Where to eat in Huelva? 8 Best Places To Taste Delicious Foods In Huelva

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This list of restaurants in Huelva will help you find places to eat in the city to enjoy the local cuisine.

Following our recent visit to Huelva, after writing another post on the best places to visit in the city, we have compiled this list of what we considered to be the 8 best restaurants in Huelva, offering an unbeatable quality/price ratio. Let’s start!

Where to eat in Huelva? 8 Best Places To Taste Delicious Foods In Huelva

1. Azabache

One of Huelva’s most popular and well-known restaurants, it serves great local cuisine, and it has been recognized both by locals and tourists.

Whatever you choose, we recommend you don’t miss the coquinas for 14 euros, the Iberian ham for 13 euros and the prawns for 39 euros.

As you will see, the prices are not particularly tight but keep in mind that they are probably the most expensive dishes on the menu as they are made with top-quality products. If you want other types of dishes, the prices are around 13 euros.

  • Address: Calle Vázquez López, 22
  • Opening hours: every day from 13h to 16h and from 20:30h to 23:30h.

2. Er chiclanero cervecería marisquería – One of the most recommended restaurants in Huelva.

Er chiclanero is undeniably the perfect place to enjoy a delicious seafood dish. This tiny place with a terrace is ideal for tasting an excellent seafood product in a central area. However, its menu also has other dishes if you want to combine flavors.

We recommend you not to miss the prawns, octopus, octopus salad, prawns, and crab.

Please note that the price is by weight, except for the salad, which is 5 euros.

  • Address: Pablo Rada 3 in front of Hotel Senator
  • Opening hours: every day from 12h to 16:30h and from 20h to 23:30h / Tuesday from 12h to 17h.

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3. Bar Pappis – One of the cheapest and most recommended restaurants in Huelva

Also known for being one of the most recommended restaurants to eat in Huelva, this bar is perfect for a quick stop and eat tapas and montaditos at a very reasonable price, making it one of the cheapest restaurants in Huelva.

Tapas are priced between 2 and 4 euros and montaditos between 2.50 and 3,50 euros, depending on which you choose.

  • Address: Calle Conde de Lopez Munoz Number 6
  • Opening hours: every day from 13:30h to 16h and from 20:30h to 00h

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4. Bar Restaurante Juan Jose – Another of the most recommended restaurants in Huelva

Although it is a little far from the city center, going to lunch or dinner at this restaurant in Huelva is undoubtedly a great choice. This is because it is unpretentious but cooked with top-quality products and care.

Among all the dishes you should not miss the omelet for 4.10 euros per half portion (2 euros per tapa), which is one of the classic dishes of the house, the coquinas for 18 euros per portion, the octopus salad for 2 euros per tapa and 4.10 euros per half portion and the prawns for 24 euros.

  • Address: Villa Mundaka 1
  • Opening hours: every day from 07h to 17h and from 20h to 00h

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5. Restaurant La Teja

A place where you can have great tapas and have an excellent time. The menu is quite extensive, but we recommend you try the cheeks with Pedro Ximenez, brie cheese with bell pepper jam, homemade flamenquín, and eggplant with honey. Each dish costs approx 3-4€.

6. Azabache Restaurant

A perfect place to eat in Huelva is this restaurant, one of the best-rated, and here it is best to go for large portions. 

The coquinas are fabulous (14€), and you can accompany them with half portions of choco meatballs (7€) and homemade croquettes of carabineros (8€). In addition, the waiters are friendly and professional. 

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7. La Ría Brewery

This brewery is an excellent place to put various delicacies in your mouth, in addition to other seafood and fish dishes, such as cod tacos de la Ría, coquinas (clams), or grilled octopus with raspberry aioli. Price portions: 8-12€.

8. Kalaka wines and tapas

We cannot finish this selection of the most recommended places to eat in Huelva without mentioning Kalaka wines and tapas, which is a perfect alternative if you want to eat or dine quality foods, with a touch of avant-garde, but without forgetting the tradition.

Among all the tapas, we recommend you not miss the tataki for 5 euros, the Huelva prawns for 22.50 euros, the white prawn salad for 2.90 euros per tapa, and the choco strips for 7.5 euros per half portion.

  • Address: Avenida Martin Alonso Pinzon 20
  • Opening hours: every day from 12h to 16h and from 20h to 00h


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