5 Things To Do In Regional Natural Park Of Chartreuse

5 Things To Do In Regional Natural Park of Chartreuse

Need oxygen? Visit the Chartreuse Regional Natural Park: a must in the heart of the Alps!

The Chartreuse Regional Natural Park is located in France, straddling the departments of Isère and Savoie. The massif of the same name is one of the most beautiful in the Alpine chain!

We come to escape to enjoy a pure mountain that remained authentic and with unique fauna and flora. The peaks and passes that constitute it are essential elements of French heritage.

In Winter and summer, you will have the opportunity to explore the massif to admire its splendors. In your opinion, what is the best way to visit the Chartreuse Regional Natural Park? Whether you opt for any activity, you will be able to express your love of the mountain fully.

Travelvibe presents you with the best ways to get around whatever your tastes or budget. Come on, let’s go!

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Things To Do In the Regional Natural Park of Chartreuse

The Regional Natural Park of Chartreuse, in a few words

Things To Do In Regional Natural Park of Chartreuse

The park encompasses the Chartreuse massif between the cities of Chambéry to the north, Voiron to the west, and Grenoble to the south. It covers an area of 76,700 hectares for about sixty municipalities.

Visiting the Chartreuse Natural Park means being able to choose between four different reserves. The Hauts de Chartreuse, Aulp du Seuil and the two Malissard Reserves are extraordinary biotopes.

In addition to these specificities, there is no shortage of tourist sites. Let us mention the Caves of Ladders, the Cirque de Saint-Même, the Gorges du Guiers… On the heritage side, Fort Barraux, the Sardinian Way, the remains of the castle of Entremont, or the cellars of the Chartreuse will delight the curious.

The park stands out for its beautiful possibilities for getaways. Marked trails and areas dedicated to the most diverse activities are legion. Visiting the Chartreuse Natural Park allows you to treat yourself to a most deserved break. Time stops there; the urban frenzy no longer exists, just you and a preserved nature.

We’ve listed the best ways to explore it to convince you to go there. Airway, land, waterway? Here is our top of the prettiest way to approach the massif.

1. Snowshoeing

In winter, a thick white coat covers the Chartreuse massif. To get around without difficulty, opt for snowshoes! These funny utensils attach to your shoes to widen the surface of contact with the snow. So, you don’t sink into it!

Visiting the Chartreuse Natural Park on snowshoes can be done almost anywhere. But we have chosen to present you with the best spots: the snowshoe area of Sappey-en-Chartreuse and the Petites Roches plateau will delight the visitor.

2. ATV

Mountain biking is a means of transport that is both efficient and ecological. Visiting the Chartreuse Natural Park by mountain bike can be done in many ways. We advise you to make a portion of the sublime crossing of grésivaudan a great itinerary. In summer, you will even have the opportunity to cross the Manival, a stream of great freshness, by ford. Sensations guaranteed!

Otherwise, opt for the discovery of Saint-Pierre de Chartreuse or the walk of Chapareillan. The latter is an undemanding walk through the slopes of the vineyards of Savoy. You can even stop to enjoy a glass of wine!

The last tip for those who do not want to force: renting an electric bike avoids a lot of effort.

3. Hiking

Hiking allows you to visit the Chartreuse Natural Park in peace. There is no equipment to rent, great flexibility… the hike has almost only advantages and will enable you to admire the region at your own pace. The waterfalls of the Cirque de St Même or the summit of the Dent de Crolles are among the must-sees.

Otherwise, opt for the top of the Charming Som. It dominates St Pierre de Chartreuse. The Charmant Som is also a rather accessible summit in climbing mode. There is, for gourmets, the last alpine pasture in Isère, which manufactures and sells its cheese on site. Is a break necessary?

4. Canoeing and paddling on Lake Aiguebelette

Lake Aiguebelette is classified as a Regional Nature Reserve. Its green waters have always fascinated the ancients. Today, they still amaze people who have come to visit the Chartreuse Natural Park. The latter particularly appreciate the possibility of learning to canoe or paddle.

It must be said that “trails” of nautical hiking zebra the lake. The best? In our opinion, the northern circuits and the wild coast are essential. Otherwise, the walk to the islands is a good way to enjoy the calm of the turquoise waters.

5. Sled dogs

Does the Nordic area of Les Entremonts speak to you? In winter, it is one of the most emblematic activities of frosted spaces. Baptisms are organized to discover mushing, the practice of dog sledding!

Each sled can accommodate two adults or three children. If you wish, you can even try to drive these fascinating machines… towed by animals that are even more so.

6. Do Cycling

The road bike is an institution in the Chartreuse massif. It must be said that sublime itineraries allow you to visit the Regional Natural Park of Chartreuse at length and wide. The loop of Lake Saint André is one of the most beautiful routes of the massif. It takes place in the south of the agglomeration of Chambéry, between vineyards and mountains.

The walk is finally quite unphysical and allows you to contemplate the Granier mountain. Its landslide in 1248 is the largest known mountain collapse in Europe! When you arrive at Lake St André, do not hesitate to have a drink at the restaurant next door or to swim.

Don’t miss Saint Baldoph, its old pools, and its view of the Belledonnes mountain range!

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