10 Best Trip Cancellation Insurance For Any Reason: Why You Need CFAR

10 Best Trip Cancellation Insurance for Any Reason: Why You Need CFAR

Want to know about the Trip Cancellation Insurance for Any Reason? Then keep reading!!

You save your money for a long time to go on a long and expensive trip. But when you are ready to spend, you get scared. What if you need to cancel the trip for any emergency? Your long-saved money will be wasted! But not with travel insurance that has “cancel for any reason” coverage.

While traditional travel insurance covers your trip cancellation coverage only under certain predefined reasons, CFAR coverage is available for any reason. In other words, you can cancel your trip for no reason and get your trip cost back, not 100%, though.

It may sound too exciting to be true, but it is a fact. Let’s explain how it works, what are the best options, and its limitations. 

What Is “Cancel For Any Reason” Coverage?

“Cancel for any reason,” simply abbreviated as CFAR, is an add-on advantage provided by travel insurance. Though most insurance companies still do not have this benefit, a number of well-known institutions are offering it. In most cases, you will be charged extra for this. 

Traditional travel insurances also let you cancel your trip. However, you will need a valid reason which is also mentioned as eligible in their policy, to make a claim. But with CFAR, you can just cancel if you wish to. 

Other than fitness and weather issues, CFAR covers you for change of emotion or relationship with your travel companion as well. In short, you can cancel for literally “any reason.”

10 Best Trip Cancellation for Any Reason Coverage Options in 2023

There are a number of travel insurance agencies and many of them provide insurance that lets you cancel and receive a refund. Here are some of the best travel insurances offering CFAR policies.

CompanyBest policy nameReimbursementAverage cost per trip
Seven CornersRoundTrip Basic75%$397
Trawick InternationalSafe Travels First Class75%$500
Cat 70Travel Plan75%$541
John Hancock Insurance AgencySilver75%$520
NationwideCruise Luxury75%$591
Tin legGold75%$541
Travel Insured InternationalWorldwide Trip Protector75%$533
USI AffinityRuby75%$549
HTH WorldwideTripProtector Preferred75%$704

1. Seven Corners

Seven Corners is a very trustworthy and reliable service when it comes to travel insurance. Founded in 1993, the company has been providing services faithfully with a reputation for three decades now. They have multiple offers, but RoundTrip Basic might be the perfect option for you. 

The policy has CFAR, and you can get up to 75% reimbursement after your trip cancellation. You need to pay only $397 per trip. Their travel insurance policies also include other coverages such as trip interruption, lost and delayed baggage, and more. 

2. Trawick International

Travel insurance coverage of Trawick International also has a CFAR policy. With their trip insurance, you can spend and plan for your trip with more confidence. Traditionally, you can only cancel for a reason previously mentioned in the insurance agreement. But there is no such restriction with Trawick’s CFAR. 

Among their different policies, you will find Safe Travels First Class most convenient, which comes for only $500 with an assurance of 75% coverage if you cancel for any reason. 

3. Cat 70

Cat 70 is one of the popular travel insurances that offer cancel for any reason coverage. They are also known for their health and medical coverage, which is a maximum of $5000 per person. Along with that, you get good weather and hurricane coverage. 

Their basic Travel Plan offers 75% reimbursement with their cancel for any reason travel assurance. You will have to pay $541 on average per trip. It is affordable but slightly higher than Seven Corners and Trawick International.

However, you might want to check on other facilities as well. Sadly, they offer a low amount of coverage for delayed and lost baggage, and there is no availability of rental car coverage.

4. John Hancock Insurance Agency

John Hancock is one of the most well-known travel insurance agencies in the United States. And why shouldn’t they be? They have been providing their services since 1862! It takes transparency, honesty, and good relations with clients to sustain for such a long time. 

The reputation of the company is enough to make them a first priority to consider. In addition to that, they also offer some really customer-friendly policies. One of them is no reason for travel insurance cancellation. It comes at $520 with a guarantee of 75% reimbursement. 

5. Nationwide

Another agency that has been providing services for nearly a century is Nationwide. It was established in 1926 and, since then, actively supported travelers. You should check out their Cruise Luxury policy that comes with CFAR for $591 per trip. 

In addition to CFAR, they also offer IFAR. It means you can interrupt your trip for any reason and get coverage. The only problem is that their medical coverage is lower than many of their competitors. 

6. Tin leg

Let’s shift our focus from vintage companies to a new and fast-rising travel insurance company, and that is Tin Leg Travel Insurance Agency. It was founded in 2014 and has already become popular among regular travelers. 

Tin Leg’s travel insurance plan comes with a CFAR add-on. You will need to pay $541 as a trip deposit for every trip. Their medical coverage is also very user-friendly. And a unique addition to their policy is that you can make a claim for the loss of sports equipment. 

The factors you need to consider while taking their policy is that their coverage for lost baggage and baggage delay is lower than other agencies. Also, there is no coverage offered for rental cars. 

7. Travel Insured International

Travel Insured International has been serving travelers since 1994. They are one of the highest-rated travel insurance agencies, thanks to their Worldwide Trip Protector policy. The policy comes with a CFAR and asks only $533 for that per trip. 

The CFAR travel insurance of the company has helped many people over the years, providing them with coverage on time. Their first reimbursement process makes them a top choice among travelers. However, their medical coverage is much lower than some of the other agencies. 

8. USI Affinity

Another travel insurance company that was established in 1994 and offers CFAR is USI Affinity. Their coverage covers a variety of problems you might face while on a trip. And they have a good amount of coverage money to assist you with any problem. 

USI Affinity provides $2500 for lost and delayed baggage, higher than most of the other entrants on the list. You can activate their CFAR policy only for $549. Though their baggage delay coverage is handsome, the delayed duration must be 12 hours, which is longer than others. 

