Airbnb Management Charlotte: All About Airbnb Property Management

Airbnb Management Charlotte: All About Airbnb Property Management

Looking for professional Airbnb management Charlotte? Okay then, relax, and let us help you! Our comprehensive platform will let you know highly sought-after property management companies in Charlotte that are operating on a national scale.

To be truth managing a rental property is a time-consuming and stressful endeavor, especially for those who have multiple properties in a place. That’s the point the property owners want to make in partnership with a professional Airbnb management service to get relaxed that their properties are in good hands.

But only hiring the right proper managers will get your listing to the top of the algorithm and also lead to a higher average occupancy rate in your Airbnb. 

Sounds confusing? Because we want you to succeed, we’ll offer tips for choosing the right one for your business. Get in touch with us till the end.  

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Airbnb Management Charlotte

Is Charlotte A Good City For Airbnb?

Is Charlotte A Good City For Airbnb

Yes, definitely! Airbnb is definitely profitable in Charlotte, NC. As a fast-growing city and due to the abundance of hot real estate markets, short or long-term rental will be a good source here for passive income. 

To cut the story short, if you look through the past returns from the investor, we can see that Airbnb in Charlotte will be a great investment for you. 

According to the reports from AirbticsOpens in a new tab., an Airbnb host can make up to $34,835, on average with an occupancy rate of 76% from a only 1-bedroom property in Charlotte.   

This growth in interest is mainly aided by travelers who want to experience a home-like environment during their journey in this Queen City of the United States. 

By heading over the Airbnb, the tourists find the easiest way to experience Charlotte living in actual form. Other aspects include good communications, hospitality, finance, and media. All those are enough to attract both investors and renters here that will easily level up the profitability. 

Why Use An Airbnb Management Company Or A Property Management Company In Charlotte?

Why Use An Airbnb Management Company Or A Property Management Company In Charlotte

Well!! When you are thinking about the best use of your short-term rental through professional handling, Airbnb management comes in the first row. In terms of this, there are so many Airbnb management companies worldwide that specialize in different services. But overall, the basic services or their motto lies in managing the property and allows the owners to earn handsome revenue from their Airbnb or vacation rental property.

If you are thinking, why do you actually need to hire a property management service in Charlotte, there are endless benefits to know.  It won’t only just keep your calendar full of bookings but also keep your property properly maintained, serviced, and inspected.

Wait! Here we have some essential pointers to clear you the essentialities of an Airbnb management company:

  • As an Airbnb property owner, you must ensure flawless communication with the renters to ensure top-notch services to them. In this instance, an effective Airbnb company will provide 24/7/365 support and let you access timely updates on the status of bookings and payments. All those factors will give a positive impact on the number of bookings you get.
  • A good property management company will highly focus on the service rather than charges and pricing. With the minimum charges, you will receive quality services that will give you a positive return on your investment as well.
  • Through an Airbnb management company, you will be fully clear on how much money you’re expecting from your property every month. You will set your wish list and let the company know. The company will offer you various listings of rentals, suited to your requirement. In such a way, you can easily reach your set goal of making money in your free space.
  • Airbnb will apply tried-and-tested marketing strategies and policies that will attract the best customer for your rental. They know how your listing will stand out among the competitors. The only aim of their policies is to make the owners happy by getting positive reviews on renting.
  • A perfect Airbnb management company will not only handle the basic maintenance tasks but also offer great advice and guidance to set a well-effective business goal.

Top 8 Airbnb Management Companies in Charlotte, NC You Should Choose From

There are many Airbnb property management companies in Charlotte, North Carolina that offer ideal outcomes by providing top services. Below is the list of the 10 top-class property management companies in Charlotte, specializing in Airbnb: 

Airbnb Management Company CharlotteCustomer Rating 
Broad Connection Property Management5/5
Byers & Company, LLC5/5
Legacy Rose Management4.7/5
Alpha Maintenance and Property Management5.0/5.0
MyTripify, LLC5.0/5.0
Black Bear Rentals 4.4/ 5.0
Rabbu4.4/ 5.0
Evolve 4.1/ 5.0

1# Broad Connection Property Management

Location 939 Wicawa Rd, Fort Mill, SC 29708, United States
TypeReal Estate
Company Size 3 employees
Specialization  Short-term rental management services
Working hoursOpen 24 hours 
Contact Number  980-288-4777

What Services Does Broad Connection Property Management Offer?

