50 Best Foods To Try In Old Dhaka | Puran Dhaka Food Paradise, Bangladesh

50 Best Foods to Try in Old Dhaka | Puran Dhaka Food Paradise, Bangladesh

Are you on a quest for food paradise in Puran Dhaka, Bangladesh? Then, you, my buddy, need to know the best foods to try in Old Dhaka to experience the ultimate food regime.

From the gigantic Nallis’ and Neharis to the ever-iconic Bakarkhanis‘ or the public favorite Kacchi Biriyanis, the alleys of Old Dhaka are always brimming with royal flavors 24/7

Even if you show up at midnight, you’ll still see roads, streets, and eateries filled with people, with all those quirky lighting and old-era Urdhu songs buzzing around. It is because this Mughal emperor-inspired city of Old Dhaka never sleeps and is always bustling.

Well, no one’s denying that the best food can’t be found apart from Old Dhaka. 

But when you say where to get food where flavors coincide with love and tradition, undoubtedly, it’s the beating heart of Dhaka, Puran Dhaka. 

So yeah, your hunt for the food empire ends here as today we’ll help find the best of the best cuisines right here in Old Dhaka. Without further delay, let the party begin.

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1. Bakarkhani

৳5 (per piece)

📍Roadside seller near Bangshal, Wari

Bakarkhani, where the heart and soul of a typical Old Dhaka-style breakfast lies, is basically a crispy, flaky, crumbly bread mysteriously named after the two Mughal period biggies, Khani Begum & Aga Bakar. 

You can devour it as it is, but it tastes like a creamy luxury treat when you dip it in a piping hot tea (yes, not in coffee!) 

You’ll get wide varieties like Paneer Bakarkhani (Cheese stuffed), coconut stuffed Bakarkhani, or Mishti Bakarkhani (sweeter one), and almost in every other alley of Old Dhaka, you’ll find a street-side Bakarkhani seller.

2. Maatha


📍Roadside seller near Bangshal

Now, this is a drink made with the goodness of the quirky combination of lemon and yogurt (that, too, the sour one)! 

But the entire texture and taste of the drink is so creamy yet sweet with the perfect balance of sourness that you’ll feel like kingship in every sip. 

It’s often served with freshly made Chhana (mildly sweetened Cottage Cheese), but if you aren’t heading up early in the morning, you might miss out on this hidden gem as they get sold up fast!

3. Nihari At Peshwarain


📍Wari Ranking Street 16/2, Dhaka 1203

Topped with a generous amount of fried onions, chopped coriander, and garlic, it is the velvety red Nihari, where all you need is a dash of lemon sprinkling on top! 

Tear up the side hero, Garlic Butter Nan, dip it slowly in your Nihari, and the entire beauty goes in your mouth! Heavenly right!! 

And trust me, the melt-in-the-mouth Nallis‘ (bone marrows) add to the magic and elevate the whole taste a notch higher (watch out, you might need to bang the bones harder on your plates)! 

A lot of the restaurants offer Nehari, and each of them has its unique identity in terms of taste! 

It is actually one such delight that truly holds the spirit of Old Dhaka food, which is a must on the Friday breakfast table of Dhakaiya fellas because weekends without it are somewhat impossible for them. And that makes it shine proudly on our list at number 3.

4. Chicken Muri Makha


📍Roadside seller near Laxmibazar

No, I am not speaking about the typical Muri Bhortas we usually get! Put that generic crap down! Well, this has to be one of the must-tries in this city for the plenty of filling that goes in with the non-glamorous puffed rice. 

The secret spicy gravy they put in tastes a lot similar to the one we get in the delectable Chicken Roasts at weddings

With that, pieces of chicken, green chilies, tomatoes, onions, churmur, and many more ingredients add up to the party! And Tada, the final product, is what we call Chicken Muri Makha, an absolute delicacy for food lovers and something you shouldn’t miss on the food tour. 

