Where To Eat In Vouvant?

Where To Eat in Vouvant?

A stay in the Vendée planned? While you’re passing by these beautiful green meadows, take a look at where to eat in Vouvant!

It’s impossible not to be captivated by the unconditional charm of this Vendée village. For this, you will need to know where to eat in Vouvant. A beautiful French village, Vouvnat is ideally located between Merment-Vouvant forest and a beautiful river.

An ancient medieval fortress can be visited for a long stay or a weekend. That is why we have selected the best addresses of this village for you. Vouvant’s surroundings and dishes at the best tables are a tour worth taking.

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Where To Eat in Vouvant?

1. Auberge de Maître Pannetier

Address: 8, place du Corps-de-Garde

A restaurant serving French cuisine à la carte. People who visit Vouvant agree that this is the best place to eat in Vouvant.

This hostel was founded in the eighteenth century and has kept everything from its rustic setting—the charm of old stones in a cozy atmosphere where a beautiful fireplace reigns.

The property also has a terrace to enjoy summer moments. Here you will taste some specialties such as the snail leaf or more exotic dishes such as cod marinated in coconut milk. There are also five bedrooms available at the bed and breakfast.

2. Coffee court of miracle

Address: 20 rue du Duc D’Aquitaine

There is a quality Franco-British restaurant in Vouvant. The establishment owners are Australian and have a taste for French know-how.

The place is anxious to offer its customers atypical and original dishes—a fantastic mix of flavors that will not leave you indifferent.

Whether it’s with a slice of goat pie and caramelized onions, or a salmon tartare with crushed crayfish, your taste buds will be all moved.

3. The Gourmet Stable

Address: La Girouette

There are many places to eat in Vouvant that provide barbecues, pierrades, and burgers for barbecue lovers. The old stone building will charm you, and the smells from the kitchen will make you salivate immediately.

In addition, this place will also welcome you if you want to make large receptions.

Here is a taste of Vouvant’s tables. What will be your choice?

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