Best Scuba Diving And Snorkeling In Greece

Best Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Greece

Before 2006, scuba diving in Greece was very limited. The restrictions imposed by the government limited diving to a few small portions on all coasts of the country.

The main reason for these restrictions was to prevent the theft of antiques at the bottom of the water.

These restrictions are now lifted, for the most part, and divers can explore the many dive sites in Greece. But, some historical sites are restricted.

But, then, the laws on antiquities in Greece remain strict, so we look, but we do not take anything! In short, the diving industry has developed in Greece recently and continues to grow in popularity.

Best Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Greece

The best scuba diving sites

There are more than a dozen major diving destinations in Greece and many more that will become very popular. Here’s a look at some of the best places to dive in Greece:

The island of Chios

The island of Chios, located off the coast of Turkey, offers sea walls, caverns, and many wrecks. The advanced level diver will enjoy it a lot. As for the beginner diver, he will find some wrecks in shallow water. But especially beautiful reefs, impressive rock formations, and incredible visibility!


In Mykonos, we find the caves of Dragonisi, a paradise for underwater photographers. The visibility is very good, and the effects of light on rock formations and marine life are fascinating to observe. Besides, monk seals are often present and very curious about divers.

Nea Kameni

Nea Kaméni is a volcanic island located near Santorini in the Aegean Sea. The dive is done on the wreck of Santa Maria or through lava tubes, caverns, and caves.

The Caves of Santorini

The caves of Santorini, called “The Caves” in English, are in one row from each other, with many passages, caves, and canyons. Even accommodation is possible in some caves if you want to spend a night there!


Prasonisi in Mykonos is considered one of Greece’s most beautiful dive sites. This is one of those sites that used to fall under government restriction. So you couldn’t dive into it until recently. There are wrecks and many artifacts and antiques on the seabed.

Reviews about scuba diving in Greece

Scuba diving in Greece is done via diving centers. Diving from the shore is very popular on the Greek islands. Besides, the majority of the sites that are offshore are reachable with only a short boat ride.

Moreover, traveling between the islands and regions in Greece is usually simple. Thus, depending on the duration of your trip, it will be possible to visit more than one diving destination.

Then, even though there are no dive cruises in Greece, you will find small dive boats available for charter booking.

But, if it is a diving cruise that you want, you have to look at Croatia or Italy.

Prices of dives in Greece

Rates for diving in Greece vary depending on the region or island but mostly on the type of dive. Here is still an overview of the average price of dives for Greece:

A boat trip – snorkeling: +/- 50€

2 dives with equipment: +/- 90€

Price Course level 1 / Open Water: +/- 400€

Price Course Level 2 / Padi Open Water Advanced: +/- 320€

Price Course Level 3 / Rescue Diver: +/- 360€

Emergency First Response at +/- 100€

Divemaster: on request from the various diving centers but about 700 € and more.

We advise you not to look only for the lowest rate but choose your dive center according to where you feel best. Sometimes it makes sense to pay a little more and be in better conditions!

Best time to dive in Greece

The best season to dive in Greece is between May and November, but it is possible to dive there throughout the year. Also, the months of June, July, and August are both the busiest and offer the best scuba diving conditions.

Thus, many divers will recommend the months of May, October, and November to dive in Greece. These months offer many advantages since they are outside the high summer season.

The prices are lower, and there are fewer tourists, but the diving conditions remain excellent. It should simply be noted that, depending on the temperature of the water, you may need a thicker suit.

Diving courses

The excellent visibility, temperate or warm water, and the absence of sea currents make Greece an ideal place to learn to dive. Besides, considering the number of wrecks, passing a certificate of specialization in wreck diving is perfect.

Scuba diving conditions

Diving conditions in Greece vary according to the seasons. First, the water temperature is at its lowest in February while it is on average at 15°C/59°F.

Then, the water temperature varies between 18.5°C/63°F and 26°C/79°F for most of the summer season, with a peak in August around 28°C/81°F.

Besides, visibility can be very variable, especially at dive sites near the coast.

For example, there may be less marine life near boat ports, and visibility will be less good because of boat movements. That said, on most sites and those further offshore, we can expect 40 meters and more underwater visibility!

Snorkeling in Greece

Greece offers countless beaches, several of which have reefs not far from the shore. Thus, it promises beautiful snorkeling spots without sea currents!

Underwater fauna: Fish and Coral

Greece offers a marine diversity typical of the Mediterranean Sea. Also, Greece, located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, sees some invasive species from the Red Sea, such as butterflyfish.

Then, as mentioned above, summer is the ideal season to dive in Greece. It is also the season with the highest concentration of marine life.

Indeed, we notice larger populations of turtles, sharks, and marine mammals.

Diving Safety

If you are planning to go on a trip to Greece, I advise you to invest in good travel insurance that also covers scuba diving. You never know what can happen, and good insurance can get you out of difficult situations.

Greece is a rather new destination in the world of scuba diving. For many divers, it is now a dilemma to dive in Greece, a rather unexplored region, or in the Red Sea. It’s a well-established region whose sites are all known.

In any case, Greece is a great travel idea for the adventurous diver who wants to discover new seabed!

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