Souvenir From The Bahamas: 10+ Things To Buy From The Bahamian Paradise

Souvenir from the Bahamas: 10+ Things to Buy from the Bahamian Paradise

Thinking, what are some best souvenirs from the Bahamas? There are many things to buy from Bahams. Discover the Bahamas’ unique charm with handcrafted souvenirs! From Nassau’s vibrant shopping scene to must-buy items, find the better way to hang onto cherished memories. Explore 100% authentic Bahamian treasures and indulge in a diverse selection of handmade keepsakes. Start shopping in the Bahamas for the perfect souvenir to commemorate your unforgettable journey.

Souvenir From Bahamas: Things To Buy From The Bahamian Paradise

Looking for the perfect souvenir to bring back from your trip to The Bahamas? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the must-have items that capture the essence of this tropical paradise.

From stunning conch shell jewelry and handcrafted straw goods to flavorful jams and jellies, there is something for everyone.

Immerse yourself in Bahamian culture with unique treasures like coconut sculptures and fish scale jewelry.

Get ready to discover the best souvenirs from The Bahamas!

1. Straw Goods

You can find intricately woven straw goods, such as hats and bags, in the Nassau Straw Market or Port Lucaya Marketplace in the Bahamas. These traditional Bahamian handicrafts are made from dried palm leaves and sisal, showcasing the skill and artistry of local artisans. As you browse through the stalls of these bustling markets, you’ll be captivated by the vibrant colors and intricate designs of the straw goods on display.

Whether you’re looking for a wide-brimmed hat to shield yourself from the sun’s rays on the beach or a stylish purse adorned with custom embroidery, there is something for everyone in these markets. The craftsmanship that goes into each piece is truly remarkable, making them not just practical items but also unique works of art.

In addition to hats and bags, you’ll also find other straw products like fans and wallets, all lovingly handcrafted by skilled Bahamian craftsmen. These straw goods are not only beautiful but also representative of Bahamian culture and heritage.

When searching for souvenirs to bring back home from your trip to paradise, make sure to visit these markets and explore the range of straw goods available. It’s an opportunity to support local artisans while acquiring a one-of-a-kind reminder of your time in the Bahamas. So head over to Nassau Straw Market or Port Lucaya Marketplace and immerse yourself in the world of exquisite Bahamian straw crafts.

2. Conch Shell Jewellery

When visiting The Bahamas, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the unique and beautiful conch shell jewelry available for both men and women. Conch is not only a popular food in The Bahamas but also holds cultural significance that is reflected in the exquisite jewelry made from its pale pink shell and rare pearls. These stunning pieces are crafted into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that capture the essence of the islands.

The conch shell jewelry found in souvenir shops and stores across the islands makes for a perfect souvenir to remember your time in this Bahamian paradise. Each piece is meticulously designed and handcrafted to showcase the natural beauty of the conch shell. From delicate pendants to statement earrings, there are styles to suit every taste.

Wearing conch shell jewelry allows you to carry a piece of The Bahamas with you wherever you go. Its unique charm and elegance make it a standout accessory that is sure to draw attention and spark conversations about your travels.

Whether you prefer dainty pieces or bold statement jewelry, conch shell jewelry offers something for everyone. So why not indulge yourself or surprise a loved one with this special souvenir from The Bahamas? With its timeless beauty and cultural significance, conch shell jewelry is truly a treasure worth cherishing.

3. Jewelry made out of shells

Crafted with care and creativity, the jewelry made out of shells in The Bahamas offers a unique and stylish way to embrace the beauty of the islands. Whether you’re looking for a statement necklace or a delicate earring, these shell accessories are sure to catch your eye.

One of the most popular materials used in shell jewelry is the pale pink shell from conch. This beautiful shell is known for its soft hue and smooth texture, making it perfect for creating exquisite pieces. From necklaces adorned with conch pendants to bracelets featuring delicate shells, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from.

In addition to conch shells, other types of shells are also used in Bahamian jewelry making. These include various seashells found along the pristine shores of the islands. Each piece is carefully crafted by skilled artisans who take pride in their workmanship.

When shopping for shell jewelry, be sure to visit Craft Cottage Bahamas. This popular shop offers an extensive collection of handmade pieces that showcase the natural beauty of these shells. From dainty earrings to statement necklaces, you’ll find something that suits your style.

So why not bring home a piece of The Bahamas with you? Adorn yourself with a stunning straw hat or accessorize your outfit with a pair of elegant earrings made from shells. With their unique designs and natural allure, these jewelry pieces are truly one-of-a-kind souvenirs from this tropical paradise.

