34 Best Places to visit in Bangladesh | Is Bangladesh Worth Visiting?

34 Best Places to visit in Bangladesh | Is Bangladesh Worth Visiting?

Yes, Bangladesh is undoubtedly worth visiting. There are plenty of best places to visit in Bangladesh. It is a land of natural beauty, with hundreds of winding rivers, crystal clear water lakes surrounded by evergreen hills, rain forests, the world’s largest mangrove forest preserved as World Heritage, the Royal Bengal Tiger and the wild lives, beautiful cascades of green tea gardens, paddy fields, chirping of birds in green trees, an abundance of sunshine, world’s longest natural sea beach and many more other natural and ancient things.

Bangladesh is a country of rivers, greenery, and rich culture waiting to be explored by pioneering travelers. This is one of the very few countries in South Asia still to be explored. Bangladesh has a distinctly distinct beauty. Time to explore the best travel destinations in Bangladesh.

So, in this article, we will discuss the best tourist places in Bangladesh.

The 34 Best Places to visit in Bangladesh

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1. Sundarbans Forest (Largest Mangrove Forest in the World)/সুন্দরবন

Chances are, you have already heard of Sundarbans (Mangrove Forest) of Bangladesh a lot of times. And why not? It is amongst the top Bangladesh destinations every traveler must visit and among Bangladesh’s best things.

Sundarban is a natural wonder name, and it is the largest mangrove forest or saline forest in the world.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a gateway to wildlife’s unique genesis spread across 10,000 sq km. The total area of the Sundarbans is 10000 square kilometers, shared by Bangladesh and India.

The rich biodiversity of Sundarbans will also be called the Museum of Organisms and Plants. The Sundarbans have a 1,874 square kilometer swell of rivers and beels. Sundarbans is home to many animals, including birds, Chitra Deers, Crocodiles, Snakes, and the Royal Bengal Tiger. Sundarbans come as number one on our list of Bangladesh’s best places to visit.

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There are 350 kinds of plants, 120 types of fish, 270 types of birds, 42 types of mammals, 35 types of reptiles, and eight ostriches. The forest is named Sundarbans after the beautiful tree. Sundarbans can only be reached by boat. Winter is the perfect time to visit Sundarbans.

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2. Best Place To Visit in Bangladesh: Saint Martin/সেইন্ট মার্টিন

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Saint Martin Island is an attractive and ideal tourist destination for travelers. It’s also known as Coconut Jinjira, mostly known as ‘Cinnamon Island’ (Daruchini Island). The little enclave of Saint Martin is like nowhere else in Bangladesh as this is the only coral island in the country

Around the island, the deep blue sea and blue sky have created a charming beauty to see. Rows of coconut trees, kya forests, and smooth sea waves can melt down anyone’s heart with its dazzling view.

Saint MartinOpens in a new tab. is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bangladesh and a popular destination among travelers. Every year, millions of tourists flock to Cinnamon (Daruchini Island) to see the beautiful sunsets from the western beach, the beach’s soft-smooth air, and the clear blue waters of the shallow sea.

Rich in plant and animal diversity, the island is home to 66 species of corals, 187 species of snails – oysters, 153 species of algae, 157 species of guptaseed plants, 240 species of marine fish and 120 species of birds, and 19 species of mammals.

Visiting the island is just one of the exciting things to do in Bangladesh. In addition to coconut trees and kya forests, there are bains, sheoras, keoras, and some mangrove trees.

Also, the people there are charming and friendly. And tourists get priority there and get the things very quickly as everything is available there. Saint Martin comes as number two on our list of Bangladesh’s best places to visit.

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3. Jaflong: The Daughter of Nature/জাফলং

Jaflong in Sylhet is known as the daughter of nature all over the country. At the foot of Khasia Jaintia Hills, Jaflong is a land of natural beauty.

The pile of stones lying on the level on the Piyan Riverbanks has made Jaflong attractive. You’ll have an unparalleled sightseeing experience when you visit Jaflong.

Tourists across the border extensively visit the area because of the magnificent Indian hills, waterfalls flowing from the Dauki hills, hanging Dauki Bridge, the clear cold water of the Piyan River, deep forests in high mountains, and silence. Every day, domestic and foreign tourists rush here to see these scenes.

Apart from nature daughters, Jaflong beauty spots, and picnic spots also are widely known to tourists. Jaflong’s attraction is different for tourists.

If you don’t go to Jaflong on a trip to Sylhet, the trip should remain incomplete. Jaflong Opens in a new tab.is located in Goainghat Upazila, 62 km northeast of Sylhet Nagar.

Winter and Monsoon in Jaflong are different in view. During the rainy season, the beauty of Jaflong reflects in another way. The clouds roamed like cotton on the green top of the Khasia hills, the rain became a mountain path, and the danger was like a different shiver.

Simultaneously, the sight of the waterfall swelling from a few thousand feet above is a sight to empty anyone.

According to history, Jaflong was a vacant land under the King of Khasia Jainta for thousands of years. The kingdom of Khasia Jainta came to an end after abolishing the zamindari system in 1954.

Yet, for several years, vast areas of Jaflong remained collapsed. Traders started coming to Jafalong by boat in search of stones. By expanding the stone trade, new settlements were built.

Jaflong’s 55 km road connectivity with Sylhet was established in the 1980s. From then on, the news of Jaflong’s eye-catching beauty spread all over the country.

Locals, tourists, and nature lovers continue to flock to Jaflong, making it the most popular tourist spot in Bangladesh. Jaflong comes as number three on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

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4. Traveler’s Paradise: Sajek Valley/সাজেক ভ্যালি

Sajek is the best place to explore with a camera in hand of all the top tourist attractions in Bangladesh. Sajek Valley is the most popular destination for people to travel to in Bangladesh.

Sajek is the largest union in Bangladesh, located in Baghaichori Upazila of Rangamati district, 1800 feet above sea level.

Sajek’s location is in the Rangamati district, but due to geographical reasons, it is much easier to travel from Dighinala in Khagrachari to SajekOpens in a new tab.. Sajek’s distance from Khagrachari district is 70 km and from Dighinala is 40 km.

What To See In Sajek Valley?

The beautiful mountain rows around, the valley of clouds like white cotton will impress you. Sajek is such a fantastic place where you can be blessed on the same day in the company of three forms of nature.

Sometimes it will feel scorching, then you may get wet in the rain, or your eyes will be covered with thick cloud fog.

It is an ideal place to watch the game of flying clouds like cotton from the mountains. The Konlak Hills are a major attraction for tourists visiting Sajek. And the last village in Sajek Valley is the Konlak para Lusai community, a dominant area.

The Lusai Hills of India are seen from the Kanlak neighborhood, the origin of the Karnafuli River. You can trek from Ruilui para for two hours and see the Kamalak waterfall.

This beautiful waterfall is also known to many as the Pidam Oil fountain or Sikam Taisa waterfall.

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Enjoy The Sunrise of Sajek – The Best Thing To Do In Sajek

Don’t miss the morning time when you go to Sajek. This is when the cloud game and the sunrise light fair sit. That’s why you have to get up early in the morning and leave on the helipad, where the most beautiful sunrise can be seen.

The colorful form of the sunset from a high place in the afternoon will make you feel like nature, unlike any other place in the world.

And after dusk, the millions of stars in the sky will mesmerize you. You can get a good look at the milky way if the sky is clear.

You can visit the surroundings and live the lives of the tribals. There is no doubt that this place is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh.

You will love the company of these simple people. And with time in hand, you can come back from Sajek Valley from Hajathi Waterfall, Dighinala Hanging Bridge, and Dighinala Banvihar. Sajek Valley comes as number four on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

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5. Top Tourist Destination in Bangladesh: Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach/কক্সবাজার সমুদ্র সৈকত

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Sometimes a gorgeous sight is all you need to make your holiday magical. If you’re looking for the best tourist places in Bangladesh, this place should definitely be on your list.

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach is the largest beach globally and the most popular tourist destination in Bangladesh. The 120 km long unbroken beach attracts local and foreign tourists with its magnetic waves and enchanting sunsets. This long beach is that the entire beach is sandy, and mud does not exist.

Tourists roam the Burmese markets, decorated with state-of-the-art hotels and motels, besides tourists visiting the coral-rich shops, including snails and oysters adjacent to Ballari Beach, the tourist season in Cox’s Bazar city.

Cox’s Bazar beach is magical and silver. Every day, therefore, it changes its form. Winter-monsoon-spring-summer, there is no season when the face of the beach does not change. In the meantime, it is different in the middle of the day.