5. Mutton Glassy At Al Razzak


📍29/1, North South Road, Bangshal, Dhaka 1100

Home to the best meat delicacies, Al Razzak is known to serve some incredible Mutton Glassy on the table. And it’s just so perfect and irresistible that it can even melt the heart of a devil!! 

This royal Mutton Glassy comes with a creamy, nutty, a bit sweet white gravy, a piece of mutton, and a boiled egg. I had it with piping hot steamed rice. If you’re up for a unique meaty meal, then it is the one you should give a try once!

6. Faluda At Beauty


📍30/1 Johnson Road, Dhaka 1100

It would be a total injustice to must-try Old Dhaka foods without covering the historical Beauty’s Faluda! 

Mixed with chopped bananas, pomegranate, raisins, nuts, Rabri (thickened cream and milk), sago, noodles, and ice cream, this is the soul-soothing delicacy you cannot miss out! It’s almost been about 100 years of this place. 

Still, the quality and quantity of their food are exactly the same, giving them a shining position in my list of best foods to try in Old Dhaka.

7. Kacchi Biriyani 

While you might have tried a lot of Biriyani from all over the world, you really haven’t had one if you still couldn’t make it to Old Dhaka’s Biryani. 

In Old Dhaka, there are a lot of amazing biriyani diners, I repeat, A LOT!! 

So, selecting a single Biriyani joint is like eliminating all but one star in the sky. 

Each of these diners has its unique quality; some offer it at a low price, some offer larger Potatoes to your Biriyani, some serve it with the grandeur of Basmati rice and eggs, while some offer it with darn big pieces of solid and well-marinated mutton. 

My favorite biriyani picks don’t necessarily mean that they’ll be the best; still, I’m packing some of my favorites under one roof for you foodies:-

1. Sultan’s Dine (৳300)

2. Kacchi Bhai(৳290)

3. Kacchi Bari(৳280)

4. Kolkata Kacchi Ghor(৳330)

5. Grand Nawab(৳250)

6. Shahi Pakwan: Online Based(৳290)

7. Haji Makkhon Biriyani(৳130)

8. Jhunoo Pulao(৳170)

8. Morog Pulao At Ibrahim Biriyani House


📍6 Aga Sadek Road 

People! You’re at Old Dhaka and you still haven’t tried out Morog Pulao (Chicken Pulao)? Then just drop everything and head to Ibrahim Biriyani House because their Morog Pulao is worth drooling for! 

Until you’ve tried their Pulao and Biriyani dishes that brim with a mouthwatering cornucopia of flavors, you haven’t actually had the best food of Old Dhaka

What I found extraordinary about their Pulao was their flavors were not too overpowering and not too indulged with the spiciness of gravy. Their rice and chicken had a subtle mild flavor, which did all the magic for me. And every time I show up there, their warm hospitality and quality service make me visit there again and again.

9. Paya At One Star


📍61/1 Kazi Alauddin Road, Bongobazar, Dhaka 1000

Okay, so you foodies gotta get this drilled in your head that Nehari and Paya are NOT the same thing! 

The gravy in Paya isn’t as heavy as Nehari, but the entire flavor, the mix of spices, chopped coriander, and ginger on top, makes it an absolute royal meal like Nehari.  

10. Beef Brain Fry At Bismillah Kebab


📍74/75 Kazi Alauddin Road Nazirabazar Chowrasta 

Want something creamy yet filled with the spices

Well, the perfectly fried beef brain itself is a treat to a foodie’s palate. 

And, when the chefs of Bismillah Kebab further cook it with the aromatic Kebab special spices, onions, ginger, and garlic paste, it turns into an absolute definition of foodgasm. So make sure you’re relishing this in Old Dhaka.

11. Beef Boti Kebab At Turkey Kebab And Sea Food


📍24/C Tipu Sultan Road Wari Dhaka 1203

You just can not leave Old Dhaka without giving a go to the wide range of Kebabs this city offers. I ordered Butter Naan with their flavorsome Beef Boti Kebabs, and trust me, every bite of it was popping with richness and elegance of palate. 

