The Best Tours In Vitoria For Free

The Best Tours In Vitoria For Free

Free tours in Vitoria are currently one of the most popular and are performed by travelers who wish to travel the city to the fullest, not to miss any attractions, and with the assistance of a guide who can provide historical background and personal anecdotes of each place visited.

These also have the particularity of not having a fixed starting price, making them even more attractive since the traveler decides how much he will leave the guide once he has finished the free tour in Vitoria and has a final assessment.

Based on the visit to the city, we wrote the post about the best places to see in Vitoria. We leave you what is for us, the best free tours in Vitoria for free.

Free tour of Vitoria

This free tour in Vitoria will start at the Plaza de Espaa. Once you have met with the rest of the group and the guide, you will head to the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca. This is one of the most beautiful squares, where you can see the famous letters of the city and where every August, the patron saint festivities are celebrated.

An extended visit to the Old Town of Vitoria considered one of the most popular free tours in the city, will include a visit to the walls still standing and the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the inspiration for Ken Follet’s novel A World Without End.

The next stop of the free tour of Vitoria will be the Plaza del Machete, another of the key points of the history of the city to finally go to the Church of San Miguel Arcángel, where the free tour will end.

Free tour in Vitoria of Mysteries and Legends

The tour will start at 20:30h at the monument to the Battle of Vitoria, in the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca, where the guide will give you a brief introduction of the tour, considered one of the best free tours in Vitoria and will begin to unveil some of the mysteries and legends of the city.

Some of the places you will visit are the Tax Office, where you will learn the story of the ghost Andresito, and then you will enter the old town of Vitoria, where you will learn all the details of the “grandfather’s crime.”

The tour will continue at the Palacio de la Diputación de Álava, a very famous location for the legend of the “Vari de Castilla,” and then go to the park of La Florida another place where legends and mysteries are the order of the day.

This free tour in Vitoria will end at 10 pm at the Zulueta Palace, where you will learn about the “legend of the angel of death.”

How much should you tip on the Vitoria free tours?

This is one of the points that create uncertainty and doubts in free tours of Vitoria. As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, these do not have a fixed price. Each traveler will decide how much to leave the guide.

Although this is very personal, after our experience, we believe that if your rating is good, 10 euros per person is a fair amount to leave the guide. This is considering that children do not pay.

Even though the tour may include the word free, we believe this should not encourage you to abuse the situation. We must work together to keep the free tours in Vitoria.

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