Perfect time to visit Cox’s Bazar

Usually, everyone chooses winter to travel to Cox’s Bazar. But you can go to Cox’s Bazar any time. From time to time, nature changes, and that form of nature impacts Cox’s Bazar.

To get a different vibe, you can go in the rainy season to enjoy the sober rain environment or in autumn to see the new blue sky or go while the full moon blooms and enjoy the beautiful moonlit night; cox’s bazaar will impress you at any time of the year.

If you go other than winter, you’ll get a discount. You will get from hotel rentals to almost everything at a low price. Cox’s Bazar comes as number five on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

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6. Feel the Nature: Kaptai Lake/কাপ্তাই লেক

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Kaptai Upazila of Rangamati district stands with its head held high with nature’s evil scenic sectoral in the heart of Chittagong hill. And Kaptai Upazila is a unique hill, a festival of lake water and eye-catching green.

The artificial lake, which extends up to 11,000 square kilometers, is the largest in South Asia. There is no doubt that it is one of the best places in Bangladesh for nature lovers.

Here you can see small mountains, zig-crossed mountain roads, fountains, and water with green edges. Besides, there are many fish species and endless biodiversity in the lake’s water, just as there are various plants and animals in the mountains.

Nature lovers can hire boats and see the surroundings floating in the lake water. You can visit the Kaptai lake Opens in a new tab.paradise picnic spot to see the lake’s beauty from the mountains.

There is also an opportunity to travel to the lake in groups by boat or paddleboat.

In addition to visiting Kaptai Lake with speedboat/boat reserves, you can see many other spots, including Rangamati Hanging Bridge, Shubhlong Waterfall, and Rangamati City.

There is a cooking system in the Karnafuli river near Kaptai. You can also experience that if you want.

The small islands, the lake’s environment, various birds’ lifestyles, and water-centric people will impress you every moment. Though artificial, nature has decorated Kaptai Lake in all its form.

Kaptai Lake can be visited all year, but the lake-side waterfalls are at their best in the rainy season. Kaptai lake comes as number six on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

7. The Beauty of Bangladesh: Bichanakandi/বিছানাকান্দি

Bichanakandi is located in the Rustompur Union of Goainghat Upazila of Sylhet. Bichanakandi is a stone quarry like Jaflong and Bholaganj. Many steps of Khasia hill on the Bangladesh-India border have come from both sides and met in Bichanakandi.

Simultaneously, the high waterfalls in the creek of Meghalaya hills have given a different dimension to the nature of Bichanakandi.

The main attraction of BichanakandiOpens in a new tab. to tourists is the clear stream of water flowing over the rocks and the white clouds blowing in the mountains.

If you want to feel more alive than ever, Bangladesh has just the right place (Bichanakandi).

At first glance, you will feel like a stone bed, and the peace of mind that you will find when you put your body in clear water will drag you to the nature bed again and again. It’s like a bed full of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and stones.

Perfect Time To Visit Bichanakandi

Bichanakandi is fit to travel at any time. But the rainy season is the ideal time to travel to Bichanakandi. Due to the flow of water all around, the real beauty of Bichanakandi can be seen at this time. Other times a year, there is temporary difficulty in traveling due to the lifting of stones here. Bichanakandi comes as number seven on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

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8. Nafakhum Falls – An Elegent View/নাফাখুম জলপ্রপাত

Nafakhum falls is located amidest the dense and lush green topical forests and is one of the refreshing tourist places in Bangladesh.

Nafakhum Waterfall is situated in the Marma area of Remakri Union in Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban district. It is considered the biggest waterfall in Bangladesh in terms of water flow. Many people call it Niagara of Bengal.

In Marma, the word Khum means waterfall. The water flow of the Remakri canal has created this wonderful waterfall as it descends on the rocky path.

The area of Nafakhum is a beautiful place to dream of amid green hills and rocky land. You can’t believe that there is such a beautiful place in Bangladesh.

A three-hour walk from Remakri is a wonderful water-inn called ‘NafakhumOpens in a new tab..’ The water from the Remakri canal came down about 25-30 feet, and nature gave birth to this waterfall. The fast-moving water constantly creates rainbows here in the sunlight.  

There are thousands of colors in the sky. Behind the clouds, when the sun laughs, the flicker of light spreads all over the mountains. The beauty of the terrible river is more terrifying than at that time.

It isn’t easy to believe that this small country can be so beautiful. The mountains, rivers, and rocky canals will make it look like you are painting on a canvas. It’s lovely, and it’s unbelievable. The sound of the torrential rain is all around.

The size of the waterfall is large during the monsoon. And on a cold day, it becomes thin. But the true beauty of Nafakhum is seen from September to October.

Dense fog formed around the waterfall due to the water that hit the top. The blown water floats with steam and comes into the body. That feeling of thrill. It would not be wrong to call it Niagara of Bengal.

The green mountain forests and rocky land on either side have given a different dimension to the Nafakhum waterfall, which has made it more attractive. The stone-cracked spots have increased the beauty levels of green grass manifold. Nafakhum comes as number eight on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

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9. Chimbuk Hills – A Popular Destination/চিম্বুক পাহাড়

Known as Darjeeling of Bengal, Chimbuk Hill is one of the most beautiful tourist places to visit in Bangladesh. Today The Chhimbuk Hills are also known abroad across the country’s boundaries due to their natural scenic beauty.

Also known as the queen of Bangladesh’s mountain beauty, the Chimbuk Hills is the third largest hill. The sunset and sunrise scenes from this hill will impress any tourist.

It is an exceptional tourist spot located 26 km from the district city and about 2600 feet above sea level.

The mountain scenery on both sides of the road from Bandarban to Chimbuk is delightful. The green mountains and forests around you will make you look at it. Next to the road to Chimbuk is the residence of numerous tribes.

The Sangu River on the way to Chimbuk will make your journey more enjoyable and aesthetic. As you draw the highest road in Bangladesh in the middle of the hill, it seems that you are crossing the moon by car.

As soon as they climb up the mountain, anyone will be surprised to see this mountain top, organized and planned. Any vehicle rises at the top of the paved road.

As soon as it got up, the stairs went down to a huge square in the south. The square has been named Nobo Chottor.

Standing from this viewpoint in the autumn, a sea of huge clouds can be seen. Even in the scorching heat of summer, the cold winds blow here. Standing on the hill, you can see clouds floating.

Various Upazilas of neighboring districts of Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong can be seen here. During the monsoon season, the clouds floating past the mountains seem to be floating in the cloud paradise.

Another specialty of Chimbukk is the fresh fruit found on the side of the road just below the mountain the whole year. According to the season, papaya, banana, sugarcane, coconut, sharifa, and oranges are available. But bananas and papayas are available all year. All the fruits are fresh and chemical-free. Tourists always like to eat these fruits.

The Marmas live at the foot of the hill under the pinch. Many of them live around this mountain. They are mainly associated with various systems here.

Some Burmese and indigenous products are also available here. You can buy these unique products as your memories of visiting one of the finest places in Bangladesh. Chimbuk Hill comes as number nine on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

10. Niladri Lake – A Must Visit Destination/নিলাদ্রি লেক

“Niladri” is full of blue beauty. It is like being lost in the kingdom of Blue. Yes, talking about Niladri, wondering what it is again?

This heavenly beauty place is not Kashmir but in our own country Bangladesh! What’s the surprise? Don’t mistake by looking at the picture as Kashmir; everyone knows it as Niladri.

Take a walk from Sunamganj to dive into its unbelievable beauty. Losing its sanity, the Takerghat Limestone Mining Project’s stone quarry is now known to tourists as Niladri Lake. Hundreds of tourists flock every day to enjoy the beauty of the lake.

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Many people visit Tanguar Haor in Sunamganj. But many beautiful eye-catching places around it can shake the minds of any tourist in no time!

Niladri Lake in the abandoned mining of Tekerghat limestone is one such place. Its name is as beautiful as its form.

Without looking at it with your own eyes, you can’t believe how the color of the water is so blue. It’s like a magical form of nature. On the other side, the middle and lower parts of the hill are Bangladesh’s last boundaries.

The big high hill has a border-cutting wire fence. This lake was once a supply storehouse of raw limestone from a limestone factory which is now dissimulated. Niladri Lake comes as number ten on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

11. Paharpur Buddhist Bihar – Witness The Clear Reflection Of Ancient Bangla/পাহাড়পুর বৌদ্ধ বিহার

Somapura Mahavihara (Paharpur Buddhist Bihar), UNESCO World Heritage Site, Paharpur, Naogaon District, Rajshahi Division, Bangladesh

Somapura Mahavihara Paharpur is a small town which is most well known for the Naogaon District where you will find UNESCO World Heritage Site ruins called Somapur Mahabihar. 

