15 Free Things To Do In Denver For Young Adults In 2024

15 Free Things to Do in Denver for Young Adults in 2024

Think you need lots of cash to have fun in Denver? Think again! If you’re a young adult, there’s a ton of cool stuff to do for free. Yes, you heard it right, there are tons of free things to do in Denver for young adults!!

Think for a moment you are wandering through beautiful parks, checking out amazing art for free on First Fridays, or taking a look inside the impressive Colorado Capitol Building without spending a penny.

You can cruise on your bike beside the river or spot awesome street art in RiNo, all for zero cost.

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Free Things to Do in Denver for Young Adults in 2024

Denver is full of great places to visit that won’t make you reach for your wallet.

Keep reading to find out all the amazing free activities that’ll make your time in this city both fun and wallet-friendly.

1 – Stroll through the city’s parks: Denver has numerous parks where you can enjoy a picnic, take a walk, or just relax

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Come enjoy the sunshine in Denver’s beautiful parks! They’re perfect for both relaxing and having fun outdoors. No need for anything but your curiosity – it’s free to explore.

You’ll see the city skyline and might spot some wildlife, like squirrels and ducks. If you’re lucky, you might even see a deer.

As the day ends, watch the stunning sunset colors and enjoy a picnic as the city lights start to twinkle.

Feel free to join a game of Frisbee with locals and other visitors. It’s a great way to make new friends and enjoy the open space.

If you’re looking for peace, try an outdoor yoga class to unwind and breathe in the fresh air.

And if you love to read, find a cozy spot under a tree or near a stream. It’s a quiet place right in the city where you can get lost in a book.

Come to Denver’s parks for your own little adventure – whether you’re playing, reading, or just taking it all in!

2 – Visit the Denver Art Districts: On the first Friday of every month, galleries in Denver’s creative art districts stay open late for a First Friday celebration

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Explore Denver’s art scene at the First Friday celebrations in the Art Districts. This free event happens monthly and is a great way to see a mix of art, from paintings to installations. It’s one of the fun things to do for young adults in Denver.

The galleries open late, so you can stroll through and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

There’s more than just art to see. Enjoy live music, grab a bite from food trucks, and feel the buzz of the community. It’s a perfect chance to take some cool night photos too.

Interested in making art yourself? Look out for workshops where you can learn and create something to take home.

First Friday isn’t just an art event, it’s a fun night out. Whether you’re with friends or on your own, you’re sure to have a good time. Come join in and experience the creativity of Denver!

3 – Tour the Colorado Capitol Building: This magnificent, gold-domed building offers free tours

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Curious about the grand Colorado Capitol Building with its shiny gold dome? You can explore it for free!

This building isn’t only stunning; its dome is covered in real gold to remember the Colorado Gold Rush. It’s a true treasure to see.

Step inside and marvel at the beautiful design and rich history. Look at the beautiful stained glass showcasing important people and moments from Colorado’s past.

Wander through the halls where important laws were made, feeling the importance of past decisions.

Visiting gives you a real-life lesson in how laws are created. It’s much more exciting than just reading about it. You’ll get to see where the action happens and understand how government works.

This isn’t just a simple walk in a building. It’s a journey through history, and it’s completely free.

The Colorado Capitol Building is a symbol of our freedom and democracy, where you can see history, politics, and art all in one place. Come see it for yourself!

4 – Bike along the river: Take a two-wheeled tour through the heart of the city along the beautiful river

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Hop on your bike and explore Denver’s beauty along the river! Ride the scenic paths, see amazing Colorado views, and watch for wildlife like herons and hawks.

Enjoy the peaceful river sounds as you pedal.

Each turn brings a new, beautiful scene – perfect for photos or quiet moments. Discover colorful murals and sparkling water views, and feel the freedom of biking in Denver.

Join local cycling groups for fun and to find secret spots by the river.

Before you start, check your bike – pump your tires, test your brakes, and oil your chain. This will help you avoid any problems. Wear a helmet, use lights, and put on reflective clothes to stay safe.

Enjoy the river pathways all year, with spring blossoms and fall colors.

It’s a free adventure that gives you great memories and connects you with Denver’s outdoors. Get on your bike and follow the river for a great time!

5 – Explore the RiNo Art District Murals: This district is known for its vibrant street art

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Take a walk in the RiNo Art District and see how colorful murals make the city walls come alive. This place lets you freely explore and be part of an ever-changing art scene.

You can even make it a fun game by having a Mural Scavenger Hunt with friends to find famous artworks or ones by local artists.

Don’t miss the Street Art Festivals that happen here. They’re great for watching artists at work and learning about mural painting. Check local event listings to join in for free.

Pay attention to the Local Artist Spotlights too. Knowing the artists’ stories behind the murals gives you a deeper appreciation.

