Where To Stay In Bandung? 6 Cheap Hotels For Family, Tips To Choose

Where to stay in Bandung? 6 cheap hotels to stay in Bandung best for family - Tips for choosing place

Bandung is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Jakarta. Finding Jakarta Bandung train tickets is not a difficult thing. For those of you planning to backpack in Bandung, of course, it is necessary not only to choose tourist destinations in Bandung that you want to visit but also Train Tickets and Bandung hotels.

You also need to find out information about Bandung Train Tickets and Bandung accommodation or hotels affordable by budget. To make the most of your vacation, check out the best lodging recommendations in Bandung to visit.

Recommended Cheap Accommodation in Bandung for Backpackers Bandung is indeed the most visited tourist destination by backpackers. 

So, no wonder you can find many cheap lodging and Bandung hotels comfortable with complete facilities. Here are some recommendations of the best and most affordable places to stay in Bandung.

Where To Stay In Bandung? Cheap Hotels For Family, Tips To Choose

1.Pinisi Backpacker Hostel

Of course, those who travel with family or friends need a place to stay that accommodates enough people. Pinisi Backpacker Hostel is an inn located at Jl. Pasirkaliki Belakang 84 Gang Musaen No. 92/6A, Bandung.

The hostel is located in the middle of a residential neighborhood. The hostel is just 10 minutes walk from Bandung train station. The hostel offers rooms with comfortable bunk bed models. You will feel like you are staying in a hostel in Bandung during your stay.

For your comfort, the hotel Bandung Pinisi Backpacker Hostel offers 3 types of room options, namely mixed dormitory rooms with 4 beds, various dormitory rooms with 8 beds, and female-only dormitory rooms with 4 beds. The stay price starts from 70 thousand (4.90$) to 90 thousand (6.30$) per night. In addition, you will also get breakfast here.

2.Elenor’s Home

Located in the Cihampelas area, Bandung hotel / Elenor’s Home Inn is a very strategic location. The homestay is located at Jl. Boscha II Number 105, Cihampelas bandung. 

You can reach some of the contemporary tourist attractions in Bandung from this inn. For example, Rumah Mode Factory Outlet and Paris van Java Mall can be reached just by walking. Similarly, the Cihampelas walk area is located only a few meters from the property.

The inn offers 7 bedrooms divided into 2 types: Single and Deluxe room. During your stay, you will be pampered with friendly service from the staff. You can also enjoy various facilities, such as free Wi-Fi service, luggage storage, and a smoking area. 

Elenor’s home offers tour services and car rental for use for those of you who want to travel around the city. The property offers prices ranging from 90 thousand (6.30$) to 100 thousand (7.00$) only per night. The savings are great.

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3.Unique Guesthouse 1 – Pasar Baru

Looking for a cheap stay in Bandung does not need to go to remote areas. Because in the heart of this city there are also some affordable lodgings. 

One of them is Unique Guesthouse 1, which is located in the Pasar Baru area. This inn is located on Jl. Ence Ajis Number 34, Bandung City. From the property, you can visit the Asian-African museum, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bandung.

You can reach the tourist attractions by driving for 15 minutes only. In addition, you can also shop for various kinds of trinkets and cheap souvenirs in the Pasar Baru area. 

The market is also the perfect place to shop for clothes at affordable prices. Pasar Baru can be reached by walking for 10 minutes.

Unique Guesthouse 1 offers 14 rooms divided into 3 room types. You can choose to stay in Single Fan Shared Bathroom, Standard Fan Shared Bathroom, or Standard Room with AC. Each room is available at different rates.

However, all of them are still in the pocket-friendly price range. To stay at this inn, you only need to prepare a budget below 200 thousand (14.00$) per night. 

The facilities offered are also very diverse. Starting from bathroom facilities and toiletries, color television, wardrobe, side table, and so on. 

Depending on the type of room you choose, you can get fan or air conditioning facilities. Of course, there will be different rates for room types with different facilities.


You don’t have to travel to Japan to enjoy the sensation of staying in a capsule hotel. Bandung has a Bobobox hotel that carries the theme of a capsule hotel. The hotel offers a pod box-shaped hotel room that measures 3 x 5 meters each.

