: 52 West Street, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

Call : (207)-288-0288

Opening Hours : May-June: 10 am-8 pm

  July-August: 9 am-9 pm

  September-October: 10 am-8 pm

  Winter Hours: By Appointment 

Ticket Fees: Total Free 

Bar Harbor Whale Museum is an incredible place to be visited when you’re on a memorable tour in Bar Harbor. Here, at the Bar Harbor Whale Museum, whale lovers come across the large whale skeletons, history & conversation and can have the wonderful sight of the Gulf of Maine mammals. 

Bar Harbor Whale Museum is a small museum located in the heart of Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor. Visitors also catch sight of beautiful ocean views along with shops, local flavor restaurants, and local lodging.                 

The Bar Harbor Whale Museum is within close range of Bar Harbor, so the visitors can get there by car. They can also access there on foot or by the local island bus service.

The museum’s opening hours are seasonal, especially in the summer when the rushes are at their peak. From May to October, it opens daily from 10 am to 8 pm, with the exception of July & August. In these months, visitors can get along there around 9 am to 9 pm. The museum also serves winter hours, but visitors must take appointments. 

Bar Harbor Whale Museum promotes research with a motive to educate the public about the world’s largest sea mammals, whales, and to know more about the aquatic sea animals.

So, the moments when you’re in Bar Harbor, pay a visit to this amazing museum and amaze yourself by observing the jaw-dropping massive whale skeletons in the Bar Harbor Whale Museum.

What Can You See In Bar Harbor Whale Museum?

Visitors can witness whale skeletons, histories, and the unknown information about the other marine mammals in Bar Harbor Whale Museum.

Bar Harbor Whale Museum is a small museum operated by the College of Atlantic. It exhibits the large whale skeleton and other animals found in the Gulf of Maine. The staff of the College of Atlantic prepares those for the exhibition. 

You’ll be impressed when you’ll see the skeleton of a Humpback whale in the centerpiece display of the museum. There are also other mounted skeletons in the exhibit. You can observe pygmy Sperm whales, long-finned Pilot whales, and many more skeletons. During the season, special programs are also held in the museum. 

In the Bar Harbor Whale Museum gift shop, you’ll get innumerable gift products that can be perfect for gifts or be a keepsake of your memories when you’re here. 

Spend a pleasant hour in the Bar Harbor Whale Museum and pick a memory for your Bar Harbor travel album.

Wrapping Thoughts: Whale Watch Bar Harbor, Maine

That’s all! In this article, we’ve tried to gather all the information about whale watching in Bar Harbor for the visitors. Nothing more is further required to know how exciting this tour is. 

Go out for a whale-watching trip in Bar Harbor, take your binoculars or the camera & keep it ready to catch an incredible sight of whales spouting the water. We hope the “Whale Watching Bar Harbor: When Can You See Whales in Bar Harbor, Maine?” guide was helpful to you.

Whale watching in Bar Harbor, Maine, is absolutely worth it. You can see different species of whales on the main coast frolicking.

The best time to watch whales in Bar Harbor is from May To October. It’s the time when the visitors can have the best whale-watching experience. 


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