Where To Eat In Zarautz: 5 Cozy Restaurants To Try Delicious Food

Where To Eat In Zarautz: 5 Cozy Restaurants To Try Delicious Foods In Zarautz

Our list of restaurants in Zarautz will help you prepare and organize your trip to the town, while not forgetting the gastronomy, which is probably one of the greatest attractions of this region of the country. 

When visiting Zarautz, one of the most popular towns in the Basque country, as well as most other attractions, it is highly recommended to make reservations in advance, especially during the high season and on weekends.

Where To Eat In Zarautz: 5 Cozy Restaurants To Try Delicious Foods In Zarautz

1. Kirkilla Jatetxea

Known as one of the most recommended restaurants in Zarautz, this place is a sure hit, whether you choose it for lunch or dinner.

Although they have a menu, we recommend you opt for the day’s menu for 18 euros (weekends 24 euros), which includes 4 starters, 4 main courses, and 4 desserts to choose from, in which many traditional recipes are included.

Address: Calle de Santa Marina, 12 BAJO

Opening hours: every day from 13:30h to 16h and from 20:30h to 23h.

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2. Berazadi Berri – One of the most recommended restaurants to eat in Zarautz

Located on the outskirts of the town in a rural house and with unique views of the Basque coast, Berazadi Berri is one of the best-known and most recommended restaurants in Zarautz.

Its menu highlights quality products, cuisine, and excellent service, so we recommend that you try some of their meat or fish, both of which are delicious.

The price of the starters is about 10 euros and the main courses about 20-25 euros if it is meat or fish.

Address: Berazadi Berri 723

Opening hours: every day from 13h to 15:30h and from 20h to 22h.

3. Asador Izeta

This restaurant is also located on the outskirts of Zarautz and is another of the most recommended places to eat if you want to enjoy local and traditional cuisine.

While they have many dishes on their menu, this place is famous for its txuletón, which you should not miss and that you can share with friends with a few starters. 

The price of the starters is 7-10 euros, the main courses 15 euros and the txuletón 35 euros/kilo.

Address: Barrio Elkano, 4 A 1KM from Pol.Inds. ABENDAÑO

Opening hours: Every day from 13:30h to 15h and from 20h to 22h.

4. Euskalduna Taberna – One of the cheapest restaurants in Zarautz

One of the best-known locals in Zarautz is Euskalduna Taberna, one of the cheapest restaurants.

You can opt for their daily menu of 12 euros, which includes traditional dishes without great pretense, but with excellent food, excellent cooking, and plenty of it. There is also a bar of pinchos and pintxos.

Address: Kale Nagusia, 37

Opening hours: every day from 09h to 23:30h

5. Karlos Arguiñano

We cannot finish this list of the most recommended restaurants in Zaratutz without mentioning the restaurant Karlos Arguiñano, undoubtedly one of the best-known places to eat in the town.

Although they have a dining room, we recommend you stay in the terrace area or inside, in the bar area, enjoy some pintxos, each one better than the other, or go for breakfast and taste the famous croissants that they say are the best in the area.

Pintxos generally cost about 2-3 euros, depending on the main product.

Address: Calle Mendilauta, 13

Opening hours: every day from 13:30h to 15:30h and from 20:30h to 22:30h (If you don’t stay for lunch, you can go before the restaurant’s opening hours).

Another unusual way to discover the local culture and enjoy Basque cuisine is to book a sightseeing excursion including a visit to a restaurant in Zarautz we have recommended to you. Thinking about what to do in Zarautz?

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