Broad Connection Property Management company offers a wide array of services to property owners, including:

  • Airbnb property management service
  • Property inspections
  • Property management
  • Rental property management
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Holiday property management
  • Airbnb management
  • Cleaning
  • Guest Support
  • Property Assessment
  • Property Management
  • Repairs
  • STR management
  • Short term rental management 


Board connection management is one of the top-rated Airbnb-hosted companies that is successfully providing its valuable short-term rental services throughout the Charlotte, NC area. This property management company aims to work with the property owners in order to assist in growing their rental income by renting their free space. 

You just need to hand over the free space of your property and sit back. They have all the strategies to apply that guarantee you the maximum occupancy rates.  Even while in service, they will take care of everything for your short-term rental, starting from listing & cleaning, laundry, and maintenance. 

So without wasting more, contact them today and make the most of your investment without worrying about the workload from hosting.

2# Byers & Company, LLC

Location 10130 Perimeter Pkwy #200, Charlotte, NC 28216, United States
Specialization Corporate and short term rental company 
Working Hours Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm 
Contact Number 800-873-9525

What Services Does Byers & Company, LLC Offer?

Byers & Company, LLC is always ready to ensure the best services and benefit than others. Here is a glimpse of their provided services:

  • Property inspections
  • Property management
  • Rental property management
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Tenant management
  • Holiday property management
  • Airbnb
  • Collecting Services
  • Corporate Rentals
  • Emergency Maintenance
  • Housing Rentals
  • Rent Collecting
  • Renters Insurance
  • Short Term Rentals
  • Tenant Screening
  • Vacation Rentals


Byers & Company, LLC is an Airbnb management company based in Charlotte, NC that is providing superior service to such properties and homeowners who just want to sit back and ensure all the hard work with the best taken care of. 

The company is basically designed in managing short-term rentals on Airbnb and beyond that many more sites. Since 2021, it has been ensuring the best services, suited to all classes of people including nurses, business travelers, government agencies, leisure travelers, military personnel, insurance housing, and so on for years. 

Whatever your requirements will be, they promise to uphold a scalable property management system that will meet your needs. 

Most of their properties are nearer to restaurants, healthcare, shopping, entertainment, recreational, beaches, and so on. That means you will be on the full track of your project which leads you to come here. 

Even in any case, you will be stuck choosing quality short-term accommodations, and find the most cooperative team members beside you in planning your next housing requirement. 

Now certainly you are thinking about pricing. Well!! As like their serving. Their pricing is also straightforward for homeowners. You will just need to pay one comprehensive fee for all of its services. But you won’t be locked to your contract, meaning there will be a full chance to cancel your agreement at any time with short previous notice.

3# Legacy Rose Management

Location P.O. Box 681263, Charlotte, NC 28216
Specialization Short-term rental management company 
Working Hours Tuesday- Thursday: 9:30am–4pmSunday: 11am–3pm
Contact Number980-289-6644

What Services Does Legacy Rose Management Offer?

Legacy Rose Management offers a variety of services to homeowners who wish to work with them. That includes:

  • Airbnb hosting and management
  • Furnished housing for business travelers and families in transition
  • Short-term rental housing and management
  • Corporate Housing
  • Corporate travel
  • Fully furnished housing
  • Short-term rental management


Legacy Rose Management is one of the top-rated Airbnb management companies that is specializing in managing short-term rentals throughout Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas. They are ensuring a diverse range of furnished corporate apartments that any sized group can easily accommodate. 

Their fully furnished temporary apartments include a versatile living area, and kitchen along with all added amenities like Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, tasteful furniture, and so on. You may even get fitness centers, swimming pools, and lounges at some of the locations.

If you are an investor, we bet it’ll be a great work experience for you with them. Over the two decades of work experience, they will help to the best use of money through their organized strategic planning, cost reduction, and clear communication skills. 

