Where To Eat In Bermeo: 5 Best Restaurants To Eat In Bermeo

Where To Eat In Bermeo: 5 Best Restaurants To Eat In Bermeo

Knowing some places where to eat in Bermeo is definitely a great idea so that during your visit to this beautiful seaside town, you can also enjoy its exquisite gastronomy.

As we are about to mention some of the best restaurants in Bermeo, we should note that it is one of the most well-known places to visit in the Basque Country so that traffic can be heavy during the high season and weekends. 

The restaurants in Bermeo are usually full, so we recommend booking as soon as possible to guarantee a table.

Let’s start!

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Where To Eat In Bermeo: 5 Best Restaurants To Eat In Bermeo

1. Artza – One of the cheapest restaurants in Bermeo

The Artza Restaurant on Bermeo’s main street is a familiar and traditional place, a favorite place for tourists and locals to enjoy the best of creative dishes, high-quality products, and hospitable service.

Although they have a menu, we recommend you opt for the daily menu for 12.50 euros. This makes this also one of the cheapest restaurants in Bermeo. In this restaurant, they usually have marmitako, one of the area’s typical dishes, which we are sure will leave you speechless. 

Address: Askatasun Hiribidea, 1

Opening hours: every day from 10:30h to 16h and from 21h to 23h.

2. Akelarre Taberna – One of the most recommended restaurants to eat in Bermeo

Also located in the most central area of the town, Akelarre is another of the most recommended restaurants in Bermeo if you want to enjoy a stop for lunch or dinner while visiting the city.

It has a very extensive menu, with vegetarian options. If you go at noon, you can also order the daily menu for 12 euros.

Address: C/ Aurrekoetxea 2

Opening hours: every day from 10h to 23h.

3. Bermeoko Kafe Antzokia

Bermeo’s Old Town is another one of the top restaurants to eat at, whether you choose to eat there for lunch or dinner.

The menu of 25 euros usually includes traditional dishes like marmitako and marmita de bonito, which is a real treat for the senses.

As a bonus, the rest of the dishes on the menu are excellent, so you can choose between a starter menu or a menu to share between the two.

Address: Aurrekoetxea 27 bajo

Opening hours: Every day from 10h to 22h.

4. Almiketxu Grill

Located on the outskirts of Bermeo, this place is also one of the most famous restaurants in Bermeo. This is especially if you want to enjoy delicious meat and excellent value for money.

This restaurant offers an extensive menu, which is particularly notable for their meat, and there is parking, especially during crowded times.

The starters cost more or less 15 euros, the meats 30 euros, and the traditional main courses between 6 and 10 euros.

Address: Barrio Almike, 8

Hours: every day from 14h to 16:30h and from 20:30h to 22:30h

5. Cannon etxea

It would be impossible to finish this list of the best restaurants in Bermeo without mentioning Cannon etxea, which offers unbeatable value for money and an impressive terrace.

I highly recommend dishes from the menu, as is the grilled octopus.

Although the meats are outstanding, The dishes cost around 15 euros.

Address: Mañu Auzoa, S/n Alto de Sollube

Opening hours: every day from 09h to 22h.

One of the best ways to get to know the local culture and enjoy Basque gastronomy is to book an excursion in the Basque Country, where you will learn details about its cities, towns, and gastronomy.

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