Paharpur Buddhist Bihar or Sompur Bihar or Sompur Mahabihar is an ancient Buddhist Bihar. Sri Dharmapaldeb, the second king of the PAL dynasty, built this Bihar in the late eighth century or the ninth century.

Sir Kanigham discovered this considerable feat in 1879. In 1985, UNESCO ranked it as a World Heritage SiteOpens in a new tab..

Paharpur can be considered the largest Buddhist monastery in the world. It can be compared to Nalanda Mahabihara in the Indian area. It was a very famous Buddhist religious center for 300 years.

From different parts of the subcontinent, Buddhists from China, Tibet, Myanmar (then Brahmadesh), Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. came here to practice religion and attain theology. Atish Dipankar Srigyan was the acharya of Bihar in the 10th century AD.

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Sompur Mahabihar, the capital of Pundravardhan, was located between Pundranagar (now Mahasthangarh) and the other city of Kotiborsho (now Bangarh).

Its remains are located in the present-day Paharpur village of Badalgachi Upazila of Naogaon district under greater Rajshahi.

On the other hand, its distance from Jamalganj railway station in Jaipurhat district is only 5 km west. The antiquities are located in about 0.10 square kilometers (10 hectares).

Archaeology lying on this artifact is quadrilateral in the shape of a land plan. Paharpur Buddist Bihar comes as number eleven in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

12. Prantik Lake – A Picturesque Water Resource/প্রান্তিক লেক

A beautiful eye-catching place is located just 16 km from Bandarban city at Halia, named “Prantik lake and a tourist destination.” The Bandarban district administration runs the Prantik lake as and tourist destination.

Because it’s the location at the end of the Bandarban district, people called it the Prantik (marginal) lake. The 68-acre mountain-covered tourist destination has a huge 25-acre lake. The lake is larger than the Boga lake in size.

All arrangements have been made for the education tour and picnic. There are open platforms made of clay as the stage.

There is a seating ground for a few hundred people in front. Different species of trees surround the beautiful lake. The environment is pollution-free.

The mountains next to the lake are home to different species of birds. The sound of birds chirping is heard all day long. The blue water of the lake and the green view on the bank have made a different dimension here.

The tree’s cool shade and the clear air will make you forget all your stress. It’s a great place to visit with your family and friends in Bangladesh.

Naturally born in the lake’s forest, various wild animal species, including monkeys and birds. There are dahooks (name of a bird) and different species of aquatic plants in the water.

If you want, you can take the authorities’ permission to catch fish or take a paddleboat here. There is an opportunity to hunt fish in this lake.

The entry price in Prantik lake is Rs 20. Prantik Lake comes as number twelve in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

13. Idrakpur Fort – With Wondrous Sights/ইদ্রাকপুর দুর্গ

Idrakpur Fort, more than 350 years old, is a Mughal architecture located at the center of the Munshiganj district. It is an impressive archaeological site in Bangladesh. In 1660, Mir Jumla, subadar and general of Bengal, built the fort at Idrakpur on the then Ichamati River’s western bank in Munsiganj district.

Over time, the course of that Ichamati has changed. However, within one to three kilometers of the fort, the Dhaleshwari, Meghna, and Shitalakshya rivers still flow.

The fort is slightly smaller in area than Hajiganj and Sonakanda forts in Narayanganj. It is believed to have been built during Mughal Subadar Mir Jumla of Bengal (1660 AD).

There is a legend that the fort was in touch with Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka on the tunnel. There is a circular wall in every corner of this high-walled fort.

There are numerous quadrilateral swells in the wall to fire at the enemy from inside the fort. The only giant door is located north.

The main wall’s eastern wall has a spherical platform of 33 m in diameter in the middle of it. This system was in place in almost every fort to monitor enemies’ movement from a distance.

The main wall joins another additional wall around this stage.

It was built to strengthen the defense system of the fort. Ichamati, Dhaleshwari, Meghna, and Sheetalksha rivers within three kilometers of the fort.

The Idrakpur fortOpens in a new tab. was declared a preserved antiquity in 1909 as a unique feat of Mughal architecture.

About 52 km southeast of Bandarban district, Nilgiri tourist destination is located on the hilltop on Bandarban-Thanchi road. The Nilgiri tourist center is located at about 2,200 feet above sea level.

Standing at the Nilgiri tourist center, the only eye that can witness is green and green. The green ceremony and deserted nature around are some of the attractions of the Nilgiri.

During the day, you can see the Bay of Bengal and shipping from Nilgiri with bare eyes. The Sangu river’s spectacular view flowing along the small hills’ lap attracts everyone.

From the top of the Nilgiri, You can enjoy the second-highest mountain in Keokradong, the natural wonder, the sea of Cox’s Bazar, and Chittagong seaport’s lights, and a row of eye-catching hills.

There are several MRO admonitions near Nilgiri. In Kapru Para, close to Nilgiri, you can easily visit and find out about the MRO tribals. There is a camp of the Bangladesh army in Nilgiri.

As a result, there is no security shortage here. Army personnel will extend a helping hand to any need you need.

The beauty of the Night of the Nilgiris is even more shocking. The sound of wild animals, including deer, foxes, and the light-and-light play of the mountains around you will make your life seem mysterious. The blue night can be a good place for those who like an adventure.

On the way to NilgiriOpens in a new tab., you can see the overly beautiful style of Bandarban. Here you will be welcomed by the tribal girls. You can buy indigenous handmade products from here.

After that, you will see the dream peak. You can also enjoy the fantastic beauty of Bandarban from the dream peak.

The most exciting thing about the Nilgiri is the Spiral Sangu River flowing over Bandarban. From here, it seems that the Sangu river is very close to you. You can enjoy the beauty of the Sangu river from here.

If you look at the small boats that run through the Sangu river’s chest, it will seem that a dreamboat is flowing through the Sangu River.

The Army’s Bandarban Brigade Headquarters has to be contacted in advance for a stay and night stay at the Niligiri Resort with modern facilities. The Nilgiri resort is a stunning place to hold these scenes in the memory of tourists.

Three unique lying tourist cottages, Namely, Akashnila, Meghdoot, and Nilatana, have been set up at Nilgiri tourist centers in the remote hills.

The fares for the night stay are between Rs 1,000 (11.74$) and Rs 2,500 (29.35$). There is also a state-of-the-art restaurant. You can eat at the restaurant by crossing the hilly path to the Nilgiri. Idrakpur Fort comes as number fourteen in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

The Idrakpur fort located in the city is perhaps the most iconic tourist attraction, and it is a must-visit.

15. Murapara Zamindar Bari/মুড়াপাড়া জমিদার বাড়ি

Murapura Zamindar House, Narayanganj, Bangladesh
Photo Credit – Sayed Abdi Niloy

Murapara Zamindar Bari is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Bangladesh. Murapara is a historic village and union of Rupganj Upazila in the Narayanganj district. Built on the banks of the Shitalaksha river, this zamindar house has been named after this village.

In 1889, Ram Ratan Banerjee established the zamindari here. He was a businessman at Weavers Market in old Dhaka.

The estate was initially expanded by his son Vijay Chandra Banerjee. He got the estate in 1899. Vijay Babu has two sons, Jagdish and Ashutosh.

Jagdish Banerjee became the next zamindar as he was an elder son. Their estates were mainly confined to three men.

Ramratan Banerjee, on the contrary, was a trusted employee of the King of Natore. As a reward for his sincerity, he received several properties in the Murapara area.

Later in 1909, Jagdish Chandra Banerjee completed the work of this house. He gained a reputation as a powerful zamindar in the area.

Cinematography By ExploitOpens in a new tab.

Jagdish Banerjee left the country in 1947 and moved to Kolkata, and the house was abandoned. In 1948, the then Government of Pakistan took over the house and started the correctional center hospital and adolescent girls.

In 1966, school and college activities were conducted here. After Bangladesh became independent in 1986, the Bangladesh Department of Archaeology took charge of the house and listed it as an archaeological site. It is currently known as Murapara University College.

The Shitalksha River flows in front of the Murapara Zamindar BariOpens in a new tab., founded on 17.50 acres of land. The house seemed to have been built along with the riverbank keeping in mind that one of the main communication modes was the naval route.