According to the words from the CEO of the company, they have all the well-skilled employees, enough to understand the ends and outs of your requirements as an owner or renter from all sides.

4# Alpha Maintenance and Property Management

Location  2820 Shenandoah Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205, United States
SpecializationShort-term and vacation rental management
Working Hours Open 24 hours 
Contact Number (704) 726-3405

What Services Does Alpha Maintenance and Property Management Offer?

As a one-stop firm that is specializing in short-term and vacation rentals, the company covers all aspects below:

  • Property maintenance
  • Rental property management
  • Holiday property management
  • Cleaning, furnishing, & maintenance
  • Short Term Rental


If you wish to maximize your profits with professional Property Management Services, our suggestion would be to take Alpha Maintenance and Property Management to your top priority list. The company is really dedicated to ensuring that your property is rented, well maintained, and most importantly your tenants are always happy. 

Their services include all, starting from marketing your property to figuring out the right tenant there. Also, you will be informed of all of these factors from time to time through their fast online communication services. 

Even the employees are fully open to discussing all the options with you thus there will be no chance of degrading any of your needs. 

So, let’s not delay, talk with them today and just see how professional management can improve your investment to the next level.

5# MyTripify, LLC

Location 1733 Maple Oak Dr, Charlotte, NC, 28270, United States
SpecializationCharlotte’s top property management company
Working Hours Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm 
Contact Number (704) 286-6994

What Services Does MyTripify Offer?

From the most versatile service listing, provided by the MyTripify, here is a glimpse of them:

  • Short-term Property Management
  • Rental property management
  • Holiday property management
  • Long Term Rentals
  • Short Term Rentals
  • Cleaning And Disinfectant


MyTripify is the leading vacation rental property management company in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in Airbnb. Since its opening, they are working proudly throughout the city not only in just collecting rent but also to ensure long-term care. 

Even the company helps the investors as well to prepare their rentals for guests. Their management includes services to list your rental and make good marketing to the potential guests. 

As the company is hosted by Airbnb and many more such premier hosts, they can easily attract more and more bookings. Thus that’s no doubt to make the most of your investment.  They will have many more STR projections for your property to figure out how much you can earn.  

If it’s about property management, it takes care of all aspects of managing your rentals that includes cleaning, inspections, maintenance, damage and claim filing, and so on. Even they work with local vendors to clean your properties to ensure compliance with industry standards. 

Besides all these, the company handles online reservations, all check-ins and check-outs, and many more advanced services at the market’s lowest pricing algorithms.

6# Rabbu

Location 2226 Hawkins St, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28203, United States 
Company Size25 Employees 
SpecializationFull-service short-term rental
Contact Number (704) 915-9928

What Services Does Rabbu Offer?

Before heading over the reviews of Rabbu, here is a short list of the services that the company offers its customers:

  • Find, analyze, and acquire short-term rentals
  • Maintenance and inspections
  • Maximizes your return by creating short, medium, and long-term listings
  • Rental property management
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Short Term Rental
  • Rental property management


Rabbu is the most well-known full-service short-term rental property management company that specializes in residential real estate in greater Charlotte and Miami in the United States. 

As an investor, property manager, or owner, the company will be enough to take all of your responsibility. They offer numerous services that will certainly meet any of your needs. 

The company has good feedback to treat the owner’s property as if it’s their own. They will manage all the daily operations relative to your property including cleaning, maintenance, sending the tenants messages, collecting payments, deposits, taxes, and so on.

The company can grant and revoke entry to tenants, turn off smart devices when there is no renter on your property, and monitor 24/7 by using virtual check-ins with ID and facial recognition. 

You can even monitor your property as well by their featured application. With the app, you will get access to your monthly financial statements and performance analytics of your property.

7# Black Bear Rentals

Location 1070 Tunnel Rd. Building 2Unit 30 Asheville, NC 28805
SpecializationFull-service short-term rental & long-term rentals property management 
Working Hours Monday-Friday: 8.30am-5pm 
Contact Number   828-712-3075

What Services Does Black Bear Rentals Offer?