Their gravy-like meals, seafood kebabs, and Special Turkey Naan are also worth trying. 

And yes, since the streets of Wari always glow with a string of food stalls selling almost everything from Kebabs to a full-on Korean full-course menu, you won’t regret coming to this place!

12. Pezgi Rooti At Hot And Bread Live Bakery


📍25 Abul Hasnat Road Satrawja 

At this bakery, you not only get some mere baked goods, but you get freshly made, hot, and cloudy soft loaves of bread, which are rich in flavor and emphatically tastier than many other food chains in the town. 

I love devouring their live-baked bread and their special Pezgi Rooti primarily for the peculiarly awesome texture, the unique design of the bread, and the goodness of the stuffed dry fruits, tutti fruity, and large chunks of coconut.

13. Aflatoon At Bombay


📍142 Bangshal Road, Mokimbazar

Unlike any other ordinary sweets, Aflatoon in your very own Old Dhaka is exceptionally famous for its unbeatable taste. 

Consisting of mawa, clarified butter, eggs, semolina, dry fruits, and milk, Aflatoon is an amalgamation of wholesome flavors, delight, and richness. It tastes like a mildly sweet cake; sometimes it tastes like porridge; yes, it has a lot of variations of flavors all combined in one!

14. Agoon Paan At Allah’r Daan 


📍73 Kazi Alauddin Road, Nazirabazar Chowrasta Dhaka 1100

Feeling adventurous lately? Then hit this place right away! 

Combined with chocolate sauce, tutti fruity, pomegranate kernels, chopped coconut, and colorful sprinkles, this is the royal stuffing in Betel leaves (Paan) that is served with fire for real. Did the fire give you chills

Well, then, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about because they serve the Fire Paan very professionally and carefully, ensuring no foodie is at risk while savoring it. And the taste? It was sweet, a bit bitter, and had that edgy Paan flavor that was exceptionally refreshing. 

15. Agoon Phuchka


📍Roadside Seller, Jaan Bhai’s Cart, Nazirabazar

Now, this tangy, sweet, spicy little water bomb, our very own Phuchka, doesn’t need any introduction!

But did you know that Phuchka on your plate can even be served and eaten with fire? 

Yes, it is the place where you not only get mashed potatoes, spices, onion, tamarind pulp, and broken churmurs inside Phuchka but an entire fire lit inside, making this dish a unique and a true mouthful of heaven.

16. Chicken Tawa Achaar At Chanda Hotel 


📍35/36 Begum Bazar, Dhaka 1211

If there’s one dish you should try once in your life, it is the dish to be! 

It’s the dish you must hog on in Old Dhaka before you die because it’s a hands-down winner in terms of its combo of sweet, tangy, spicy, pickle-like flavors, presentation, perfectly cooked juicy chicken, and luxurious gravy consistency. 

I love relishing this beauty with their thinnest Roomali Roti, and to simply finish it off, I wash it down with their chilled Coconut Pudding.

17. Khaja


📍Roadside seller, near Shamsabaad Maath

Want something sweet and flaky that brims with a freshly baked aroma of clarified butter

Then you, my amigo, should try this roadside beauty because it’s not only a super dish to make you feel satiated but also tastes like something you never get to taste very often. 

It’s dipped in sugar syrup, yet it’s so crispy, finger-licking, and flaky at the same time that I can actually finish a dozen of it in just one go!

18. Chaapri Bhorta


📍Mehrab Catering, Aga Sadek Road 18/4 BaganGoli, Dhaka

Looking for perfect cheap eats that could just pacify those monstrous food cravings? Then this beauty is a must-visit! 

