50 Fun Things To Do In Glasgow For Young Adults

50 Fun Things to Do in Glasgow for Young Adults

I’ve got to tell you, Glasgow is an absolute blast, especially if you’re in your twenties like me. There are lots of fun things to do in Glasgow for young adults. I mean, the place is buzzing with things to do. Take the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, for example. I went in there the other day, and it completely blew my mind – the art is just insane.

And if you’re into a bit of an adrenaline rush, you should definitely check out the Glasgow Tigers Speedway. I caught a race there last weekend, and it was wild. The energy in the air was electric!

Honestly, there’s a boatload of stuff to do here, and it can be a bit overwhelming trying to cram it all into your schedule. But hey, I’ve been around the block a few times and I’ve scoped out some of the best spots that you’ve just got to see.

So, stick with me, and I’ll let you in on the secret spots and experiences that make Glasgow the adventure of a lifetime. Let’s dive into this city together, shall we?

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Visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum to explore a wide range of art and historical artifacts

Discover the wonders of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, where art and history come to life for free! It’s the perfect spot for young adults to explore.

Inside, you’ll see astonishing art and intriguing historical pieces. Stand in awe under the grand organ’s powerful music, and don’t miss the famous Salvador Dalí painting, ‘Christ of Saint John of the Cross.’

Kelvingrove is more than just old art. It’s a place to get involved with fun hands-on displays, listen to exciting talks, and join workshops that’ll spark your creativity.

Come to where art meets history and today’s conversations. Break free from the usual and join us for an unforgettable experience.

Explore the Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel for a look at Glasgow’s industrial past

Visit the Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel in Glasgow to see how the city grew and changed thanks to transportation. Located right by the River Clyde, this top-notch museum shows off the amazing vehicles that helped make Glasgow a modern city.

Just think you’re walking through Glasgow’s history, with old-time cars, trains, and boats around you. It’s one of the coolest things to do in Glasgow, letting you take a journey from horse-drawn carts to today’s high-tech gadgets.

Every display shows off the cleverness and drive that made Glasgow’s industry boom. You’ll love seeing the detailed models of the Tall Ship by the museum’s entrance, which you can also go on board. It’s not just looking at things; it’s about touching and listening to what life was like in Glasgow back then.

Be sure to try out the interactive parts, like sitting in an old subway car or steering a ship. It’s a fun way to feel like you’re part of the history.

When you leave the museum, you’ll understand more about how Glasgow has always been pioneering and forward-thinking. The Riverside Museum isn’t just about the past; it gets you excited about the story of a city that’s always been on the cutting edge.

Take part in a Glasgow Food and Drink Tour to taste local cuisine and learn about the city’s culinary history

Experience the excitement of Glasgow’s food and drink tours, a must-do for young adults looking for fun at night. These tours are more than just meals—they’re a deep dive into the city’s cultural tapestry.

Walk under the bright city lights, visiting top food spots with expert guides. Taste the iconic haggis, neeps, and tatties, and other inventive dishes that will have you coming back for more.

It’s not only about the flavors, but also the stories of the local ingredients and the dedicated makers. You’ll also make new friends who love food just as much as you do.

Here’s what you might see on the tour:

PlaceFoodWhat You’ll Do
Local BakeryFresh BreadDiscover secrets of bread-making
BreweryCraft BeerSample and learn about beer
Cozy RestaurantScottish FusionTry a dish with a story

Join us on a Glasgow food and drink journey that’s all about pleasure, learning, and connection.

Try your hand at solving puzzles at Locked In Escape Room

Put your smarts to the test at Locked In Escape Room! Get ready for a heart-pumping adventure in Glasgow where you and your friends solve tough puzzles and crack codes against the clock. Here’s what’s in store:

  1. Cool Themes: Step into amazing worlds with our themed rooms. You’ll feel like you’re part of the story, whether you’re pulling off a heist or exploring history.
  2. Team Fun: Grab your friends and work as a team to find clues and solve the puzzles. It’s all about working together to win.
  3. Tricky Puzzles: Our puzzles are designed to really challenge you and get you thinking hard. But when you solve them, it feels great!
  4. Exciting Escape: Feel the excitement as time runs out. Can you stay calm and get out before the buzzer?

Locked In Escape Room isn’t just a game, it’s a thrilling experience for adults in Glasgow. It’s your chance to break away from the everyday and dive into a world of mystery and adventure. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Come on, let’s see what you’ve got – join us at Locked In and tackle the escape room challenge!

Enjoy outdoor activities at Glasgow Ski & Snowboard Centre

Come to Glasgow Ski & Snowboard Centre for an exciting outdoor experience, perfect for everyone, from novices to experts. It’s your local destination for a thrilling day out, filled with skiing and snowboarding fun right in the city. No need to go far for the snow sports rush; we’ve got it all here!

Feel the rush as you ski or snowboard down our well-kept slopes. If you’re new, we offer lessons to get you started. More experienced? Then come and enjoy the freedom of the slopes at your own pace.

Join a welcoming community of snow sports enthusiasts. Make new friends who love adrenaline and the outdoors just as much as you do. Our centre has all the facilities for a day of non-stop excitement.

Here’s what’s waiting for you:

  • Skiing: Whether you’re learning or already a pro, our slopes are ready for you.
  • Snowboarding: Show off your moves or pick up new ones on our exciting terrain.
  • Tubing: Fun and easy for everyone, slide down our special tracks for a blast!

Visit us for a fun and adventurous day in Glasgow!