Black Bear Rentals specializes in Charlotte Airbnb property management to provide luxurious homes and booking in competitive low-pricing models. Their services include:

  • Managing Listings
  • 24/7 Guest Service
  • Inventory & Home Inspection
  • Home Decoration & Staging
  • Maintenance Services
  • Seamless Check-Ins & check-outs 
  • Professional Cleaning Service
  • Dynamic Pricing 
  • Property valuation
  • Property sales
  • Short-term rental property management
  • Tenant management
  • Finance And Accounting
  • Holiday property management


Black Bear Rentals is the most well-known Airbnb management company based in North Carolina that provides short-term and long-term rental services in Asheville, Black Mountain, Candler, Weaverville, and the surrounding areas including Charlotte. As a full services property rental manager, provides most services that exactly a rental business requires.

They manage both short-term and long-term services including Airbnb and many more caretaking services throughout North Carolina. The services of the company range from finding a suitable tenant to full property management, routine maintenance, emergency callouts, garbage disposal, rent collection, and so on. 

In short, they will cover all to keep tenants in your property and also ensure that your property is well maintained with the maximization of your investment potential. They will ensure the latest online services to let you inform from time to time about your monthly statements and any issues with your property management. 

8# Evolve Real Estate and Property Management

Location 100 Fillmore St #500, Denver, CO 80206, United States
SpecializationShort-term and long-term vacation rentals.
Working Hours Monday-Thursday: 9am-5pm
Contact Number 877-818-1014

What Services Evolve Does Offer?

Evolve is always in the first row in distinguishing itself from competitors by ensuring a diverse range of services throughout the United States: Here is a glimpse of their provided services:

  • Advertise your rental on popular websites like Airbnb
  • Low management fees 
  • Safe, clean, guest-ready services
  • Fast-inquiry response. 
  • Financial Reporting
  • Emergency maintenance 
  • Rent collection
  • Rental cleaning
  • Tenant management
  • Inspect & repairs
  • Free rental analysis 


Evolve is one of the largest national property management companies in the United States, founded by Brian Egan and Adam Sherry in 2011. Though its headquarters are located in Woodburn, Oregon, the services are spread all over the United States including Charlotte, NC. At the moment, the company manages over 24,000 properties and more than 48 vacation rentals around Charlotte. 

In Charlotte, you will find luxurious apartments, driveways, garages, and dedicated parking spaces to make it easier for your arrival and departure from your vacation.

If it is about the charges, the company offers comparatively less fees than the other Airbnb Management Companies. They charge only a 10% management fee of your Airbnb revenue which is far lower than the other company by 20-50%. 

In case you are an investor, you will have full support in marketing your property, fulfilling your booking calendar, and offering the best services to the guest to ensure the booking. So think once, isn’t it the right one for your property? 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get An Airbnb in Charlotte, NC?

Before being a host, it is a must to know about Airbnb’s age restrictions for you. According to the recommendation from the officials, you must be at least 18 to run an Airbnb business or book a reservation on Airbnb in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

As one of the largest online markets for short-term and long-term rentals. Airbnb poses a few age restrictions for new investors or hosts. That includes:

  • If you’re under the age of 18, you’ll never be allowed to create an Airbnb account or book a rental for yourself.
  • If your age is between the ages of 18 and 24, you can only create a personal Airbnb account but are most probably not allowed to rent the entire home for you. But this restriction can be minimized if you are living here locally and the company can gather at least 3 positive reviews of you with 0 negative reviews.
  • As you’ve learned above, renters under the age of 18 will not be allowed to create an Airbnb account. But still, they can stay in an Airbnb as part of a group as long as you are registered as a guest there. Also, the booking should be made by someone over the age of 18.
  • In case you are under 18 but have a family with children, no rules will prevent you from being part of this company. But you must register your children here as a guest. Secondly, if your child is less than 2 years old, no guest fee will be applicable for him or her.
  • Lastly, Airbnb doesn’t have any upper age limit to be a part of their company. That means any guest over the age of 25 years or older than that won’t come under any age restrictions from Airbnb.

 How Do I Choose The Right Airbnb Management Company?

