Do I Need Travel Insurance For Domestic Travel In Australia? Pros And Options

Do I Need Travel Insurance For Domestic Travel in Australia? Pros and Options

You do not carry a lot of extra money with you while traveling, do you? But there can be many incidents, such as lost or delayed baggage, trip delay, sudden health problems, or you may need to cancel the trip for an unforeseen emergency. These problems can occur during domestic travel, too.

It is not mandatory to have travel insurance for domestic travel in Australia. However, having insurance will protect you from unwanted costs related to travel. From trip cancellation to trip delay and lost baggage, you will be covered. 

Let’s explain the benefits of having domestic travel insurance so that you can make a decision as well as some of the best domestic travel insurance available in Australia. 

Do I Need Travel Insurance For Domestic Travel in Australia?

Why You Need Domestic Travel Insurance

When you are traveling outside the home, whether overseas or domestic, there can be incidents. And in such incidents, you are mostly vulnerable, especially financially. With domestic travel insurance, you can have some additional safety and trip protection. 

1. Trip Cancellation

Although none of us want to cancel a trip while booking, things happen. There can be some emergencies that force you to cancel your domestic trip. It can be the medical conditions of you, your companions, or one of your family members.

 In this case, you will not get any refund for the tickets and bookings you made. But with domestic travel insurance, you will be covered. Insurance providers will assist you financially to make your coverage. Some of the domestic travel insurance policies have a limit of up to $15000 for trips within Australia. 

2. Trip Delays

Trip delays can occur for many reasons. There can be problems with the weather, any strike in the travel agency, or local political reasons. Travel delays often put you in a hazardous situation. You will still have to pay for the restaurants, hotels, or domestic cruise you booked. 

Domestic travel insurance covers your trip delay cost. In most cases, you will be paid a certain amount of money for the delay of the trip for a certain amount of time. You should check the domestic policies before you buy travel insurance policies from an agency. 

3. Lost Belongings Coverage

This is not very rare while traveling, especially when you are traveling by air. Without your baggage, you can be in great trouble when you are away from home. You will have to go shopping, which might not be included in your travel plans. It will be an extra cost for you. 

Domestic travel insurance for Australians comes with a solution to this problem. They pay a good amount of money so that you can handle the problem. In most cases, your claim will be checked, and you will be paid without much delay. 

4. Car Hire Excess

If your trip is not to go on a cruise in Australian waters, then you will most likely need to hire or rent a car. You can secure your investment with domestic insurance policies. If there is an accident, theft, or robbery, the insurance providers will assist you financially. 

But without insurance, you will have to bear all the damage cost of the car. It will put you under a great deal of financial pressure. Some people can’t even enjoy driving when they use a rental or hire car. Since travel insurance covers excess rental car damages, you will not be liable for an accident that is caused by your fault.

5. Cruise or Adventure

Planning to go on an adventure and travel around Australia? Make sure you have domestic travel insurance. However, you should check the travel documents carefully to see if they cover cruise travel and other sorts of special trips you want to make. Some insurance coverage includes snowboarding, hiking, etc.

Best Domestic Travel Insurances for You in 2023

Travel InsuranceMaximum age (Years)
Cover-More Travel Insurance99 
Medibank Travel Insurance Domestic119
Allianz Domestic Travel InsuranceNo limit
Bupa DomesticNo limit
Qantas Domestic Travel InsuranceNo limit
1Cover DomesticNo limit
Fast Cover Domestic89
nib travel insuranceNo limit
ING Travel Insurance Domestic100

1. Cover-More Travel Insurance

Founded in1986
Trip cancellationChosen by customer
Luggage lostUp to $15,000
Trip delayUp to $1000
Medical supportNo

Cover-More Travel Insurance is one of the most popular domestic insurance providers in Australia. When you are traveling within Australia, they will allow you to choose the cancellation amount. 

This is a special benefit that international travel insurance does not have. Anyway, you will have to deposit safety money based on the amount you choose for trip cancellation coverage.  

Additionally, they are one of the few travel insurance providers in Australia offering free policies for children under 12 in their domestic travel insurance plans. Moreover, they have a handsome amount of coverage for both travel delays and lost or delayed baggage. Unfortunately, however, they do not cover medical expenses. 

2. Medibank Travel Insurance Domestic

Founded in1975
Trip cancellationYes
Luggage lost$300 for delays 6 hours or more
Trip delayUp to $2000

Medibank was introduced to Australia in 1972. They have been providing their service with much appreciation since then. Their insurance policies are highly customer-friendly, which makes them so popular among travelers. 

Medibank travel insurance offers you an unlimited amount of coverage for trip cancellation. This lets you make your travel plans with confidence. In case you have to cancel your trip for any reason covered by their policy, they will help you with trip cancellation coverage. 

Medibank also offers luggage loss coverage, which is $300 for delays 6 hours or more. And you will get up to $2000 for a delayed trip. Besides, Medibank has an age limit of 119. However, their services or coverage are reduced for people over 70 years old. 

There are a few cons of their insurance policies, though. It does not cover you when you are on a cruise. As long as you are traveling by road or air, you are under their policies. 

3. Allianz Domestic Travel Insurance

Founded in1890 
Trip cancellationChosen by customer
Trip delay$2000

If you check customer reviews of insurance policies of different agencies, you will find Allianz among the top-rated ones. When you purchase domestic travel insurance from Allianz, you will get many extra advantages. First of all, there are no age restrictions in their policy. So, if you have senior citizens traveling with you, there will be no compensation for their travel coverage. 

