Does Mastercard Cover Trip Cancellation: Coverage, Policies, And How To Claim

Does Mastercard Cover Trip Cancellation: Coverage, Policies, and How to Claim

Man doesn’t know what will happen in the future. That is what makes the future both interesting and sometimes depressing. Like when you are planning to go on a trip, you get worried about the weather, political issues, health problems, and many other things that make you afraid you might need to cancel the trip. Having a MasterCard credit card could help you with this. 

Does Mastercard Cover Trip Cancellation: Coverage, Policies, and How to Claim

Does MasterCard cover trip cancellation? Yes, they do. They will cover you financially up to $1500, or the original cost of a common carrier ticket per trip, if you need to cancel the trip because of eligible problems mentioned in their policy. But you will have to make all the payments using a MasterCard credit card.  

Let’s guide you on how to make a claim when you are eligible for it and how the claim process works. 

Mastercard Credit Card Travel Insurance Overview

Company NameMastercard Inc. U.S.
Founded inNovember, 1966
Headquarter inPurchase, Harrison, New York, United States
Services Available in210 countries
Net worth$369.51B.

Mastercard is a very well-known financial institution. They are, in fact, the second largest money transaction process company in the world right now. You can use their card across 210 countries. They have partnerships with banks from many countries. It makes them a very reliable card to use for your travel transactions. 

The company was founded in November 1966. Since then, it has been providing its service with a positive reputation. They are now trusted worldwide. The institution has a net worth of nearly $370 billion, making it one of the biggest financial companies in the world. 

Every Mastercard credit user is eligible for travel insurance. The insurance starts working as soon as you become a registered member. The annual fee varies for their different cards. Their  World Elite Mastercards come at a $0 annual fee for the first year. After that, you will have to pay $99 a year. 

The travel insurance of mastercard covers you for several unforeseen problems. 

Trip cancellationUp to $200 (after four hours)
Trip delayUp to $100 (each day for three days)
Baggage delay$1500 (maximum)
Baggage delayUp to $200 (after four hours)
Lost luggage$1500 (maximum) 

When You Can Claim Trip Cancellation Coverage from Mastercard

Mastercard credit card cares about its users and so ensures hassle-free services for its users across the globe. They are transparent with their terms and policy. Before canceling your trip, you must check on the terms and conditions for the eligibility of the coverage. 

Their policy for trip cancellation coverage includes the following:

  • You must make the payments for tickets, restaurants, and other services using the MasterCard credit card. If you received any bonus or discount, the rest of the payment has to be paid using the card. 
  • You will only get money returned for the payments made by using Mastercard.
  • You can claim coverage for tickets bought for your family members, even if they are not traveling with you. But the payments should be made using MasterCard. 

You can see that they have pretty simple and standard policies. Now let’s see what reasons are eligible to cancel a trip and get a financial backup from MasterCard. 

  • The death of your family member or your companions on the trips
  • Sickness of your traveling partners. Evidence should be provided by an acknowledged physician regarding the health condition.
  • Injury or sickness of you or your family member. If your family member was not supposed to travel with you, that is not a concern. If it is an immediate family member and your presence is required, then you can cancel the trip and get coverage. 
  • If you or your travel companion has to attend court for eligible reasons

An expert physician must approve that you, your companion, or any of your family members have a health condition that makes your trip unwise on the booked date. 

When You Cannot Calin A Coverage

At the end of the day, MasterCard is also a financial company that works for profit. So, to avoid fraudulence, heists, and false claims, they have some clear policies stated. You should check on their policies when you won’t be eligible for a claim. The causes include:

  • If the injury was intentional, or death by a suicidal act
  • War, invasion, act of hostilities in your place or the place you wanted to visit
  • If you are participating in any military act
  • Previous health conditions. If you were previously ill while purchasing the tickets, then you will not be eligible for the claim. You can only demand a benefit when you suddenly fall ill after making the payments for the trip.
  • The card won’t cover you if you want to cancel the trip showing reasons such as mental or emotional disorders. However, if you are hospitalized, it will be under consideration. 
  • Canceling a trip for non-emergency surgeries or regular medical check-ups is not under the radar of eligible causes for canceling a trip. 
  • You cannot make a claim for losing the hearing device, eyeglasses, or contact lens.
  • One-way travel that does not have a return destination does not offer trip cancellation benefits in the first place. 

How to File A Claim?

It is always sad to cancel a trip. You make loads of plans to enjoy your time, and then suddenly, you have to cancel them. Nonetheless, the only good news in such situations is that you can get financial aid from your credit card. You must check the eligibility policies first before making a claim. If you find everything alright, then follow the below process to file a claim:

  • The process begins with you calling 1-800-MasterCard and asking for a claim form. 
  • Remember to ask for the claim within sixty days of the abandonment of the trip. You will lose eligibility otherwise.
  • You will need to submit some documents within 180 days of the failure. You should be quick regarding collecting this paper. As the company will not honor your claim if you fail to provide the necessary documents within the given time. 

You should start working on gathering the necessary documents as soon as you make the claim. Here is a list of documents you will need to submit:

  • Signed claim form with all the necessary information provided
  • A billing statement showing that you made the payment for the trip using a covered card
  • Proof of a covered reason. If you had to attend court or other active duty
  • A completed form signed by a physician for injury, sickness, or death
  • A copy of the abandonment policy of the common carrier
  • The institution may ask for some additional evidence or documents necessary for the claim. You will also have to gather those within the given time. 


Is there travel insurance on Mastercard?

Yes, there is travel insurance on MasterCard. Any cardholder of a MasterCard credit card is eligible for travel insurance. However, you will have to make all the payments using your MasterCard. 

Does Mastercard have free travel insurance?

The travel insurance service of Mastercard is provided to all eligible cardholders without any additional cost. The partner bank or financial institution that you have an account with will pay for the premium.

What is purchase protection on Mastercard?

Purchase protection is another beneficial policy of the MasterCard credit card. If you use your card to purchase a new product, and it is stolen or stolen, or damaged by accidents within 45 days, then you are eligible for coverage. 

Does MasterCard have rental car insurance?

If you have plans to rent a car while traveling or make a trip to a distant place, it is wise to make the payment with your MasterCard. They will pay if there is any accident, robbery, or stealing incident with the car. 

Is there any baggage delay policy for Mastercard travel insurance?

Yes, there is a clear policy regarding lost or delayed baggage. You will get up to $200 for baggage delays longer than four hours. 

Conclusion: Does MasterCard cover trip cancellation?

You can see that you can be relaxed with your payments when you are doing it with MasterCard. It will cover you if you have to cancel your trip for any eligible unforeseen issues. It reduces the tension people have to go through while booking a trip. With a MasterCard as your companion, your trips will be more relaxing. Hopefully, this article helped you understand the policies of Mastercard regarding trip cancellation. 

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