Inside the pod is a King size bedroom complete with several other facilities, such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a full bathroom with toiletries. Bobobox hotel branches are spread in various strategic locations in Bandung, namely in the area of Jl. Pasir Kaliki, Dago, Cipaganti, and Jl. Kepatihan.

Some of Bandung’s best tourist attractions are located not far from the capsule hotel. You can easily reach Cihampelas Walk, Mall 23 Paskal, Istana Plaza, and several other prestigious shopping centers. 

Bobobox hotel offers a rate of stay below 200 thousand (14.00$) at all its branches. So, it is not surprising that this Bandung hotel is very popular among budget travelers.

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5.Harapan Indah Hotels

Want to spend a full day at Taman Wisata Trans Studio? So you don’t get stuck in too long a queue, choose to stay at Harapan Indah Hotel. Located on Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 45 Malabar, Bandung, offers comfortable and affordable accommodation.

To reach this hotel, you only need to drive for 30 minutes from BKamura Hussein Sastranegara. Besides Trans Studio, you can also visit popular tourist spots in Bandung from this hotel. For example, Bandung Super Mall and Pasar Baru shopping centers are located only about 30 minutes’ drive from the hotel.

Bandung also has another interesting and exciting tour that is Dago Dream Park. 

During your stay, you will be pampered with a variety of facilities offered. Not only can you enjoy the staff’s friendly service, but the hotel also offers luggage storage and valet parking for guests. 

You also don’t have to worry about being disturbed by cigarette smoke during your stay here, as all rooms and areas of the hotel apply non-smoking rules. It provides spacious rooms with excellent garden views.

The beds in this Bandung hotel also have excellent quality. So, you can enjoy a night’s rest to the fullest. Other room amenities available at the hotel include a bathroom with a shower and bathtub, a free bathroom, and strong Wi-Fi connectivity. The hotel offers rates starting from 157 thousand (10.99$) per night.

6.New Market Pillow Hotel

Still located close to Trans Studio, you can also choose from Hotel Bantal Guling accommodation. The hotel is located on Jl. Ence Azis No. 32 West Bandung City. 

This homey concept hotel offers a comfortable place to stay. You can easily reach this hotel from BKamura International Husein Sastranegara by driving for 1 hour only. 

The hotel is also located near various culinary centers. Trans Studio Bandung can be reached by walking for 5 minutes. In addition, you can also reach several other iconic tourist attractions in Bandung. You only need about 30 minutes by driving to Gedung Sate Bandung and Cisangkuy Yogurt Tour.

For in-house guests, the hotel offers spacious and relaxing room facilities. Your comfort during your stay will also be guaranteed with private bathroom facilities complete with a shower and free toiletries. 

Not only that, but you can also enjoy air conditioning and a flat-screen TV with cable CHANNELS. The rooms at this hotel include a comfortable sofa and a seating area where you can relax. For the night stay, the hotel charges 105,000 rupiahs (7.35$) only.

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Tips for Choosing a Place to Stay / Hotel Bandung

These are some recommendations for hotels and inns for backpackers. In choosing an inn, of course, there are some things that you need to pay attention to. 

Here what you need to keep in mind before selecting a Hotel or lodging to stay in Bandung:

1.Bandung Hotel Location Selection

Select a hotel in Bandung that is near tourist attractions as much as possible. Several lodging options in Bandung provide easy access to popular tourist attractions.

The price of the Bandung hotel offered is relatively more affordable. Choosing a hotel that is located not far from the destination will greatly facilitate your mobility. 

There are many tourist attractions nearby, so you don’t have to travel far to get there. If you’re traveling with a little one, this will be very useful.

2.Choose a Cheap Hotel with Adequate Facilities

One of the mistakes that backpackers often make is lust in choosing a cheap Bandung hotel; if the hotel does not provide enough facilities to accommodate your needs while in Bandung, it will greatly affect your experience during the holidays.

Therefore, make sure that the lodging/hotel in Bandung that you choose is not too low standard. You also need to find out about the facilities and accessibility to various public facilities and tourist attractions.

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3.Read Hotel Reviews from Past Guests

Take a moment to find out reviews from hotel guests who stayed before you. That way, you can know for sure the reputation of the hotel. From there, you can decide to take the Bandung hotel promo offer or look for other budget holiday deals.

Those are some recommendations for lodging/hotel and tips to make backpacking holidays in Bandung, so it feels more fun. Happy holidays!


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