4. Flavoured rum and rum cake

Indulge in the delicious flavors of flavored rum and rum cakes while exploring The Bahamas. This Bahamian paradise offers a unique experience for your taste buds.

Sit at one of the open-air bars on Little San Salvador island, also known as ‘Half Moon Cay’, and savor the wonderfully flavored rums like pineapple and coconut. These tropical-infused cocktails are perfect for enjoying the beautiful beach views.

But it’s not just the drinks that will tantalize your palate. The Bahamas is also famous for its rum cakes, where rum takes center stage in these confectionery delights. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Bahamian desserts or simply looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, rum cakes are a must-try. You can find them at various places across the islands, but The Bahamas Rum Cake Factory is highly recommended.

The flavors of flavored rum and rum cake truly capture the essence of this Caribbean paradise. Each sip and bite will transport you to a world of tropical bliss.

So take a moment to indulge in these delectable treats while soaking up the sun and enjoying all that The Bahamas has to offer.

5. Jams and Jellies

Savor the sweet flavors of Bahamian tropical jams and jellies, such as guava jelly and pineapple jam, to bring a taste of the islands home with you. These delicious spreads are not only delightful for smearing on bread, but also perfect for adding a touch of the Bahamas to your cooking and baking.

Imagine spreading a dollop of tangy guava jelly on a warm slice of toast or drizzling pineapple jam over your favorite dessert. It’s like capturing the essence of paradise in every bite.

The vibrant tropical fruits used in these jams and jellies reflect the favorite flavors of Bahamians. The guava jelly bursts with a tropical punch that is both sweet and tangy, while the pineapple jam boasts a luscious sweetness that transports you straight to the sunny shores of the Bahamas. Whether you enjoy them spread on breakfast pastries or incorporated into your culinary creations, these jams and jellies will infuse your dishes with an irresistible island flair.

To get your hands on these delectable souvenirs, head to most supermarkets in Nassau where you can find jars of guava jelly and pineapple jam. Solomon’s Fresh Market is highly recommended for its wide selection. Take home these jars packed with sunshine and flavor from the Bahamian paradise, allowing yourself to savor those memories long after your vacation has ended.

6. Junkanoo Art

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of The Bahamas by exploring the world of Junkanoo Art. Here, you can find replicas of elaborate festival attire, themed jewelry, paintings, and other unique goods. The Junkanoo carnival is the most anticipated national celebration in The Bahamas, and its spirit is captured in these artistic creations.

Junkanoo costumes are known for their vibrant colors and intricate designs. Adorned with feathers, beads, headdresses, and masks, they reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Bahamian people. These costumes are meticulously replicated and sold as souvenirs in gift shops across the islands. Owning a piece of Junkanoo art allows you to take a piece of this lively celebration home with you.

In addition to costumes, themed jewelry inspired by Junkanoo can also be found. These unique pieces incorporate elements such as feathers or colorful beads that mirror the festive spirit of the carnival. Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings, wearing this jewelry allows you to showcase your love for Bahamian culture wherever you go.

Paintings depicting scenes from Junkanoo are another popular form of souvenir from The Bahamas. These artworks capture the energy and excitement of the carnival through bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors. They serve as a visual reminder of your time spent immersed in Bahamian festivities.

From elaborate festival attire to themed jewelry and captivating paintings, Junkanoo Art offers an array of options when it comes to finding a unique souvenir from The Bahamas. Each piece reflects the essence of this lively celebration and serves as a reminder of your unforgettable experience on these beautiful islands.

7. Batiks

Visitors to the Bahamas can find beautiful batik fabrics with exquisite designs in the main markets, where sellers showcase their colorful creations for admiration. Batik fabrics are a must-buy souvenir from this Bahamian paradise. These fabrics are handwoven and feature vibrant motifs such as corals, flowers, and sea horses. The intricate designs on these fabrics reflect the rich natural beauty of the islands.

When you explore the marketplace, you will be captivated by the wide selection of batik fabric items available. Brightly colored shirts, skirts, and dresses catch your eye with their unique patterns and bold hues. The vibrant table cloths and bed sheets add a touch of tropical elegance to any home decor.

Androsia Batik is a renowned brand that offers high-quality batik products. Their craftsmanship is evident in each piece, ensuring that you take home a truly special souvenir from your trip to the Bahamas. Another recommended shop is Bahama Hand Prints, where you can find an array of batik fabric goods.

Whether you’re looking for clothing or home decor items, these batik fabrics make for excellent purchases. They not only represent Bahamian culture but also add a splash of color and style to your wardrobe or living space.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring home a piece of this vibrant art form during your visit to the Bahamas!