Cycle the Cathkin Braes Mountain Bike Trails

Hit the Cathkin Braes Mountain Bike Trails for an exhilarating ride! Perfect for energetic young adults in Glasgow, this spot lets you ditch the city noise and dive into nature. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro biker, these trails have something for everyone.

Here’s the scoop:

  1. Varied Trails: Tackle everything from beginner paths to the challenging 2014 Commonwealth Games course.
  2. Amazing Views: Pedal along and soak in the stunning sights of Glasgow and the surrounding greenery.
  3. Meet the Locals: Spot wildlife like hawks and deer as you ride – it’s a true outdoor adventure.
  4. Relaxing Breaks: All that riding deserves a break. Chill out at a scenic spot with a picnic.

Climbing up hills might be tough, but the rush you get zooming down is unbeatable. Feel the wind, master the bends, and live the thrill. Come on, let’s ride!

Take a leisurely walk around the Cuningar Loop

Take a relaxing walk at Cuningar Loop, a peaceful spot in the middle of Glasgow. It’s free and perfect for young adults looking for a quiet break. Cuningar Loop is a beautiful woodland area where you can enjoy nature and relax.

As you follow the paths, you’ll hear the River Clyde and leaves around you. The Loop offers more than just a walk – it’s a place full of surprises, with colorful flowers and interesting sculptures that share the history of the place.

The Loop is also a fun outdoor area. Try balancing on rocks, zip-lining, or climbing. It’s a place to have fun and forget about stress.

Before you leave, sit on a bench, breathe in the clean air, and watch the animals. You’ll feel glad to have found one of the best free activities in Glasgow. Come to Cuningar Loop – it’s a rejuvenating experience that’s kind to your budget.

Visit the Gallery of Modern Art for a dose of contemporary art

Visit the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow for an exciting contemporary art experience. This gallery, located in the city center, is a paradise for art lovers.

Expect to find:

  1. New Exhibitions: There’s always something new to see with changing collections that include cutting-edge installations and digital art.
  2. Interactive Workshops: Join in on workshops and talks to get involved and learn more about art.
  3. Stunning Architecture: The gallery’s impressive neoclassical building is a masterpiece in itself, blending historic charm with modern art.
  4. Local Artists: Support Glasgow’s artists by viewing pieces from the city’s vibrant art community.

Celebrate your birthday differently by embracing Glasgow’s rich art scene. The Gallery of Modern Art is perfect for those who appreciate art and want a memorable and sophisticated birthday experience.

Stroll through the gallery, let the artwork inspire you, and perhaps discover a piece that resonates with you. Enjoy the freedom to interpret and the opportunity to explore in this haven of art.

Play a round of mini-golf at Jungle Rumble Glasgow Crazy Golf

Experience the excitement at Jungle Rumble Glasgow Crazy Golf, where a jungle-themed adventure and mini-golf fun combine. Get ready to challenge your friends and enjoy every twist and turn of our unique courses.

Jungle Rumble is more than just mini-golf. As you enter, the sounds of a waterfall and jungle animals welcome you to an evening you won’t forget. Each hole has its own special challenges that will test your skills and provide plenty of laughs.

Perfect for a night out with friends, Jungle Rumble is the place to be for a good time. Celebrate near-misses, root for your buddies, and enjoy some light-hearted teasing about who’s buying the next round.

And don’t worry about getting hungry or thirsty. We’ve got a bar and café right here to keep you refreshed and ready for more fun.

Test your gaming skills at R-CADE, an arcade and gaming cafe

Step into R-CADE in Glasgow, the best spot for gamers! It’s the perfect place to show off your skills with tons of games, both old and new.

Here’s what R-CADE offers:

  1. Old-School Consoles: Relive the classics with our collection of old-school gaming consoles.
  2. Latest Gaming Tech: Try the newest games with our top-of-the-line gaming stations.
  3. Board Games: Take a break from screens and enjoy a variety of board games with friends.
  4. Fun Events: Don’t miss our special events and competitions for a chance to win and make new friends.

R-CADE is all about fun, friends, and games. Come join us and have a blast!

Take a Celtic Park Stadium Tour for a behind-the-scenes look at one of Scotland’s most famous football clubs

Join us for an exciting tour at Celtic Park Stadium and experience the magic of Celtic Football Club. Walk through the same tunnel as the players, feel the excitement as you step near the pitch, and peek inside the dressing rooms where game plans come to life.

Listen to stories about the club’s famous matches and heroes as you sit in the stands. This tour is more than just history; it’s about the community spirit that makes Celtic special.

And don’t miss out on the night tours. The stadium shines under the lights, offering a special evening filled with football’s charm.

The tour at Celtic Park is your chance to dive into a world of football culture and community. It’s an unforgettable experience for every football fan. Come and see what makes Celtic Football Club a beloved part of Glasgow.

Bowl a few rounds at Hollywood Bowl Glasgow Springfield Quay

Discover the ultimate bowling experience at Hollywood Bowl Glasgow Springfield Quay! It’s more than just bowling; it’s a night of unbeatable fun. With lively lanes and the thrill of the game, you’re in for an amazing time with your pals.

Hollywood Bowl is perfect for those rainy Glasgow days. Step in and feel the buzz – from the glowing lanes to the excitement of players scoring strikes, it’s a vibe you’ll want to join. Here’s what’s waiting for you:

  1. Pick a Lane: Whether you’re a bowling champ or just out for a good time, find the perfect lane for you and start rolling!
  2. Arcade Action: Take a break from the lanes and dive into arcade fun. Battle it out in air hockey, race to the finish line, or grab some cool prizes to remember the night.
  3. Tasty Treats: Hungry? No problem. Enjoy delicious food and cheers to your game at the bar.
  4. Night Owl Delight: Party till late with neon lights keeping the mood alive all night long.