The huge house is located in the north-south with a long two-story edifice. The big open wilderness enters through the front door.

There are two temple rooms on the left; behind it is a huge mango garden—a pond with four ghats tied up when it crossed the wilderness.

The pond’s unique feature in front of the building was that the water is less or less was related to the Shitalaksha river, as the pond is related to the river under the ground.

Open green field in front of the pond—a courtyard of the paved floor behind the zamindar house’s main building. The courtyard is characteristic. Because two-story buildings surround it. On the north side is the temple of Ander Mahal.

There is also another building behind this part of the building. The zamindar house has 95 rooms, including several dance halls, stables, temples, stores, and kachari houses.

Murapara Zamindar Bari is a great place for a day’s picnic. If you want, you can visit Panam Nagar in the morning or come here directly. You can get down to Kachpur, board a baby taxi to Murapara and come straight to the main gate.

It is good to come on a closed day to not disturb the college students from taking lessons. Nearby is Murapara Bazar. You can go there and eat and drink in the hotel, and you can also play in the huge green field of the college. Murapara Zamindar Bari comes as number fifteen on the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

16. Foys Lake – Paradise For Photographers/ফয়েজ লেক

Foys Lake is an artificial lake located in the Khushi area, not far from Chittagong’s hilly railway station and located 8 km from Zero Point. It was excavated in 1924 under the Assam Bengal Railway Authority’s supervision and was known as Pahartoli Lake.

The lake was later named after a British engineer who helped design it. The lake, which is quite large (336 acres of land), is created by constructing a dam in a narrow valley between one top of the hill and another.

The bridge was built to create the lake by changing the flow of water from the mountain class on the north side of Chittagong city.

While being among the most beautiful places to visit in Bangladesh, Foys lake has got numerous enjoyment opportunities for one and all.

Next to Foys Lake is Batali Hill, the tallest hill in Chittagong. Many tourists from home and abroad rush every year to witness the lake’s pleasant surroundings and natural beauty.

There’s a lot to look at in this lake. Just as there are different ride arrangements for children, the elders will also find mountains and lakes with a charming atmosphere.

There are mountains all around the region, and in the middle are the hearts of Arunamayi, Godhooli, Akashmani, Mandakini, Dakshini, and Alaknanda.

As soon as you go to the bank, you will see a row of boats. It will take ten minutes to get on the boat. After that, you will see green mountains on both sides, a buck or two at times, and various kinds of birds. It is also home to the Deer roaming place in a pleasant environment.

A small zoo has been set up at the Foys Lake entrance to attract tourists. The biggest attraction of Foys Lake is the beauty of the lake and the mountains around it.

An amusement park recently opened at Foys Lake. There are boat trips, landscaping, restaurants, floating step concerts, natuke hatar paths, and other fun and enjoyment items. Visitors can take a boat trip to enjoy the thrilling view of the lake. Foys lake comes as number sixteen in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

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The entertainment Park has 2 high slides, and they are high-speed roller cells and bumper boats. There is a vacation center where there is something for people of different ages and tastes. People can live in peace along with fun and excitement at Foys Lake.

Sea World is a water theme park at Foys LakeOpens in a new tab. in the heart of Chittagong. Sea World has everything to expect: a splash pool, cellular water rider, and world-class theme park.

Although Foys Lake Entertainment World’s entrance has completely changed from the Chittagong side, the lake’s natural beauty is still apparent. Many visitors have enjoyed the amusement park to the extent that many enjoy Foys Lake’s natural beauty.

Entry Fee: Adult – Tk. 120 and Child – Tk. 60

Opening time: Saturday to Thursday 10.30 am to 6 pm and Friday and Saturday till 10:30 am to 7 pm.

17. Ananda Bihar – A Simple Slice Of Ancient Land/আনন্দ বিহার

Upper view of Shalban Bihar, Comilla, Bangladesh. Attractive place to visit in Bangladesh
Photo Credit – Anamul Hoque Anam

Ananda Bihar is one of the richest and most ancient impressive archaeological artefacts in Bangladesh. Ananda Bihar, The largest of the Buddhist Bihar discovered in Mayanamati, is square in size, measuring 198 meters per side.

Here too, sannyasin rooms can be seen in four rooms in squares like Shalban Bihar.

There is a grand crossover temple located in the middle of the open courtyard of Bihar. This temple surrounds these rooms. Its only pleasant entrance is in the middle of the north of Bihar. The exterior of the entrance is well-spaced and large, and the outer side is expanded.

Its exterior is relatively beautiful to look at for ‘offset’ and mold design. The walls of the inner verandah are also decorated with mold ornaments and designed bricks.

Some of its northern row rooms and parts of the south side of the intermediate temple have been exposed by excavations.

These indicate that these rooms and temples were used as part of Bihar. In Bihar, a copper rule, 63 silver coins, many bronze statues hand terracotta sculptures have been discovered.

A kiln to burn pottery was found outside the monastery. The Ananda bihar located in the city is perhaps the most iconic tourist attraction, and it is a must-visit.

It is believed that the Ananda BiharOpens in a new tab. complex, with the largest pond in the area, was built by Sri Ananda dev, the third ruler of the first Dev dynasty, at some point in the late seventh or early eighth centuries. Ananda Bihar comes as number seventeen in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

18. Patenga Sea Beach – Witness The Oceanic Experience/পতেঙ্গা সমুদ্র সৈকত

The Patenga Sea Beach is amongst the top places to visit in Bangladesh and can be classified as a serene and tranquil gateway.

Patenga Sea beachOpens in a new tab. is 14 km from the port of Chittagong city in the south. It is located at the Mohana of the Karnafuli river. Patenga is a popular tourist destination. It is near the Naval Academy of Bangladesh Navy and Shah Amanat international airport.

Security is good here at night, and there is enough light on the road. According to locals, delicious and yummy food is very cheap lying here.

One of the most popular dishes is spicy crab fry, served with sauce and onion salad. In the evening, the beach is in a pleasant cold atmosphere, and The people enjoy the gentle air here.

There are palm trees lined up across the whole beach. Numerous fishing boats are boated here. Speedboat is also available for tourists. Most tourists come to Patenga beach to enjoy the pleasant view of sunset and sunrise. Patenga Sea Beach comes as number eighteen in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

19. Shat Gambuj Mosque (Sixty Dome Mosque) – A Remarkable Structure/ষাট গম্বুজ মসজিদ

A Lost 15th-Century City and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Shat Gambuj Mosque is one of the great Bangladeshi sightseeing places that leave spectators in awe. Also, it is an impressive archaeological site in Bangladesh.

During the reign of Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmood Shah (1435-59), Khan al-Azam Ulung Khanjahan built the Kingdom of Caliphism by surrounding the Sundarbans. Khan Jahan built a darbar hall to hold a meeting, which was later built as Sixty Dome MosquesOpens in a new tab..

The Shat Gambuj Mosque is an ancient mosque located southwest of the Bagerhat district of Bangladesh. There are no inscriptions on the mosque. So there is no accurate information about the time it was built.

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However, there is no doubt that Khan-e-Jahan built the mosque. It is believed that he made it in the 15th century. The mosque was built over the years and at the cost of a lot of money.

The stones were brought from Rajmahal. It is one of the three World Heritage Sites in Bangladesh; UNESCO gave Bagerhat city a World Heritage SiteOpens in a new tab. Title in 1983. Shat Gambuj Mosque is number nineteen on the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

20. Madhavkunda Water Falls – Admire The Natural Beauty/মাধবকুন্ড জলপ্রপাত

Believe it or not there are plenty of things to doing Bangladesh. Visiting Madhavkunda is one of them. Bangladesh’s only waterfall is located in Borolekha Upazila of the Moulvibazar district. Many people gather here every day from different parts of the country to see this. From a mountain about 200 feet high, the water falls in a non-prophesies stream.

The unabridged fall has led to the creation of Kunda below. And the flowing stream of the Kunda is flowing like a stream of peace through MadhavkundaOpens in a new tab..

The naming of Madhavkunda is quite interesting;

When King Govardhan Patharia started making a resthouse on the hill, he found out a monk was performing worship inside the hill.

The monk instructed him to immerse him in this Kunda on the 13th day of Madhukrishna.

Madhav, Madhav Madhav is the divinity only three times when the monk is dissed. Perhaps this is where the name Madhavkund originated.

According to some, Mahadev or Shiva’s former name is Madhav, and after it, his place of appearance is Madhavkunda.

The stream of water running over the rocks from the top of the hill split into two parts and suddenly fell from the steeply elevated hill.