Chapri is basically a bread-like thing made with spices, chopped coriander, green chilies, and aromatic rice

It comes with FREE 4 types of bhortas, namely, Roshun (Garlic) Bhorta, two types of Shutki (Dried Fish) Bhorta, and Chingri(Shrimp) Bhorta and everything is within 10tk (Yes, that exists!) And I would just say, if you have it once, you’re surely going to revisit this place again for the sumptuous delight this dish offers! 

Their Chicken Tikiya (10tk) and Gila Koliji (50tk) are also in my recommendation because they make them so darn lip-smacking!

19. Mutton Bhuna Khichuri At Ghorowa


📍9/C Motijheel Dhaka

Now, this is something that definitely contributed to my double chin! 

The ridiculously excellent and unbeatable taste of the Bhuna Khichuri, the entire food presentation, the silky soft mutton, and the luxurious indulgence of the rice make it a perfect candidate for your Old Dhaka bucket list.

20. Murg Makkhanwala At Peshwarain


📍16/2 Ranking Street Wari

It’s not only the eye-popping decors and quotes in Peshwarain but the creamy and buttery Murg Makkhanwala that steals the hearts of many. It’s basically seasoned Chicken Kebabs, served with their secret butter gravy on top! 

The taste was more on the sweeter side, and it wasn’t something that you usually get on the local Chicken dishes! Their Malai Lassi, Special Gosht Nihari, and Naan are worth every penny. So don’t forget to hit the day with their cuisines.

Note: You might need to wait in long queues to get your meal here.

21. Chaa At Hirajheel


📍BCIC Sadan, 22 Toyenbee Road Dhaka 1000

Being a not-so-diehard admirer of tea, this was the place where I actually had no option but to fall in love with their special tea. 

I made it to this place with my flock of homies, and I didn’t find a single person who didn’t like Hirajheel’s tea. It was creamy; it was a bit pudding-like, and it had a rusky biscuit-like texture. Gosh, it had that every sparkle of flavor!! 

And since I was really curious about how they make it so different, I researched their recipe, and a few locals said that they add eggs and milk-dipped biscuits to their tea, though I am still unsure what exact secret ingredient makes it the best!

22. Corn Soup At Kichukhon 


📍34/1 KeshabBanerjee Road, Gandaria

And even the corn soup at Old Dhaka has got that royal flex! Garnished with extra chicken and white pepper powder, this is the soup to die for. 

It simply tasted amazing, probably because of the unbeatable thick consistency of the soup and the special green chili sirka sauce they serve.

23. Beef Jhal Fry At Nawabi Bhoj


📍50 Lalbagh East of Kila Parking

And the beef aroma from this beauty gave me a vibe as if it wasn’t an aroma but a beautiful winter morning fog arising aesthetically everywhere. 

The beef pieces were exceptionally large and soft, and each bite was infused with the authentic taste of the secret spices. And yes, remember to savor them with their famous Kashmiri Naan.

24. Creamy Dumpling Soup At Yuseong


📍3rd Floor Rose Valley Shopping Mall Ranking Street Wari

And just when you thought that Old Dhaka has nothing but traditional cuisines, then you’re highly mistaken as this little Korean restaurant indeed has some gems for the K-drama fanatics

With the subtle flavor of coconut cream, the bold flavors from the herbs, chili flakes, and of course the melt-in-mouth chicken dumplings themselves, all of it together made for a scrumptious Korean meal deal, and I’m sure these Old Dhaka style Korean flavors ain’t going to disappoint you!

25. Taki Machher Puri


📍14 Tipu Sultan Road Wari

If you prefer fish over meat, then you just gotta head to Khan Hotel! Filled with a generous amount of the toothsome stuffing of Taki Mach (Bengali fish), onions, and green chilies, these fried cute fatty monsters, aka Taki Puris, are surely going to leave a whimsical memory in every fold of your heart. So come, eat, and repeat!