Come down to Hollywood Bowl and make your evening a strike!

Visit the People’s Palace to learn about the history of Glasgow and its people

Discover Glasgow’s rich history at the People’s Palace, located in Glasgow Green. It’s an ideal place for couples looking for an interesting day out. Walk through the museum together and see how the city has changed from 1750 until now.

The museum is filled with interesting items and stories that show what life was like for the people of Glasgow. See the changes in fashion, homes, and fun activities over time. The museum’s hands-on exhibits make learning about the past fun and engaging.

Hear stories about the local people that will help you understand Glasgow better. You might even see parts of your own life in their stories of struggle and success. Visiting the People’s Palace is an eye-opening experience that connects us to our shared history.

After exploring the museum, relax in the Winter Gardens. This beautiful glasshouse is a peaceful place to think about everything you’ve learned. The People’s Palace is full of stories waiting to inspire and move you. Come and see for yourself!

Try pottery at The Craft Pottery

Discover your artistic side at The Craft Pottery in Glasgow’s center! It’s an inviting place for both beginners and skilled crafters to shape clay into something amazing.

Here’s why you’ll love The Craft Pottery:

  1. Custom Workshops: Get hands-on guidance to make pottery, from starting with clay to using the potter’s wheel. Our friendly experts will help you make something special.
  2. Decorate Your Piece: After shaping your pottery, pick from many paints and glazes to decorate it. It’s a fun way to show your style!
  3. Final Firing: Your painted pottery is baked in a kiln, turning it into a strong ceramic piece you can keep forever.
  4. Meet People: More than just pottery, this is a place to hang out, have fun, and meet others who love being creative too.

Come join us at The Craft Pottery and make art and memories to last a lifetime!

Visit the St Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life to learn about the world’s major religions

Visit St Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life in Glasgow to explore the world’s major religions through exciting exhibits. This isn’t just a place for silence; it’s an adventure into the various beliefs that shape our lives.

As you walk around, you’ll see fascinating stories and symbols. You’ll get to know more than just religions; you’ll learn about and respect their cultural significance.

Here’s a quick look at what you can see:

  • Zen Garden: A peaceful spot for reflection with neatly arranged gravel and calming plants.
  • Islamic Art: Beautiful designs and writing that show the importance of words in Islamic culture.
  • Stained Glass: Colorful glass that tells stories of faith with the sunlight shining through.
  • Hindu Deities: Impressive statues representing the many Hindu gods and goddesses.
  • Interactive Stations: Fun activities that help you understand different religious customs.

St Mungo’s is more than a museum; it’s a door to knowledge and respect, blending the spiritual with learning. Come to open your mind and leave with a deep appreciation for the world’s diverse faiths.

Explore the Glasgow Botanic Gardens for a peaceful retreat in the city

Come relax in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens, a peaceful spot right in the city. It’s a beautiful place to take a break, think, or get inspired by the plants and flowers.

Here’s what you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Kibble Palace: This big glasshouse feels like a tropical world. Be amazed by the unusual plants growing there.
  2. Herbaceous Borders: Walk past the pretty flowers that change with the seasons. They’re a true work of garden art.
  3. The Rose Garden: Smell the lovely roses. It’s a dreamy place that’s perfect for photos.
  4. The River Kelvin Walkway: Enjoy the sound of the river as you walk. It’s very calming.

The Glasgow Botanic Gardens is more than just a place to look at; it’s a place to feed your soul. You can wander, sit and read, or just enjoy the quiet. Time slows down here, giving you a break from everyday life.

Visit the Barras Market for a unique shopping experience

Experience the thrill of shopping at Glasgow’s Barras Market! This iconic market in the East End is a weekend hotspot filled with excitement. From unique vintage clothes to one-of-a-kind handmade crafts, there’s always something special to find. You might even find a rare vinyl record to treasure.

Feel the lively energy of the market as you listen to traders shouting deals and enjoy delicious street food. It’s more than just shopping; it’s about bargaining, meeting skilled locals, and embracing the true Glasgow vibe.

Here’s a quick look at what you can find at the Barras Market:

  • Vintage Apparel: Stand out with fashion from yesteryears.
  • Artisan Crafts: Buy unique items directly from the talented people who make them.
  • Antique Treasures: Discover items with history to add character to your home.
  • Street Food Stalls: Treat yourself to a variety of scrumptious local eats.

Visit the Barras Market on any weekend for an unforgettable shopping journey. It’s not just about buying things; it’s about the joy of searching and finding hidden treasures at your own pace. Come for the shopping, stay for the adventure at the Barras!

Learn how to make gin at the Crossbill Distillery Gin School

Join us at Crossbill Distillery Gin School in Glasgow for an exciting chance to make your own gin! Our experts will guide you through the fun process, and you’ll get to tap into your creative side.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

  1. Gin Basics: We’ll start with a quick history of gin and show you how it’s made. You’ll also get to taste different types to learn about their flavors.
  2. Choose Your Botanicals: You’ll get to pick from a variety of plants and spices that will give your gin its unique taste.
  3. Make Your Gin: With your chosen ingredients and a mini-still, you’ll craft your gin right before your eyes, with help from our skilled team.
  4. Bottle Your Masterpiece: When your gin is ready, you’ll pour it into a bottle and create a custom label for it.

