12 Things To Do In Redlands Alone

12 Things To Do In Redlands Alone

Are you feeling the need for some alone time or looking for things to do in Redlands alone? Maybe you just want to explore your city at your own pace without worrying about anyone else’s schedule. Whatever the reason, Redlands has plenty of activities for those seeking a solo adventure.

Take Kimberly Crest House and Gardens, for example. This stunning mansion-turned-museum offers a chance to step back in time and explore the history of Redlands on your own terms. Wander through the gardens and admire the architecture, or take a guided tour to learn even more about this fascinating piece of local history.

And that’s just one option – there are plenty more ways to enjoy Redlands solo style. So grab your backpack and get ready for a day of exploring all this city has to offer.

Things To Do In Redlands Alone

1. Kimberly Crest House and Gardens: A Solo Tour of Redlands’ History

You’ll love exploring the Kimberly Crest House and Gardens, taking a solo tour through Redlands’ rich history and discovering all the things to do in Redlands alone. This stunning mansion is a perfect example of early 20th-century architecture, featuring intricate details and beautiful craftsmanship. The house was built in 1897 by Mrs. Cornelia A.H. Smith as a gift for her daughter, Mary Kimberly-Shirk.

As you wander through the gardens, you’ll be transported back in time to the early days of Redlands’ history. The lush greenery and colorful flowers create a peaceful atmosphere that will make you forget all about your worries and stress. You can even take a guided tour of the house to learn more about its fascinating past.

Garden exploration is another highlight of this attraction, with over four acres of beautifully landscaped gardens to explore on your own or with a guided tour group. From the Italian-inspired garden to the Japanese-style garden, there’s something for everyone at Kimberly Crest House and Gardens!

After spending some time here, head over to the Lincoln Memorial Shrine to continue exploring Redlands’ past alone without missing out on anything exciting!

2. The Lincoln Memorial Shrine: Exploring Redlands’ Past Alone

If exploring the past of Redlands interests you, head to The Lincoln Memorial Shrine and delve into its fascinating history. This museum is dedicated to Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, making it a must-see for history buffs. As you wander through the exhibits, you’ll learn about the battles that took place during this tumultuous time in American history.

One of the highlights of The Lincoln Memorial Shrine is its extensive collection of artifacts from the Civil War era. From weapons to clothing, these items give visitors a tangible connection to the past. You’ll also have the chance to read letters written by soldiers on both sides of the conflict, gaining insight into their experiences and perspectives.

Exploring museums can be a wonderful way to immerse yourself in local history. But if you’re looking for something more active or seeking things to do in Redlands alone, head over to San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary and explore Redlands’ great outdoors on foot or bike. Here, you’ll find miles of hiking and biking trails that wind through scenic landscapes teeming with wildlife.

3. San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary: Hiking and Biking Solo in Redlands’ Great Outdoors

Get ready to explore the great outdoors of Redlands by hiking or biking through the scenic landscapes of San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary. This hidden gem offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing you to connect with nature in solitude. With miles of trails to explore, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

As you hike or bike through the sanctuary, take a moment to appreciate your surroundings. The landscape is home to a variety of plants and wildlife, including oak trees, wildflowers, and birds. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a deer or coyote along your journey. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just starting out, there’s something for everyone at San Timoteo.

After exploring San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary, head over to Oak Glen Preserve for some birdwatching and nature photography. This tranquil preserve is perfect for those looking for a solo getaway. Take your time as you wander through the trails, capturing the essence of Redlands through your lens. As you watch birds soaring above and bask in the natural beauty around you, it’s easy to forget about everything else going on in the world.

Now that you’ve explored San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary and captured some beautiful photos at Oak Glen Preserve, it’s time to move on to our next activity: bird watching and nature photography at Oak Glen Preserve!

4. Oak Glen Preserve: Bird Watching and Nature Photography for One

Immerse yourself in the serene setting of Oak Glen Preserve while capturing stunning photos of local wildlife and bird species. This nature preserve boasts over 2,000 acres of land with a variety of habitats that attract hundreds of bird species. From hawks and owls to woodpeckers and hummingbirds, there is no shortage of photo opportunities for bird enthusiasts.

The preserve offers several miles of nature trails which provide ample opportunity to get up close and personal with the natural surroundings. Along the way, you’ll encounter beautiful groves of oak trees, fields filled with wildflowers, and glistening streams that flow through the landscape. The peaceful ambiance makes it an ideal location for solo visitors who are seeking a quiet escape from their daily routine.

If you’re looking to connect with nature on a deeper level or simply want to practice your photography skills in a natural setting, then Oak Glen Preserve is the perfect destination for you and offers various things to do alone in Redlands.