When you take photos, remember these tips: look for how light plays with the shadows, the textures, and how the mural fits into the city setting. Your pictures will be your way of adding to RiNo’s artistic vibe.

6 – Visit the Denver Botanic Gardens: While there is usually an admission fee, the gardens offer free days throughout the year

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Come and enjoy the Denver Botanic Gardens for free on special days throughout the year. Experience the peaceful beauty of the gardens and let nature’s colors amaze you.

These free days are your chance to relax away from the busy city.

Take a walk among the beautiful flowers and practice your photography. The gardens are a great place to take stunning photos, but remember to stay on the paths.

The gardens also offer a way to get involved with the community.

You can volunteer, help with plant conservation, and learn about the plants of the region. It’s a great way to meet others who love nature just like you.

You can also join in on garden workshops. They’re fun and you’ll learn about gardening and how to take care of the environment.

Whether you’re new to gardening or already have some skills, these workshops are informative and enjoyable.

The Denver Botanic Gardens aren’t only about beauty. They show the value of plants and the need for education on how to protect them. So, look out for the next free day and get ready to be captivated by one of Denver’s favorite natural spots.

7 – Tour the Denver Mint: Learn how money is made with a free tour of one of the few mints in the United States

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Visit the Denver Mint for a free tour and see how coins are made! It’s one of just a few places in the U.S. where money comes to life. Step inside and join the center of American money-making.

Each coin you use started here with a fascinating story. Watch how coins are made from simple metal discs to the money in your wallet. Our guide will show you the amazing steps, full of care and precision.

But it’s not all about the new coins. You’ll also learn about the history of money and see old coins that tell America’s story.

Here’s what you’ll see on the tour:

  1. Coin Designs: Understand the images on coins and what they mean for America.
  2. Security Features: Discover the high-tech ways the Mint stops fake coins.
  3. Old Coins: Be amazed by the special and historic coins on display.

Come join us and see the magic of money at the Denver Mint!

8 – Explore the Golden Triangle: This intersection of three streets in Denver is filled with businesses dealing in art and commerce

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Dive into Denver’s Golden Triangle, a hub of art, history, and business. It’s a place where you can enjoy Denver’s art scene for free.

The Golden Triangle is a place to let your creativity play, with lots of galleries, museums, and public art to see.

Check out the Art Walks. They’re easy to follow and let you see art from around the world at your own speed.

You’ll meet other art lovers and maybe talk to some artists. Gallery Hopping is like a treasure hunt for art lovers, with different types of art just steps away from each other.

Look out for the free Cultural Events all year long. They’re fun and interesting, with things like outdoor movies and live music that show off Denver’s artistic side.

You can also join Creative Workshops to learn from local artists. Try your hand at painting, photography, or pottery to bring out your artistic side.

As you walk around, you might see Street Performances. These surprise shows make the sidewalks lively and show how free and creative the Golden Triangle is.

In the Golden Triangle, creativity is what brings people together. And it’s all there for you to find, for free.

9 – Visit the Denver Zoo: The zoo offers “Free Days” on specific days of the year

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Visit the Denver Zoo for an exciting, free day out! On select ‘Free Days’ throughout the year, you can explore and learn about animals from all over the world at no cost.

These special days are a great chance to see wildlife up close and find out about the zoo’s important work to protect different species.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet amazing animals and understand more about how we can help them. Remember to check the zoo’s schedule so you can plan to get there early, as these free days are very popular.

Here are some tips to enjoy your visit even more:

  1. Take Great Photos: Bring your camera to take beautiful pictures of the animals. Try to use daylight and the rule of thirds to make your photos look great.
  2. Join in Seasonal Fun: Check if there are any special events happening at the zoo when you visit for an even better time.
  3. Help Out: Consider volunteering at the zoo. It’s a fulfilling way to contribute and you might get to see behind the scenes.

Whether you’re on your own or with friends, the Denver Zoo’s ‘Free Days’ are a perfect way to have fun in the city without spending any money.

Look up the free days online and mark them on your calendar for an unforgettable adventure!

10 – Check out the Denver Flea Market: This huge flea market is free to enter and is filled with local food, breweries, artists, and entertainment

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Discover the fun at Denver Flea Market with free entry! Find delicious local food, cool breweries, talented artists, and exciting entertainment.

It’s more than shopping; it’s an adventure with unique items and great deals everywhere.

Look out for seasonal items that capture Denver’s lively vibe, like a cozy winter scarf or fun summer coasters. Don’t miss the collectibles, including vintage records and fashion finds.

Get tips from locals for the best food and standout artists. Talk to vendors for top deals and to support local businesses.

