11 Unique Treehouse Rentals In Mississippi + Secluded Cabins

11 Unique Treehouse Rentals in Mississippi + Secluded Cabins

Magnolias in full bloom, the calm bluegrass music, and the thrill of catching catfish make Mississippi the perfect destination for unforgettable treehouse rentals in Mississippi.

From the tranquil spring lakes to the stunning Gulf Coast and the picturesque Northern Hills, there’s a perfect treehouse for every traveler in Mississippi. I’ve put together a guide to 11 Unique Treehouse Rentals in Mississippi that offer unbeatable experiences.

Known as the Magnolia State, Mississippi boasts breathtaking scenery, fascinating art, and captivating architecture. The Mississippi River, home to diverse wildlife, stretches along its route to the Gulf of Mexico, making it a must-visit attraction. Historical sites like the Biloxi Lighthouse, Vicksburg Battlefield, and Fort Massachusetts offer a glimpse into the state’s rich past.

Experience the inclusive essence of Mississippi by booking one of the finest treehouse rentals available. Choose from these remarkable treehouses to make unforgettable memories during your next vacation in Mississippi.

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Top Treehouse Rentals in Mississippi

1. Awakening Spirit Retreat

Location: Starkville, Mississippi

Price: $208+ per night

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Are you looking for a truly magical retreat in the heart of nature? Look no further than Awakening Spirit Retreat, where you can wake up to breathtaking sunrises and reconnect with the natural world around you. Sit on the covered porch and watch as wildlife passes by, or cozy up with loved ones and roast s’mores by the fire pit on the back porch.

When you’re ready for some indoor fun, head to the game room complete with a dart board, pool table, and other recreational activities. The cabin is furnished with a minimalist touch, focusing more on comfort and elegance. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, you’ll have everything you need for a peaceful and rejuvenating holiday in the heart of nature.

Come back to your roots and discover the immense beauty of Awakening Spirit Retreat.

2. OleMiss Cabin

Location: Sardis, Mississippi

Price: $125+ per night

https://www.vrbo.com/1696995Opens in a new tab.

Ready for an adventure in a secluded location? OleMiss Cabin has got you covered! Tucked away in the woods of John W Kyle State Park, the cabin is surrounded by acres of pine trees and exotic wildlife. Stay busy with exciting activities like golfing at the private golf course or spending a day on a boat by the lakeside. And if you’re looking for more dining options, Oxford is just a 20-minute ride away. 

The cabin features two bedrooms and two baths with a simple and homely interior. You can relax in warm, dim lighting after a long day of adventure. Cook up a meal in the fully functional kitchen with all the amenities available.

End your day by selecting the queen bed in one of the bedrooms or grabbing a sofa sleeper in the other.Book your hunting weekend at OleMiss Cabin for an exciting getaway in Oxford!

3. Amity Cabin

Location: Aberdeen, Mississippi

Price: $152+ per night

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Looking for a tranquil retreat in the midst of nature? Amity Cabin will be the perfect place to escape and unwind! Nestled in a picturesque setting, surrounded by towering pine trees and a serene lake, Amity Cabin offers a peaceful ambiance to soothe your soul. Take leisurely strolls along the trails and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Relax in a comfy rocking chair and immerse yourself in your favorite book while enjoying the picturesque sunrises and outdoor chiminea. The cabin’s interior boasts a welcoming ambiance with tile flooring, wooden panels, and whitewashed walls all around. It features a cozy living area, a comfortable dining space, a bathtub condo, and a luxurious bath vanity, which all exude a rustic and contemporary vibe.

Spend a cloudy or sunny day fishing in the lake with your family or read a book and relish the peace and quiet that this place has to offer. If you’re looking for a vacation spot away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then Amity Cabin is the perfect retreat for you!

4. Riverdale Lodge

Location: Grenada, Mississippi

Price: $189+ per night

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Looking for a homey stay amidst nature? Riverdale Lodge is a must-visit! This rustic log cabin provides all the amenities you need for a relaxing vacation. Take a few minutes to appreciate the stunning views of Grenada Lake.

Situated in the midst of natural beauty, the log cabin is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re into fishing or hunting, the two-car garage and extra parking area are ideal for your boats and trailers. Plus, it is a gated entrance ensuring complete privacy and safety for all guests.

The log cabin offers three bedrooms and two bathrooms, accommodating up to eight people. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about packing extra toiletries, as everything is provided for you. With heating, air conditioning, high-speed internet, and a fully-equipped kitchen, you’ll feel right at home. Plus, the cabin is pet-friendly, making it a perfect retreat for families with children.

