What Are Some Unexpected Things First-time Visitors Notice In Bangladesh?

What are some unexpected things first-time visitors notice in Bangladesh?

Different country, different people, different norms and culture. You will be amazed to see Bangladesh when the first time you will come here. As many things will force you to astonish, it’s quite normal, though. Here are some unexpected things which first-time visitors notice in Bangladesh.

1. Bangladesh isn’t as poor as you think

Bangladeshis are seriously not endowed with the severity of poverty and diseases portrayed worldwide. Bangladesh is much more than myths. In 2019, the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was 302.6 billion US Dollars. Simplicity is the divine attire of our people.

2. They use hand more than Spoons or Forks

Bangladeshis almost exclusively eat with their right hands. They do not use spoons or forks. But, especially at home, we are very comfortable, delicious, and respectful when we stir or mix the foods on the plate with our hand and then put it inside the mouth with a hand.

3.Nightlife in Bangladesh

Nightlife in Bangladesh is sporadic, meaning that most people here prefer not to stay outside after 10 pm. And, apart from some clubs or bars, Bengali Christians and many urbanized, upper-class Muslims and Hindus privately have a liberal attitude toward the social consumption of alcohol.

Most 5 Star Hotels and a few clubs in the urban cities arrange DJ / Dance parties, but these are not much common as the picture of Bangladeshi society.

4. ATM System

Foreign-friendly ATMs are found in major cities and towns, but not everywhere. Therefore, foreign visitors should stock up on taka whenever possible and bring some US dollars in an emergency.

5.Culture Variety in Capital

The cultures in Dhaka and the rest of the country are vastly different from one another. Thus, Bangladesh has two aspects: one is what you will view from the lens of Dhaka, and the other is the view you will get from the rest of the country.

All other parts apart from Dhaka are similar to one another, but collectively, their culture sharp contrasts with that of Dhaka.

6. Land of Rickshaw

Bangladesh is a country full of Rickshaws. Rickshaws are regarded as the most popular transport option in Dhaka City because they are fuel-free, eco-friendly, energy-efficient, economically viable, occupy less space than motorized vehicles, and provide door-to-door service for short trips within a city. There used to be daily traffic of 600,000 cycle rickshaws in Dhaka. And then, we love rickshaw rides!

7. Traffic that will blow minds

The dense traffic and crowds in Dhaka city may seem unbearable to foreigners, especially those not from the region. But, conversely, in other parts of the country, especially in the countryside, the streets and roads are much less congested and relaxed.

8. Greetings

We have particular modes of conversation. Bangladeshi people start their conversation with greetings (mainly with “Salam” or “Adab” since most people are Muslim here). They are not accustomed to shaking hands with strangers or people they don’t know. They maintain a certain amount of distance while standing and talking to each other. Shaking hands has slowly gained popularity in urban culture, beginning with a “hello.”

9. Dress Code

Clothing style depends on gender. Women mainly wear Sarees and Salwar-Kameez, while men wear a Shirt, Lungi, Pant, T-shirt, Panjabi, etc. But, nowadays, girls here also wear shirts and pants. And, don’t wonder if you are from an economically developed country and find a street child roaming naked here somewhere!

10. Beggars Everywhere

The number of organized beggarhood is very high all over Bangladesh. Very much like other South Asian countries, beggars are regularly seen on roads begging for alms. And you would also find it helpful to say “Maaf Koren! (Pardon me!)” if you don’t want to give money to the beggar.

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