Where To Stay Near Brussels-South Charleroi Airport?

Where to stay near Brussels-South Charleroi Airport?

Do you have a transit or a planned trip to Belgium? Here are our tips on where to sleep near Brussels-South Charleroi Airport!

For all their differences, the cities of Brussels and Charleroi have one thing in common: Brussels-South Charleroi Airport. This airport handles hundreds of thousands of passengers every year. Charleroi Brussels-South is a good option for budget travelers to get to Brussels.

Are you planning a trip to the heart of Belgium, but wondering where to sleep near Brussels South Charleroi Airport? With the help of our complete guide, you will have all the necessary information for your next visit to Belgium!

 Where to stay near Brussels-South Charleroi Airport?

Is Brussels South Charleroi Airport Open at Night?

Yes, you can stay at Brussels South Charleroi Airport during the night, which is open 24 hours a day. Nevertheless, the number of seats and benches is minimal, so it may be necessary to consider a sleeping bag.

Yes, it will often be necessary to satisfy the floor if it is impossible to sleep near Charleroi Airport Brussels-South. In addition, a check is done every day around 4 a.m. During the check, part of the airport closes.

If your belly is gurgling, be aware that some restaurants close their doors a little after 8 p.m. Indeed, do not hope to break the crust during the late hours; no restaurant opens 24 hours a day. Otherwise, a Wi-Fi connection is available in addition to a few charging stations for your electronic devices.

Hotels where to stay near Charleroi Airport Brussels-South

Would you like to sleep near Brussels-South Charleroi Airport? Here are our top recommendations for nearby hotels and apartments.

Hotel South Charleroi Airport

This hotel is recommended if you have a vehicle and want to sleep near Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Indeed, a large car park is available at all times, with a very well-crafted shuttle system. The rooms, meanwhile, are comfortable in addition to having affordable prices.

As for the airport, it will take about ten minutes to drive. You will find shops and restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.

FLEXappart Gosselies-Charleroi Airport

For a night at 50 €, how about having total comfort? This is what the FLEXappart Gosselies-Charleroi Airport offers you. Located ten minutes from the airport, these apartments are equipped with an oven, a refrigerator, and even a washing machine.

The Gosselies area is perfect for travelers wishing to sleep near Brussels-South Charleroi Airport for several weeks. In addition to all this, Wi-Fi and private parking are also included.

Roosevelt Charleroi Ideal Families House

Maison Roosevelt is the dream place to sleep near Charleroi Airport Brussels-South! Not only is the latter well located, but the price is also fascinating. About fifty euros per night will cover the cost of having access to a house with a kitchen. In addition, you will be entitled to free Wi-Fi and a private terrace to relax in peace.

Finally, the airport is only ten minutes from the house, and the bus stop is only 100 meters away.

In which city to stay near Charleroi Brussels-South airport?

Staying and sleeping near Brussels-South Charleroi Airport is undoubtedly the best alternative for your stay. But what about longer trips? It is not always easy to build a route according to the time available. That’s why we recommend the following places:


Châtelet is a small municipality with a population of 35,000. Many hotels, hostels, and apartments are available at affordable prices. This peaceful town is home to the Pottery House and the Potters’ Barn, two charming places to visit. Châtelet is certainly not a big city, but the fact remains that it will be perfect for sleeping near Charleroi Brussels-South airport.

BrusselsOpens in a new tab.

Many travelers link Charleroi and Brussels. Since Brussels is at the very heart of Belgium, it’s no wonder you have so many options to get there. Alternatively, you can also take the tram and train. Once in Brussels, several must-see monuments await you, such as the Grande Place or the Parc du Cinquantenaire.

The positive point is that, if you decide to leave, you will be able to fly to the main airport in Brussels.

La Louvière

La Louvière is located west of Charleroi. It is an ideal place to sleep near Brussels-South Charleroi Airport. Indeed, it is possible to get there by train on a short trip of fifteen minutes on average.

In this modest-looking city hides the Strépy-Thieu Boat Lift. With a height difference of 73.15 meters, it is one of the largest boat lifts in the world! Many hotels and restaurants form an integral part of the city—a small corner to absolutely visit if you want to rest while doing some activities.

Where to park at Brussels-South Charleroi Airport?

To park your car without a hitch, several options are available to you. For example, Ace Parking is only three kilometers from the airport. You will need to budget 20 euros per day or 50 euros per week. A few airlines offer cheaper fares but are usually away from the airport.

Nevertheless, this is not a problem if you have planned to sleep near Brussels-South Charleroi Airport for several days.

On the other hand, you have two types of parking to choose from when it comes to the airport parking lot. Indeed, depending on your case, you can choose between the standard P4 option or the Premium+ luxury option.

The prices for a week are €44 or €137 respectively. The major difference with the Premium option is that the parking is covered and very well secured.

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