The 6 Wonderful Tourist Places in Gaibandha

Wonderful Tourist Places in Gaibandha

The 6 Wonderful Tourist Places in Gaibandha

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1.Jamalpur Shahi Masjid/জামালপুর শাহী মসজিদ

Jamalpur Shahi Masjid/জামালপুর শাহী মসজিদ A tourist attraction in Gaibandha

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Jamalpur Shahi Masjid is located in Bada Jamalpur village under Sadullahpur Upazila, 16 km west of Gaibandha district Sadar. 

Legend has it that about 600 years ago360 Auliyas from Iraq spread to different parts of the world to propagate Islam. The historic Shahi Masjid was built under Sufi Hazrat Shah Jamal (R)

The Union Parishad and mosque named Gaibandha after him after he came to the city. On the north side of the mosque is the shrine of Hazrat Shah Jamal.

Jamalpur Shahi Masjid was buried in the ground for a long time. Later, in 1960 Haqqani Qutubuddin, the deputy administrator of Gaibandha tried to search the mosque but failed. 

Banyan trees on the mosque site collapsed in a sudden storm, making the mosque visible to the locals. That is why many people refer to it as the Gayabi Mosque. There is a giant Dighi in front of the mosque, and there is much folklore surrounding the Dighi.

The lower wall of Jamalpur Shahi Masjid is 72 inches thick, and the upper wall is 56 inches thick. There was an opportunity to offer prayers in only 2 queues inside the mosque, so the mosque was expanded and renovated, keeping in place the main infrastructure. 

At present, about 500-700 Muslims can pray together at this two-storeyed Shahi Mosque.

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2.SKS Inn Resort/এস কে এস ইন রিসোর্ট

SKS Inn Resort/এস কে এস ইন রিসোর্ট - A charming eco-friendly resort in Gaibandha.

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SKS Inn is a modern resort located in Radhakrishnapur in the Gaibandha district. Just 4 km from the city, this SKS Inn Rest House and Restaurant on College Road symbolize the tastes of the people of the northern townships. 

Built on about 10 acres of green environment, the SKS Inn has various trees, artificial fountains, gyms, game zones, open platforms, kids zones, swimming pools, restaurants, seminar rooms, spectacular ponds, and cottages.

On the right side of the entrance to the SKS Inn ResortOpens in a new tab. has a restaurant called Jaldhara and an artificial waterfall. 

If you cross the restaurant and waterfall and move forward, you will see the famous place of Gaibandha on the banks of the pond, the resort of flowers and fruits.

In the pond in front of each cottage are fish and duck-shaped boats. Guests can board these boats with the permission of the authorities.


The deluxe couple room fare of SKS Inn resort is Rs 4500, a deluxe twin room and the deluxe cottage is Tk. 5000, water cottage fare is Rs. 5500, and family suite fare is Rs. 6000.

The fare will be Rs 3500 to organize a seminar with a capacity of 35. And the standard AC conference room fare for 70 people is Rs 7000 for a day. 

In addition, the fare for the 200 capacity banquet hall is Rs 15,000 for a day.

Each room has fancy and delicious furniture, mini-fridges, room heaters, TVs, cold and hot water. The entry price for children and adults in SKS in the resort is Rs 30 and Rs 50, respectively.


  • College Road, Radhakrishnapur, Gaibandha – 5700
  • Phone: +88-0541-51399
  • Mobile: +88-01853-332974, +88-01856-450253
  • Email:
  • Website:

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3.Friendship Center/ফ্রেন্ডশিপ সেন্টার

Friendship Center/ফ্রেন্ডশিপ সেন্টার In 2002, a friendship center started to improve the quality of life of marginalized and disadvantaged communities

The Friendship Centre in Modonerpara village, Kanchipara Union, Phulchhari Upazila, just 5 km from Gaibandha district city, is primarily the office of a private development company. 

In 2002, a friendship center started to improve the quality of life of marginalized and disadvantaged communities. The friendship center built by them makes the disadvantaged population self-reliant through various training.

Located completely underground, the Friendship Centre has already been awarded various awards at home and abroad for its aesthetic construction style. 

Kashef Mahbub Chowdhury is the architect of this Mahasthangarh-inspired building. 

On the ground floor is the roof position of the building, and on the roof is adorned with eye-catching green grass.