This led to two clauses: a big one, and a small one. The two clauses merge during the rainy season—the mountains around where the waters are falling, the Kunda below.

Waterfalls are constantly falling in the center of the Kunda. The place is intense. A stone cavity has been created on the right side of the Kunda.

In 1342, Vishnudas Sannyasi built an orange garden in the western part of Madhavkunda, which still exists. On the left side of the main waterfall is another waterfall called Parikunda, about 200 yards away.

From there, water is constantly falling too. But you have to go there with incredible difficulty. Many will also flock to see it as it facilitates travel. Madhav Kunda waterfalls come as number twenty in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

21. Keokradong – Stand On The Highest Peak In Bangladesh/কেওক্রাডং

From nerve jostling adventures in the Keokradong to visiting the best places, there are many best things to do in Bangladesh.

Keokradong hills are the fifth highest mountain in Bangladesh, located in Ruma Upazila of Bandarban district in Bangladesh and Myanmar’s border area. Its height is 986 meters (about 3235 feet, obtained from THE GPS reading).

The word Keokradong comes from the Marma language. In Marma language, Keon means ‘stone’ kra means ‘hill,‘ and dong means ‘tallest.’ That is, Keokradong means the tallest stone mountain.

The most popular route for trackers in Bangladesh is the Bengali lake-Keokradong-Jadipai. You can take time in hand for two or three days to bring some lovely moments and great exciting experiences.

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Full of small mountains, dense forests, and various animals, this remote area is full of natural beauty. You will be surprised to see the natural beauty of this hill.

Keokrodong is a different attraction for thrill-loving people. Many adventure-loving tourists come to see this hill in winter.

From a distance, the top of KeokradongOpens in a new tab. seems to be in the air, but when you climb the top, the beauty of the mountain clouds will make you tinge with magical attraction.

The attractions here include the beauty of the green hills, the waterfalls, the zig-blocking mountain paths, and the ‘hide and seek’ of the clouds. Enjoy all of these from the top of the mountains. Keokradong comes as number twenty-one on the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

22. Tindu – Explore The Hidden Gem/তিন্দু

Thanchi Upazila in the Bandarban district is decorated with unkind beauty and nature’s aura. Tindu is the most visited place in this Upazila. Tindu is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh.

According to travel freaks, there is no other place in the world to sleep like Tindu. Adventure-loving tourists flock to this attractive tourist spot every day due to natural attractions.

Sky-fog- clouds, rivers, rocks, mountains, forests, blue, green water, and mystery-thrill-fear— if you want to have all of it at once, visit Tindu at least once in your life.

Getting up in the morning, you remove the clouds and reach the door, and have to thank yourself over and over again for being born in this country or withness the supreme beauty of this world.

From Thanchi to TinduOpens in a new tab. will take two hours and 20 minutes by engine-powered boat. Even if you write a huge book about Tindu, it is impossible to highlight even a splash of its beauty.

During the rainy season, one can ride on a boat and go over the clouds, and if you walk through the white clouds for a while, the head gets wet.

Cinematography By Dihan Chowdhury

Two canals passed by the Tindu, and the mountain-water was running from there all day long. The rocky beach at Tindupar has added a new wonderful dimension here.

Millions of uneven stones have been built on a smooth equal path, and it’s sad to finish the path while walking.

If you leave Tindu and move higher, it will seem the rocky underwater world is changing minute by minute, as if small stones break through them and their heads are out of touch as they climb up. The name of the place is ‘Big Stone.’

The river has come here like a staircase, where the boat has to be raised, and it is very close to the cloud. Here, stones and water are made into rainbows at noon.

Here the sunrise has to be seen by blowing the clouds away, and here the sunset has to be seen with eyes in the eyes of the water.

A black and white museum of water and stone has been built around this Tindu even if you drown your feet in the mountain water and chat with the fish all day long. Tindu is one of the best tourist places to visit in Bangladesh.

The water-stone chat freezes here. It’s a land of clouds, and it’s a land of fog, it’s a land of rocky water, it’s Tindu, a cloud-fog Tindu.

Tindu is an administrative area of Thanchi Upazila in the Bandarban district. The area is well known as an attractive tourist destination for adventure-loving tourists due to its natural attractions.

So if you are a bit adventure lover, you will never make the mistake of depriving yourself of the taste of this place. Tindu comes as number twenty-two in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

23. Manpura Island – A Perfect Spot For Tourists/মনপুরা দ্বীপ

There are hoards of the best tourist attractions in Bangladesh to elevate your travel game in this beautiful destination. Monpura Dwip is a small island separated from the mainland of Bhola in the island district. The 800-year-old island, which wakes up in Meghna’s chest 80 km southeast of Bhola Sadar, is a land of the unmatched beauty of nature.

Monpura is an island full of a diversity of animal and plant resources. The island has a lot of magic to stop tourists or travelers from being fascinated.

This Monpura islandOpens in a new tab. is quite ancient in this land, full of memories of the Shah Purna worshipers. Seven hundred years ago, the Portuguese pirate hideout was in Monpura.

So even today, You can see hairy dogs brought by the Portuguese here.

Manpura’s main attraction is the thousands of acres of mangrove forest area, where the number of living trees is more than one crore. For miles, the vast canvas of trees has decorated Monpura with a green ceremony.

The silent green revolution is going on in 10-12 chars, big and small, including Charanchal char Tajammul, Charjamshed, Charpatila, Char Piyal, Charnizam, Lalchar, Balyuarchar, Char Gowalia, and Sakuchia.

It’s as if these chars were born with an eye-catching form. In the winter season, thousands of migratory birds show their presence with their chirping.

The flying of the migratory birds of the Charanchal, the small sails of the Deer, the boat in the fishermen running through the huge river chest, the herd of buffaloes roaming, and the sky-high Keora garden also touch the hearts of the hard-hearted people.

It is not just the landscape that you can see in Monpura. Monpura has three special items in addition to all the traditional dishes. These are Khasi pangas, raw buffalo milk yogurt, and winter duck.

Raw milk or curd, fresh Khasi pangas brought from the river, and the herd of buffaloes (Bataan) roaming around the Charanchal’s taste is very different from any other place where you taste it.

Moreover, Meghna’s fresh Hilsa never forgets its taste. Monpura Fisheries Limited has been set up at Government and privately owned places on the south-eastern side of Monpura.

Built on a six-kilometer-long and 210-acres of land, the farmhouse can be built under government management.

This farmhouse has a vast four or five ponds and gardens. There are about two thousand coconut trees. The spectacular farmhouse could be an added attraction for tourists.

The tourists are not very interested in coming here as there are no good quality tourist hotels in Monpura. But Monpura Press Club has initially arranged a medium-quality hotel. Manpura dwip comes as number twenty-three in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

24. Himchori – Lap Of Nature Calls You/হিমছড়ি

Himchori is a famous tourist destination located in Cox’s Bazar district of Chittagong division of Bangladesh. It is located 12 km from Cox’s Bazar.

On one side of Himchori is a wide beach and on the other side is a row of green hills. Himchori has a waterfall which is the main tourist attraction here.

However, there is often no water in the waterfall in the spring except during the monsoon. Yet Himchori is a unique tourist attraction as a natural environment.

Himchori has located 9 km from the district headquarters. The hilly, sea, and waterfall-integrated glacier is a tourist spot with natural beauty.

Tourist scent is more popular here during the tourist season. There are a few natural fountains (Prosrobon). In Cox’s Bazar district, the HimchoriOpens in a new tab. waterfall wants to see tourists once for a picnic.

For those who like to noise and cheer with friends, an open roof jeep is an excellent vehicle for Himchori. When the jeep runs fast and looks on both sides of the open jeep, it will seem as if someone is floating in the country in a dream.

This may be the best experience of your life. And rickshaws are the best vehicle for those who want to take their family or wife sightseeing.

You have to leave when the afternoon sun subsides. The path has to be walked through the middle of various shrimp hatcheries in Cox’s Bazar.

After that, the road to Himchori will start with a very high bridge side. On one side of the road will be the high mountains and on the other side will be the sea. You will be thrilled to hear the call of a variety of birds.

This road is built by the army—a camp of soldiers on the way. Along with various bushes in the mountains, Sudur Zhou trees’ rows will be seen on the sea banks.

Sometimes coconut saplings add a different dimension to the beauty of standing on one leg.

