17 Pati Regency Food, Snacks And Souvenirs!!

17 Pati Regency Food, Snacks and Souvenirs!!

When you visit Pati Regency, there are many tasty local foods and cool things to buy. If you like savory food, try Gandul Rice. If you prefer something crunchy, go for the Presto Milkfish. These are just a couple of the yummy foods you can eat there.

You can also munch on Typical Starch Nuts, bite into a Kue Moho khas Pati, or enjoy a Lepet Jagung. When it’s time to leave, buy some Jeruk Pamelo or Carang Madu to give to your family and friends. These snacks and gifts really show what Pati Regency is all about.

Let’s break this down a bit more:

  • Gandul Rice is a tasty dish you shouldn’t miss.
  • Presto Milkfish is a crispy fish treat that’s really popular.
  • Typical Starch Nuts are crunchy and fun to eat.
  • Kue Moho khas Pati is a special kind of cake from Pati.
  • Lepet Jagung is a sweet snack made with corn.

And for gifts to take home:

  • Jeruk Pamelo is a big, sweet citrus fruit.
  • Carang Madu is a sweet snack that’s like honeycomb.

All these foods and gifts are part of what makes Pati Regency special. Remember to try them and share with your friends!

17 Pati Regency Food, Snacks and Souvenirs!!

1. Gandul Rice from Pati City

In Pati City, you’ll often see places where they sell Gandul Rice. It’s a special dish you really should try if you’re there.

Gandul Rice is made of white rice with a thick sauce on top that tastes both sweet and savory. It’s very yummy and has a special way of being served – on a banana leaf! They add pieces of tripe or meat and something called bacem eggs to it. To make it even tastier, they serve it with crispy tempeh called bacit.

Gandul Rice comes from a place in Pati City known as the dead elephant area. This adds to the special story of the dish. When you’re in Pati, don’t miss this dish because it shows off the local flavors and traditions really well.

When you search for ‘traditional Pati City food’ or ‘local dishes in Pati,’ Gandul Rice should come up. It’s a favorite for visitors and shows the unique taste of the area. Remember, it’s not just food; it’s a taste of Pati’s culture and history that you get to enjoy.

2. Presto Milkfish – Pati City’s Food Specialties

Pati City is known for its delicious Gandul Rice, but there’s another special food you’ve got to try: Juwana presto milkfish. This tasty milkfish comes from Juwana village. It’s cooked in a pressure cooker, which makes it super tender and full of flavor. It’s a famous food that everyone loves.

If you want to try Juwana’s presto milkfish, you can find it at souvenir shops all around Pati. They package it really well, so it’s easy to take home and share with your friends and family. You can even go to Juwana and see how they make it.

The price for this yummy milkfish is between IDR 30,000 and IDR 50,000 for each one. That’s a pretty good deal for a tasty treat from Pati. Make sure to try this local favorite and bring a piece of Pati’s food tradition back with you.

3. Getuk Lopis Runting

If you’re in Pati and want a tasty snack, try getuk lopis runting. You’ll find this snack on many city streets.

It’s made from cassava that’s been steamed and mashed up really fine. People top it with shredded coconut and pour sweet brown sugar syrup over it.

It’s pretty cheap, costing about 4,000 Indonesian rupiah per pack. Both people who live in Pati and those who visit love getuk lopis runting because it’s yummy and easy to get.

But remember, it’s best to eat it right away as it doesn’t stay fresh for more than a day. Enjoy getuk lopis runting fresh to get a true taste of Pati’s local food.

4. Typical Starch Nuts

When you visit Pati, grab a bag of their special starch nuts for a tasty keepsake. These nuts are a top choice for a souvenir from Pati, selling for about Rp30,000 per kilogram. They might look like the nuts you know, but they’ve a special flavor that comes from the spices used in Pati.

Small local factories make these nuts, which means they’re authentic and unique. You can easily spot them by their special packaging, and they stay fresh for a long time. You can take them home without worrying they’ll go bad quickly.

If you try these Pati nuts or take them home, you’ll find they’ve a delicious taste that’s sure to impress you.

Here’s why you should pick these nuts as your Pati souvenir:

  • Local Factories: Small factories in Pati make these nuts, giving them a unique and original taste.
  • Pati Spices: The nuts have a special flavor because they’re made with spices from Pati.
  • Long-lasting: Their packaging keeps them fresh for a long time, so they won’t spoil fast.
  • Great Price: At Rp30,000 per kilogram, they’re an affordable souvenir option.

These Pati starch nuts aren’t just tasty; they represent the city’s local craft and flavors. When you buy them, you’re taking home a piece of Pati’s culture.