Don’t miss this chance to blend your very own gin and take home not just a bottle, but a special memory from Glasgow. Whether you’re new to gin or a longtime enthusiast, you’re sure to enjoy this hands-on experience.

Let’s get started and raise a glass to your gin-making adventure!

Visit Princes Square for high-end shopping and dining

After making your own gin, head to Princes Square in Glasgow for some top-notch shopping and delicious food. This place looks amazing with its fancy glass roof and iron details. It’s a great spot to treat yourself to some designer clothes or find a special gift.

As you walk around, you’ll see lots of luxury stores with the newest clothes, jewelry, and beauty products. It’s a special place to shop that feels really personal.

Feeling hungry? Princes Square has lots of cool restaurants with all kinds of tasty dishes, from local Scottish food to international flavors. You can grab a quick fancy lunch or sit down for a big dinner with wine, all in a stylish setting.

Make sure to go up to the terrace too. It’s a nice spot to relax and watch the city life from above. Princes Square isn’t just for shopping and eating; it’s a place where you can enjoy the good life for a while.

Explore George Square and admire the statues and architecture

Come visit George Square in the center of Glasgow! It’s a beautiful spot filled with statues and amazing buildings that tell the story of the city. The Square is always bustling with life, making it a great place to soak in Glasgow’s vibe.

Here’s what you should check out:

  1. City Chambers: This stunning Victorian building is a must-see. Make sure to go inside and see the lavish decor.
  2. Famous Statues: Look out for the statues of Queen Victoria, Robert Burns, and James Watt. They’re more than just art – they’re pieces of history.
  3. Events All Year Round: There’s always something fun going on, whether it’s the sparkling Christmas lights or summer festivals full of excitement.
  4. A Mix of Old and New: The buildings around the square show off Glasgow’s past and present. Take in the beautiful designs from different times.

George Square isn’t just a place to walk through. It’s a key to understanding what makes Glasgow special. Don’t miss out on this experience!

Visit the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre for a concert or event

Experience the excitement of Glasgow at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SEC). It’s right near the city center and is the perfect place for fun, with many concerts and events to choose from. Walk by the River Clyde and you’ll see the SEC’s modern look, inviting you to join in on the action.

Get ready for a great time, with everything from loud concerts to interesting talks. When your favorite band starts to play, you’ll feel the energy of the music and the crowd around you. It’s not just music, though. You can also check out cool exhibitions on new technology or fun lifestyle ideas. Talk to people who are creating new things and learn something new.

After the show, you can keep enjoying your night in Glasgow. There are plenty of lively bars and places to eat that stay open late. The SEC is more than just a place to see a show—it’s your starting point for a night out in the city.

Explore Celtic Park, home to the Celtic Football Club

Experience the incredible vibe of Celtic Park, the home of Celtic Football Club. Here, the fans’ passion creates an amazing game day that you just have to be part of. Surrounded by green and white, you’ll feel the true spirit of Glasgow’s football scene.

While you’re at Celtic Park, there’s so much to see and do:

  1. Stadium Tour: Take a special tour to see where the players get ready and check out the trophies they’ve won. It’s your chance to follow the path of football heroes.
  2. Celtic FC Superstore: Pick up some cool Celtic gear to remember your visit. From shirts to scarves, get decked out in the team’s colors.
  3. The Celtic Way: Walk the path to the stadium and see the statues of Celtic’s legendary players. It’s a perfect start to your stadium adventure.
  4. Match Day: If you get a ticket for a game, get ready for an unforgettable time. Join in with the cheering crowd and feel the excitement of the live action.

Join us at Celtic Park and be part of something great. Whether you’re a hardcore football fan or just curious, your trip to Glasgow won’t be complete without it.

Take a Waverley Excursion for a scenic boat trip

Experience the thrill of Glasgow from the water after enjoying a game at Celtic Park by hopping aboard the Waverley, the world’s last sea-ready paddle steamer. This isn’t just a boat ride; it’s a journey through history as you feel the vibrations of the engines and the fresh breeze on your face.

Take in the stunning sights of Glasgow’s skyline from the River Clyde, including the SEC Armadillo and the Glasgow Science Centre. It’s the perfect mix of old and modern, all from the comfort of the Waverley.

Plus, the Waverley Excursions aren’t just scenic trips; they’re events. Whether it’s enjoying live jazz or sipping whisky, there’s a cruise for everyone. Come join us, meet new people, and make unforgettable memories on the river.

Watch a race at the Glasgow Tigers Speedway

Come to the Glasgow Tigers Speedway for an incredible time! The atmosphere is buzzing, and you’ll feel the excitement in the air. With the bikes zooming around the track, every second is thrilling.

Here’s why you should check it out:

  1. Amazing Vibe: The energy is awesome. People of all ages join in, making it a fun place to be. You’re not just watching; you’re part of the action.
  2. Thrilling Races: The riders are right there, taking sharp turns and speeding by. It’s super exciting to watch them compete.
  3. Great Value: It’s not expensive to come here, so you can have a blast without spending too much.
  4. Discover More: You get to learn about the sport by visiting the pits and chatting with the riders. It’s more than just watching; it’s learning and getting involved.

The Glasgow Tigers Speedway is a place where the excitement of racing comes alive. Bring your friends and enjoy the moment. It’s all about fun, learning, and enjoying the thrill of the race.