5. Lakefront Cabin

Location: Yalobusha County, Mississippi

Price: $189+ per night

https://www.vrbo.com/1953997Opens in a new tab.

Escape to the serene waterfront retreat of Lakefront Cabin for your next vacation. Enjoy panoramic views of the lake and stunning sunsets from this exclusive Point Pleasant Area location, less than a mile from the boat ramp.

Fishing and birding enthusiasts will love this place, with easy beach access and plenty of hiking trails to explore.The crystal clear waters also offer a refreshing spot for swimming, while the spacious parking area makes it easy to bring your boats along.

Set among the tranquil woods, the cabin features three generously sized bedrooms and two bathrooms, along with ample outdoor space. Relax in the covered pavilion or screened-in porch overlooking the sparkling waters of the lake. The living room is cozy and comfortable, with pullout sofas and a flat-screen TV for entertainment. And don’t forget to try your hand at outdoor cooking with the charcoal grill. With all these amenities and more, Lakefront Cabin is the perfect choice for those who want the best Cabin Rentals in Mississippi and experience a unique and unforgettable stay.

6. Elevate Red Creek Cabin

Location: Perkinston, Mississippi

Price: $103+ per night

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Experience the beauty of nature at its finest at the Elevate Red Creek Cabin, where charming rustic elegance meets picturesque surroundings. Wake up to a breathtaking view of Red Creek and the soothing sounds of chirping birds, making every morning feel like a dream come true!

Unwind on the expansive front porch while taking in the stunning blue vista or spend your nights at the firepit with a barbeque grill and picnic table, making memories with your loved ones. Enjoy two sandy white beaches for soaking up the sun or swimming in the shallow waters. And if you’re feeling lazy, simply sit back and watch the Creek leisurely go by amid the beautiful country atmosphere.

This warm and cozy cabin sleeps up to 6 people and is perfect for a family getaway. It comes fully equipped with a stocked kitchen, a king-size bedded loft, a spacious living room, and high-speed Wi-Fi. Experience total peace and tranquility surrounded by the natural beauty of Red Creek at Elevate Red Creek Cabin.

7. Creekside Cabin Retreat Treehouse

Location: Poplarville, Mississippi

Price: $129+ per night

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A cozy and rustic cabin tucked away in the woods is the ultimate getaway for nature enthusiasts. Located right on the creek front, Creekside Cabin offers an adventurous experience with sandbars and trails that lead deep into the woods where you can observe wildlife in their natural habitat.

Equipped with kayaks and hammocks, this cabin is all about making the most of your time in the great outdoors. The hangout area under the house has benches and swings, perfect for a festive barbeque with family and friends. A fire pit is also available for roasting s’mores on a chilly night or setting up a tent.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find a plush king-sized bed in one room and a twin bunk bed in the other, making it suitable for small groups or families. There’s also a well-equipped kitchenette, Wi-Fi, TV, air conditioning, and heating to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Spend a relaxing evening on the treehouse-style deck with your loved ones and enjoy the modern amenities while being surrounded by the beauty of nature at Creekside Cabin, one of the best treehouse rentals in Mississippi.

8. Lone Secluded Cabin Treehouse

Location: Lucedale, Mississippi

Price: $121+ per night

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Escape to the serenity of Lone Cabin, nestled amongst the ancient pines and tranquil lakefront, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With its prime hilltop location facing the eastern sky, you can wake up to an uninterrupted view of the sunrise every morning. Relax on the spacious deck, swing, or two front porch rockers as you take in the breathtaking view of the lake.

End your day by making unforgettable memories around the fire pit down by the boat dock. The cabin features a loft bedroom and two twin beds, as well as a walk-in shower in the single bathroom. The well-appointed kitchen includes all the necessary cookware and appliances to whip up your favorite meals. The cozy living area has a reading chair, dinette, and a double bed for a peaceful and relaxing day with your loved one. This cabin is perfect for groups of four, so book your stay at Lone Cabin and enjoy a peaceful and glorious evening fishing on the magnificent lakefront!

9. Beach Treehouse

Location: Gulfport, Mississippi

Price: $187+ per night

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Looking for a glamorous and attractive holiday getaway? Look no further than this beautiful treehouse rental located on Long Beach in Mississippi! With stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico, this treehouse offers a breathtaking backdrop that will leave you speechless.

