Paris Or New York: Which Is Better To Visit?

Paris Or New York: Which is Better to Visit?

With the holiday at its peak, it’s time for a vacation to one of the world’s best cities. Whether it’s a 7-day getaway to the city of love or the city that never sleeps, both of them can be adventurous and give you lots of memories. 

Yes, we are talking about Paris and New York. Both cities are unique in their way. But Paris Or New York: Which is Better to Visit? Offering you their heritage and cultures in the finest way possible. Thousands of people visit Paris or New York every year, and a lot of people have a hard time choosing which city to go to.

If you are one of those people who are indecisive about which city to go to first and what you may be welcomed with, this post is all you will need. As we will cover every criterion to consider before booking your flight.

Let’s get started on “Paris or New York: Which is Better to visit?”

Paris or New York: Which is Better for Vacation?


Paris is known as “the City of Love” solely because of the city’s romantic spots that attract thousands of people every year. Paris is also known as the “fashion capital” of the world. Check the label under your perfumes; most of them are made in France. 

Paris has some of the world’s most beautiful museums and art galleries. The most popular one is known as the “The Louvre” museum, which is arguably the most interesting and diverse museum in Paris.  The museum consists of many ancient sculptures dated from as low as the 19th century., it consists of paintings, antiques, pieces of jewelry, etc., you name it.

How can we forget about the Eifel tower while talking about Paris? Eiffel tower is one of the most iconic world heritage,  with a height of a whopping 330 meters. Many tourists visit France solely to visit the Eiffel tower. And the best part is, you can see the tower by paying less than 10 euros.

You cannot go to Paris for vacation and not try French baguettes and croissants. Overall, a three-day trip to Paris will cost you under a thousand dollars if you are traveling alone, but surely won’t break the bank, given the things you are getting in return.

New York

New York is known as “the City that never sleeps.” With a population of over 18 million, and a cluster of different food, cultures, and people, New York City could be a good city to spend your vacation in too.

Times Square, Manhattan Bridge, Hudson river, etc., are a few of the most popular sights of New York City. Time square is filled with people almost always, especially during the holidays, as the entire landmark is filled with billboards and neon signs. If you are a fan of Friends, we already know you are visiting Central Park.

Time Square alone has almost 40 million visitors every year. With the flashy billboards and every luxury brand’s showroom in existence, it’s known as “The Crossroad of the World.” Another amazing attraction of New York is “Billionaire’s Row,” a residential area filled with sky-touching buildings where only the wealthy live.

Watching the busy New Yorkers’ lives are also a bonus, but it is unavoidable on expensive New York is, especially for vacation. Be prepared to spend well over a thousand dollars on a 3 days trip if you are traveling alone.

Winner: Although both of the cities are extremely beautiful in their ways, no one can deny how expensive New York is. If I were to pick a winner, it would be Paris. Hear me out, Paris is a magnificent city with almost perfect weather and is less expensive than NYC. 

The key to a successful trip is spending as little as possible while having a good time.  If you are someone who is generous with their spending and can handle a little traffic here and there, New York City would be perfect for you. 

Paris vs New York: Which has better Beaches?

Before considering getting a tan, you should remember that Paris does not have any beaches inside the city. You’ll have to drive a few hours to see the water, whereas New York has 14 miles of beaches alone.


Paris itself has a lot to offer for a traveler. However, if you are a beach lover, you are in for a disappointment. As there are no beaches in the city of love. If you want to go for a swim, you’ll have to go outside the city.

However, there are some great beaches near the city that you’ll love as much as Paris. The top 5 best beaches in Paris are:

  • Etretat Beach
  • Deauville
  • Prado Beach
  • Les cerfs-volants de Dieppe

Among these, Les cerfs-volants de Dieppe is the nearest beach to Paris within 100miles. This means you’ll have to drive the highest maximum of 2 hours to enjoy the beautiful sea in its glory.

Festivals often occur in Les cerfs-volants de Dieppe, so you’re guaranteed a good time. Here’s a video of the beach and its surrounding. 

New York

On the other hand, New York has a handful of beaches in and nearby the city. Some of these include

  • Coney Island
  • Long Beach, Long Island
  • Cooper’s Beach
  • Orchard Beach
  • Jones Beach State Park

Coney Island is the most popular in New York, with the best view of the waves. Not only is the view spectacular, but Coney Island also has one of the biggest amusement parks available in New York. 

Coney Island is also known for the park’s iconic wooden roller coaster ride. Who knows? maybe you’ll play Coney Island by Taylor Swift and have the time of your life with your loved ones there.

Winner: If you are someone who wants to see both the beach and the city, then New York would be a right fit, or else you know what to do.

Paris or New York: Which has fewer crowds?


Before the pandemic, Paris saw over 30 million tourists annually. The numbers have decreased significantly, but the crowd is still there. 