26. Chicken Grill At Amania


📍Chawk Bazar Shahi Moshjid 43 Circular Road

Located at the beating heart of Old Dhaka, Chawkbazar is the place where delectable delights meet royalty. Not only did their Chicken Grills define perfection, but their secret dip was also the epitome of palate.

27. Kabooli Polau At Zaytoon Biriyani House


📍23 Nawabganj Road 

Made with 32 different spices, nuts, raisins, carrots, ghee, Afghani Chickpeas, and big fat Mutton pieces, it is the Old Dhaka cuisine that bagged a huge fan following within a very short time. 

I still couldn’t get the privilege of devouring it, but yes, a few of my homies had it, and most of them were literally crushing on it. Mostly, it’s the aroma and the little touch of sweetness that escalates the taste of this one-pot meal. So yeah, to people bored with the ordinary biriyanis, this is the place you should opt for!

28. Dal Gosht At Manik Chan 


📍Digubabu lane Mitford

Let me tell you, if you’re dedicated to relishing Manik Chan’s menu, then you just gotta be an early bird because their food gets sold out right before 8. A.M

But this effort of early rising ain’t gonna disappoint you since their Dal gosht is an amaze ball! Speaking of amazing, the meals here are not so drenched in oil as the typical ones, so tasty yet healthy menus await you here. 

Oh, I just forgot to mention they serve from Saturday to Thursday, and each of the six days, they offer six different menus.

29. Lassi At Noorani Cold Drinks


📍118 Chawkbazar Dhaka 1211

Up for Old Dhaka food hopping and missing out on Lassi? Then, your food hopping will remain incomplete without trying Noorani’s Lassi. 

They actually don’t make Lassi; they make a meal to remember. A cheaper dupe (30Tk) can be found near Kabi Nazrul College at the roadside stall Pushti Catering. The taste wasn’t exactly the same, but it was nearly close with the perfect balance of creaminess, thickness, and sweetness.

30. Kheta Puri


📍Roadside seller near Koshaituli

Counted as one of the best foods to try in Old Dhaka, this is the puri stuffed with coarsely grounded Masoor Daal indulged with the freshness of Mint leaves and freshly grounded green chilies. 

Now, this isn’t like the generic fried puris; it has a bit of burnt white crust, which gives this spicy delicacy a diversity of flavor.

31. Chaanar Pulao At Amulya Mishtanno Bhandar


📍65 Shakharibazar Dhaka 1100

Have you ever thought that even pulao can be made with cottage cheese and still taste the best? Yes, Old Dhaka makes this quirky combo stand out! 

I dropped by this small diner, and it was topped with tiny Gulab Jamuns, which made the dish fantastic, along with the rice made with cottage cheese. So it’s a must-visit for foodies who have a sweet tooth.

32. Pista Badam Sharbat


📍Royal, 44 Harnath Ghosh Road Chawkbazar 


📍Shahi Pakwan, Wari

Made with a superb combination of saffron milk, raisins, almonds, pistachios, and jellos, this is a lightly sweetened drink that’s a biggie in the food empire of Old Dhaka. But is it worth the hype? Heck to the yes, since it’s so mind-blowing that you might need to shed a tear of joy

33. Amritti At Green Sweatmeats


📍BCC Road Thataribazar

It looks a bit like the traditional jalebi (sweet pretzels), but it’s something sweeter, filled with a royal aroma and thicker layers. So yeah, if you’re up for some of the best Amritti, you’ve found it.

34. Mughlai Parantha


📍Roadside seller, Agamasi Lane

Stuffed with the richness of spicy crumbled eggs, chopped onions, and green chilies inside crispy paranthas, Mughlai Parantha is the popular Old Dhaka street food and a great option for your evening munchies. But yes, healthy eaters, you should do yourself a favor and ask the seller to make it less oily for you.

35. Arabian Phirni At Cake Town


📍83 Nazimuddin Road Chankharpul

Looking for something that screams D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S in every bite? Then it is your answer! It was some of the best I have ever tasted, so don’t wait; it’s time to introduce yourself with this decadent, creamy, nutty delight.