8. Bahamian cigars

When you’re in Nassau, don’t miss the chance to visit the cigar factory and purchase some authentic hand-rolled Bahamian cigars. Located near the Nassau straw market, this factory offers a unique experience for cigar enthusiasts. You can also find a gift shop just outside the factory where you can buy these exquisite cigars.

The Graycliff resort is another place where you can acquire freshly rolled cigars right from the source. These cigars are made with rare small-batch leaves, making them truly special and worth every penny spent. Graycliff is the only manufacturer of cigars in the Bahamas, ensuring that each piece is a beautiful hand-rolled stunner.

While exploring Nassau for souvenirs, make sure to also check out wood carvings and pineapple jam. Wood carvings are popular handicrafts in the Bahamas, featuring intricate designs of local animals and marine creatures. You can find these artistic creations in gift stores and shops along the beaches.

For food enthusiasts, pineapple jam is a delicious tropical-flavored spread that reflects Bahamians’ favorite flavors. It can be used for cooking or baking and adds a delightful taste to your dishes. You can easily find pineapple jam in most supermarkets in Nassau or visit Solomon’s Fresh Market for a wide selection of tropical-flavored spreads.

So when you’re looking for unique souvenirs from the Bahamas, don’t forget to explore Bahamian cigars, wood carvings, and pineapple jam as memorable keepsakes from your trip.

9. Pine Seed Doll

While exploring the Bahamas, don’t forget to check out the unique and charming pine seed dolls made by native artists in Andros, Abaco, and New Providence. These handcrafted dolls are created using the cones of the native Bahamian pine tree, which grows in the forests of Grand Bahama, Abaco, Andros, and New Providence. Each doll is meticulously crafted with intricate details that showcase the skill and artistry of the local artisans.

The pine seed dolls make for a perfect gift for children or as a delightful souvenir to remind you of your time in this tropical paradise. They can also be used as charming ornaments to display around your house, adding a touch of Bahamian culture to your decor.

If you’re interested in purchasing these unique dolls, head over to the Bahamas Craft Center. This popular spot offers a wide selection of handmade crafts and is known for its authentic representation of Bahamian artistry. You can also find pine seed dolls in other markets on various islands.

So while you’re exploring Nassau Straw Market or enjoying delicious pineapple-infused treats, make sure to take home one of these whimsical pine seed dolls. They’re not only a beautiful representation of Bahamian craftsmanship but also serve as a treasured memento from your time in this island paradise.

10. Wood Carvings

Head over to the Bahamas Craft Center and explore the wide selection of wood carvings, showcasing the intricate artistry of local artisans. As you step into this treasure trove of handmade crafts, you’ll be captivated by the exquisite details carved into each piece. The woodcarvings available here truly reflect the rich culture and natural beauty of the Bahamas.

From bowls and plates adorned with animals and geometric figures to stunning sculptures depicting sea creatures like turtles and tropical fish, there is something for everyone at the Bahamas Craft Center. Each item tells a story, taking you on a visual journey through Bahamian folklore and traditions.

Whether you’re looking for a unique home decoration or a meaningful gift, these wood carvings are sure to impress. The craftsmanship is unparalleled, with every carving displaying meticulous attention to detail. You can feel the passion that went into creating these pieces as you run your fingers along their smooth surfaces.

If you’re in Freeport, don’t miss out on visiting Port Lucaya Marketplace where you can find even more woodcarvings. These intricate works of art make for wonderful souvenirs that will forever remind you of your time in this tropical paradise.

So head on over to the Bahamas Craft Center or Port Lucaya Marketplace and discover the beauty of Bahamian wood carvings firsthand. Let these unique pieces bring a touch of island charm into your life.

11. Local music CDs

Don’t forget to grab a few of the local music CDs while you’re exploring the shops in The Bahamas – they perfectly capture the unique blend of American blues, African drumbeat, and traditional Bahamian music styles. These CDs are more than just souvenirs; they are a piece of the vibrant and lively culture that makes The Bahamas so special.

The music of The Bahamas is a true reflection of its people and their diverse influences. With elements borrowed from American blues, African drumbeat, and local church choirs, it creates a mesmerizing sound that will transport you to this tropical paradise with every note. From Boombay to steele drum and rake ‘n’ scrape, each style offers something different but equally captivating.

These local music CDs make for perfect jiving numbers or background tunes as you reminisce about your time in the Bahamian paradise. Whether you’re lounging on the beach or taking a leisurely stroll through Nassau’s colorful streets, these songs will enhance your experience and bring back memories of your incredible journey.