Paris sees tourists mostly from May-September, with July being the most crowded month for the city. Paris is also known to be densely populated. The best recommended time to visit Paris is from October to December. 

With the fall hues and holiday spirit in the year during the winter, you’re in for a great time during these months. The city is less rushed, full of laughter and joy, and you don’t have to burn in the heat. 

Unless you are someone who wants to spend the summer in Paris, fall or winter is the best time to go.

New York

There is no such thing as “less crowded” when it comes to New York, it is always crowded. NYC is the most crowdy city in the States.

As expensive as the city is, you may get away with the expenses a bit if you visit NYC from January to March. As tourists are not there during these months, not to mention it gets quite rainy during April.

Summer would have been a good time to visit NYC. However, like other beautiful cities, New York also sees most travelers from May to July. The disappointing part is, that the prices of everything go high too. Already the city is going to hurt your wallet, and the sky-touching expenditures only make it worse.

Locals suggest the best time to see NYC is during Fall or Spring.

Paris or New York: Which is better for Night Life?


The Parisian nightlife experience is like no other. From the Eiffel tower’s view to live music and nightclubs, you name it, and they got it.

Paris also has some amazing theater experiences that hold operas at night. Some of which invite only and public. If you are someone who would rather sit down and enjoy a drama, Paris got you. 

Or if you are into dancing the night away, then Paris has some of the most classy nightclubs to offer. Unfortunately, the best nightclubs in Paris are always booked and can be difficult to get into. Don’t be disheartened; you can always enjoy the Eiffel tower while enjoying some quality street music.

New York

New York City’s nightlife is stunning. The city is filled with some of the world’s best clubs, bars, etc. You can party as you like there. The best part is that you can have an amazing night full of joy by spending as little as $20. 

The Lower East Side is known to have the best nightlife in NYC, The Bushwick Park of Brooklyn being second. If you are not into partying, The National Jazz Museum in Manhattan could be a great place to visit at night.

Keep in mind that the clubs might be easy and cheap to get into, but everything inside is expensive. There’s no winner here in terms of prices between Paris and New York for nightlife, as both are head-to-head expensive.

Paris or New York: Which has better Food and Drinks?


If you are a foodie, Paris will be heaven for you. Paris is grossly known for its croissants, the most. Whether your budget is $5 or $20, they’ll always have a croissant for you.

Not only croissants, but Paris also has a wide variety of cuisine. From traditional French cuisine to Mexican, Chinese, or Japanese, you name it. 

One good thing about Paris is that its cuisine is not too expensive. One full course meal can cost around $10-15, per person.

Besides croissants, Paris’ food staple is the baguette. A special french bread that is long and is the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and sourness. You should also try “Steak Frites,” which is a meal consisting of steak and fries. Another meal you can try is ‘Salade Nicose’, a tuna salad with vegetable toppings. 

The best part about Paris’ huge cuisine is that you can find any type of cuisine you want to eat. Whether it’s traditional french food or Indian, Paris got your back. It truly is heaven for foodies.

New York 

Dining in NYC can be a tad expensive. The Bungalow says thatOpens in a new tab. 130% of New Yorkers prefer to eat out, making a full-course meal cost about $46!

NYC is known worldwide for its pizza. Lots of tourists come to New York just to eat their thin-crusted pizzas, which have set a trend. The New York pizza and cheesecakes are like pieces of heaven in food form!

Not only the pizza or the cheesecakes, but NYC’s bagels are a staple for New Yorkers. Chinese and Mexican cuisine always remains on the top shelf for traditional NYC food. Besides these, New York’s pizza is a no-brainer. Patsy’s Pizzeria, Joe’s Pizza, etc., has some of the best pizzas you’ll ever taste in NY. 

Paris or New York: Safety and Friendliness


Paris is considered a pretty safe city in France. The people are super friendly and welcoming too, especially towards tourists.

However, dangers can always happen if you are not careful enough. Predominantly at night, you have to be extra careful. However, Parisians will always be there to help you, don’t let the stereotype fool you.

You should be careful about pick-pocketing and keeping your important papers close to you if you are a tourist (Passport, visa, etc.). You should always keep your traveling carriers close to you while visiting Paris. 

The locals in Paris are quite friendly, don’t let the stereotype fool you. One thing to remember is that, although the locals are friendly and helpful, you may not get the best assistance from the service industry. 

The service workers can give you food and checks without even speaking a word. Another thing is, that Parisians are heavy smokers, so you might want to watch out for that, especially if you are someone with lung issues. Lastly, learn basic french before going to Paris, it will save you during your stay, trust me.

New York 

NYC has always had a bad reputation for crime rates, but you’ll be happy to know the city is not as dangerous as it was before.

The crime rates have decreased a lot in New York these past few years, making it more travel friendly. A study from EmeraldOpens in a new tab. says that lots of felonies, homicides, etc., crimes have significantly decreased in New York.

