10 Best Travel Insurance Canada Online

10 Best Travel Insurance Canada Online

Traveling is a fascinating adventure. Whenever we get a holiday, especially in the summer holidays and semester breaks, our hearts become crazy beating to have a trip. Traveling is one of the best ideas to know about the world, have recreation, mental peace, and get exclusive ideas.

But as traveling means visiting somewhere far from your comfort zone, there can be any unwanted situation, so preparing for the unexpected is essential. On that note, having travel insurance is a wise decision. There are a couple of companies that provide travel insurance online in Canada.

Whether planning a weekend getaway or an extended international trip, reliable travel insurance is a must.

In Canada, several online options offer comprehensive coverage for various types of travelers. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best 10 travel insurance options available online in Canada.

Best Travel Insurance Canada Online

No.Insurance CompanyTrip Type
01Allianz Global Assistance CanadaSingle Trip Policy
02Manulife Travel InsuranceSingle Trip Policy
03RSA Travel InsuranceSingle Trip Policy
04Travel Guard by AIGSingle Trip Policy
05TuGo Travel InsuranceSingle Trip Policy
06Blue Cross Canada Travel InsuranceSingle Trip Policy
07CAA Travel InsuranceSingle Trip Policy (CAA Membership Required)
08Scotiabank Travel InsuranceSingle Trip Policy
09BMO Travel InsuranceSingle Trip Policy
10RBC Travel InsuranceSingle Trip Policy

01. Allianz Global Assistance Canada:

Allianz is one of the world-famous recognized names in the insurance industry. They offer a wide range of travel insurance options, from single-trip to annual plans, ensuring you’re covered wherever you go.

Allianz Global Assistance Canada offers a comprehensive range of online travel insurance options. They provide coverage for emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation and interruption, baggage protection, and more. This ensures that travelers can find a policy that suits their specific needs and travel plans.


  • Emergency medical care
  • Lost/stolen/delayed luggage
  • Trip cancellation or interruption
  • Travel and flight accidents
  • Covid cover

02. Manulife Travel Insurance:

Manulife provides comprehensive travel insurance options, including emergency medical coverage, trip cancellation, and interruption coverage. Their online platform is smoothly designed to help users purchase a policy.

Manulife makes it easy for customers to access their services. You can obtain a quote and purchase a policy online through their user-friendly website. This convenience is especially beneficial for travelers who prefer to handle their insurance needs digitally.


  • Emergency medical care (Up to $10,000)
  • Lost /stolen /delayed luggage
  • Trip cancellation or interruption
  • Travel and flight accidents
  • Covid cover

03. RSA Travel Insurance:

RSA offers flexible travel insurance plans to meet different traveler needs. They provide options for both single trips and annual coverage, with various levels of protection.

RSA Travel Insurance is a well-established and reputable travel insurance with a history dating back over 300 years, RSA (formerly known as Royal & Sun Alliance) is a global leader in the insurance industry, and its travel insurance offerings in Canada reflect its commitment to providing comprehensive coverage and excellent customer service.


  • Emergency medical coverage
  • Trip cancellation and interruption
  • Baggage and personal belongings
  • 24/7 assistance via hotline
  • Travel accident coverage
  • Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions
  • Trip delay and missed connection coverage

04. TD Insurance:

TD Insurance offers a range of travel insurance plans, including emergency medical, trip cancellation, and baggage coverage. They also have an easy online application process.

TD Insurance offers flexibility in their travel insurance plans. You can customize your policy coverage to match your specific travel plans. Whether you’re going on a short vacation, or an extended trip, or even if you’re a frequent traveler who needs annual coverage.


  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Easy online application
  • TD Insurance often includes extra benefits such as coverage for pre-existing medical conditions

05. RBC Insurance:

RBC Insurance provides comprehensive travel insurance for Canadians. Their online tools allow you to customize your coverage to match your specific travel plans.

RBC Insurance has a user-friendly online platform that enables customers to obtain quotes, purchase policies, and manage their travel insurance online. This convenience makes it easy for travelers to get the coverage they need without the hassle of visiting a physical location.


  • Offers comprehensive travel insurance coverage
  • Has a user-friendly online platform
  • Offers competitive pricing for their travel insurance plans
  • Provides valuable travel advice and resources to clients

06. Blue Cross Canada:

Blue Cross offers a variety of online travel insurance plans, including those designed for snowbirds, families, and individuals. Their online platform is user-friendly and informative.

This is a co-organization of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, which is known for its extensive network of health and travel insurance providers across North America. Blue Cross Canada’s travel insurance policies are designed to offer comprehensive coverage for Canadian travelers. That ensures they have the protection they need when venturing abroad.


  • Variety of coverage options
  • Emergency medical coverage
  • Trip cancellation and interruption
  • Baggage and personal effects
  • User-friendly online platform

07. CAA Travel Insurance:

CAA is well-known for its roadside assistance services, but it also offers excellent travel insurance. Their online portal allows you to get information and purchase online travel insurance policies conveniently.


  • Range of coverage options
  • Excellent customer service
  • Online convenience
  • Snowbird coverage

08. Travel Guard from AIG:

AIG’s Travel Guard or American International Group, is a globally recognized insurance provider with a strong presence in Canada that offers a range of travel insurance plans with options like trip cancellation, medical coverage, and baggage protection. Their online application process is straightforward.


  • Comprehensive coverage package
  • User-friendly online platform
  • Optional enhancements
  • Supports in various countries worldwide

09. GMS Travel Insurance:

GMS also known as Group Medical Services, is a reputable provider of travel insurance in Canada. They have gained recognition for their commitment to offering comprehensive and flexible insurance solutions to meet the diverse needs of Canadian travelers.

They offer travel insurance plans designed to cater to various traveler needs, including emergency medical and trip cancellation coverage. Their online presence ensures easy access to information and quotes.


  • Huge range of coverage options
  • Comprehensive medical coverage
  • Accessible through their user-friendly online portal
  • Additional benefits such as coverage for pre-existing medical conditions

10. Destination Travel Group:

Destination Travel Group specializes in travel insurance and provides various coverage options for Canadians. They offer an online insurance purchasing facility on the website.


  • Variety of coverage options including emergency medical coverage
  • Trip cancellation and interruption
  • Baggage and personal belongings
  • User-friendly online platform
  • Customizable policies

Final Words: Best Travel Insurance Canada Online

On the internet, you will find plenty of online travel insurance policies for Canadians, but that doesn’t mean all of the policies will go in your favor. In this article, we have tried to find out the best top 10 travel insurance provider companies in Canada.

It never means that you have to go with any insurance policy that we have enlisted; rather, you should check the maximum possible online travel insurance options and then get the best suit to your trip plan and budget.

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