36. Chocolate muffin at Prince of Wales Bakery


📍80 SubhasBose Avenue, Laxmibazar 

And who on earth would believe that a 67-year-old shop sells muffins at such a cheap price without compromising their quality? Their muffin was packed with nuts with on-point sweetness and just the perfect balance of cocoa powder; gosh, it was the best muffin experience of mine!

37. Shahi Bhaka At Salam Palwan Pitha Ghor


📍Roadside seller Koshaituli 

Okay, so this is a sophisticated version of the famous Bengali cuisine, Bhapa pitha, which the Old Dhaka people love to call Bhaka

This dish gets dolled up with Kheersha (thickened milk solids), grated coconut, tiny chamchams, raisins, and cherries, and the end result that shows up is somewhat what I call a fine meal.

38. Dosti Paratha Chicken Jhal Fry At Nirab Hotel


📍114 Nazimuddin Road

I don’t know why the Parantha here has such a weird name, but yes, its taste resembled the very popular Indian delicacy, Lachcha Parantha. 

The moment when this crispy Dosti Parantha and a generous portion of the spicy gravy go in, gosh, the feeling of this soul food is unreal. You might also fall for their stunning range of bhortas because this iconic shop is famous for making bhorta eaters happy!

39. Buddhur Puri At Buddhu Hotel


📍Dalpatti, Sutrapur

There’s absolutely no excuse not to love this 75-year-old eatery. It’s holy cheap, its quantity is legendary, and the simple flavors of it are something that can never disappoint a foodie. 

It is where a whole egg goes inside a raw Dal Puri, and then it’s fried till it turns super golden brown on both sides. The beauty of this cuisine lies in its simplicity because there’s no use of overpowering spices, yet it tastes like an unmatched food adventure.

40. Labaang At Nazirabazar


📍Roadside seller,  Nazirabazar

While Nazirabazar is predominantly known for its top-notch Kebab and Biriyani ranges, their street side Labaang is also worth drooling

Labaang has a thicker consistency and is sweeter than Maatha, so they ain’t the same. Whatever the difference is, all I know is this chilled roadside drink is like a dream potion in the culinary heritage of Old Dhaka.

41. Chicken Kofta At Mehrab Catering


📍Aga Sadek Road 18/4 BaganGoli, Dhaka

That’s basically a luxury chicken meatball dish made with selected whole spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper, and many more secret spices. 

Each bite of it is so delectable that you might end up eating the entire bowl in a go. You can get a recreation of the dish in Chef Taef’s diner at Wari, though it’s served with melted cheese on top. Another one is the Nargis Kofta, which is made with minced beef and has egg stuffing, but only a handful of Khansamas prepare it on demand.

42. Fruit Ice Cream At RJ Live Fruit Roller


📍19 Dhakehwari Rd, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1217

It is a delicacy made live with the richness of creamy milk, fruits, and ice, and then all of it goes on the roller to combine the fresh flavors, creating the perfect fruity summer ice cream treat. 

I found this one exceptionally hearty and filling not only because I have a soft corner for ice creams but because the delicacy was indeed bliss!

43. Mixed Fruit and Kanchakola Bhorta At TSC 


📍Roadside seller near TSC

Who would have thought that raw banana and tangy flavors would make a perfect combination? But it did the wonder!

Being a not-so-big fan of both, I still found this one of the best foods to try in Old Dhaka for its unique flavors perfectly bursting out of it. So yes, if you’re an experimental foodie, you’re welcome to try this out!

44. Crumb Chap At Cafe Corner


📍28 North Brook Hall Road, Banglabazar

While you may think of it as usual, Chaps, know that it is NOT! Thanks to its sour Mutton keema filling and slightly sweet crispy crust, that makes all the difference. 

I won’t say it’s a can’t-miss meal, but for those looking for distinct flavors, the dish is an ultimate hit.