5. Kue Moho khas Pati

If you’re visiting Pati and looking for a special souvenir, think about buying Kue Moho khas Pati. This famous local food is a favorite because it tastes really good. You can find Kue Moho in the traditional markets in Pati, but not in modern shops. Each piece costs between Rp. 500 and 1000, which is a good deal.

Kue Moho is a bit soft and is made from regular flour, rice flour, and sugar. Its unusual taste and connection to Pati’s history make it an excellent souvenir. Remember to grab this piece of Pati’s food culture to share with friends and family at home.

6. Kerupuk Ampo

Looking for a special snack from Pati Regency? Try Kerupuk Ampo. This snack isn’t like others because it’s made from dried clay. People might think eating clay is weird, but this cracker tastes so different that many visitors to Pati Regency love it. Sadly, not many people make Kerupuk Ampo anymore, so it’s becoming hard to find.

If you want to taste the real Kerupuk Ampo, you should go to the markets or little stores in Pati Regency. They sell it there. The price is usually about 30,000 Indonesian Rupiah for one kilogram.

When you eat Kerupuk Ampo, you’re not just trying something new – you’re also getting a piece of Pati Regency’s food culture. Don’t miss out on this unique treat!

7. Kerupuk Daging

Kerupuk Daging is a popular meat cracker from Pati Regency. It’s made with beef, mutton, or fish. These crackers cost between Rp100,000 and Rp150,000 for each kilogram. The way they make these crackers is like how they make other kinds. But because the ingredients for Kerupuk Daging are expensive, they’re not as common as they used to be.

To solve this, the people who make them now use meat skin instead. Even though it’s hard to find, Kerupuk Daging is still a favorite thing for visitors to buy in Pati because it tastes so good and different. If you go to Pati Regency, you should definitely try these meat crackers. They’re an important part of the food you’ll find there.

In simpler terms, when you visit Pati Regency, look for Kerupuk Daging. It’s a special snack made from different kinds of meat, and it’s a bit pricey. They make it in a special way, but now they use meat skin to keep costs down. People love it for its yummy, one-of-a-kind flavor. Don’t miss out on this treat that’s a big part of Pati’s local food scene!

8. Telur Lurik

In Pati Regency, a place you might visit, there’s a special snack called Telur Lurik. These are smoked eggs that have stripes on them. People love to buy them as gifts and you can find them all over the city.

The eggs get smoked and that makes their shells turn brown and makes them taste really good. Each egg costs 3,000 Indonesian Rupiah, which isn’t too expensive. Tourists often buy Telur Lurik because they’re different and yummy.

If you want to try one, go to a shop in Pati that sells souvenirs. You should try this snack from Pati Regency and maybe bring some home for your friends or family to taste too.

9. Kerajinan Kuningan

When you visit Pati Regency, a great souvenir to take home is the brass crafts, or Kerajinan Kuningan. These are special items made by hand in Juwana village. The craftspeople in this village use real brass to make different things like ashtrays shaped like animals, small models, sculptures, jewelry, key chains, fancy belts called Gucci, and decorations for your home.

If you want to buy these cool souvenirs, go to Juwana village. There, you can see how they make them. People who collect special items really like these brass crafts from Juwana village. Many people think they’re the best thing from the city of Pati. The prices of these brass items start at a few dollars and can go up to hundreds of dollars. This means there’s something for everyone, no matter how much money you want to spend.

The brass crafts of Juwana village in Pati Regency aren’t only beautiful but also show the skill of the local crafters. If you’re looking for a unique gift or something special to remember your trip, these brass crafts are perfect. They aren’t just things to buy; they’re a piece of the culture and art from Pati Regency.

10. Batik Bakaran

Looking for a special souvenir from Pati Regency? Check out the beautiful burnt batik. It’s known for its cool writing art and is super affordable, with prices between Rp 70,000 and Rp 200,000. Burnt batik is a local art that’s really important in Pati. People love it because it’s not too pricey and looks amazing.

The cost changes depending on how big it’s and how hard it was to make. Some special batik pieces can even cost millions of rupiah! When you’re in Pati, don’t forget to stop by the shops that sell textiles to grab some high-quality burnt batik.

This souvenir isn’t just pretty; it also shares a piece of Pati’s culture with you. It’s a great way to remember your trip to Pati.

11. Kecap Duo Lele

Explore the tasty Kecap Duo Lele soy sauce from Pati Regency. You can find three different kinds of this thicker, special soy sauce at local stores. It’s not like other soy sauces because it has a special sweet and savory taste. People who visit Pati Regency love to try it.

Kecap Duo Lele comes in easy-to-carry small packets. The price is good, too. It costs between 27,500 and 55,000 Indonesian Rupiah for each bottle, which is a fair price for its quality. You can choose from sweeter, more savory, or thicker versions, depending on what you like.