After shopping, enjoy the live music and performances. Hang out, dance, or picnic with new friends.

Come join us at the Denver Flea Market!

11 – Hike at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre: This park offers free hiking trails and an outdoor concert venue

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Discover the wonders of Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre, just a short drive from Denver. It’s not only a place to enjoy music but also a perfect spot for outdoor adventures.

The park invites you to explore its beautiful trails and maybe even enjoy a concert for free.

As you put on your hiking shoes, get ready for a journey through the beautiful landscapes of Colorado. Keep an eye out for wildlife as you walk through this vibrant natural setting.

Red Rocks isn’t just about the trails, though. Learn about the amphitheatre’s storied past and picture the famous musicians who’ve played here.

For those who love a spectacular start to the day, catch a breathtaking sunrise from the top.

Looking to mix up your exercise routine? Here are some options:

  1. Trail Running: The Trading Post Trail offers an invigorating run.
  2. Yoga on the Rocks: Practice yoga in a unique and inspiring setting.
  3. Stair Climbing: Challenge yourself on the amphitheatre’s steps – a true test of fitness.

And it’s not all about physical activity. Join geology discussions to understand how Red Rocks was formed.

Your visit here will leave you feeling refreshed and free, with experiences that stay with you long after you’ve gone.

12 – Look for street art: Denver is known for its vivid street art, which can be found throughout the city

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Explore Denver’s colorful street art! Take a walk through the city and enjoy the amazing murals that cover the walls. It’s a fun and free way to see some incredible artwork.

Check out the RiNo Art District. You can wander around at your own pace and see cool art by artists from all over. These murals have stories to tell, so take your time and enjoy them.

Keep coming back to see new art. In Denver, there’s always something new to see on the streets. It’s a great way to be part of the city’s ever-changing art scene.

Even at night, the art doesn’t stop. The murals light up in a different way under the streetlights. Remember, you don’t need a ticket to enjoy this—it’s all around you, anytime you want.

13 – Take a Great Divide Brewery tour: Learn about the brewing process and taste some beers on this free tour

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Explore beer-making at Great Divide Brewery with a free tour. See how they make their unique Denver beers and learn about their history and how they brew responsibly for the planet.

Enjoy tasting different beers as you go. Don’t miss out on these highlights:

  1. Seasonal Beers: Try special brews for each season.
  2. Barrel-Aged Beers: Experience flavors from whiskey or tequila barrels.
  3. Yeti Imperial Stout: Sample this famous, rich stout that everyone talks about.

14 – Check out rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia at Rockmount Ranch Wear: This store offers a collection of rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia that you can browse for free

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Visit Rockmount Ranch Wear for a unique experience – it’s free! Step inside and be amazed by the incredible collection of rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia.

Feel the spirit of music history all around you. This isn’t just a store; it’s a place where legendary styles and famous musicians come to life.

As you walk around, you’ll see priceless items that tell the stories of rock legends. There are clothes worn by stars, guitars full of history, and autographed posters that take you back in time.

Rockmount Ranch Wear celebrates the fashion and culture of rock ‘n’ roll. The store itself is part of music history.

You can sense the legacy of rock around you – it’s as if you can hear a guitar playing nearby.

Here, you’ll find the iconic looks that music fans have loved for years.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a huge fan or just curious about rock ‘n’ roll – this is your chance to see amazing pieces from the greats for free.

Rockmount Ranch Wear gives you the chance to dive into the world of rock music without worrying about the cost.

Come in, look around, and let the magic of the music move you on an exciting journey of discovery.

15 – Visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science: While there is usually an admission fee, the museum offers free days throughout the year

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Explore the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for free on special days throughout the year! Dive into the world’s beauty with no cost at all. Picture yourself walking through stunning wildlife scenes or exploring treasures from ancient Egypt.

Here’s what you can’t miss:

  1. Space Exhibits: Journey through space right here on Earth. Enjoy hands-on activities that show you how huge the universe is.
  2. Wildlife Dioramas: See animals in their natural habitats so real, you’ll think you’re outdoors. These displays celebrate our world’s rich wildlife.
  3. Museum Events: There’s always something fun happening on free days. Watch cool science shows or listen to experts share their knowledge.

Make sure to look up when these free days are happening. It’s the perfect chance for those who love to learn without spending money. Take this opportunity to discover and enjoy – for free!

Wrapping Up: Free things to do in Denver for young adults

Discover the best things to do in Denver without spending any money!

Picture yourself biking along the river, marveling at amazing street art in RiNo, and wrapping up with an exciting First Friday art walk.

You don’t need to spend to feel the city’s energy. Visit the Capitol for a dose of history or enjoy live music in a park for free.

Denver offers unforgettable moments at no cost. Go out and create lasting memories for free!

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