9. TravelSafe

TravelSafe offers similar kinds of advantages to USI Affinity. They offer $1M for medical evacuation, which is pretty high. And they guarantee 75% reimbursement if you cancel your trip for any reason. It will cost you $717 to activate the CFAR policy. 

10. HTH Worldwide

HTH Worldwide is a highly popular travel insurance agency. Their CFAR policy will cover your 75% trip cost for canceling for no reason or any reason. However, the price of the policies is higher than other agencies. You need to pay, on average, $704 per trip. Sometimes, it can get higher. 

Why Do You Need CFAR Insurance?

Okay, if you are wondering why you should spend your money on getting such a policy, then there are several reasons. First of all, it gives you the opportunity to cancel a trip. And there are no restrictions regarding cancellation for a covered reason. These comprehensive travel insurance policies cover you both for physical and emotional reasons. 

For example, they cover fear of travel, which is not a covered reason in traditional insurance. But CFAR allows you to cancel a trip for fear or even a change in mood or if you have any problem with your companions. 

If you feel like you are no longer interested in going on a tour with your current companions and want to cancel it, you can do it and still claim coverage. Here are some of the reasons that you might want to cancel a trip but won’t be allowed coverage with regular insurance. But you can do it with CFAR. 

  • There is a change in the weather, which is not dangerous but does not match your preferred condition.
  • You booked a resort but then saw some bad reviews and no longer want to stay there.
  • You want to cancel the trip and want to visit your family or perhaps stay at home and relax.
  • Your children have other activities to do or maybe have exams near at hand.
  • You are no longer on good terms with your travel companions.
  • Your pet animal suddenly became ill, and you do not want to leave it alone.
  • Some guests or friends from a long distance suddenly came to visit you.

These are only some of the reasons for which you may want an option to cancel a trip. There can be plenty more, and that is the best thing about CFAR. Cancel for any reason means you can cancel for any reason. No matter what it is, it is not required to be written on travel agreements.

What Does CFAR Cover?

Now, let’s talk about what is included in your cancellation for any reason protection. From insured prepaid to nonrefundable payments and reimbursement of the total trip cost, everything is covered under the coverage. 

  • Airfare
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Boat charters or rentals
  • Concert tickets
  • Theme park passes
  • Private or guided tours
  • Day trip excursions
  • Spa services
  • Museum tickets

You see, they have covered you for pretty much everything you want to do on the trip. 

How Does “Cancel for Any Reason” Coverage Work?

Just because it says you can cancel for any reason does not mean there are no terms and policies. To avail of this policy, you will have to first purchase a travel insurance base plan and then pay extra money to add this feature to your insurance. 

Now, you will be eligible for “cancel for any reason.” You will have to purchase the add-on two weeks prior to the travel date. The condition or time limit can vary for different companies. 

In addition, one traveler has to cancel a trip in no less than 48 hours. You cannot cancel a trip just a few hours prior to the actual time of the departure. If you follow these simple and clear guidelines, then you will have the ability to cancel and receive a refund. You should take all the necessary documents with you while making a claim.

Limitations of CFAR Coverages

Here is another important thing you should know before you make up your mind about a travel insurance upgrade. The “cancel for any reason” policy also has some limitations. You will not be available to cancel your trip in certain circumstances. Here are the limitations of the CFAR:

  • You can only have CFAR as an add-on. No companies provide the opportunity to purchase it alone.
  • Travelers have to cancel their trip at least 48 hours e before the trip. There is no last-minute cancellation available. 
  • You need to ensure 100% of your nonrefundable trip costs. There is no option for customization.
  • You will have to make your decision faster. After your purchase of the basic insurance, you will have to upgrade it within 10 to 21 days. The time varies from company to company. You should check the policies of your agency. 
  • They do not pay you 100% reimbursement. You can get 50 to 75% money back of your total trip cost. The number depends on the agencies. You should carefully check the coverage of your travel insurance. 


How much can I get back for CFAR coverage?

The CFAR coverage amount varies and depends on the agency you are taking service from. Usually, the reimbursement amount is 50 to 75% of the total trip cost.

Can I cancel my trip anytime and claim CFAR coverage?

No, you cannot cancel your trip anytime before the trip. Travel insurance agencies are only offering the ability to cancel for no less than 48 hours. You will have to inform the agency that you want to cancel the trip at least 2 days earlier. You cannot cancel a trip at the last minute. 

Is cancellation for any reason really for any reason?

Yes, cancellation for any reason means literally cancel for any reason. You can show any reason for which you want to cancel. There is no reason not to be covered in CFAR. Nonetheless, you must cancel your trip no less than two days before the travel date. 

What does trip cancellation for any reason mean?

Trip cancellation for any reason means the travel insurance policies that offer cancel travel plans for reasons not restricted only to those mentioned in the agreement. You can cancel your trip for any reason and get your reimbursement. 

Can I buy a CFAR insurance policy on its own?

No, as of 2023, no travel insurance agencies offer you to purchase a CFAR insurance policy on its own. You will need to buy a base travel insurance plan and then upgrade it and add CFAR with an extra charge. 

Do any plans cover 100% for cancellation for any reason?

No, no agencies are currently offering 100% coverage plans in their CFAR. You can get from 50 to 75% money back of the total trip cost. 

Conclusion: Best Trip Cancellation Insurance for Any Reason

You see, you need “cancellation insurance for any reason” to get the eligibility to cancel your trip for reasons you might not be able to think of now. CFAR ensures you get to cancel your trip for any unforeseen reasons and get your money back. Despite some of their drawbacks, CFAR can be a good addition to your insurance for your trip protection. 

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