Mystic Grill At Cavington, GA: My Dining Experience

Mystic Grill at Cavington, GA: My Dining Experience

I have been to Mystic Grill several times now. When I first walked into Mystic Grill, I immediately sensed it was going to be a great place to eat.

It’s right in the center of Historic Covington Square, which is really pretty, and the restaurant itself is something special.

They had this cool option to eat on the roof with a great view, and I was tempted to try it.

The food was awesome. You could tell they put a lot of thought into making each dish, mixing new ideas with classic Southern food.

It all tasted really fresh and like it came straight from local farms – the veggies were crunchy, the fruit was juicy, and the meats were seasoned just right.

The people working there were super friendly. They knew a lot about the menu and seemed really keen to make sure I had a great time.

It didn’t matter if you were eating inside, outside, or up on the roof; each spot had its own nice vibe.

Eating at Mystic Grill felt good because it was like I was supporting the local farmers and getting the best stuff they grow. I had a memorable time, as there are lots of things to do in Cavington, and I’m definitely planning to go back.

What I Tried?

Pimento Cheese

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I tried the Pimento Cheese at Mystic Grill and it was amazing. I didn’t use to like pimento cheese, but this one changed my mind.

It was so warm and melty, it made me say “Mmmm” right away. Now, I have to have it whenever I go there. This Southern dish is great, whether it’s hot or cold.

They serve it with a special kind of bread called lavash, which gives it a bit of a kick. It’s like homemade but better. It’s definitely worth a five-star rating.

Blue Cheese Chicken Pasta

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It was simply delicious! The cavatappi noodles were perfectly cooked, and the blue cheese cream sauce was rich and flavorful.

The roasted tomatoes added a lovely tanginess that balanced the creamy sauce, while the bits of bacon brought a nice smoky crunch.

I particularly loved the caramelized onions which added a sweet depth to every bite. The chicken was tender and seasoned well, making it a hearty meal.

Overall, it was a comforting dish with a wonderful mix of textures and flavors that I would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys a good pasta with a twist.

Fried Green Tomatoes

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I have been Mystic Grill couple of times. I always order the fried green tomatoes at Mystic Grill. They are the best I’ve ever tasted!

The tomatoes are super crispy on the outside, and they have this amazing cheesy flavor that I can’t get enough of.

Every bite is just delicious. They even come with a tomato jam that’s so good, I could eat it as my entire meal.

Honestly, everything on the menu is tasty, but these tomatoes are a must-try. They’re perfectly cooked every time.

If you’re getting a burger, like the Ohara, make sure to add the fried green tomatoes on the side – you won’t regret it!

The Clocktower

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You will love ‘The Clocktower’ burger at Mystic Grill, it’s something else! It’s a huge burger, so you can share it if you want.

I also had the pasta salad, which was delicious. The burger has everything you want: meat, egg, and bacon, all perfectly cooked.

I paired it with the winder fries, and they were crispy and tasty. Seriously, this is the best burger I’ve ever eaten, and it’s the first thing I go for whenever I’m in town. Absolutely recommend it!

Shrimp & Grits

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I also tried the shrimp and grits, and it was amazing! Even though we’re not near the ocean, the shrimp was so fresh. The grits were creamy and full of flavor, thanks to the smoked bacon.

The cilantro lime jus added a nice zesty touch.

The portion size was just right, leaving me satisfied but not overly full. Honestly, it was so good that I’d happily drive a long way just for this dish.

It’s the kind of meal you could eat every day and never get bored. It’s simply delicious and definitely a must-try!

Mystic Burger

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I had the Mystic Burger on my friend’s birthday and it was the best! I’m excited to go back for another one when we celebrate his birthday again from February 18th to 20th.

The service was outstanding, and the food was amazing. This burger was cooked perfectly and left a lasting impression. I’ll definitely be returning for more!

Fried Chicken Sliders

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Then, I tried the Fried Chicken Sliders with black pepper cream cheese and red pepper jelly, and wow, they were unexpectedly good! You wouldn’t think these flavors would work, but they blend perfectly.

The sliders have a sweet touch from the jelly, and the black pepper cream cheese adds a spicy kick that’s just right, not too hot. It’s a delicious combo that I really enjoyed. These sliders are a must-try!

Mystic Salad

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I tried the Mystic Salad with Fried Chicken Sliders, and it was a delightful experience! The mixed greens were fresh and crisp, providing a perfect base.

The goat cheese added a creamy touch that balanced well with the sweetness of the candied pecans. The red onions gave a nice sharp contrast that made every bite interesting.

But the star was the pecan vinaigrette dressing—it tied everything together with its nutty and slightly tangy flavor.

Each forkful was a mix of textures and tastes that kept me coming back for more. It was a simple yet sophisticated salad that I’d definitely enjoy again.

Sweet Tea Fried Chicken

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Another day, I tried the Sweet Tea Fried Chicken at Mystic Grill! The chicken was super juicy inside with a crispy crust outside.

The andouille sausage red eye gravy added a unique flavor that I loved, and the Yukon potato mash and green beans were the perfect sides.

I understand why people drive from far away just to eat this dish. It was so good that I don’t even want to try anything else on the menu. I’m already planning to pick it up again for dinner tonight.

Wrapping Up

Mystic Grill offers a delightful dining experience in the heart of Historic Covington Square, blending classic Southern cuisine with innovative culinary twists.

With dishes ranging from the warm, melty Pimento Cheese to the fresh and satisfying Shrimp & Grits, each menu item promises a burst of flavor and quality.

The friendly staff and versatile dining spaces, including the rooftop option, enhance the overall atmosphere.

Also, their fried green tomatoes are amazing with just the right amount of crunch. And if you’re in the mood for something filling, their Mystic Burger is one satisfying choice. It’s a place that both locals and visitors love to go for a great meal.

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