Boat Rental In Hyeres: Ideas For Itineraries By Catamaran Or Sailboat In Hyeres

Boat rental in Hyeres: ideas for itineraries by catamaran or sailboat in Hyeres

The Mediterranean makes you dream? Want to make an unusual trip? Here are two itineraries after a boat rental in Hyères.

Among the emblematic cities of the Cote d’Azur: Hyères. The southernmost city of Provence is also the sunniest. It stretches over nearly forty kilometers of coastline and wild coves pierced into the rock. 

As well as the city of palm trees, Hyères is the first city in the hearts of celebrities.nsions follow one another on the shore. 

On the horizon bloom Poquerolles, Port Cros and Le Levant: the Golden Islands. Hyères is an idyllic starting point for a cruise (ideal for making your first boat rental).

So ready to set sail on the Mediterranean from its marina and on your sailboat or catamaran? For a boat rental in Hyères, here are our ideas for maritime itineraries.

Boat rental in Hyeres: ideas for itineraries by catamaran or sailboat in Hyeres

Itinerary 1: the Hyières loop in four days

From land, the warm, blue sea calls you. You are offered the horizon where the sea meets the sky. Let’s go, rent your boat in Hyères and go on an incredible cruise.

● First day: leave the port of the city and head for the island of Porquerolles. You can swim on this island, which is known for its lush vegetation and tourist attractions. 

If you already miss the land, rent a bike, follow the hiking trails or explore the island’s forts.

 The most famous and visible is Sainte-Agathe. But do not forget your privilege as navigators: that of being able to enjoy the most beautiful beaches in France uniquely… 

Enjoy the sunny hours, with an incredible view of the beaches of Argent, Grande Plage, and Plage Notre-Dame.

●The second day: after the sensational discovery of the island of Porquerolles, hoist the sails for the island of Port Cros. Did you know that this island is home to a classified and protected National Park? 

A fantastic array of fauna and flora flourishes on this island paradise stranded on the ocean. Forward cap’taine! Criss-cross the surroundings of this short expanse of land yet so rich. 

You will discover the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean. Love yourself in one of the wild and refreshing coves. When the sun slumbers and ignites the big blue, the view is dazzling.

● Third day: sail to the peninsula of Giens through the harbor of Hyènes and Cap Bénat. This maritime space is home to incredible sites whose biological diversity fascinates many enthusiasts and scientists. 

Maritime, plant, and ornithological species flourish there, and you, thanks to your – fabulous – decision to rent a boat in Hyères, you will be a spectator of this universe. 

To spend the night, go to the peninsula of Giens. You are then only a stone’s throw from Fort Brégançon, the summer second home of French presidents!

● Fourth day: return to the marina of Hyères and gently descend to earth. To prolong the fun, finish with a visit to the medieval town of Hyères.

Itinerary 2: from Hyères to the creeks round trip in six days

● First day: You’re captivated by the shimmering scenery, the transparent waters, the sun dancing on the waves, and the boats heading out into the ocean. 

You give in to the temptation to rent a boat in Hyères and leave the beautiful palm tree for the beautifully tapered tip: Giens.

● Second day: heading west, all sails out to Marseille. Pass Cape Sicié and swim on the island of Embiez.

● Third day: walk along the greatest wonders of the Côte d’Azur: the creeks. Go to the front of the calanque de Figuerolles and finish at the calanques de Cassis.

●Fourth day: The sun rises, and the rays gently reach the wild cove that embraced you last night – You head toward Porquerolles, the Golden Island that gives the appearance of an earthly paradise.

 The shadow of the conifers invites you to a walk with stunning scents. The cicadas play you a private concerto while the sound of the waves comes to play their choirs. For you, which page will be the most heavenly, the Silver beach or the Notre-Dame beach?

● Fifth day: treat yourself to a tour of the island by sailboat or catamaran before sailing to Port Cros. Impossible to resist the charm of his purity and his steep, wild, and fierce face. 

The Route des Crêtes leads you to a primitive paradise with bays resembling huge aquariums. To all walkers and Robinson at heart: favorite guaranteed!

● Sixth day: indeed, it is the day when you return to Hyères and where the journey ends. But what an end! Sail the Pelagos Sanctuary, formed at the western tip of the Golden Islands and Port-Cros National Park. 

Between the breath of the foams, do you see the fins that spring from the white trails? Dolphins accompany you and open the way…

Our tips for sailing in Hyeres

Sailing cannot be improvised! And even if you’re a connoisseur, sometimes it’s hard to embark on an unknown cruise. We, therefore, advise you to call on a skipper (easy to find, whether for half a day or ten days).

If you are tight in terms of time and budget, avoid summer for your boat rental in Hyères. Prices are rising, and so is tourist attendance, which sometimes leads to a lack of space in the anchorages.

The essentials to take with you when renting your boat:

● Cards


● Life raft

● Distress rockets

● Life jackets

● Pharmacy kit

● Radar reflector

● Can of gasoline

What is the best season to rent a catamaran or sailboat in Hyères?

The best time to rent a boat in Hyères? This is the best compromise between good weather and reasonable prices and tourist attendance in June or September.

In any case, always provide a weather window of a few days for departure.

How much does a boat rental in Hyères cost?

The price of a week of sailboat or catamaran rental in Hyères depends on the type of vessel being rented.

● Count between 150 to 400 € for a motorboat.

● For a sailboat or catamaran, count between 900 and 4000 € depending on the model.

How to rent your boat in Hyères?

● Platforms for renting boats between individuals: these also offer skipper services.

● To professionals, on-site or on the Internet.

In any case, prices vary depending on the model, desired options, and rental dates.

Which boat to rent in Hyères?

● The sailboat and the catamaran often make sailors dream at heart. They offer authentic and incomparable sailing sensations. Ideal for families or bands of friends.

● Semi-rigid is perfect if you want to equip yourself for water sports (wakeboarding, jet skiing, buoy, etc.) while having the necessary to live at sea.

● For large groups, we advise you, for example, to live the experience aboard a yacht.

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