If you’re wondering about what Airbnb management company will be the right fit for your property, here we have a few factors that you take into your count:

How Do I Choose The Right Airbnb Management Company

1. Compare services & price

The first aspect that you need to look out for is pricing. When you compare the costing and charges for a few management companies, you can easily narrow down your listing. 

Always look for a company that will ensure a comprehensive range of services at an affordable budget. Most importantly all the services should meet your needs and only then it will be worth your money.

2. Read Out The Reviews & Feedback

Before finalizing the deals, you can read out the reviews and feedback of previous clients. By doing so, you will get valuable information and the overall quality of the management team. Here reviews will be an essential way to evaluate your next Airbnb management company.

3. Ask for Referrals 

When it comes to finding a reliable property management company, recommendations from other users can be an effective way. Look for other property owners nearer you in Charlotte who have already hosted or invested in an Airbnb management company. It will give you a better idea of narrowing down your listing.

4. Provided Services 

Always look for an Airbnb management company that will provide more services and benefits than the others. It allows you to demonstrate genuine information about the company and understand the company’s success.

How to Start An Airbnb In Charlotte?

How to Start An Airbnb In Charlotte

If you are planning to run an Airbnb business in Charlotte, no doubt it’ll be a lucrative venture for you. But becoming a vacation rental host won’t be so easy as long as you don’t know the proper methods to apply. 

But don’t worry! Here we have a comprehensive guide for you on how to start an Airbnb business and maximize your revenue.

Step #1: Kickstart By Furnishing Your Property

First up, you will need to prepare and furnish your free space. Take note that only a well-furnished Airbnb creates a positive guest experience with all good reviews that increase the booking listing.

Make sure your free space or apartment is decorated with modern appliances and gadgets. Take all locally inspired furniture and decor in the room that will attract the guests. You can even keep a house manual or welcome book for the guest for a better understanding of your renting.

Step #2: Figure Out What Your Potential Tenants Really Want

It’s a crucial step to learn the demand of your target guest. Find out what your target audience is looking for and whether you can supply it. In this instance, check out the locations and locals where you are renting out. It will help you to determine your typical customer.

Step #3: Build An Airbnb Team

Now that you’ve found your space and well-furnished it, it’s time to set your Airbnb team to properly approach potential clients.  You will need to create a solid team that will manage your property, starting from housekeeping to landscaping and maintenance. These team members would be:

  • Housekeepers
  • Repairman
  • Plumber
  • Electrician 
  • Landscapers
  • Co-hosts
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Interior Designer
  • Handyman
  • Property Manager

Step #4: Set Your Pricing Strategy

What prices and charges you set will completely depend on you. But consider what others in your area charge and what amenities you are ensuring your guest. Remember that always high pricing won’t lead to the best return. In case you set the price affordable with the best service compared to the competitors, there will be no chance of losing the potential bookings.

Do You Need A Permit To Airbnb In Charlotte NC?

Yes! If you want to carry out business as an Airbnb host, you’ll need to form a legal entity in Charlotte, NC. Besides securing appropriate permits, you may need a business license as well before you list your property or accept clients.

Basically, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department maintains a policy for registering rental property that will be applicable for both long-term and short-term rentals. In this instance, it is a must for the owners to register their property.  

Thus, before you list your property, we recommend you head over to a business attorney to set up your complete Airbnb business for success. They will better suggest to you how you will get the legal documents, certifications, and insurance for your business to operate your business legally as well as protect your personal assets. 

How Much Capital Do You Need To Start Airbnb?

In general, the average cost to start an Airbnb in Charlotte or anywhere in North Carolina is between 6,000. Here the minimum startup cost for an Airbnb business is $3,000 whereas the maximum cost has no boundaries. It may go up to $30,000-&40,000.

Before heading to invest in an Airbnb, it’s crucial to have a clear knowledge of how much money this business will cost you. As you have seen above, it will sit in between $3000-$4000 on average. 