You will see small waterfalls in the hills. You may not see water in everything during the dry season. However, you can stop the rickshaw or car on the way and turn around in the falls. Himchori comes as number twenty-four in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

25. Meghla Parjatan Complex – Witness The Clear Reflection Of Nature/মেঘলা পর্যটন কেন্দ্র

The Meghla Parjatan Complex is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Bangladesh. The attractive tourist spot of Bangladesh Tourism Corporation is located 5 km before entering Bandarban-Keranihat road at the Bandarban city entrance.

The name is  Meghla (cloudy), but there is no contact with the cloud in the Meghla tourist spot. It’s like a beautiful carpet is being shaded in the land.

A vast lake can be seen from the main gate of the Meghla Parjatan Complex. There are boats of different designs in the clear water of that lake.

Where you can float in the water at a meager cost, nothing will come to your ears except the sound of water in Meghla.

All the boats run in the battery. That’s why the sound of sly water will give you a sense of glorious silence.

There is a huge lake after a three hundred feet high hill. This is why the sound of vehicles moving outside will not hinder the calmness of your hearing senses.

While walking on this pollution-free lake, you can see the game of different varieties of water birds. The branches of the tree touch the water on the head. The squirrel plays in those trees, and the different bird’s calls are full of charm.

While roaming on the boat, the blanket car was suing over its head. The 1,600-foot-long cable car can instill thrilling excitement in the minds of travelers who have touched the other from one hill to another.

Traveling in a blanket car two hundred feet above the water will create an incredible feeling of floating in the zero. The capable car is also capable of instilling a little fear in some people’s minds.

The Meghla Parjatan complex is neither large in terms of area nor too small, quite organized. Surrounded by several small and big hills, the tourist destination has a variety of entertainment.

The picnic spot will be in front of you as soon as you get down the sloping concrete walkway from the main gate. There is an open platform. You can continue the study tour or picnic ceremonies without any noise.

Next to the picnic spot is the children’s park, where there are various arrangements to keep the children abreast. The restaurant is leaning on the lake adjacent to The Children’s Park.

You can sit on the verandah and enjoy the night of Chandni (full moonlit night) or Amabassa (fully night).

Then the cool air of the clear water of the lake will hit you differently and will shake your mind. Mechanicality will not bother you there in any way. There is two hanging bridge on both sides of the picnic spot.

Aesthetics, these hanging bridges are delightful. Like a swing, it will shake your mind as well. When you reach the middle, you will feel that it will fall into the water.

But no, even if you’re a little scared, the hard tie on both sides will keep you going.

The small hills are covered in Bahari trees. Another enjoyable thing about the tourist destination is the fresh fruit shop. Where papaya, banana, jambura, pineapple, malta are very fresh.

The bench there, people can sit on it and enjoy the hill yam at a low price.

Meghla Parjatan Complex entry fee – Only Tk. 20/. Meghla Parjatan Complex comes as number twenty five in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

26. Shalban Bihar – Go back in time/শালবন বিহার

Shalban Bihar Opens in a new tab.is one of the main archaeological artifacts excavated at Mynamati in Comilla. This Bihar is located in the middle of Lalmai Hills near The Burdwan in Kotbari. The bihar is one of the best experiences of Bangladesh sightseeing tours.

The Bihar was once named Shalban Bihar as there was once a dense forest of Shals and Gajaris around Bihar.

The village in its name is Shalbanpur, and there’s still a small forest there. This Bihar is like Paharpur Buddhist Bihar but small in size.

It is believed that the Fourth King of the Dev dynasty, Shribhav Dev, built this Buddhist Bihar from the end of the seventh century AD to the early eighth century AD.

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There was a central temple right in the middle of the Bihar anganas. Bihar has a total of 155 rooms. In front of the room is an 8.5 feet wide-drawn verandah and at its end is a similar wall.

Each room has three niches on its wall. In the niche, gods, oil lamps, etc., were kept. These rooms were Buddhist monks. There they used to practice education and religion.

There is a hall in the southeast corner next to the entrance outside Bihar. Built on four walls and four massive spherical pillars in front, the hall is believed to have been a beggar’s food room.

The hall’s dimensions are 10 meters in length by 20 meters wide. There are wide brick roads around the hall.

Archaeological excavations have revealed eight copper scripts, about 400 gold and silver coins, numerous burnt clay or terracotta, seal, bronze, and clay statues from the ruins of Bihar.

They bear the signature of the ancient archaeological tradition of Bangladesh. Shalban Bihar comes as number twenty-six on the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

27. Boga lake – Explore The Geological Diversity/বগা লেক

Boga Lake is one of the most stunning places to visit in Bandarban. Nature has created this lake by instilling water on the mountains here on its own. The stunning lake extends over 15 acres on the top of the hill, about 1700 feet above sea level.

It’s as incredible as it is beautiful. Shantajal’s lake has taken a handful of the blue from the sky and has taken it for itself. At the top of the hill, a natural layer of blue water mixed with the blue sky.

You have to see the sky, mountains, and the water combination.

Nature has also poured a touch of green here. The Boga lake was decorated with canvas painting, and nature had painted water on its own.

The Boga lakeOpens in a new tab. is also called Dragon lake by many. It is located 70 km from the Bandarban district on the lap of Keokradong hills in Ruma Upazila.

Mountain peaks from three sides surround this lake. The average depth of the Boga lake is approximately 150 feet. It is a wholly enclosed lake.

Boga lake is a beautiful piece of land. It’s also a base camp for the mountaineers who go on trekking routes through Ruma as popular as a Boga Lake destination.

No source of water was found in its vicinity. However, 153 meters below the height at which Boga lake is located, a small waterfall is known as the Bogachora (burning face).

Most interestingly, the water in this lake becomes muddy every year from April to May. Boga lake comes as number twenty-seven in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

Cinematography By Niher Ranjan DasOpens in a new tab.

And along with the lake, the water in the surrounding rivers also takes muddy color. Because many people think there is something warm at the bottom of it.

The color of the lake water changes when water comes out of this. This lake is full of fish and watery creepers.

Morning, evening, or night, every day, the Boga lake takes a new form. It is not possible to explain its beauty by writing it on paper. It’s Unimaginable without looking with its own eyes.

The bright morning light gives the Boga lake a smooth, fresh look, and at night, there is a magical handiwork of nature you can see.

It’s a completely different day and night. And if the night is Chandni (full moonlit) night, then it may be one of the best nights of your life. What a fantastic form of nature to see.

On a night, the mountain’s chest cracks, and suddenly the moon flashes with a glimpse of soft light in the calm waters of The Boga lake.

The moon’s falling light in the lake water swayed in small waves in the soft air. You have to lose yourself in such a way. Silent, still human beings all around.

When everyone falls asleep, the experience of sitting on the banks of the Boga lake gives a very different feeling. Anyone will fall in love with nature in no time.

There is a funny story about the birth history of The Boga lake in the local hill villages, which is :

“A long time ago, there was a moon-shaped mountain. The difficult hills are covered with dense forests. People from different ethnic groups used to live in the lap of the mountains.

Mro, Bom, Tanchangya, Tripura etc. So from the villages near that hill, cattle and young children were often lost in that moon-shaped hill!

A group of brave youths from the villages went to find out the reason and found that a terrible sight was living in the hole at the top of the hill. In The Bom language, it means dragon.

Some of them attacked and killed the dragon. As soon as the dragon died, a fire broke out from the dragon cave with a terrible roar and burned it around.

In no time, a pleasant mountain lake was born on the top of that mountain.”

However, geologists in Bangladesh believe that Boga lake is mainly a dead volcano.

28. Mirzapur Shahi Masjid – A Famous Tourist Destination/মির্জাপুর শাহী মসজিদ

Another popular religious places to visit and explore in Bangladesh has to be the Mirzapur Shahi Masjid. Archaeologists surrounded the inscriptions of the mosque and believed that Mirzapur Shahi Masjid was built in 1656. But there are historical differences of opinion on who built the mosque.

Some believe that a man from Mirzapur village named Malik Uddin built the mosque.

It has been said that Malik Uddin also founded Mirzapur village. Others believe that a man named Dost Mohammad completed the construction of the mosque.

However, archaeologists believe that the mosque was built during the reign of Mughal ruler Shah Suja.

Cinematography By Tiyas100Opens in a new tab.

Mirzapur Shahi MasjidOpens in a new tab. is located in Mirzapur village of Mirzapur Union of Atwari Upazila. There is a board on the top of the middle door written in Persian about the mosque’s construction.

Based on the fall’s language and script, its construction was completed during the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Alam.

The walls of the mosque have terracotta flowers and vine carvings engraved on them. The significant feature of the mirrored terracotta in front of the mosque is that one has nothing in common; each one is unique.