With breathtaking views and plenty of wildlife activity throughout the year, this location promises to be an unforgettable experience for anyone who loves bird photography or simply enjoys spending time outdoors surrounded by beauty.

After immersing yourself in all that Oak Glen Preserve has to offer, take a leisurely stroll through historic downtown Redlands for some unique shopping experiences. With its charming architecture and vibrant atmosphere, this area offers something special for every visitor – from boutique shops selling handmade crafts and jewelry to antique stores offering rare finds from around the world.

5. Historic Downtown Redlands: A Leisurely Stroll for Unique Shopping

Take a leisurely stroll through historic downtown Redlands and discover unique shopping options and local cuisine. As you walk down the streets, you’ll find charming boutiques, antique shops, and specialty stores that offer one-of-a-kind items. Whether you’re looking for vintage clothing or handmade jewelry, there’s something for everyone in this quaint area.

As you explore the shops, don’t forget to indulge in some of the local cuisine. From farm-to-table restaurants to artisanal bakeries, there are plenty of options to satisfy your taste buds. Grab a cup of coffee from a cozy café or try some gourmet chocolates from a boutique chocolatier. Whatever your preference may be, historic downtown Redlands has it all.

After a day of shopping and dining, head over to the Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival for an evening under the stars and experience some of the best things to do in Redlands alone. This annual event features free concerts by world-renowned musicians and performers. Bring a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy the music solo while surrounded by nature’s beauty. It’s the perfect way to end your day in Redlands before heading back home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

6. Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival: Enjoying Music Solo under the Stars

You absolutely have to experience the Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival, where you’ll be transported to a world of magic while enjoying music under a sky full of twinkling stars. This is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy some quality alone time while immersing yourself in the beauty of orchestral performances. Pack a solo picnic and bring a bottle of wine for an unforgettable evening.

As you listen to the music, let your mind wander and take in all that surrounds you. The festival offers a wide range of musical genres from classical to jazz, ensuring there’s something that will pique your interest. Take advantage of this chance to broaden your musical horizons and appreciate the art form in all its glory.

After an enchanting evening at the Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival, head over to Escape Craft Brewery for some local brews. Sipping on a cold beer is always more enjoyable when done alone, giving you time to reflect on your experiences from earlier in the day. So grab a seat at their outdoor patio and indulge in some delicious craft beers before continuing your solo adventure through Redlands.

7. Escape Craft Brewery: Sipping Local Brews Alone

Now, if you’re in the mood for some delicious local brews or looking for things to do in Redlands alone, head over to Escape Craft Brewery and sip on a cold beer while taking in the unique flavors all by yourself. This brewery is perfect for a solo visit because it offers an intimate setting where you can truly appreciate the craft of beer making.

Take a seat at the bar and enjoy a flight of beers or take a brewery tour to learn more about the brewing process.

One of the best things about visiting Escape Craft Brewery alone is that you have complete control over your experience. You can take your time trying different beers and savoring each sip without feeling rushed or distracted by others.

Plus, their menu features local food pairings that are perfect for solo dining. You won’t have to worry about impressing anyone with your culinary choices – just indulge in what sounds good to you.

After enjoying your time at Escape Craft Brewery, why not continue exploring Redlands on your own? The University of Redlands is just a short drive away and offers beautiful grounds that are perfect for a campus tour for one. Stroll through the gardens, check out historic buildings, and admire the architecture at your own pace. Who knows what hidden gems you’ll discover during your solo adventure

8. The University of Redlands: A Campus Tour for One

After enjoying a cold brew at Escape Craft Brewery, why not take a stroll through the beautiful campus of the University of Redlands? The university is known for its stunning architecture and sprawling lawns, making it an excellent spot for a solo tour. As you walk around, be sure to take note of some of the campus highlights, such as Hunsaker Plaza with its iconic fountain and Memorial Chapel with its breathtaking stained glass windows.

One of the best things about touring the University of Redlands alone is that you can take your time and explore at your own pace. Take advantage of this opportunity to snap some solo photo ops in front of some of the most picturesque spots on campus. Whether it’s posing outside the historic administration building or capturing a shot with one of the many sculptures scattered throughout campus, there are plenty of opportunities for unique pictures that will make your friends jealous.

As you wind down your self-guided tour of the University of Redlands, make sure to stop by their bookstore to pick up some UofR gear as a souvenir. With memories and photos in hand, you’re now ready to move on to your next adventure – appreciating art solo at the Redlands Art Association Gallery!

9. The Redlands Art Association Gallery: Solo Art Appreciation

Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and inspiration as you step into the Redlands Art Association Gallery, where solo art experiences await you. The gallery is a haven for those who appreciate art, with an array of paintings, sculptures, and other artworks on display. Take your time as you explore each piece, letting your eyes wander across the colors and shapes that make up each artwork.