Try axe-throwing at Hatchet Harry’s for a unique experience

Come to Hatchet Harry’s for an amazing axe-throwing adventure! Feel the excitement as you throw axes and hear them hit the target. It’s a super fun experience that everyone is trying out.

Don’t worry if you’re new to this – our friendly experts will show you how to throw safely and with confidence. You’ll join others in a fun competition, perfect for making friends or celebrating something special.

Hatchet Harry’s is all about trying new things and having a great time. Leave the boring hangouts behind and come to us for an unforgettable experience. Bring your friends or come alone – either way, you’re going to have a blast.

Get ready for some excitement at Hatchet Harry’s – it’s a great choice for a fun day out in Glasgow.

Visit an indoor water park for a fun-filled day

Come to Glasgow’s top indoor water park for an exciting day out! It’s the perfect place to escape the usual Scottish weather and jump into warm, tropical fun. This place is great for adults who need a break and want some excitement.

With cool slides that twist and turn, you can feel the rush as you slide down into the water. The wave pool is like being at the ocean, riding the waves without even going to the beach.

If you’re looking for something calmer, the lazy river is perfect. Just relax and float, surrounded by pretty plants and colorful tiles.

There’s also plenty of space to chill out and chat with friends or meet new people. When you’re ready for a break, grab a snack or a drink.

Come have fun, be spontaneous, and make memories that’ll stick with you long after you leave.

Tackle an escape room challenge at Escape Reality

Dive into the excitement at Escape Reality in Glasgow after you’ve had your fun at the water park. It’s a top spot for adults who love puzzles and working together. Every escape room here has its own story, pulling you into a different adventure. You and your pals will have to join forces to crack codes and find clues.

Picture this: you’re in a room, maybe it’s an old temple or a high-tech space base. Time is flying, and you’ve got to hurry. This isn’t just any game – you’re right in the middle of the action. When you solve that last puzzle and open the door, the feeling is amazing.

Choose your own escape room challenge at Escape Reality. It’s a great way to feel proud of what you’ve done, get closer with your friends, and make fun memories to talk about later. It’s more than a game – it’s an epic experience.

Visit the Glasgow Science Centre and build rollercoasters

Come to the Glasgow Science Centre and have a blast building your own rollercoasters! It’s not just about watching—get involved and make your own. You’ll get to create cool rollercoasters while learning about physics without even knowing it.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • Build It Yourself: Learn about gravity and motion by making your coaster.
  • Be Creative: Make any coaster you can dream up.
  • Work Together: Join with others for even more fun.
  • Compete: See if your coaster can impress without crashing.

This is a super fun indoor activity in Glasgow for adults, perfect for a different kind of day out. Whatever the weather, you’re guaranteed an exciting time at the Glasgow Science Centre. You’ll walk out feeling like a rollercoaster pro, with new insights into the science that makes real amusement park rides so thrilling.

Explore the gorges of Dollar Glen on a discovery canyoning trip

Join us for a thrilling canyoning trip at Dollar Glen! It’s an amazing spot close to Glasgow, perfect for adventure lovers. Experience the stunning Scottish nature as you climb down rocky cliffs, jump into clear waters, and slide down natural water slides.

Our expert guides will be there to make sure you have a fun and safe experience. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Terrain: Rocky paths and steep descents
  • Wildlife: Birds and maybe deer
  • Water Features: Pools, waterfalls, and slides
  • Skill Level: Great for both beginners and experts

Canyoning at Dollar Glen is a fantastic way to spend a day outside. It’s a chance to test yourself, enjoy nature, and make memories that you’ll want to talk about.

Put on your adventure gear and get ready for a day full of excitement!

Visit the SWG3 Studio Warehouse for a variety of events from poetry to comedy

Looking for a fun night out in Glasgow? SWG3 Studio Warehouse is your perfect spot! It’s a place buzzing with energy, offering a variety of cool events for young adults.

Here’s what’s waiting for you:

  • Art Shows: Explore exciting artwork by new and well-known artists.
  • Live Concerts: Enjoy music from indie to electronic beats.
  • Party Nights: Dance to different themes that suit your style.
  • Food Festivals: Savor delicious street food from local chefs.

SWG3 isn’t just a venue, it’s a community where you can enjoy art, laugh with friends, and make lasting memories. Join in and experience Glasgow’s lively culture in a place that embraces everyone.

Come and have a great time – that’s what Glasgow’s nightlife is all about!

Spend a night in a historic hotel for a unique experience

Stay at a historic hotel in Glasgow and step back in time while enjoying your stay. These beautiful old hotels offer more than just a bed; they’re a gateway to the past with their luxurious feel and historic charm. Walk where famous people once did, surrounded by amazing old architecture.

If you’re a young adult looking for fun in Glasgow at night, these hotels are perfect. Not only do you get a special place to sleep, but many have great bars and restaurants right inside. There, you can enjoy a drink or a tasty Scottish meal in a setting that’s way cooler than any modern place.

After a night out at a concert, comedy show, or art gallery, it’s awesome to come back to a hotel with so much character. The rooms are often filled with antique furniture and decorations, making your stay even more special.

Staying in a historic hotel is more than just finding a place to sleep. It’s about choosing something different and celebrating Glasgow’s rich history. So, be curious and make your trip to Glasgow unforgettable.