Take a walk on the white sandy beach and breathe in the salty ocean breeze, or explore the Island View Casino and the beautiful Gulf Port with its delicious restaurants. There’s even a park with a splash pad for the kids to enjoy!

Inside the immaculate cabin, you’ll find a modern yet rustic grey-themed living room, a white cabinets kitchen, and marble slabbed countertops. The stairs lead to the master bedroom which features a flat-screen TV, free Pluto, and Tubi for a warm and romantic night in.

With enough room for six, this treehouse rental is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a glamorous and convenient holiday in Mississippi.

10. The Lodge

Location: Poplarville, Mississippi

Price: $149+ per night

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Nestled among towering trees and a serene creek, this treehouse offers the perfect escape for families, couples, and small groups.

Take advantage of the exclusive hangout area under the treehouse, complete with a propane barbecue pit, or relax on the sunlit deck and take in the picturesque creek views. Take a stroll on the nearby trail and breathe in the fresh air and rustling of the leaves. Your children will love the kayaks and life jackets available for their enjoyment.

Inside, The Lodge is decorated with unique touches like a stone fireplace and a cozy living room with a brown-themed décor. Two fragrant and comfortable bedrooms lead onto the brilliant deck, where you can take in the breathtaking views and fresh air.

It’s a complete package of comfort and beauty that will make you feel right at home. Book The Lodge at Creekside Cabin for a memorable getaway!

11. Riverside Treehouse

Location: Seminary, Mississippi

Price: $159+ per night

https://www.vrbo.com/7867652haOpens in a new tab.

Come and experience the beauty of the largest waterfall on Okatoma River at Riverside Treehouse. Enjoy stunning views of the river and take in the soothing sound of the water rippling by. The cabin is surrounded by evergreens, adding to the rustic charm of the setting.

Inside, the treehouse is fully equipped with central air conditioning, heating, and a flat-screen TV. The kitchen is stocked with everything you need to prepare meals, and there are two spacious bedrooms with a king-sized bed in one and a queen-sized bed in the other.

Enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep and wake up to the spectacular waterfall view from the spacious front porch, which has rocking chairs and a swing.

The area around the treehouse offers plenty of activities such as walking trails, fishing sites, and kayaking/canoeing. This makes Riverside Treehouse the perfect place for an adventurous yet relaxing holiday. Come and stay at one of the best treehouse rentals in Mississippi and make unforgettable memories!

What are some unique features of treehouse rentals in Mississippi?

Here are some unique features of treehouse rentals in Mississippi based on the information you provided:

Exclusive views of waterfalls,
creeks, lakes, and rivers: Treehouse rentals in Mississippi offer stunning views of natural water features such as waterfalls, creeks, lakes, and rivers. Guests can enjoy the tranquil sounds of flowing water and the beauty of these natural landscapes right from their treehouse accommodations.

Surrounded by evergreens, magnolias, and wildlife: Mississippi’s treehouse rentals are often nestled among lush evergreen trees and magnificent magnolias. This creates a serene and picturesque environment for guests to immerse themselves in nature. Additionally, the surrounding wildlife adds to the unique charm of these accommodations.

Cozy and rustic interiors with fireplaces, heaters, and kitchenettes: The interiors of treehouse rentals in Mississippi are designed to provide a cozy and rustic atmosphere. Guests can enjoy amenities such as fireplaces or heaters, ensuring a comfortable stay during colder seasons. Many treehouses also feature kitchenettes, allowing guests to prepare their meals while enjoying the treehouse experience.

Proximity to historical sites, cultural parks, and golf courses: Treehouse rentals in Mississippi offer the advantage of being close to various attractions. Guests can explore nearby historical sites, such as antebellum homes or Civil War landmarks. Cultural parks showcasing the state’s rich heritage and natural beauty are also within reach. Additionally, golf enthusiasts can find treehouse accommodations near golf courses, providing a unique and convenient lodging option for avid golfers.

These unique features make treehouse rentals in Mississippi a memorable and immersive experience for nature lovers, history enthusiasts, and those seeking a tranquil getaway.

What are some popular locations in Mississippi where I can find unique treehouse rentals?

some popular locations in Mississippi where you can find unique treehouse rentals are:
Seminary, where you can enjoy exclusive views of the largest waterfall on the Okatoma River

Poplarville, where you can relax by a serene creek and enjoy a propane barbeque pit under the treehouse

Starkville, where you can experience a magical retreat in the heart of nature and watch breathtaking sunrises

Sardis, where you can stay in a secluded cabin surrounded by pine trees and wildlife near John W Kyle State Park

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