Remember to buy some Kecap Duo Lele to take home as a tasty reminder of your trip to Pati Regency.

12. Pati Oblong

When you visit Pati, don’t miss out on getting a Pati oblong.

This is a special kind of T-shirt that you’ll only find in Pati. It costs 125,000 Indonesian Rupiah.

What’s really cool about the Pati oblong is that it’s different from T-shirts from other places.

You can find them easily, along with other souvenirs like keychains, flip-flops, bags, and hats.

The Pati oblong stands out because it has words and phrases from the local Pati language on it.

This T-shirt, also called caospati, is super important if you want to have something that shows what Pati is all about.

It’s perfect to buy for yourself or to give to someone else.

When you take a Pati oblong back home, it’s like taking a piece of the city’s special vibe with you.

13. Tape Gembong

Tape Gembong is a tasty snack from Pati that you can buy for about Rp 15,000 a pack. It’s made from cassava which is a kind of root. To make Tape Gembong, people add yeast to the cassava and let it ferment, which means they let it sit for a few days until it gets soft and sweet.

This snack is really popular in Pati, and many people like to buy it as a special reminder of their visit. It’s known for its yummy flavor and the traditional way it’s made. If you go to Pati, you should definitely try Tape Gembong. It’s a great way to taste what local food is like there.

You can enjoy it yourself or give it to someone as a unique gift. Tape Gembong shows off Pati’s amazing food traditions and is a fun snack to try.

14. Jeruk Pamelo

In Pati, Jeruk Pamelo is famous for its special taste. Tourists love to buy these big pamelo oranges as gifts. They look like grapefruits but taste different. Each pamelo costs between 30,000 to 35,000 Indonesian Rupiah. They’re not the same as grapefruits because they’ve a special flavor and are bigger.

Visitors often look for them because they make a great souvenir. When you visit Pati, trying and buying Jeruk Pamelo is a fun experience. It gives you a taste of the local area and makes a sweet memory of your trip.

15. Lepet Jagung

In Pati Regency, you’ll find a sweet snack called Lepet Jagung for just Rp2,000 each. This snack isn’t just tasty; it’s also easy on your wallet.

Lepet Jagung is made of crushed corn mixed with other yummy ingredients. People love its sweet taste—it’s great for when you’re chilling out. It’s especially good with tea and when you’re hanging out with family.

Lepet Jagung is a hit with both people who live there and visitors. If you’re in Pati Regency and want a cheap, sweet snack, you should definitely try Lepet Jagung. It pairs well with your tea and is perfect for those times when you’re craving something sweet.

16. Kelapa Kopyor

When you go to Pati Regency, look for Kelapa Kopyor. It’s a special kind of coconut with a different taste that’s really good for cooling off. Kelapa Kopyor sometimes grows differently than regular coconuts, but that’s what makes it taste so fresh. It’s perfect for when you’re hot and thirsty from walking around Pati. Each one costs 35,000 Indonesian Rupiah, and it’s something you should definitely buy to remember your trip.

People don’t just drink Kelapa Kopyor; they also use it to make sweet treats like pastries and moist cakes. These are yummy ways to enjoy the special flavor of the coconut. Remember to grab this unique food from Pati before you head home. It’s a tasty part of the local food that visitors love.

17. Carang Madu

In Pati Regency, you can buy Carang Madu snacks for about 15,000 to 25,000 Indonesian Rupiah per pack. Carang Madu is a well-liked snack because it’s crunchy and sweet. People of all ages, especially kids, enjoy it.

Even though ‘Madu’ means honey in Indonesian, Carang Madu doesn’t have any honey in it. Instead, it’s made with sticky rice flour, some spices, and coconut milk. These ingredients are mixed together and fried until they’re ready. Then, brown sugar is sprinkled on top to make it extra sweet.

Folks love Carang Madu because it tastes and feels different from other snacks. If you’re visiting Pati Regency, grabbing a pack of Carang Madu is a great idea. It’s a special treat that reminds you of your trip.

Wrapping Up

When you visit Pati Regency, don’t miss out on trying their amazing local foods, snacks, and taking home some special souvenirs.

First up, you’ve got to taste Gandul Rice, a well-known dish from the area. It’s tasty and different from other rice dishes you might know.

Also, try the Jeruk Pamelo, a cool, sweet fruit drink that’s perfect for hot days.

And if you’re looking for gifts to bring back to your friends and family, get them Presto Milkfish and Kue Moho khas Pati. These treats aren’t just yummy, but they’re also a unique piece of Pati Regency to share.

Enjoy your food adventure!

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