Built on November 18, 2012, the exceptional installation, which is built on the Gaibandha-Balasi road, includes training centers, sports, libraries, and lodging facilities in addition to completing various official works. 

The Friendship Center, which covers about 8 bighas of land, also has internet facilities, electricity, poison-free vegetable cultivation, and medicinal plant gardens.

Friendship Centres are not open to the public. But you can enter the friendship center if you get permission in advance.

The rooms at the friendship center covered with green grass are naturally quite cold. And there is a state-of-the-art ventilation system for proper access to natural light in the rooms. 

This magnificent structure is rented for organizing various meetings.

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4.Dreamland Educational Park/ড্রিমল্যান্ড এডুকেশনাল পার্ক

Dreamland Educational Park/ড্রিমল্যান্ড এডুকেশনাল পার্ক

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Dreamland Educational Park has been set up at Harinmari village in Palashbari Upazila of Gaibandha district. 

In 1995, eminent businessman Rashidunnabi Chand built one of the entertainment centers in Gaibandha district city on about 17 acres of land. 

The Dreamland Educational Park, full of natural beauty, has domestic and foreign trees, flower gardens, sculptures, and various structures.

Our entrance to Dreamland Park was lined on both sides with native and foreign flowers trees. 

Benches and sheds have been constructed at a specified distance to facilitate visitors to sit and rest. In the middle of Dreamland Educational Park is a beautiful pond surrounded by vegetation. 

And in the middle of the tree are sculptures of 255 world-renowned scientists and dignitaries. There are also huge maps of Bangladesh, maps of the Palashi battlefield, animal sculptures, and various sports facilities.

Entry Price: A ticket of Rs 10 has to be paid to enter Dreamland Educational Park.


  • Rangpur Bogra Road, Nabi Nagar, Palashbari, Gaibandha
  • Mobile: 01712-877198

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5.Balasi Ghat/বালাসী ঘাট

Beautiful Balasi Ghat/বালাসী ঘাট in gaibandha

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Balasi Ghat is a naval port and sightseeing on the banks of the river Jamuna in Phulchori Upazila of Gaibandha district. The distance from Gaibandha city to Balasi Ghat is about 10 km. 

The river is filled with water in the rainy season, but the sand char floats here in winter. At present, due to the excellent natural environment of Balasi Ghat, almost every day, the travel-thirsty people are being covered in walking. 

The raging waves, clear air, and scenic nature of the river make the minds of visitors cheerful. In addition, a spectacular view of the sunset on the river bank can be enjoyed by riding horses, boat trips, or railway ferries at Balasi Ghat.

And the most surprising fact is that the only railway ferry in Bangladesh used to ply through this Balasi Ghat once upon a time. A whole train crossed the river on one of the world’s most rail ferries! 

In 1938, a rail ferry service was launched at Teestamukh Ghat in Phulchori Upazila of Gaibandha district to increase northern rail connectivity with the capital Dhaka. 

The then English knew Gaibandha district as Phulchori Ghat. After 1990, the ferry service was shifted from Teestamukh Ghat to Balasi in Kanchipara in Phulchhari Upazila as the navigability of the Jamuna river was low. 

And from then on, the ghat became known as Balasi Ghat. 3 small coaches or wagons are caught on 13 lines of railway ferry.

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6.Gaibandha Municipal Park/Gaibandha Pouro Park/গাইবান্ধা পৌর পার্ক

Gaibandha Municipal Park/Gaibandha Pouro Park/গাইবান্ধা পৌর পার্ক

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Gaibandha Pouro Park is an open space known as the social entertainment center under the control of Gaibandha Municipality. 

Considering the entertainment of the people living in Gaibandha district city, Gaibandha municipal park (Gaibandha Pouro Park) started its journey on 1-acre 7 shotok land donated by zamindar Govind Lal Roy in 1927

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The park, which focuses on a pond, has various flowers, fruits, and forest trees. And in the middle of the pond are water fountains, and on one side are covered ghats. 

Sitting on the banks of this quiet, beautiful pond, one afternoon can be spent in peace, so as the evening progresses, the number of visitors also increases.

Open skies and purely natural environments with portraits of pond ghats, colorful fish, rows of benches, canteens, galleries, and various animals draw people of all ages to Gaibandha Municipal Park.


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