While this is surely good news, please make sure to be careful and take proper precautions while traveling to New York or any city.

For the friendliness part, New Yorkers are quite friendly toward tourists. Although they held a reputation for being unfriendly, almost seventy percent of New Yorkers say they are friendly to tourists.

New Yorkers love tourists but don’t expect them to act like they’re your neighbors. They will help you when you need them while maintaining boundaries.

Paris or New York: Which is better for Culture?


Paris is known globally for the city’s diverse culture. It is home to art, fashion, food, architecture, and history. 

The French are passionate about their culture, so you’ll always find an event to enjoy, no matter when you visit. The main culture of Paris is the architectonic and art, making the industries one of the biggest economic industries of France.

Fun fact, the word culture originated from France. 

New York

NYC’s main culture is much more similar to Paris than you think. New York’s chief culture includes literature, cuisine, music, art, and theaters.

The immigrant history is one of the main reasons for the city being so culturally diversified, making it home to many races and ethnicity in the world. This is why almost all race and religious festivals are celebrated in NYC.

New York is thus, multicultural. Shubert Theatre is a popular theatre in NYC if you want to watch some dramas. The literature itself of New York can be representative of America itself. That’s why every author wants to get their book to “New York Times bestseller” at least once in their life.

Paris or New York: Which is better for Outdoor Activities


Parisians love going out. This is why you will have lots of options to get your dopamine from in Paris. Here is a list of a few things you can do for the best experience on your vacay:

  • Visit Museums
  • Go cycling 
  • Shopping
  • Take guided tours
  • Day trips
  • Visit the architecture
  • Ice Skating

Come on, the Louvre Museum of Paris has the damn Mona Lisa in there. Who would want to miss seeing that? An average person has to spend about $62 for entertainment and outdoors in Paris, which includes most of the activities mentioned above.

New York

New York has some amazing outdoor adventures to offer, in case you are interested:

  • Vising theatres
  • Central Park
  • Broadway
  • Manhattan Bridge
  • Surfing
  • Times Square

And so much more! Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. However, in my opinion, New York costs about $75-80 per day for entertainment per person, which is crazy expensive.

So for sightseeing, both Paris would be better, not only is it expensive, you won’t have to worry about traffic on every other street, either.

Paris or New York: Expenses


If you are on a vacation in Paris, expect to spend about $180-200 per day for a single person. This does not include hotel charges.

An average tourist in Paris spends about $20 on transportation. One day you can lessen the rate by taking bicycles around the city. They are cheap and can get you through anything. An average hotel expenditure for one night’s stay in Paris is about $145. 

New York

Your wallet won’t be too happy with you if you are traveling in New York. On average, tourists spend $230-250 per day for one person. Crazy, right?

A New York tourist spends $37 on food and $40 on transportation. You can make it less expensive by using city bikes, but they’re not much of a help either, considering a one-night stay will cost you well over $250 for one night. 

As you can see, New York’s expenses are almost double of Paris. A chart has been arranged for you to help expenses better between these two cities:

ActivityCost in ParisCost in New York
Hotel$146-150 per night$275-280 per night
Food$10-15 per meal$15-18 per meal
Transportation$18-20 per day$39-40 per day
Parking$20 a day$20 a day

As you can see, the parking is the only part where Paris is nearing NYC in expenses.

Final Thoughts – Paris or New York: Which one is the right choice for You?

Paris and New York are two of the most beautiful cities in the world, leaving you with so much to discover. Paris has art, architecture, and so much more to offer. Whilst NYC has its literature and theatre heritage.

Both the cities have magnificent nightlife and diverse cultures, which makes you have no time to be bored. Although New York is more populated than Paris, the attractions of the city make the crowd worth it. Fall or Spring is the best time to visit New York, while it goes from Fall to Winter in Paris. 

Paris is a safe city to travel to, and New York is becoming safer daily! Whether it’s skating or a trip to get a tan from Coney Island, none of the cities will fail to amaze you.

Nonetheless, if you are judging from expenses, it has been cleared to visit New York if you are heavy on the cash or you might not have the best NYC experience. 

The last part is the burning question you are waiting for, which city is the winner? There are no winners here. It truly depends on the person you are and what your preferences are. Let’s consider you are someone who prefers loud places to quiet; then you’ll love New York.

Then again, if you would rather city in a cafe while taking in the soft view, you’ll love Paris. However, if you’re someone who wants to explore and not hurt your wallet, Paris is it for you. But then again, who wants to miss out on the opportunity of seeing ‘Starry Night’ by Van Gogh in real life?

However, if we had to pick one, we would pick Paris over New York as Paris is quieter and cheaper. We like our money saved.  Keep in mind this is our personal opinion, and you are always free to choose your awinning city. Nevertheless, hope this post covered everything you needed to before your next trip!

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