Where To Stay In Amalfi Coast Without A Car? | 8 Best No-Car Stays In Amalfi Coast

Where To Stay in Amalfi Coast Without A Car? | 8 Best No-Car Stays in Amalfi Coast

Maiori, Atrani, Positano, and Amalfi Town are the top areas to stay in Amalfi Coast without a car because they’ve walkable sites, amenities, and easy access to public transit. However, Sorrento is another popular no-car choice for travelers, for it connects to many famous Amalfi Coast routes. You can reach Sorrento by bus or ferry ride from Amalfi Coast.

So yes, to anyone looking for where to stay in Amalfi Coast without a car, release all your stress because your favorite Amalfi has super walkability. And no worries about exploring it even if you show up without a car

There might be a lot of reasons for you to go for a no-car Amalfi Coast stay, it might be saving your bucks from car-hiring expenses, or you might not have a car, or your car might have gone dead at the last moment

But chill, since you’ve come up to our article, we will help you find the best car-free stays in Amalfi Coast, ensuring you get all the amenities you need. So sit back, relax, and keep reading till the end to unveil the best no-car lodgings!

1. Sorrento

Are you looking for a convenient base to help you explore everything without dealing with a car

Then just hit the scenic Sorrento because it not only has a charming aura but is also home to luxe Amalfi Coast facilities and gives easy access to the famous nearby towns (Naples, Pompeii)! Here you’ll find a lot of car alternatives; some super-handy ones are:

1. SITA Bus

2. Boat

3. Ferries

4. Train

5. Mopeds

6. Taxi

Sorrento isn’t technically located on Amalfi Coast, but don’t worry! It’ll only cost you a mere 45 minutes to 1hr if you take a ferry ride from Amalfi, spending $15-24 on average (however, charges may vary depending on the seasons). 

Buses are the cheapest (charges $2-$9) and faster options, but yes, public transport gets too crowded during summer. Sorrento also gives access to Uber services, so no worries, even if you want to discover places further beyond

But wait! Are you thinking about what amenities Sorrento offers

So listen, from the idyllic islands to the adventurous hiking and cycling sights, plenty of clubs, scenic old Roman villas, incredible shopping centers, night galleries, timeless theatres, gelaterias, seafood diners, the nearby beauty of the Mediterranean sea, lively atmosphere, Sorrento has got all the privileges ensuring you enjoy the best Amalfi Coast vibes

And that doesn’t end here! It has tons of hotels suiting all budgets, so if you’re still thinking about where to stay in Amalfi Coast without a car, undoubtedly, Sorrento is the perfect choice! Let’s check out some of its famous attractions:

  • Punta Campanella nature reserve (incredible hiking spot offering sea-sunset views)
  • Mt. Vesuvius
  • Bagni Regina Giovanna Cove (cozy beach with natural pool)
  • The Shot Bar Sorrento (best night hub, offers syringe shots)
  • Peronius Ristopub (popular club)
  • Villa Comunale (famous garden)

The Palazzo Marziale guesthouse would be a perfect option for accommodation since popular attractions are walks away from it.

2. Amalfi Town

Your no-car journey to Amalfi Coast would be incomplete if you didn’t visit this place! Known as the Amalfi Coast’s largest town, where the proximity of amenities is just within comfortable walks and affordable price range, this place is the best home base for Amalfi Coast

It is no less than the sophisticated Positano and offers all the luxuries where you don’t have to worry about spending much of your bucks. 

Located in the middle of the coast, it provides divine sandy beaches with umbrellas and sun loungers, direct bus services, stunning medieval buildings, mesmerizing Italian sites, museums, artifacts, sculptures, ice cream bars, cathedrals, a public square lined with cafes and food stops, a wide range of Insta-worthy cliff-side lodgings, super walkways, manicured gardens, easy access to other towns, handmade souvenir shop, the unreal views of Canneto river, Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean Seas and many more. 

Though some beaches have pebbles and aren’t ideal for barefoot walks, Amalfi Town is still the perfect central location for discovering the entire Amalfi Coast. Some in-demand attractions are:

  • Boat Hopping Tours
  • Tower of Pogerola (best hiking spot)
  • Mouth-watering limoncello
  • Cattedrale di Sant’ Andre (popular cathedral)
  • Eolo (offers authentic Mediterranean cuisine with heavenly vistas)
  • Cartiera Amatuda (popular sovenir spot)
  • Cloister of Paradise (cloister surrounded by garden and relics)
  • The Amalfi Museum of Maritime History

For accommodation, the B&B Valenti guest house would be our pick, for it is close to the beaches and offers on-site bars.

3. Atrani

Are you looking for where to stay in Amalfi Coast on a budget? Atrani is your answer! This historical yet budget-friendly site is one of the smallest towns in Italy, but it offers all the amenities for your unique without-car stay

It’ll only take a 10-minute walk to reach Atrani from Amalfi Coast; you can also catch a bus or taxi if you’re a lazy walker! 

This area offers a relaxing quiet ambiance, glorious sandy beaches, historic city centers, authentic Italian restaurants, coffee shops, chapels, local boutiques, and many more amenities. Popular demands are:

  • Atrani Beach
  • Happening events (throughout the year)
  • Santa Maria Maddalena Church
  • Fishing options
  • Kirche Amalfi (best spot for walkers and hikers)
  • Piazzetta (famous site)
  • Mount Civita
  • La Bottega Del Ferrari (popular diner)

You can fully explore Atrani on foot, and as for your lodging, La Scogliera Rooms would be our pick since it is only a kilometer from Amalfi Cathedral.

4. Positano

Now this beauty will surely give you an unforgettable experience even if you’ve no car; if you’re taking a ferry, it should take 20 minutes to reach Positano from the Amalfi coast! 

