The 6 Best Things To Do In Capbreton

The 6 Best Things To Do in Capbreton

Does discovering the Landes coast make you want to? Explore the magic of the Atlantic Ocean and participate in the best outdoor activities to do in Capbreton

Huge waves, fine sand, the smell of iodine in the air and surfers all over the waves, welcome to Capbreton. This seaside resort and renowned marina of the Landes skilfully combines the joys of the beach with the pleasure of outdoor activities in Capbreton, more sporty thanks to the energies of the ocean.

We come here to discover the Atlantic coast with all the power of the waves of the big blue, which attracts surfers from all over the world. It is not for nothing that the place is considered the French temple of surfing. Capbreton is not only surfing, it is also a huge pine forest, a pleasant fishing port with a long wooden boom at the entrance of the port.

If you want to spend a holiday under the sign of water while being active, discover our selection of the best outdoor activities to do in Capbreton during your holidays.

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1. Surfing

Surfing in Capbreton is a real institution. It’s impossible to come to the Atlantic coast without going there. Indeed, it is probably the best outdoor activity to do in Capbreton. Take the opportunity to get started if you are a beginner in one of the many surf schools in Capbreton. Perfect your technique or just enjoy the moment if you are already an insider.

The Basque coast is one of the most famous surf spots in the world. The good thing about Capbreton is that there are different kinds of waves for the same swell. This makes it possible to practice surfing at all levels safely. Here you can go surfing every day of the year.

That’s why the area is famous worldwide and you will always meet a surfer in town, in any season.

2. Scuba diving

Who says ocean, says seabed to discover. There are many diving spots to do in Capbreton. Depending on your level or your desires, you can simply do a first dive, do an internship with several dives planned, all supervised, or pass levels for the most initiated.

Whether it’s to see the wreck of the Maro, this cargo ship of more than 90 meters stranded in 2009 in Pekachilla, to see the Bay of Pigs, or to dive in the submarine to observe the torpedo rays, you will feast. Take advantage of this exceptional setting to do this outdoor activity in Capbreton.

3. Stand up paddle

It is the flagship nautical activity of recent years. Stand-up paddle, as the name suggests, allows you to stand on a board and move forward with a paddle. This calm-looking ride can be sportier with the ocean swell. Thus, the activity takes another turn.

This sport arrived straight from French Polynesia and allows you to strengthen your deep muscles without you noticing. You have three possibilities to practice stand-up paddle in Capbreton: quiet walks to slide on the waves while enjoying the landscapes, more sporty walks in the waves, or the descent into the river on the Boudigau canal for example.

4. Quad

How about a speed hike in the Landes forest? This is an outdoor activity to do in Capbreton to practice with family or friends. Quads are very easy vehicles to drive. It can therefore be driven easily without special skill.

Thus, you will discover another face of the Landes, with the wilder part and the Regional Natural Park of the Landes de Gascogne. The Pine Forest of the Landes is the largest forest in Western Europe. An outing and exciting discoveries that will change you from the traditional water activities of the area.

5. Electric Skateboard

This is an unusual activity to do in Capbreton. Have you always wanted to test the thrill and Californian life by getting on a board without ever daring? Capbreton is the perfect place to get started.

Taking an electric skateboard ride in the Landes is a great way to introduce yourself to this 100% ecological mode of transport. Walks on the ocean side or in the heart of the Landes forest can be chosen.

An initiation and a full briefing are planned. All you have to do is follow the guide and ride safely like a snowboard pro.

6. XL paramotor

Do you like thrills and adrenaline rushes? You will love this outdoor activity to do in Capbreton! Paramotor pilots take you to visit the Landes coast aboard a microlight. You will fly almost 500 meters high and up to 50 kilometers per hour outdoors among the clouds.

An amazing experience to live with this activity. The pilot will comment on each important point that is unfolding before your eyes by describing the cultural and historical aspects of the region. Similar to a paragliding flight, the feeling of freedom you will feel will make you want to fly over the Landes again!

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