Boat Rental In Greece: Ideas For Catamaran Or Sailboat Itineraries In Greece

Boat rental in Greece: ideas for catamaran or sailboat itineraries in Greece

It seems that in Greece, one has the impression of bathing in the sky. So how about discovering our itinerary ideas by renting a boat?

A country of ancient ruins with a distinguished past whose numerous archaeological trails astonish travelers from all over the world. Land of hospitality, traditions, and strong identity.

Fragmented country, possessing as many character beauties as dazzling islands. Greece is amazed by its emblematic monuments that cross the centuries and testify to the greatest past civilizations. 

As well as the nightlife, the beaches, the Mediterranean climate, the culinary foods, and the steep mountains that encircle the blue-circled houses, we also flock there for the nightlife, the beaches, the Mediterranean diet, and the steep mountains. 

Of course, you dream of Athens, the millennial cradle of democracy. You dream of Santorini, the postcard village. You dream of idleness and moussaka. Why not make your dream come true with a boat rental?

How about seeing Greece even more deeply? After or before spending time in these mythical cities, why not rent a boat in Greece?  

Sail on the confidential islands, see the country from the sea and discover all its faces? For a boat rental in Greece, here are our ideas for sea itineraries.

Boat rental in Greece: ideas for catamaran or sailboat itineraries in Greece

Itinerary 1: From Paros, the Cyclades in seven days

● First day: are you on Paros? It is an excellent spot for boat rental in Greece and exploring the famous Cyclades. You should not miss spending time on this hilly island with your feet on the ground. 

Then, hoist the sails and let the white houses move away little by little. The direction of the island of Siros.

● Second day: On the morning of the second day, sail to the deserted island of Rinia. This historical island is only accessible by boat. Wet in the bay for a meal and a dip before heading to Mykonos Island. 

If the island is famous for its animation, finding the quieter and wilder coves is not difficult.

● Third day: leave as soon as possible to discover the island of Delos. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is home to a breathtaking historical, archaeological site.

● Fourth day: heading to Naxos. This village perched on the hill has a crazy charm: white and blue buildings hatched with colorful trees, enchanting alleys, lovely terraces facing the turquoise water. 

In all, a natural paradise! Spend the night in Koufounisia: a lagoon whose crystalline blue will seem supernatural.

● Fifth day: disembark in Amorgos. The beaches, the waters, and the sun seem to belong to you. Then climb to the famous hanging monastery. If this must-see spot in the Cyclades is too crowded for you, you can spend the night in a more secluded bay like Nikouria.

● Sixth day: take your boat to Schinoussa. This island keeps away from the tourist influx and invites total relaxation. Time seems frozen—silence and serenity reign.

● Seventh-day: After a week at sea, it’s time to return to Paros. Maybe you will have the chance to be the host of some dolphins?

Itinerary 2: The Lavrion Loop in Seven Days

● First day: if Greece is one of the most famous European destinations, this territory is fragmented enough to avoid crowd baths. If you decide to rent your boat in Greece, why not leave Lavrion? 

This itinerary takes you, in complete confidentiality, to meet the country’s natural, mythological, and culinary riches. From your flamboyant catamaran or sailboat, leave Lavrion towards the port of Mericha.

● Second day: leave your sailboat or catamaran at the port and discover the island of Kythnos. Plans? There will be a visit to a cave still undiscovered in the Cyclades, a succession of typical facades, castles, paradisiacal beaches, spa centers, hiking trails, and diving spots. Then hoist the sails to Serifos Livadi.

● Third day: You wake up the next day on the most pristine Greek island there is. Villages in coves, bars, and restaurants are waiting for you.

● Day Four: Then sail to the port of Apolonia, on the island of Sifnos, and discover the more rocky, wild, and arid landscapes of Greece.

● Day five: Discover Siros and its fascinating architectural and mythological traces. Explore picturesque towns with crazy charm as you immerse yourself in the blend of Greek cultures.

● Day six: wet in Kea. The closest to the mainland, it is a popular destination for Athenians but sometimes shunned by foreign tourists. So much the better for you; it will reveal its secrets, many archaeological sites, and crystalline coves.