Visit the Rouken Glen Park for a day out in nature

Experience the beauty of nature in Glasgow at Rouken Glen Park, a perfect spot for those looking for a calm escape. This large park is free to visit and offers plenty of activities:

  • Walk along beautiful paths, enjoy the greenery, and watch for wildlife.
  • Relax by a lovely waterfall with a picnic and enjoy the peaceful sounds.
  • Take part in a gardening class or admire the plants in the greenhouse.
  • Play with a frisbee or football on the lawns, or read a book in the shade.

Rouken Glen Park is a great place to find peace and enjoy nature. Whether you love watching birds, taking photos, or simply want a quiet place to relax, this park is for you. Come and see what makes it special!

Try laser tag at Combat City Cambuslang

Looking for excitement? Visit Combat City Cambuslang for an awesome game of laser tag. Dive into the action as you enter the arena, where the real world disappears, and you’re in the middle of a thrilling battle. Get ready for intense music and a challenging maze of barriers. You’ll be moving quickly, planning with your team, and aiming carefully to hit your targets.

This game is way more than just hide-and-seek. It’s a top pick for fun in Glasgow, with smart gameplay and friendly rivalry. Combat City’s advanced gear lets you see your scores live, so you can battle for the number one spot.

Laser tag at Combat City is perfect for birthdays, team events, or just a fun day out. The play zone looks like a small city, with buildings, cars, and paths to run around in.

Feel your heart race as you dodge laser beams in the cool, shadowy setting. It’s not just a game – it’s a fast-paced adventure where planning, speed, and accuracy are key. So, bring your mates and come see why laser tag at Combat City might just become your new go-to activity in Glasgow.

Take a Celtic Park Stadium Tour for a behind-the-scenes look at one of Scotland’s most famous football clubs

Visit Celtic Park for an exciting tour of a famous Scottish football club’s stadium. Experience the thrill as you enter Celtic Football Club’s home, a place full of history and the excitement of countless fans.

On this special tour, you get to see areas usually only seen by players and staff. Walk through the tunnel like the world’s best players, feeling the buzz of an upcoming game.

Here’s what the tour includes:

  • Stand on the pitch: Feel the grass and see the stadium from the players’ perspective.
  • Enter the dressing room: Sit where football legends have got ready for matches.
  • Sit in the dugout: See the game from the manager’s seat and imagine making big calls during a game.
  • Visit the Celtic Museum: Learn about the club’s great history with rare items and fun interactive exhibits.

This tour is perfect for young adults in Glasgow looking for excitement and a connection to Scottish football culture.

Make sure to include this in your Glasgow trip – it’s an experience not to be missed!

Try skiing or snowboarding at the Glasgow Ski and Snowboard Centre

Experience the excitement of skiing and snowboarding right in Glasgow at the Glasgow Ski and Snowboard Centre. No matter the weather, you can enjoy the thrill of the slopes. It’s perfect for beginners and experts alike, with lessons available and advice to improve your skills.

Looking for a fun date idea? Try hitting the slopes together! It’s a great way to create lasting memories. The centre has everything you need – main slopes, practice areas, and a freestyle zone for those who like to get creative.

Bring your friends or do something different on your own. At the Glasgow Ski and Snowboard Centre, you can enjoy an adventure without leaving the city. Put on your boots, grab your gear, and prepare for an amazing time in the heart of Glasgow.

Visit the Pollok Country Park for a day out in nature

Looking for a peaceful getaway without leaving Glasgow? Pollok Country Park is the perfect spot for young adults to enjoy nature for free! It’s close to the city center but feels like a different world.

Here’s what you can enjoy at Pollok Country Park:

  • Take a walk or bike ride on the scenic paths and enjoy the beautiful views.
  • Check out the Burrell Collection – it’s full of amazing art and totally free.
  • See the Highland Cattle roaming around – they’re a cool part of the park’s wildlife.
  • Have a picnic by the White Cart Water and let the sounds of nature be your background music.

Pollok Country Park is great for anyone who loves the outdoors, art, or just wants to chill out. Explore at your own pace and find your favorite spot in the park.

Grab some friends or go alone – either way, this place is a calm escape from the busy city life. Come and enjoy the quiet side of Glasgow!

Take a Waverley Excursion for a scenic boat trip

Take a Waverley Excursion for a unique way to see Glasgow. Sail down the river on Scotland’s last sea-going paddle steamer, a beautiful old boat from 1947. As you cruise, enjoy the city’s sights from a new angle.

Think about having your birthday on this special ship, celebrating with friends and creating unforgettable memories with stunning views around you. The Waverley is perfect for escaping the usual city life. It’s a break from the norm, offering peace on the water.

You’ll see famous buildings and learn about Glasgow’s history as a port. Take pictures, enjoy some tea, or just relax and watch the scenery. Each trip on the Waverley is both a tribute to the past and a new adventure, perfect for making your birthday extraordinary.

Choose the Waverley for a chance to explore and celebrate. It’s more than just a scenic boat trip – it’s an exciting journey through Glasgow’s heart, perfect for marking special occasions. Don’t just think about it; make it the best part of your birthday.

Try ten-pin bowling at Hollywood Bowl Glasgow Springfield Quay

Come to Hollywood Bowl Glasgow Springfield Quay for a fantastic time! It’s the perfect place to bowl with friends and have a blast. Right in the heart of Springfield Quay, this is where young adults go for fun at night.

