The 10 Best Public Art In Qatar: Qatar Art Collection

The 10 Best Public Art In Qatar: Qatar Art Collection

Wondering what arts are the best public art in Qatar? The arts have always played a significant role in any country’s culture and history. Qatar’s rich art, heritage, and architecture have always fascinated visitors. 

Today, the art of Qatar has become one of the top attractions for those who appreciate creativity. Every element here is an essential work of art.

The 10 Best Public Art In Qatar: Qatar Art Collection

Qatar Offering An Artistic Freedom

Art practice is given quite a priority in Qatar. Qatar is one of the most prosperous Arab. It exhibits various cultural traditions and artistic expressions. Artists and art lovers have also enjoyed the country and its enticing beauty.

Throughout the year, travelers can visit Qatar as a one-stop destination. As a result, Qatar has now become a platform where all creative minds can gather to expand their networks. 

Several Doha art centers have shared their views on Qatar. Moreover, they offer their residents artistic freedom. Well-known and reputable names have managed them. Qatar Museums’ Chairperson said the initiative aimed to inspire local artists. As well about establish a bridge between the arts and their communities.

All over Qatar, art has expanded its boundaries to depict every aspect of mind and soul. Take a look at some of the best artworks you can see in Qatar while exploring the famous attractions.

1. 7 By Richard Serra

7 By Richard Serra is the first in our list of best public arts in Qatar. Richard Serra created the most significant piece of art in a public space. He was renowned for his minimalist art. A piece of art, it stands 24 meters high and overlooks the sea at MIA Park, commissioned by Qatar National Museum. Also, it’s the tallest structure Richard’s ever made.

The architect of the Museum of Islamic Art put a connection between the museum and aesthetics. According to Islamic tradition, the number 7 holds particular importance. So seven steel plates were used to construct the sculpture to honor this belief. 

In 2011, the public installation was unveiled after around three years. According to Richard Serra, many tourists won’t connect with the idea since they don’t have an eye for art. Yet, it will add an element of uniqueness to the piece.

Location: National Museum of Qatar.

2. Gandhi’s Three Monkeys By Subodh Gandhi

Gandhi’s Three Monkeys By Subodh Gandhi is second in the list of best public arts in Qatar. Subodh Gandhi designed Gandhi’s Three Monkeys in the famous Katara Cultural Village. Several people are attracted to this contemporary piece of art. A human head is formed by metallic objects arranged to begin the installation. 

Each installation has a story, raising awareness about human life’s primary concerns. War and peace are the themes of these three structures. Three monkeys are the metaphor of Mahatma Gandhi. It depicted the truth of life – don’t say evil, don’t see evil, and don’t hear evil.

Likewise, the sculptures consist of three parts. One was a gas mask, and the others possessed a soldier’s uniform and a terrorist’s jacket. It is noteworthy that these three iconic sculptures. It represents war and peace, public and private, and global and local issues.

In his work, Subodh Gandhi used elements used by Indians. Such as household kitchenware, bicycles, scooters, and cabs.

Location: Katara Cultural Village.

3. The Miraculous Journey By Damien Hirst

The Miraculous Journey By Damien Hirst is in the third position on the list of best public arts in Qatar. In Qatar, the Miraculous Journey is a spectacular piece of art designed by Damien Hirst. Fourteen bronze sculptures varying in height. It was located at Sidra Medical and Research Center from 2005 to 2013.

Moreover, this iconic art installation took more than three years to make. Thereby, the result is pretty amazing. A human perspective and theme shape the concept of birth and death. The pieces in Miraculous Journey highlight Damien Hirst’s imagination.

Using his artwork, he tries to show what life was like before birth, throughout the gestation period of a fetus in a uterus to the birth of a child. These 14 monumental bronze sculptures are displayed. It’s a series about a baby boy’s journey from fetus to grown-up.

Location: Sidra Medical and Research Center.

4. East-West/West-East Sculpture By Richard Serra

East-West/West-East Sculpture By Richard Serra is a great attraction to see and comes fourth in our best public arts in Qatar list. Richard Serra’s latest masterpiece. There is an unusual beauty and mystery about this land sculpture, located far from the city. 

The public Qatar art has added an element of authenticity and piece of art to the isolated desert. A similarity between this project and the seven at Qatar National Museum is the use of steel.

The East-West/West-East area is located in Dukkan, Qatar’s Brouq Nature Reserve. In a way, this sculpture evokes the mystery and timelessness of ancient cities. In the distance between the plates, sculptures blends into one without losing their solitude.

One can spot the plates from a relative distance due to their height and length. Richard stated that it was the most magnificent thing he had ever experienced.

Location: Dukkan.

5. Smoke By Tony Smith

Smoke By Tony Smith is a must-visit place and the fifth-best public arts in our Qatar list. Tony Smith, a well-known American artist. He designed and created an iconic art piece in Doha, Qatar, called SMOKE. He took inspiration from the sculpture at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It is a replica that has received millions of appreciative comments. 

