The 7 Best Ferias In Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The 7 Best Ferias in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Want to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the popular festivals of the South-West? Here are the best fairs to do in Nouvelle-Aquitaine!

Originally, a feria is a traditional bullfighting festival from Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the South of France. Depending on the country and region, events during the holidays may vary. In the case of the ferias of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, bull releases in the streets and landes cow races in the arenas come to animate the summer.

In the South-West of France, the annual ferias are unmissable events and a good opportunity to party. These local festivals are an integral part of Basque and Landes culture. Bars, called bodegas, take place on every corner. We sing and dance to the rhythm of the music played by the bandas (brass bands). And above all, we have fun in an atmosphere that is always very festive and friendly until the end of the night.

Are you planning to head to the South-West for your next holiday? Summer and winter, the region has memorable parties in store for you. So, bring your red or blue scarf, and find our selection of the best ferias to do in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

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1. Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse

The summer ferias in Nouvelle-Aquitaine are the most popular and the most frequented. They are held between the beginning of July and the end of August in several cities in the region. Some festayres (people participating in the ferias) would not miss these summer appointments for anything in the world!

French summer festivals usually begin around mid-July, as in the commune of Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse, in the Landes. Moreover, the feria of Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse takes place in the pure tradition of the Landes festivals. Red and white are, therefore, in the spotlight! These are four days of festivities punctuated by animations, banda concerts, and parades that await you. The most greedy take pleasure in tasting the special menus of the local restaurants or participating in the great picnic of the city. The party in the street continues until very late at night or even until the early morning for the most motivated.

Traveling with children? A day is entirely dedicated to them so that they can learn about the feria in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and its traditions while having fun!

2. Mont-de-Marsan (Fêtes de la Madeleine)

In the third week of July, the festivities continue in Nouvelle-Aquitaine in Mont-de-Marsan. The ferias of Mont-de-Marsan are also called Fêtes de la Madeleine since it celebrates Mary Magdalene, the patron saint of the city. The handing over of the keys of the city to the youth by the mayor on the steps of the town hall marks the beginning of the festivities.

For five days, hundreds of thousands of people dressed in white and blue swept through the streets of the city. The ferias of southwestern France are usually associated with the color red, as in Spain, but in Mont-de-Marsan, it is the colors of the city that predominate.

On the program of these festive days? Concerts, exhibitions, parades, bullfighting and folk shows, entertainment (petanque, races, balls …) and meals to share! With fun activities for young and old, the Fêtes de la Madeleine has the reputation of being family-friendly.

3. Bayonne

How to evoke the ferias in Nouvelle-Aquitaine without referring to the unmissable Bayonne Festivals? If Dax honors its reputation, Bayonne is simply the largest feria in France. Nearly a million and a half people dress in white and red each year to participate in the Bayonne Festival. The means of transport are then multiplied at this time to facilitate the movement of the participants.

Every year, at the end of July, King Leon, the mascot, receives the keys of the city in front of an audience singing the Pena baïona. This heralds the opening of the holidays. Five days of madness followed, during which the bayonne streets and the banks of the Nive came alive night and day.

Pelota, cow races, bandas, dancing balls… The Basque-Gascon tradition is represented in all its forms. Thanks to the many activities, for all, the funfair, the brass bands and the fireworks, the atmosphere is at its peak. Discover the magic of ferias in the capital of the French Basque Country!

4. Subtract

At the beginning of August, it is the turn of the Landes town of Soustons to organize its festivals. In Soustons, as in Mont-de-Marsan, the outfit is white with a blue scarf.

Smaller but just as friendly, the Soustons fair has nothing to envy to those of its neighbors. There is, among other things, a public ball, the famous banda fanfares, bodegas and street stalls where to order food and drink. The festivities open with the annual sale of the city’s merchants and craftsmen and end in the arena. The local festivals of Soustons have many surprises in store for you!

5. Dax

The feria of Dax, in the Landes, is certainly the liveliest in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. It must be said that it is one of the most famous ferias of the Hexagon. These patronal festivals are usually held around August 15. In Dax, we keep our white clothes but we swap our blue scarf for a red one.

During these five intense days, the spa town becomes the scene of musical events (parades of bandas, concerts …), sports and folkloric. But the watchword of the Dax fair is probably the party! Up to 800,000 participants wander around the city day and night for all the holidays.

Shuttles and campsites are set up to be able to welcome them in the best conditions. The locals mingle with the many visitors who come to enjoy the exceptional atmosphere of the Dax fair, open to the greatest number. If you like to party and are looking for the best ferias to do in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, do not miss this appointment!

6. Parentis-en-Born

Sen Bertomiu’s fair in Parentis-en-Born is no exception to the region’s traditional festivities. The multiple bandas and bodegas, the bullfighting shows and the flowery cavalcades punctuate these five days and five nights of festivities. All generations come together to have a good time, in red and white. Family, accessible and popular, the summer festival of Parentis-en-Born will seduce you in particular for its singularity. Live music is honored throughout the fair!

Are you wondering what ferias to do in Nouvelle-Aquitaine? Don’t miss the one in Parentis-en-Born, which takes place in August!

7. Winter ferias

Less known and more recent, the winter fairs have been organized since 2018 by an association wishing to extend the festivities in the region. These new gatherings take place in the major cities of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Similar to festivals, these great local festivals enliven these cities during the months of January, February and March.

For the occasion, bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the cities of La Rochelle, Limoges, Royan and Bordeaux open their doors to host the winter fairs. The dress code, white outfit and red scarf do not change. For three days, these emblematic cities of Nouvelle-Aquitaine vibrate to the rhythm of the songs of the winter festayres.

Animations, concerts, competitions and DJ Sets are on the program of these cultural events to please young and old. Did you know the summer ferias? Let yourself be tempted by the winter fairs and the conviviality of these new street festivals!

So, which feria of Nouvelle-Aquitaine would you like to participate in?

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