The construction style of the mosque and spectacular work still attract visitors. Mirzapur Shahi Masjid comes as number twenty-eight in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

29. Marine Drive – Go For Long Drive/মেরিন ড্রাইভ

The 80 km long road from Kolatoli Beach to Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar along the Bay of Bengal is Cox’s Bazar Marine Drive. This is currently the longest Marine DriveOpens in a new tab. road in the world.

Marine Drive Road is the most attractive attraction of Cox’s Bazar travel at present. On one side of this road is the beach and on the other side is the stream of waterfalls flowing down the mountains.

Huge beaches, Inani rocky beaches, and fishers fishing in the sea can be enjoyed on the way through Marine Drive Road.

Cinematography By Spectacular CreationOpens in a new tab.

You can enjoy the marine drive road from Cox’s Bazar to Himchori and Inani beach by jeep, microbus, or autorickshaw. And as you go, you can see the eye-catching views of mountains, seas, and waterfalls.

Also, if you are tired of going, you can sit in a restaurant, eat and enjoy the front view.

There are great restaurants at different places on Marine Drive Road. It’s delightful altogether. The marine drive comes as number twenty-nine in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

30. Baikka Beel – For Wildlife Enthusiasts/বাইক্কা বিল

Hail-Haor’s natural beauty in Srimangal in the Moulvibazar district is a great place to enjoy nature. Srimangal is the tea capital of Bangladesh, located in the northeastern part of the country. You’ll find lush green tea gardens anywhere you go here.

An immensely promising hail-haor for the tourism industry is a green festival in a dry monsoon and a monsoon water game. The arrival of a flock of diverse birds in winter seduces tourists, and visitors. Do visit the Baikka beel which happens to be one of the most beautiful visiting places in Bangladesh.

Srimangal, the land of the hut, is a beautiful and peaceful city. The Bikka Beel of Hail-Haor, a fish and bird sanctuary, is next to the tea paradise Srimangal.

The distance from the capital Dhaka to Baikka Beel in Hail-Hoar is about 200 km and about 20 km from Srimangal city.

On the east side of Hail-Haor lies the Baikka beel of ungodly beauty, made of 100-hectares of wetlands.

It is said that this beautiful beel is now an exciting place to entertain. The bill begins with domestic and foreign tourists and nature lovers’ arrival from the beginning of winter to see the eye-catching scene and the thousands of birds.

Baikka Beel is a unique permanent fishermen’s sanctuary in Srimangal and Bangladesh. The size of the Baikkaa beel is 100 hectares.

This Baikka beel has been developed as a safe fish haven. Many fish species, including aier, kai, meni, fali, and pabda, breed here and spread throughout the haor.

The bill reportedly became a well-known haven for fish, birds, and other animals after the Ministry of Land decided to preserve the Baikka Beel as a permanent fish sanctuary.

For the last 5-6 years, numerous migratory birds flock In every winter from thousands of miles away in the reserved Fishermen’s sanctuary in Baikka Beel.

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From morning to evening, the beel became the kingdom of the birds with their chirping and flying. With this, The Baikka Beel of SrimangalOpens in a new tab. is slowly turning into an attractive tourist spot. This is a must visiting the place if you visit Bangladesh.

People from all over the country and abroad rushed to see this place in reality.

An observation tower has recently been constructed here for visitors, tourists, nature lovers, and bird visitors who have rushed to the attraction of Baikka beel.

This observation is two-storeyed. One can climb the stairs and reach the top of the stairs in no time.

There is various information about birds and fish preserved there. There is also a description of how the migratory birds run to our country.

Binoculars and telescopes are sitting in the tower to view distant birds or water resources. Integrated Protected Area Co-management (IPAC) sources said that every year during the winter season, birds like Pankauri, Kanibok, Dhalabok, Dhoopnibok, Rangabok, Dalpipi, Neupipi, Panmurgi, Beguni Kalem, Kalomatha, Kastechora, Gewala Bataan, Mete matha Titi, etc. come to the beel.

The main attraction of this beel is wild ducks. But Bali Duck is a permanent resident of the bill.

Hail-Haor’s Baikka Beel is now considered an outstanding beel for education, research, and painting. Tourists and nature lovers were fascinated by the charming natural beauty adorned with thousands of panas, water lilies, lotuses, and blue lotuses blooming in the water of the beel.

On July 1, 2003, after the Ministry of Land decided to preserve the Baikka Beel as a permanent fisheries sanctuary, the beel became excellent heaven for fish and birds and other animals.

Tourist specialists stated that along with mountains, tea gardens, and ancient artifacts, another potential place is added to the tourism industry. The natural beauty of this haor is magnificent. Baikka beel comes as number thirty in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

31. Tanguar Haor – Explore The Geological Diversity/টাঙ্গুয়ার হাওর

The Tanguar Haor reservoir is the largest in Bangladesh. Fish, forests, biodiversity, fresh air, open sky, the amorphous beauty of Meghalaya’s mountain class are unique characteristics of Tanguar Haor. Tanguar Haor is a famous tourist attraction in Bangladesh.

The water bodies are like small seas. No waves, tranquil water, all in all, is a full package of natural beauty.

Nature has increased in this vast swamp; without looking at the Tanguar HaorOpens in a new tab., it’s hard to believe the beauty of it. In the northeast part of Bangladesh, 18 mauja of Tahirpur and Dharmapasha Upazilas of Sunamganj district, with 9,727 hectares comprising 51 water loggings, has been formed in Tanguar Haor.

It is one of the biggest wetlands in Bangladesh. During the rainy season, the size of the haor stands at about 20,000 acres.

Tanguar Haor is located at the foot of the Meghalaya Range in India. About 30 waterfalls have come from Meghalaya mountain and merged directly into the water of haor. It is a vast sanctuary for fish, birds, and other aquatic animals.

Due to biodiversity and beauty, Tanguar Haor’s name is recognized in Sunamganj or Bangladesh, and internationally.

This rich freshwater haor biodiversity is called the second Ramsar region of Bangladesh. Sundarbans was first captured. (The name comes from the first wetland detection meeting held in Iran’s Ramsar region.)

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At the entrance of the Haor in Tanguar, there is a row of hijal trees. It looks like these trees are standing to welcome the guests who come to the Tanguar Haor.

When you enter the main haor, you will see all kinds of aquatic creeper plants looking down into the water of the Haor.

It looks like a green paradise underwater. In Tanguar Haor, you will also get Karch, Barun, panifal, helencha, ban tulsi, nokkhagra, ballua, and challia varieties of plants.

The name of one of the bird’s paradises of Bangladesh is Tanguar Haor. From the beginning to the end of winter, there is a meeting of birds sitting in this haor. And most of these birds are migratory.

About 51 species of birds roam here.

The birds are probably the most commonly seen in the Haor in Tanguar Haor in February. If you want to see birds, go out with a two-night travel plan for at least two days in the Haor of Tanguar.

Besides, six species of mammals, several snake species, some rare animal species, six species of turtles, seven species of lizards, and various animals have lived in this haor.

Our native birds fly from one bill to another in search of water and food all year long from one end of this haor to the other. And when winter comes, all kinds of migratory birds flock to the Tanguar Haor with our native birds. This increases the beauty of the air hundreds of times.

Tanguar Haor is one of the sweetest mother fisheries in Bangladesh. Locally known as “Choy Kuri Kanda” and “Noy Kuri Beel,” these huge wetlands are famous for birds and fish.

Once upon a time, there were about 200 species of fish in the Haor of Tanguar.

The first thing to mention about Mahashol is among the famous fish of this Haor. Two species of fish were found in this haor.

There are also gang byme, kalboush, tara byme, byme, gutum, gulsha, tengra, titna, goinna, rui, catla, chital, bowal, and many other species of local fish.

One of the objectives of the conservation of Tanguar Haor is to increase the country’s fisheries resources. In the Haor of Tanguar, the mother fish releases eggs safely, and during the rainy season, these fish spread to other rivers and canals in the country.

That is why the fish sanctuary was declared by abolishing the admonition system of Tanguar Haor. Tanguar Haor comes as number thirty-one on the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

32. New Zealand Para – A Nature Lover’s Paradise/নিউজিল্যান্ড পাড়া

New Zealand Para!!! The name is a little strange. We have heard various times that there are villages called “Bangladesh” in several countries, including Kashmir in India.

After hearing these names, everyone should think that perhaps most of the country’s citizens live in this village or area.