Also, it is pleasing outside the Doha Exhibition and Conference Center. In 1967, when the installation was introduced, TIME Magazine featured it on their news.

Among Tony’s outdoor artworks, Smoke is the only large-scale work. The complex organic shapes and spaces inspired SMOKE in the art piece.

Location: Doha Exhibition and Conference Center.

6. Lamp Bear By Urs Fischer

Lamp Bear By Urs Fischer is the sixth in our list of best public arts in Qatar. Qatar’s Lamp Bear is one of the best art installations at Hamad International Airport. Swiss artist Urs Fischer created the initiative at an airport duty-free zone. It is designed to stand at 23 meters and is made from bronze. People are intended to feel connected to the art as it reminds them of their childhood.

Furthermore, memory and scale are combined in this playful art to create a monument and a vision. As a result, it makes people appreciate the times and places they were and where they are at. 

Besides, Lamp Bear art at the airport also highlights the airport’s hospitality. Those who see it are awed and stunned by its size and beauty.

Location: Hamad International airport.

7. Perceval By Sarah Lucas

Perceval By Sarah Lucas comes at seventh place in the list of best public arts in Qatar. The Perceval statue is an iconic landmark within Aspire Park. It is another outstanding work of Doha art to be appreciated. The sculpture depicts a shire horse. 

Approximately two meters wide and four meters long, designed by Sarah Lucas. It represents a horse pulling a cart and carrying two marrows. Later, evoking the legend of King Arthur’s Round Table Knights.

Sarah Lucas was inspired by British art and history. This piece reflects her keen interest in and respect for their culture. It was exhibited at the Doris C. Haupt Museum in New York as the only public artwork designed by Sarah Lucas.

Aspire Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Qatar. This park is the perfect place to exhibit this public art’s excellence. Besides this, you can experience to see a huge footfall.

Location: Aspire Park, Qatar.

8. Maman By Louise Bourgeois

Maman By Louise Bourgeois is in the third position in Qatar’s list of best public arts. Maman- Louise Bourgeois has captured the accurate mind and emotions of art. It is located at the National Convention Center in Qatar and is made of bronze, marble, and steel. 

Despite its unrealistic beauty, Maman is an incredible piece of 20th-century art. It represents the artist’s love and loss as a metaphor or symbol. Louise Bourgeois called the art a tribute to her mom.

To a spider, the sculpture symbolizes her mother’s love and companionship. Her image of an egg (child) portrays a protective mother. The artist describes the strength and love of motherhood and the loss of the only thing she has ever known.

Location: Qatar National Convention Centre.

9. Pouce By César Baldaccini

Pouce By César Baldaccini is a great attraction to see and comes ninth in our best public arts in Qatar list. Pouce is an art in Qatar but a landmark created by Italian artist César Baldaccini. This artistic piece can be found at the Souq Waqif. This piece combines contemporary design and traditional elements. 

Its location and size are comparable to a bustling restaurant district, especially in its prominent place. Due to its location, this is compared to neighboring cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants. 

As the sculpture illuminates by night, the polished bronze patina complements its radiant glow. Visitors can appreciate its dazzling beauty through Pouce’s angles and street views. 

Location: Souq Waqif, Qatar.

10. Lusail Handball Installation By Ahmed Al Bahrani

Lusail Handball Installation By Ahmed Al Bahrani is a must-visit place and the tenth-best public arts in our Qatar list. Introducing The Challenge 2015, the Lusail Handball Installation. It was created by Iraqi artist Ahmed Al Bahrani. When fans and players walk into the Multipurpose Hall, this stunning sculpture stops them in their tracks.

Also, a series of large bronze sculptures depict the statement “larger-than-life.” It is impressive how large the hand sculptures reach the skies upwards.

A Qatari artist named Mohammed Al Nasif and a Tunisian artist called eL Seed also painted walls and created calligraffiti at Lusail. These artwork and calligraphy are described as traditional arts. But, even murals reflect the culture, reflecting a different facet of Qatar’s culture.

Location: Lusail City, Qatar.

Offering an incredible sight to everyone, public art sets no boundaries for admirers. Art in Qatar is not limited to galleries and museums but provides a place for every individual. 

Remember to explore this rich region and admire these masterpieces. Take advantage of Qatar tour packages to plan your trip there. Also, remember to take the time to see these masterpieces. 

Refrain from letting your imagination limit you. Get your camera and capture those magnificent art sculptures. 

We hope the “Best Public Art In Qatar: Qatar Art Collection” content was helpful to you.

Among the best places to observe Qatar’s rich artwork is the Katara cultural village. Various sculptures, installations, and murals are on display for the public. Also, people are invited to attend exhibitions of the most delicate artwork.

Museums and art galleries are popular for creativity and freedom of thought. Below are some of the best galleries you can visit that preserve the work of artists:

  • Katara Cultural Village
  • Doha Exhibition and convention center
  • Gallery AlRiwaq
  • Souq Waqif Art Center
  • Al Markhiya Gallery.

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