● Seventh-day: After a week aboard your ship, return to Lavrion.

Itinerary 3: Weekend cruise from Athens

Greece is an ideal destination to disconnect in a short time. And precisely, some of us lack time! Here is an itinerary by catamaran or sailboat for a simple weekend with the Greeks.

Take off from Athens. If this city is world-famous, it is not for nothing. It offers striking archaeological walks. Its museums contain priceless treasures. 

Its streets resemble open-air theatres. The lively nights stretch until the early morning in the bars and restaurants. Its coves carved into the mountain ranges are strikingly beautiful. So, before renting a boat in Greece, enjoy this incredible city.

● First day: In the afternoon of the first day, sail to Cape Sounion, as if suspended on the Aegean Sea. Poseidon’s temple stands proud and unwavering on this legendary island. 

Did you know that its white marble columns served as a lighthouse for sailors of the time? Cape Saunion is also home to a temple erected for Athena. Stay there for sunset. The sea ignites, and in front of you, the islands of Makronissos and Kea.

● Second day: direction Kéa. Quiet, surrounded by turquoise blue, enameled with splendid villages, this island in the very north of the Cyclades is incredibly rejuvenating. 

Enjoy fresh fish on the outskirts of the marina. Explore its beaches, picturesque churches, old mills, outdated streets. Maybe you will have the chance to meet a Nymph over there… Or dive from the deck of your boat to observe the wrecks on the seabed…

Before returning: all sails out to Salamina. This small island, a little hidden, will delight those who seek calm as well as those who are interested in history.

This island has a past as fascinating as it is tragic. Theater of the famous battle of Salamina, the place tells you the history…

● At the end of the evening: find the marina of Athens.

Itinerary 4: The Cyclades in two weeks

You wanted to rent a catamaran or a sailboat in Greece, and you got a taste for it? So, you can take over most of the previous itineraries and extend your cruise:

● Athens

● Cape Sounion and Kea

● Styros

● Tinos

● Mykonos

● Rinia

● Paros

● Sifnos

● Serifos

● Kithnos

● Hydra

● Poros

● Athens

All this over fifteen days!

The little news, Hydra, is a real landmark of artists. Nicknamed the island of painters, it is home to many galleries and havens of tranquility. 

The alleys also look like paintings: overflowing with sparkling white, stained with a few touches of bright colors.

Our tips for sailing in Greece

Boat rental in Greece is widespread, but to sail serenely and with wise advice, we advise you to hire the services of a skipper. 

Half a day, day, week, or more, anything is possible. It would be an authentic guarantee of tranquility and security if you were not born a sailor.

Before renting your boat in Greece, check the safety equipment:

● Life raft

● Distress rockets

● Life jackets


● Pharmacy kit

● Radar reflector

● Can of gasoline

● Maritime charts

Every day, keep up to date with the weather and always consider the need to have a day or two of beating in case of bad weather.

What is the best season to rent a catamaran or sailboat in Greece?

If June forces you to a bit of sweater in the evening, this is our favorite season to visit Greece. Aim for the end of the month anyway, just to avoid the rains. 

In addition, the wind is mild at this time. Another asset: a tourist frequentation still timid.

Our second favorite time to rent a boat in Greece is the month of September. Here too, the winds are calm, and the tourist flow is decreasing.

How much does a boat rental in Greece cost?

On average, boat rental in Greece costs between 200 and 600€ per day, depending on the type of boat. Without skippers, prices rarely exceed the bar of 300 € per day.

How to rent your boat in Greece?

There are several places to find boat rentals in Greece:

● Platforms between individuals wishing to make their property profitable. To get an idea of the rates charged, do not hesitate to use the services of a boat rental platform. 

Discover the most exciting offers and, above all, the most tailored to your needs.

● Professional agencies, on-site or the Internet

Which boat to rent in Greece?

Renters, individuals or professionals, meet all desires:

● Sailboats

● Catamarans

● Motorboats

● Schooners

● Yachts

● Ribs

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