There are several factors that determine the total cost. Like:

Factor Price Range 
Rent & security deposit$500 to $2000
Insurance $500 and up
Furniture Cost $2,000 – $3,000
Utilities & Subscription  $40 – $70
Soft Goods $50 and up
Replenishable Goods $20-$40
Services $100 and up

Is There Any Tax on Airbnb in Charlotte?

Yes! Short-term rentals in Charlotte, North Carolina are subject to tax. This tax will apply to the rental that is less than 90 days and is levied at a rate of between 6.75-7.5% of the rental charge. As a host of Airbnb, you have to include this tax in the rental charge that you are collecting from the guest. Then you will need to remit it to the Charlotte Department of Finance.

How Much Money Can I Make On Airbnb in Charlotte?

Airbnb is such a lucrative business to run in Charlotte, Carolina. According to the research compared to other locations, as an Airbnb Host, you can make about $2,770 /month on the national average. If you’re calculating it as hourly pay, it would be $15.98 an hour. But this earning may increase or decrease by skill level, location, and years of experience.

How Profitable Is Airbnb In Charlotte?

Though Charlotte is not the most prominent visiting spot in North Carolina, it is an appealing place for real estate investing. Airbnb business is in high demand here as a secondary source of income or a full-time career.

Go through the below stat to get to know about the Airbnb market in Charlotte compared to the overall North Carolina. 

StatsCharlotte North Carolina 
Median Property Price$562,498$540,852
Average Price per Square Foot$323$287
Days on Market9193
Monthly Airbnb Rental Income $2,497$2,896
Airbnb Cash on Cash Return1.81%3.44%
Airbnb Cap Rate1.85%3.53%
Airbnb Daily Rate $140 $160
Airbnb Occupancy Rate52%54%
Walk Score3645

5 Profitable Places Lucrative for Airbnb In Charlotte

If you wish to start an Airbnb business in Charlotte, North Carolina, here is a list of a few places nearby the city that are worth considering for an investment opportunity.


Median property price$249,500
Airbnb Annual revenue$51,403
Gross rental yield20.60%
Total Number of Airbnb Listings26
Average Price per Square Foot $265


Median property price$345,000
Airbnb Annual revenue$42,756
Gross rental yield17%
Total Number of Airbnb Listings38
Average Price per Square Foot $157


Median property price$274,900
Airbnb Annual revenue$55,665
Gross rental yield20.25%
Total Number of Airbnb Listings34
Average Price per Square Foot$418


Median property price$300,000
Airbnb Annual revenue$46,328
Gross rental yield15.44%
Total Number of Airbnb Listings 72
Average Price per Square Foot $450


Median property price$400,000
Airbnb Annual revenue$59,676
Gross rental yield15%
Total Number of Airbnb Listings 33
Average Price per Square Foot $851


Yes, definitely! Airbnb management is completely legal in Charlotte. To prevent any further risk, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department recommends registering your property first before heading over to run an Airbnb in this city. 

How Much Should I Pay Someone To Host My Airbnb in Charlotte?

In general, the fees of a host to manage my Airbnb can range from 10-20% of the total rental rate. At times, this fee can range from 20% to 35% of monthly revenue depending on the type of property. But this will cover the cost of all services like cleaning, maintenance, guest check-in, and property marketing.

How do I run a successful Airbnb?

Your Airbnb business can be a successor in the competitive market if you are ensuring the best services at an affordable price. for better understanding, place yourself as a guest and find out what their queries will be. This will increase the chance of booking your Airbnb over someone else. 

Do I really need an Airbnb property manager?

Yes, you can hire someone to manage your property if you’re busy enough to do so. They will better help you to simplify all the daily operations of your Airbnb and ensure you a successful rental experience. 

Our Final Verdict On Airbnb Management Charlotte!

Well! That’s all here for you about Airbnb management Charlotte. Here we’ve unlocked all the pieces of information on Airbnb management services for property owners across Charlotte, highlighting the benefits of short-term leasing without any hassle! 

All our suggested management companies will be enough to deliver the best possible service to both homeowners and Airbnb guests in this city. So, what are you waiting for?

It’s the right time to manage your Charlotte property without having to devote large amounts of time and be witnessed to maximize the return on your investment in your own eyes!! 

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