Boat Rental In Palavas: How To Rent A Boat In Palavas?

Boat rental in Palavas: How to rent a boat in Palavas?

Want to take off for an afternoon? Discover all the useful information about boat rental in Palavas!

A former fishing village that has become a place of tourism for many families, Palavas immediately evokes the holidays. What if you took advantage of your stay to sail along the coast? 

Whether beginners or seasoned, with or without a boat license, Travelvibe guides you to help you choose your boat rental in Palavas.

Where, when, and at what price, easily find the boat that suits you with our advice. Follow the guide!

Boat rental in Palavas: How to rent a boat in Palavas?

What type of boat to rent in Palavas?

You can rent a boat with or without a license in Palavas. Between individuals or with a professional, you will have access to a large number of boats:

● Hull,

● Semi-rigid,

● Monohull,

● Catamaran,

● And houseboats.

Whatever your desire, you will certainly find the boat that suits you. The geographical location of the city allows you to sail both on the sea and river waters.

With family or friends, with or without a boat license, boat rental possibilities in Palavas are therefore very numerous.

What is the price of a boat rental in Palavas?

The price of renting a boat in Palavas-les-flots depends on the category of boats, the duration, and the season. Thus, in summer, the rates vary between:

● 150€ and 750€ for half a day,

● And between €290 and €1,500 per day on average.

● Out of season, prices decrease significantly. It is then possible to rent a boat from a hundred euros for half a day, and up to € 1,000 for the day.

These rates are for a dry rental, that is to say, most often without fuel, and without ancillary equipment. Only mandatory safety equipment is on board (life jackets, ropes, buoy, fire extinguishers, etc.).

How do I rent a boat in Palavas?

Boat rental is a widespread activity in Palavas. You will find on-site specialized service providers who know the region perfectly. But why not turn to boat rental between individuals? Dedicated sites, such as Click&Boat, list all available boats and their options.

You have access to a wide choice of boats for rent in Palavas from individuals or professionals, as well as the possibility of hiring the services of a skipper. 

This option is ideal for people who want to discover the pleasures of sailing and who do not have the right permit.

With a supplement, you can rent leisure equipment on many boats to make this sea trip unforgettable. For a few tens of euros, you can take with you fins, masks, snorkels, sea kayaks, wakeboards, or water skis. Ask your service provider!

Do I need a permit to sail in Palavas?

Most of the time, for a boat rental in Palavas, a permit is required. If you do not have it, you have two options:

● Rent a boat without a license ;

● Or rent a boat with a skipper.

Renting a boat with a skipper in Palavas will cost you more. Still, you will have the assurance of sailing serenely, accompanied by a person who knows the sea and the local peculiarities. 

Who knows, he may also be able to make you discover the secret corners reserved for insiders or teach you the basics of navigation!

Our tips for sailing in Palavas

The port of Palavas is located at the mouth of the Lez, facing the sea. The city hosts two marinas: that of the city and the river port Paul Riquet. 

Very busy in the summer, the first welcome pleasure boats up to 20 meters, while the second mainly welcomes barges and small boats.

It is mandatory to call the harbor master’s office to be guided by a port agent to your mooring dick in season. 

For boaters sailing on the Lez, it is imperative to check a location available before committing to the port: turning around is very difficult.

Labeled Clean Port and Blue Flag, it is necessary to respect certain environmental practices. Therefore, make sure not to scrape the bottoms at the anchor, use biodegradable products, and sort your waste when you return.

Finally, it should be noted that even if the mistral and the tramontane relatively spare Palavas, the latter still create strong currents in north-east and south-west winds.

When is the best time to sail in Palavas?

Spring is the ideal season to sail in Palavas before the arrival of the summer crowds. The weather is particularly suitable for the discovery of the Palavasian coast and its canals. 

Beginners and aspiring sailors will appreciate the calm of the resort out of season.

Summer is a pleasant period, but much busier, whether on land or at sea.

Ideas for boat itineraries from Palavas

The beach of Aresquiers

Discover the beach of Aresquiers by avoiding traffic jams! This short sea walk, 6 miles, takes you to a small paradise known to locals but very difficult to access by road.

From the port of Palavas, walk along the coasts of the city and Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone. You drop anchor at the Ruins, remains of an old lock. 

All you have to do is enjoy the clear waters of the place, filtered by the 300 meters of natural reefs.

Good to know: the beach of Aresquiers is mixed. It, therefore, welcomes both “textiles” and naturists!

A cruise in Petite Camargue

What if you visited the medieval city differently? Over two days, at the rate of about 4 hours of daily navigation, make this pretty loop in the heart of an excellent site.

Head to the bay of Aigues-Mortes and enjoy a journey in the middle of the typical Camargue fauna and flora: herons, flamingos, and bulls accompany you along the Canal du Rhône.

Once you arrive, you will discover the fortified city on foot or by bike. You can spend the night there before taking the road to Palavas the next day. Maybe in time to admire a Languedoc joust on the Lez?

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