Its scenic and clean walkways, blissful beach, homely locals, vast and high-end shopping and dining options, three tiny scenic islands, artistic architecture, and jaw-dropping coastline make it wholesome and comforting for your without-car itinerary

This small yet glam city offers pretty picturesque scenes, but the exciting part is the streets here are narrow and don’t facilitate cars or scooters

You either need to go for walks (the bonus is the unmatched views) or wander about via boat

This city has large and small uphills, so if you’re looking for where to stay in Amalfi Coast without a car and with an adventurous experience, Positano is there to welcome you with open arms. The popular attractions here are:

  • Vibrant cliff-side villas
  • The Path of the Gods (famous hiking option)
  • Serene Kayaking, boat tours
  • La Sponda (Michelin-starred restaurant)
  • Grotta di Fornillo (most unique spot)
  • Church of Saint Mary of the Assumption
  • RADA Ristorante Rooftop (dining option with the best view)

As for your accommodation, Hotel Savoia would be our pick since it’s a 5-minute walk from Sponda bus stop (lodgings in Positano are typically pricy during on-seasons)

5. Ravello

With majestic cobblestone roads and never-ending panoramic vistas, Ravello is one of the best places on the Amalfi Coast without a car

If you’re ready to take some picture-perfect bus trips, you’re welcome to Ravello since buses are the most convenient option to reach this small coastal town. 

You’ll see some breathtaking sites here, starting from its serene and luxurious landscapes, funky shops, bustling music around, dreamy hilltop and sea vistas, deluxe villas, exceptionally beautiful gardens, hotels with nature views, famous archeological placements, intimate dining options, fashionable boutique, jewelry stores, unparalleled lemon grove valley and all the tourist amenities that you could ever wish, Ravello ensures you get all of it! 

Though it doesn’t give easy access to beaches, the routes are relatively flat, less crowded, and have a calming vibe, making Ravello one of the top romantic places on the Amalfi Coast for your no-car itinerary

Even famous actors like Leonard Berstein admire the lovely little Ravello for its unmatched nature views! 

Moreover, Ravello has won the prestige of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it an even more appealing car-free stay for you! Trending attractions are:

  • Ravello Music Festival
  • Fornillo beach
  • Multicolored, pastel houses
  • Villa Cimbrone garden
  • Montepertuso (best walking trail)
  • Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta (grand cathedral)

For lodging, go for Palazzo Avino, which offers outdoor gyms and other facilities.

6. Maiori

Looking for a family-friendly place that offers accommodations within a cheaper pricing range with all the facilities? 

Maiori is there to welcome you and is your answer for – where to stay in Amalfi Coast with family! And the cherry on top is its eminent ancient walkway, Path of Lemons, via which you can reach Amalfi’s other top town, Minori (popularly known as the ‘City of Flavours’ for it is home to delicious pasta). 

This place is indeed a BOGO gift for you since you’ll be able to explore two different areas having diverse vibes, and that too just by taking walks

This tiny town is often less crowded and offers amenities like kids’ playgrounds, dessert shops, cafes, a whopping 930 meters long beach, tavernas, sun loungers, picnic sites, numerous bars, harbors, low-cost hotels with beach views (yet offering full amenities), restaurants, hiking options, and, of course, the serene vineyards and lemon groves around. 

Maiori isn’t much hilly and relatively flat, so your amenities are within comfortable walking distance. You can also take boat rides to explore the area. Popular attractions here are:

  • Grotta di Pandora (stunning sea cave)
  • Parco Giochi (popular playground)
  • Villa Marittima Romana (famous Roman archaeological settlement)
  • Sweet Show (coffee shop offering unique sorbets, desserts, and gelatos)
  • Castello di San Nicola de Thoro Plano (historic hiking site)
  • Dedalo (best pizza diner)
  • The Dead Horse beach
  • The Church and Monastery of San Francesco

As for your lodging, Hotel De Rosa would be our pick, which is only 50m from Maiori’s beach.

7. Salerno

Located east of the Amalfi Coast (just a few miles away), this place has top-notch public transport networks and popular railway stations that can help you visit your desired attractions, making Salerno the best stop for your query on- where to stay in Amalfi Coast without a car

It is technically not on Amalfi Coast, but it isn’t too far! 

From the happening nightlife to the historic settlements, easy access to public transportation, like the popular CSTP and SITA regional bus lines (making routes to the fascinating towns, Rome and Naples), cozy restaurants, pubs, museums, churches, walking trails, medicinal garden, comparatively quieter atmosphere, boasting long beaches and the sea view accommodation, Salerno has it all ensuring you get the best and genuine Amalfi Coast vibe even if you come up without cars. 

If you’re up for exploring Salerno via train, you can go for the tourist-friendly ItaliaRail, since you’ll find English-speaking staff here! Famous attractions are:

  • Centro Storico (historic site)
  • Arechi Castle
  • Diocesan Museum
  • Salerno Cathedral
  • Minerva’s Garden
  • Movida (popular town hall, chat, and drink center)

As for your budget-friendly lodging, B&B Salernoway is our pick, for it is a few steps away from Salerno Harbour.


Finally, we hope you’ve got all your answers on- where to stay in Amalfi Coast without a car! As you saw, cars are just for extra luxury here on Amalfi Coast since you can easily go for walks, boats, and public transit to explore the entire area. 

While some areas are super comfy, filled with amenities, and budget-friendly for families, some no-car regions, like the posh Positano, typically have high costs in terms of accommodations. 

Another important piece of information you should know is Amalfi Coast doesn’t facilitate Uber inside the area. However, you can access the ridesharing app if you’re at Sorrento. 

And yes, if you ever get tired of traversing the places on walks or want to wander beyond no-car-friendly areas, we recommend you go for car rentals!

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