When you enter Hollywood Bowl, you’ll hear the awesome sound of pins falling and see cool, glowing lanes waiting for you. Bowling isn’t just a game here; it’s one of the best ways to spend your evening in Glasgow. Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • Awesome Bowling: Lace up your shoes and knock down some pins. Whether you’re competitive or just want to laugh with friends, you’re in for a great time.
  • Cool Arcade: Step away from bowling and play some fun video games in the arcade area. See who can get the top score!
  • Tasty Food and Drinks: Grab a bite and a drink at the bar. They’ve delicious options like burgers and sweets to keep you going.
  • Fantastic Atmosphere: With great music and bright lights, the mood is set for an amazing night.

Let loose and enjoy the evening. Hollywood Bowl isn’t only about bowling – it’s about freedom, fun, and creating lasting memories. Don’t just think about a fun night; come and experience it at Hollywood Bowl Glasgow Springfield Quay.

Visit the Glasgow Riverside Museum for a look at Glasgow’s industrial past

Discover Glasgow’s past at the Riverside Museum, right on the River Clyde. This museum has a cool design and is full of Glasgow’s history, showing how it grew from a small place to a big player during the Industrial Revolution.

Walk through old-timey streets with classic cars, trams, and trains. See the Tall Ship docked outside, a symbol of Glasgow’s boat-building skills. Hear stories about the folks who worked hard to build the city.

Check out fun, hands-on exhibits that make you feel like you’re in the middle of old Glasgow. There are also recreated shops and subway stops to see. It’s not just about looking – you can touch and play with the stuff too!

The Riverside Museum isn’t just about the old days; it’s about how Glasgow’s hard work and new ideas have made it a lively and exciting place now. Come and see how this city’s history still shapes it today.

Take a City Sightseeing Glasgow Hop on Hop off Tour to explore the city

Jump on the bright red City Sightseeing bus and discover Glasgow on your own terms. Take your time visiting the city’s famous sites and hidden gems without any rush. Whether you’re up top for great views or inside away from the occasional rain, you’ll learn all about Glasgow’s history and culture with fun audio commentary.

Get off the bus whenever you see something you like and then easily hop back on a bus every 10-15 minutes. You won’t wait long to continue your journey.

Here’s why you’ll love the hop-on-hop-off tour:

  • Easy-going: Step off to look around places like the Glasgow Cathedral and get back on when you’re ready.
  • Regular Buses: The next bus is always just a short wait away.
  • Amazing Sights: See everything from lively George Square to the peaceful Glasgow Green.
  • Fun Facts: The audio guide tells you interesting stories that make the city come alive.

Whether you’re taking photos at The Lighthouse or relaxing in the Botanic Gardens, this tour puts you in control. It’s a perfect way to experience Glasgow’s diverse attractions while having the freedom to design your own unique day.

Get your ticket and be ready for Glasgow to amaze you at every corner!

Visit the Reidvale Adventure Play park for some outdoor fun

Come visit Reidvale Adventure Play park in the East End of Glasgow after your city bus tour. It’s a unique playground where everyone, no matter their age, can have fun and feel young again.

Climb on wooden structures, swing, and explore. There’s always something different to do with our seasonal activities and plenty of space to play or relax.

Join in a football game or read a book on the grass. Reidvale Adventure Play park is a special place that proves fun has no age limit.

Don’t miss out on the chance to live in the moment and enjoy a day of adventure in Glasgow.

Take a Glasgow Spy Mission Treasure Trail for a fun and interactive way to explore the city

Dive into a fun Glasgow Spy Mission Treasure Trail and solve clues to uncover the city’s hidden stories. Wander through Glasgow at your own pace, feeling the excitement of being on an adventure. You’re not just walking; you’re becoming part of Glasgow’s tale.

Enjoy cracking codes and solving puzzles as you go, with no need to hurry. Relax, take in the views, have a snack, or take great photos.

Here’s what the treasure trail offers:

  • Find secret spots: Discover places in Glasgow you mightn’t know about.
  • Learn about the city: Get to know Glasgow’s history with every clue.
  • Have fun with friends: Work together and share the fun.
  • Do it on your time: Start when you like and take breaks whenever you need.

This trail lets you explore Glasgow how you want, with a fun story to make your visit exciting. Get your detective hat on and enjoy a unique journey through this vibrant city.

Visit the Huntfun Glasgow tourist attraction for a unique way to explore the city

Discover Glasgow in a fun and engaging way with Huntfun! This isn’t just a regular tour; it’s an exciting treasure hunt that takes you through the city’s streets, uncovering secrets and stories. You’ll be solving clues and facing challenges that bring Glasgow’s unique character to life.

Keep your wits sharp as you make your way through historic lanes and modern roads. It’s a hands-on experience that makes you an active part of the city’s story.

With your treasure map and clues from Huntfun, set out on an adventure to famous sights and hidden spots. Every step is a chance to learn something new, from the grand Glasgow Cathedral to the lively Merchant City.

Huntfun is flexible – start when you want, move at your pace, and take breaks to enjoy local food or relax. It’s your adventure. Finish the hunt with a sense of accomplishment, having truly experienced the heart of Glasgow.

Let Huntfun lead you to the city’s wonders.

Visit the Finnieston Crane & River Clyde for a scenic walk

Take a relaxing walk by the River Clyde and discover the historic Finnieston Crane. It’s a striking reminder of Glasgow’s industrial past, perfect for a picture. Enjoy the calm waters and let the sounds of the Clyde soothe you. Keep an eye out for unique sculptures along the way. Don’t forget to take in the beautiful views of the city, including the SEC Armadillo and the Glasgow University tower.

As you walk, enjoy the open space and the break from city noise. The River Clyde and Finnieston Crane offer a peaceful spot right in the city.