You can choose the trip cancellation amount. Additionally, their comprehensive travel insurance backs you when you go on a cruise trip as long as you are on Australian waters. 

4. Bupa Domestic

Founded in1947 
Trip cancellation$1500 (maximum)
Trip delayUp to $2000

If you seek travel advice from experts about trip insurance, then there is a high chance they will suggest Bupa Domestic travel insurance. They have been providing insurance services since 1947. 

You can get $2000 maximum if there is any delay in the trip. However, unlike some of the other providers, they have a limitation for trip cancellation. You get up to $1500 for a trip cancellation under their covered reasons. 

5. Qantas Domestic Travel Insurance

Founded in1920
Luggage lostUp to $5,000
Trip delay$600

Qantas Domestic Travel Insurance knows how to satisfy its customers. They offer the facilities that ensure your trip protection. The advantages of Qantas insurance include the following:

  • You can decide the limit of the trip cancellation
  • They are one of the few insurance providers that allow missed connection claim
  • With each purchase and trip, you can get Qantas points. You can use the points to get extra discounts later.

Though the pros are lucrative, there are setbacks you need to consider. There is a limited delay coverage of $600 at maximum. There is also no option to add adventure coverage. Besides, there are also some negative reviews from the customers. Research thoroughly before making your decision. 

6. 1Cover Domestic

Founded in2003
Trip cancellationYes
Luggage lost$1500
Trip delayUp to $2000
Medical supportNo

1Cover Domestic Insurance is a relatively new institution that was founded in 2003. They will cover you for trip cancellations, travel disruptions, and delayed or lost baggage. They have good reviews from their customers. However, most of their domestic insurance policies may not include Medicare or your private health. 

7. Fast Cover Domestic

Founded in2010
Trip cancellationYes
Rental car policyYes
Luggage lostYes     
Trip delayUp to $2000
Medical supportNo
Accidental death$25,000

Fast Cover is a great travel insurance for Australian domestic trips. They will cover you for all sorts of costs of travel. Their insurance policies do not provide a medical allowance. Apart from that, they have all the other major benefits of travel insurance. Some of their best features include:

  • Unlimited trip cancellation cover
  • You can increase the limits and add more features for valuables
  • You can also add snow travel and other adventure

Though there are no such cons of their services. The only issue is that there are a few restrictions and reductions for those aged over 80. Also, if you are planning to go on a cruise, they do not have much to offer.

8. nib travel insurance

Founded in1952
Trip cancellationYes
Luggage lostYes
Trip delayUp to $500
Medical supportNo

nib travel insurance is another reliable insurance policy. They cover you with all the necessary problems you can face while traveling. The pros of taking their insurance include:

  • You can choose the trip cancellation amount as a customer. The cost can vary depending on the limit you choose for trip cancellation.
  • You can also add other options to increase the benefits of the insurance.
  • If you are a nib customer, you can get up to 10% discounts.

Along with the pros, there are some cons as well. You can face the following problems taking their service:

  • Their policy does not include cruise trip facility coverage
  • There is no discount for online booking or payment
  • Despite their good coverage, their delayed coverage is lower than other agencies. 

9. ING Travel Insurance Domestic

Founded in1991
Trip cancellation$12,500 (maximum)
Rental car policyYes
Luggage lostYes
Trip delayUp to $1000
Online discount15%

ING Insurance was founded in 1991, but they have adapted to the digitization process very well. You can get your quote online and do most of the process online as well. You can get a 15% discount for online registration. 

ING also offers trip cancellation of $12,500 at maximum. With so much money to cover you, you can comfortably spend your money on booking. If there is any delay in the trip, you can make a claim and get up to $1000. 


Is it mandatory to have domestic travel insurance in Australia?

No, it is not mandatory to have insurance for traveling around Australia. However, you should consider domestic travel insurance as it provides your trip protection against unforeseen emergencies.

Is there cruise travel insurance for domestic trips in Australia?

Some of the domestic travel insurance policies cover cruise trips; some do not. You should check the policies of travel insurance coverage before you pay to purchase a travel insurance policy. 

Does domestic travel insurance cover Medicare or private health?

Most insurance providers do not include medical or health allowances. However, some companies allow you to add more features and benefits to their plans with extra valuables. 

Are kids covered for free on domestic policies?

While some insurance providers offer free coverage for children, some companies may not do so. There are also restrictions regarding the age of the children. You should check their policies carefully. 

Can I add extras to my domestic travel insurance policy?

Yes, you can. There are different companies that let you add extras to your domestic travel insurance policies. Nonetheless, not every company offers the same. You should check the agreements thoroughly. 

Do Cover-More domestic travel insurance policies include cancellation cover?

Yes, all the famous and well-known agencies, including Cover-More, allow cancellation coverage. The amount can vary from company to company. You can compare different insurance providers and select the one that suits your needs. 

Conclusion: Do I Need Travel Insurance For Domestic Travel in Australia?

Though travel insurance for domestic travel in Australia is not mandatory, you should consider it. Having insurance protects your trip and makes you feel confident while making necessary payments in advance. From trip cancellations to delayed trips, they cover you. Hopefully, you found the comparison helpful in choosing the best policy for you. I hope you find the article “Do I Need Travel Insurance For Domestic Travel in Australia?” helpful.

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