Redlands gallery visits are perfect for solo travelers looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and explore things to do alone in Redlands. You can take your time admiring each piece without any distractions or interruptions. Whether it’s contemporary art or classical masterpieces that catch your eye, there’s something for everyone at the Redlands Art Association Gallery.

After immersing yourself in the world of art at the Redlands Art Association Gallery, why not continue your solo adventure by enjoying some classical music? The Redlands Symphony Orchestra offers a range of performances throughout the year, providing another opportunity to experience something new alone. So come along and indulge in some culture on your own terms!

10. The Redlands Symphony Orchestra: Enjoying Classical Music Alone

Now that you’ve experienced the artistic side of Redlands, it’s time to indulge in the musical. The Redlands Symphony Orchestra is a must-see for classical music enthusiasts and newbies alike. Enjoying a concert alone can be an incredibly cathartic experience, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the music without any distractions.

Classical concerts are known for their grandeur and intricate compositions, which will leave you breathless and awe-struck. The orchestra is composed of talented musicians who have dedicated their lives to perfecting their craft. Watching them work together seamlessly while producing beautiful music is truly a sight to behold.

Solo experiences are all about self-discovery and growth, and attending a symphony orchestra concert alone is no different. It’s an opportunity for you to expand your horizons and explore new things without any external influences. So take this chance to appreciate the beauty of classical music on your own terms.

As calming as classical music may be, there’s nothing quite like winding down with some fresh produce at the end of a long day. And what better way to do that than by taking a solo stroll through the Redlands Market Night?

11. The Redlands Market Night: A Solo Stroll for Fresh Produce and Entertainment

Strolling through the Redlands Market Night solo offers a chance to connect with the community and cultivate a deeper appreciation for locally-sourced produce. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and other artisanal products are available for purchase every Thursday night on State Street. With over 150 vendors, you’ll find everything from homemade soap to handmade jewelry.

In addition to fresh produce, Redlands Market Night also offers live entertainment. Solo exploration of this weekly event can lead you to discover new musical talents or even catch a performance by local favorites like The Jazz Experience or Groove Session. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy an evening filled with music and laughter while supporting local artists.

If history is more your forte or you’re looking for things to do in Redlands alone, consider taking a solo tour of Kimberly Crest House and Gardens. This stunning mansion was built in 1897 and has been preserved as both a historic landmark and public garden.

Walking through its halls alone allows for reflection on the grandeur of the past while appreciating its continued relevance in modern times. After all, connecting with oneself is just as important as connecting with one’s community.

As you continue exploring what Redlands has to offer, take some time to enrich your cultural knowledge at the upcoming Redlands Bowl Performing Arts events.

12. Redlands Bowl Performing Arts: Solo Cultural Enrichment

Indulging in the Redlands Bowl Performing Arts events alone can be an enriching cultural experience. Solo cultural immersion allows you to fully absorb the beauty and essence of each performance without any distractions or interruptions. The Redlands Bowl is a historic amphitheater that has been hosting free concerts since 1923, making it the oldest continuously running summer music festival in the United States.

Attending a Redlands Bowl performance solo gives you the freedom to choose which event suits your interests best. The lineup varies from classical music concerts to Broadway shows, dance performances, and even movie screenings with live orchestra accompaniment. You can bring a picnic dinner or grab some food from one of the vendors at the venue and enjoy a magical night under the stars surrounded by fellow art enthusiasts.

The Redlands Bowl Performing Arts events offer an opportunity for personal growth and enrichment while enjoying high-quality entertainment. Whether it’s discovering new musical genres, learning about different cultures through dance performances or being moved by powerful theatrical productions, attending these events solo allows you to connect with yourself on a deeper level while expanding your horizons through art. So go ahead, treat yourself to an evening of solo cultural immersion at Redlands Bowl performances!


As you wrap up your solo adventure in Redlands and consider all the things to do in Redlands alone, take a moment to reflect on the beauty and history that surrounds you. Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, you have spread your wings and explored all that this charming city has to offer.

From the tranquil gardens of Kimberly Crest House to the bustling energy of Market Night, you have experienced it all.

Just as each note in a symphony contributes to the overall masterpiece, each activity on your journey has added depth and richness to your experience. You have learned about Redlands’ past at the Lincoln Memorial Shrine and immersed yourself in nature at San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary.

You have appreciated art at the Redlands Art Association Gallery and enjoyed classical music with the Redlands Symphony Orchestra. And through it all, you have discovered something new about yourself – perhaps a love for bird watching or an appreciation for historic architecture.

As you depart from this vibrant city, remember that there is always more to explore and discover. Just like a book with endless chapters waiting to be read, Redlands offers endless opportunities for solo adventures. So go forth with curiosity and an open mind – who knows what wonders await?

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