45. Mint Lemonade At Madani Chayer Bari


📍25 Tipu Sultan Road, Wari.

No matter if it’s summer or winter, it’s Madani’s Mint lemonade that does the wonder! These guys prepare it so perfectly that even a non-foodie will find it drool-worthy.

46. Shuti Kebab At Ananda Bakery

Starts from ৳300

📍8 No Abul Hasnat Road, Satrawja.

112 and not out! Nope, that isn’t the innings score of your favorite cricketer but the number of years this iconic Ananda Bakery has been serving without compromising its food quality! 

Their popular kebab is a hands-down winner of hearts, for it is prepared with both solid beef and minced beef and is tied with threads so that all the spices get in, making the kebab top-notch and juicy! 

And yes, name any sweet or bakery item; you’ll get it here for sure! 

47. Bamboo Coconut At Bulapin


📍15 Wyer St, Wari

Bulapin is the TikTok viral Korean Boba Drink live kitchen, and they serve some fantastic collections of hot and cold Korean beverages. Their bamboo coconut drink was exceptionally refreshing, and the portion size was also satisfying

And the jackpot is you not only get to taste some amazing teas and smoothies, but you can also make some Instagrammable reels and snaps because the food here looks Insta-worthy.

48. Meatbox At Crazy Butler


📍25, Abul Hasnat Road, Dhaka 1100

And it didn’t take long for Old Dhaka to embrace the mighty meaty Meatbox! I devoured their Sausage Meatbox, and it had all those zeal of three types of cheese, loaded with chicken, fries, sausage, and that special mayo and honey mustard sauce they put in! 

It was so damn infused with a combo of complementing flavors I indeed felt like I was having a fantastic piece of the culinary fabric of Old Dhaka. But yes, watch out because the quantity of it seemed a bit lower, though the taste of it definitely compensated for this lack for me! 

Other meatboxes they serve are Nugget Meatbox, Power Meatbox, Cheese Meatbox, Mushroom Meatbox, and a few ranges of waffles and burgers too!

49. Fruit Cake At Yousuf Confectionary


📍30 Johnson Road, Raysaheb Bazar, Dhaka 1100

Looking for something that’ll just soothe your broken heart? Then it is the one you need! This buttery cake has always rocked my socks for its unbelievably flawless texture. You haven’t actually tasted Fruit Cake perfection until you’ve tried one from this 1939 shop!

50. Malai Chop At Madina Mishtanno Bhandar


📍92 Lalbagh Road Dhaka 

To me, sweets are not just treats; they symbolize joy, peace, relaxation, and self-contentment! Sweets hold a special place in the hearts of Old Dhaka peeps, and to celebrate the real aura of it, you just gotta try out the utterly delicious dessert. Perfectly soaked in the rich, fresh cream, the mix of the spongy and soft texture, and finally, this juicy creamy bite that goes in! It’s not just eating, but you’ll feel like you’re vibing within a mini sweet paradise. 


Are there any rooftop restaurants in Old Dhaka?

Yes, there are many rooftop diners in Old Dhaka. A notable one is the Grand Darbar at Tikatuli. It serves a versatile Chinese-Italian menu with an eye-catching rooftop.

Which Old Dhaka eatery serves the best Bengali cuisine?

Nirab Hotel serves the best Bengali cuisine, offering an exuberant array of Bengali Bhortas and fish delicacies.

Wrapping Up: Best Foods To Try In Old Dhaka 

Finally, we hope we not only quenched all your queries on the best foods to try in old Dhaka but also crushed them! 

Old Dhaka is where electrifying food meets affection and zero compromised hospitality. No matter where you start or from which alley you begin, this city is surely going to mesmerize your taste buds with something magical, something out of the box. 

So, the next time you’re up for an Old Dhaka venture, don’t forget to check out our article to make your journey as ritzy and glittery as ever! 

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