Visit Ashton Lane for a unique shopping experience

Discover the magic of Ashton Lane, a picturesque spot just steps from Byres Road. Filled with unique shops, delicious food, and lively bars, it’s a place you’ll love. Wander around and find one-of-a-kind items in the boutiques, from retro fashion to custom-made jewelry, all reflecting Glasgow’s vibrant spirit.

Taste the variety of flavors at local eateries, offering everything from sweet crepes to hearty pies. As night falls, join the fun at the bars with friendly conversations and the clink of glasses. Here’s a quick look at what you can find:

Vintage ThreadsThe Crepe VineJinty McGinty’s
Jewelry BoxAshton Lane PieThe Lane Vinyl Bar
Crafty CornerNoodle NirvanaUisge Beatha

Experience the joy of Ashton Lane. It’s more than shopping; it’s an adventure that will leave you with memories to treasure. Come and see what makes Ashton Lane a special part of Glasgow.

Visit the Hillhead Bookclub for a night of fun and games

Come check out the Hillhead Bookclub after you’ve enjoyed Ashton Lane. It’s a cool place where you can play all sorts of games, from board games to classic video games like Mario Kart. The vibe here is all about having a blast and just being yourself.

You can:

  • Play loads of board games, whether you like old favorites or new challenges.
  • Jump into the past with awesome old-school video games.
  • Try some amazing drinks that are as fun and different as the place itself.
  • Chill out in a laid-back atmosphere with friendly folks.

The decor is super unique, and the mix of furniture from various times makes it feel homey and fun. It’s not just a bar; it’s a spot where you can relax and have a great time.

They also throw cool parties and have DJs play music, so there’s always something exciting going on. Whether you live in Glasgow or are just visiting, you’re going to have an unforgettable time and you’ll probably want to come back.

Drop by the Hillhead Bookclub and let loose for a night that’s anything but ordinary.

Visit Stereo for a night of music and dancing

Looking for a fun night out in Glasgow? Head to Stereo for great music and dancing! Right in the city center, it’s the perfect spot to feel the city’s energy. The walls are covered with posters of great past shows, setting the stage for you to make your own great memories. Get in the mix, dance to the beat, and enjoy the freedom to express yourself.

Stereo isn’t just about the music; it’s a whole experience. They serve tasty vegan food that’s as exciting as the music. Make sure to grab a bite to keep your dance energy going. The night is still young, and the music won’t stop. Come join a crowd of people who all want to have a good time, just like you, at Stereo.

Visit The Hug and Pint for a night of music and drinks

Experience an unforgettable night at The Hug and Pint in Glasgow! This cozy spot is perfect for music lovers looking for a great time.

Enjoy an amazing variety of live music, from indie to folk, and discover new tunes every night.

Don’t miss out on the tasty vegan food, perfect for enjoying with a drink. Speaking of drinks, there’s a great selection of local craft beers and creative cocktails waiting for you.

The small venue means you’ll get up close and personal with the music and artists, making your evening truly special.

Come for the music, stay for the atmosphere, and make memories that will stay with you forever. The Hug and Pint is more than just a music venue—it’s where you can let loose, dance, and enjoy the night with friends.

Get ready for a night that’s far from average. Join us and embrace the good vibes!

Visit The Butterfly & The Pig for a night of music and drinks

Dive into the fun at The Butterfly & The Pig in Glasgow! It’s a place with cool live music and tasty drinks that’s perfect for a great night out. The vibe here is full of life and you’re sure to remember your time here.

Get ready to be wowed by the live bands. No matter what music you like—folk, indie, or rock—you’ll find something cool to listen to. And the bar? It’s stocked with everything from fancy cocktails to unique beers. Feel free to dance, enjoy your drink, and let the night take you away.

Here’s what’s happening:

  • Musical Mondays: Start the week with live music and cheaper drinks.
  • Thirsty Thursdays: Grab your favorite beers and spirits at lower prices.
  • Funky Fridays: Dance to local DJs playing awesome funk and soul.

It’s more than just a night out—it’s about the fun stories and new friends you’ll make. At The Butterfly & The Pig, you’re part of what makes Glasgow special. Come join the fun and let the good times roll!

Visit Maggie May’s for a night of music and drinks

Ready for a fun night out in Glasgow? Head to Maggie May’s in Trongate after your time at The Butterfly & The Pig. It’s the perfect spot for young adults to enjoy a lively scene.

Maggie May’s is a cool place that blends traditional Scottish pubs with a modern twist. You’ll feel the city’s energy with every song played. Expect to enjoy:

  • Great Live Music: Discover Glasgow’s music talent with regular live performances.
  • Creative Cocktails: Try unique drinks made by skilled bartenders.
  • Snacks for Late Nights: Grab some delicious food when you get hungry.
  • Special Themed Nights: Enjoy different music themes that suit your taste.

Maggie May’s is more than just a bar – it’s where you can meet new people and have a great time. So come, let your hair down, and make the most of Glasgow’s nightlife. Maggie May’s promises you a night you won’t forget.


Come explore Glasgow and make a big splash at our indoor water park.

Solve exciting puzzles at Escape Reality and discover amazing things at the Science Centre.

Feel the rush of adventure at Dollar Glen and then enjoy the unique events at SWG3.

Party all night at Stereo, toast with friends at The Hug and Pint, soak up the atmosphere at The Butterfly & The Pig, and end your night with great music at Maggie May’s.

Don’t miss out on the excitement—Glasgow is calling you!

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