So why not bring a piece of The Bahamas home with you? Grab some local music CDs as souvenirs for yourself or as gifts for friends and family. They not only showcase the rich musical heritage of this island nation but also serve as a reminder of the joyous spirit and vibrant culture found throughout The Bahamas.

12. Bahamian Doll

Now that you have explored the vibrant music scene of The Bahamas through local music CDs, let’s move on to another delightful souvenir option: Bahamian Dolls. These charming dolls are handcrafted using native pine seeds, making them a truly unique and authentic keepsake from the islands.

Each Bahamian doll is carefully crafted, painted, and decorated with intricate details that reflect the rich culture and heritage of The Bahamas. These dolls can be found in various markets and gift shops across the islands, including the popular Festival Place. Whether you’re looking for a special gift for a child or a decorative piece to adorn your home, Bahamian dolls offer an enchanting touch of island charm.

In addition to their artistic value, these dolls also serve as a reminder of the natural resources found in The Bahamas. Crafted from pine seeds sourced from native pine trees, they showcase the beauty of the local flora. Their unique design captures both tradition and creativity in one delightful package.

So don’t miss the opportunity to bring home a piece of Bahamian culture with these exquisite pine seed dolls. They make for a wonderful addition to any collection or a heartfelt gift for someone special. And while you’re exploring the markets and gift shops, be sure to check out other local treasures such as conch shell jewelry and intricately carved ornaments inspired by marine creatures.

13. Coconut Sculptures

If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching piece of art from The Bahamas, you can’t go wrong with coconut sculptures. These one-of-a-kind creations are handcrafted by talented artisans who carve the husks of coconuts into stunning pieces that resemble various animals, sea creatures, and other ornaments.

The process begins with carefully selecting the dried palm leaves to create intricate details and textures on the sculptures.

Coconut sculptures not only showcase the creativity and skill of Bahamian artisans but also reflect the rich cultural heritage of the islands. Each sculpture is a true work of art, capturing the essence of Bahamian nature and wildlife. From dolphins and turtles to exotic birds and tropical fish, these sculptures bring a touch of paradise into your home.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, coconut sculptures make for a meaningful souvenir or gift from The Bahamas. They serve as a tangible reminder of your time in this beautiful paradise, allowing you to bring a piece of it back with you. Whether displayed on a shelf or used as decorative pieces around your house, coconut sculptures are sure to spark conversations and admiration from guests.

When exploring the markets in The Bahamas, be sure to look out for these exquisite coconut sculptures. Alongside other handicrafts like straw goods and batiks, they add an authentic touch to any collection. And after browsing through the stalls, don’t forget to indulge in some delicious pineapple jam or guava jelly – two delectable treats that perfectly complement your shopping experience in this Bahamian paradise.

14. Fish Scale Jewellery

When exploring the markets in The Bahamas, you’ll be amazed by the stunning fish scale jewelry available. These unique accessories are a true testament to the craftsmanship of Bahamian artisans. Handmade with care and precision, these pieces showcase the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of fish scales.

One of the most popular types of fish scale jewelry is the fish scale necklace. These necklaces feature delicate scales arranged in beautiful patterns, creating a mesmerizing effect when worn. The scales are carefully selected for their color and shape to ensure that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

Fish scale jewelry also often incorporates other elements such as pearls. These pearls add an elegant touch to the already exquisite designs. Whether they are used as accents or as focal points, pearls elevate the beauty of the fish scale jewelry and make it even more captivating.

Each piece of fish scale jewelry tells a story of Bahamian culture and heritage. The vibrant colors reflect the lively spirit of The Bahamas, while the intricate patterns represent the rich artistic traditions passed down through generations.

So, when you’re looking for a unique souvenir from The Bahamas, consider purchasing a piece of handcrafted fish scale jewelry. Not only will you have a stunning accessory to wear, but you’ll also be supporting local artisans and taking home a piece of Bahamian artistry that is sure to be cherished for years to come.


So, now that you know all about the amazing souvenirs you can buy in The Bahamas, it’s time to start shopping!

Whether it’s a beautiful piece of Conch Shell Jewelry, a handcrafted Bahamian doll, or some delicious tropical-flavored jams and jellies, there is something for everyone.

Don’t forget to check out the vibrant Junkanoo Art and the unique straw goods that reflect the culture and nature of this paradise.

With so many options to choose from, you’ll surely find the perfect souvenir to remind you of your time in The Bahamas.

Happy shopping!

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