Next to the Pankhaia neighborhood, 1.5 km south of Khagrachari in Bangladesh, strange as it sounds, there is no reason behind the name of New Zealand para.

The road from the Pankhaia neighborhood to Upper Perabari village is named the New Zealand road.

On both sides of the road is the green field with horizons, the only flat land in Khagrachari. The vast green crop and the border of the distant hills have created an aesthetic beauty here.

And that’s why the place has caught the attention of tourists so much.

The New Zealand neighborhood consists mainly of the Pankhaia neighborhood and parts of Paratha. It was as if A piece of New Zealand on the Australian continent had taken place in Bengal.

It is heard in people’s mouths that many years ago, when a  gentleman from a mountain walked through the area, he said that this area’s air is similar to New Zealand since then the name becomes New Zealand Para.

New Zealand Para is not a brick-and-mortar city. This area is an impeccable form of beautiful nature. The vision is only green and green on the border.

There are green paddy fields, and some areas are entirely snout, some houses in the distance, and rows of high mountains standing further away.

Such a fantastic scene you will see in the New Zealand ParaOpens in a new tab.. The late afternoon drizzle will give you a boost in no time.

The dark green mountains, the fountains of drizzle in the distance, the blue sky above, the occasional white clouds, the setting red sun of the twilight have all combined to give birth to earthly beauty.

You can enjoy a wonderful afternoon here.

This smooth green form around will fascinate you. This greenfield, mountains, blue sky, and cloud spread over the horizon will draw a touch of colorful magic in your mind.

The red muddy waters of the Chengi river, which the city of Khagrachari had drawn, were united with the Karnafuli River. Sometimes the diverse lifestyle of the ethnic population, the Jume fields wrapped in green sheets somewhere – have brought a different dimension to the beauty here.

So if you go for a visit to Khagrachari, you must visit the New Zealand Para or New Zealand of Bangladesh. New Zealand para comes as number thirty-two in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

33. Mayabini Lake – Best Spot to Enjoy Nature/মায়াবিনী লেক

Mayabini Lake is a beautiful tourist destination in the middle of the hills of Kongchairi in Panchori Upazila of Khagrachari district.

The place might look like an island in a 15-acre lake surrounded by 40 acres of high and low mountains.

A ceremony of forested greenery spread all around—Lake in the middle of the hill. Cold clear water, fish are floating in clear water.

There is also a sinew in the middle of the lake. The sands have been built with a Golghor restroom.

There are naturally made bamboo sancos to move from Golghor to the mountains. There are 4 boats to roam the lake. In the late afternoon, the mind was fascinated by the charming natural atmosphere in a boat around the lake.

At this time, the white buck can be seen along with the swarm of ducks. The big fish’s sway will take the mind away.

The flow of clear water in the lake will undoubtedly impress all age travelers. Friends can visit together and the excellent tourist spot for family trips as well.

Even if you want to spend time alone in solitude, you can do so within the Mayabini lake’s boundaries. In total, you will have a great time very close to the district city.

Mayabini Lake has a clean environment, and there is no reason to worry about safety. There are facilities to visit various places, including the rabar drums and the Buddhist upasanalaya Aarani kuthi (Education cottage) near Khagrachari Mayabeeni Lake. Mayabini Lake comes as number thirty-three on the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.

34. Traditional Panam Nagar – Discover The Ancient City of Bangla/ঐতিহ্যবাহী পানাম নগর

The main attraction to visiting Sonargaon would be the abandoned merchant city, Panam Nagar. It is a must-see on the list of best tourist attractions in Bangladesh.

Panam, The 400-year-old city of Bangladesh, can be considered a model of an ancient city. It is a famous tourist attraction in Dhaka and one of the most impressive archaeological site in Bangladesh. Its antiquity may be deeper. “Pinem” is a Persian word. Panam from Pinem.

It means shelter. The historic “Shorok-E-Azam” Grand Trunk Road was concluded in Panam Nagar.

Sonargaon was once the capital of Bengal. So businesses, ports, and cities were built around Sonargaon. The importance of Sonargaon can be understood by looking at its geographical location.

Sonargaon is surrounded by four rivers from all sides – the Brahmaputra in the north, Dhaleshwari in the south, Meghna in the east, Shitalakshya in the west.

Such a geographical location was suitable for business. So in 1338, during the reign of Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah, the capital of Bengal was declared the golden village, which later became known as Sonargaon.

At present, there is only one paved road in Panam NagarOpens in a new tab. where visitors visit. The 600-meter-long and 5-meter-wide road has a total of 52 buildings on either side.

Although the buildings have a touch of local lying art, it is mainly a mixture of European and Mughal architecture.

There are buildings from one floor to three stories. The walls of the building are pretty wide.

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The walls are made of bricks and surki of different shapes. Some of the building walls are worth seeing. Various designs, tinted glass, stones, kadis ‍, and terracottas, have been used for ornamentation.

Most buildings have been destroyed, but some survive, especially the buildings where Ansars (Police type) have stayed.

Most of the floors are made of red-and-white mosaics and some are made of black and white marble. Panam Nagar was a living document of the culture of Bengal’s life. Panam Nagar comes as number thirty-four in the list of best places to visit in Bangladesh.


There is numerous place to visit in Bangladesh. It’s a land of beauty. So, before you start making your travel destination list that you want to visit in Bangladesh, check other posts related to Bangladesh. There are many beautiful places to visit if I start mentioning them all, this post will turn into a short novel.

So, just decide a date, gather your friends or family and pack your bags as we have listed some of the best places to see in Bangladesh for a hassle-free trip. I hope you find the article “34 Best Places to visit in Bangladesh | Is Bangladesh Worth Visiting?” helpful.

FAQ Relate to Bangladesh Tourist Attractions

Be cautious in Bangladesh due to crime, terrorism, and kidnapping. Bangladesh has a low crime rate that affects foreigners. Travelers, however, should be aware of petty crimes, such as pickpocketing in crowded areas.

History and monuments are among the top tourist attractions in Bangladesh, along with holiday villages, beaches, picnic spots, forests, and wildlife of many species. Nature lovers can’t ignore this land of beauty.

The Brahmaputra and Ganges rivers form the largest river delta in the world. The Sundarbans, a mangrove and swamp region in the delta, is home to Bengal tigers. In addition, there is a beach (Cox’s Bazar beach) with an uninterrupted natural stretch of sea in Asia 120 km long.

Primarily dependent on agriculture, the country is gradually transforming its industrial structure. The longest sea beach in Cox’s Bazar, the largest mangrove forest, and the royal Bengal tiger in the Sundarbans have made Bangladesh one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

In Dhaka, shorts are acceptable everywhere except inside mosques. So when it is hot and humid outside, you can wear shorts without worry. First, buy some long trunk-thigh length underwear to keep your legs from rubbing together in hot and humid weather, and then some Bangladeshi lungis/sarongs.

Bangladesh is one of the safest countries for female solo travelers. As a female solo traveler, you won’t face any problems anywhere.

Bangladesh’s main religion, Islam (90.4%), is followed by Hinduism (8.5%) and Buddhism (0.6%, mostly Theravada), Christians (0.3%, mostly Roman Catholics), and Animists (0.2%).

The hill station of Jaflong is a popular tourist destination in the Division of Sylhet, Bangladesh. A subtropical green valley is at the border of Bangladesh and India, in Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet District, dominated by subtropical mountains and subtropical rainforests.

Bangladeshi food: Traditional dishes to try

  • Bhorta – mashed vegetables and fish
  • Biryani.
  • Samosa and shingara.
  • Phuchka or Fucsa – Pani puri.
  • Bangladesh breads.
  • Curry.
  • Fried fish.
  • Pitha – rice cakes.

Sreemangal and Tetulia recorded the lowest temperature in Bangladesh at 11.5°C.

Using the average daily price of other visitors, you should expect to spend about BDT4,540 ($54) per day on your vacation in Bangladesh. Past travelers have paid, on average, 1143 Bangladeshi taka ($13) for meals and 571 Bangladeshi takas ($6.74) for local transportation for one day.

The Chittagong Hill Tracts consists of three hilly districts in Bangladesh: Rangamati, Khagrachhari, and Bandarban. There are mountains and rugged terrain with lakes, deep forests, and falls that give it a unique character compared with Bangladesh.

Travel to Bangladesh can be extremely inexpensive. You can travel around Bangladesh for roughly $15-20 a day, thanks to the cheap eateries, low-budget hotels, and cheap buses and ferries. However, it’s important to note that the quality is often subpar on a budget.


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