Where To Stay Near Basel-Mulhouse Airport?

Where to stay near Basel-Mulhouse airport?

Do you have a trip planned to France, Switzerland or Germany? Here are our tips on where to sleep near Basel-Mulhouse airport!

Basel-Mulhouse airport serves three countries! It is located 3.5 km northwest of the city of Basel. But also 20 km southeast of Mulhouse in France and 46 km away from Freiburg in Breisgau in Germany. So, sleeping near Basel-Mulhouse airport is effortless.

The airport is a top-rated one frequented by low-cost airlines. Consequently, it is not uncommon for an unexpected event to occur during a stopover. Flight delays, cancellations, or postponements of stopovers can complicate your travel plans.

In these cases, you might have to spend an entire night at the airport. However, the best option for staying near Basel-Mulhouse Airport remains to find a hotel near the airport.

As a result, we provide you with a list of the best hotels and places to stay near Basel-Mulhouse Airport.

Where to stay near Basel-Mulhouse airport?

Is Basel-Mulhouse Airport open at night?

Basel-Mulhouse Airport is open 24 hours a day. Therefore, you can rest on the spot until your flight. Nevertheless, all restaurants close around 8:30 p.m. and don’t available again until the next day.

Furthermore, there are sofas without armrests available on the top floor of the Swiss sector, but they are usually occupied.

Whatever the case, you certainly don’t want to risk sleeping on an airport floor. Fortunately, you can find affordable hotels close to airports. Moreover, people can reach the airport through shuttles. It is still the best place to stay near Basel-Mulhouse airport.

Hotels to stay near Basel-Mulhouse Airport

We recommend staying at a hotel close to the terminal if you wish to have a pleasant night. In general, the rates for Basel-Mulhouse airport near the terminal are reasonable and affordable. In addition, you can reserve a hotel room online in advance to get the best rates.

Are you looking for hotels near Basel-Mulhouse airport? So, here are our recommendations for the best hotels.

1. Airport Hotel Basel ***

A few minutes away from the airport, the Airport Hotel Basel gets its name from its location. The hotel offers guests a complimentary shuttle service.

Additionally, guests receive a transit card that gives them free access to city buses.

Taking a short walk through the city and its historic districts is ideal for those who wish to stretch their legs.

Moreover, the rooms are spacious and offer a high level of comfort. A casino is also available for anyone who feels lucky. You’ll also find a gym and a bar here, along with free WiFi. The cost of a single room is roughly 100 €. 

2.The Spalentor Basel Hotel ****

The hotel Spalentor is located in Basel’s Old Town. The hotel has an elegant and modern look. Renovations were completed in 2012. Rooms are air-conditioned, have televisions, and have a king-size bed.

There is a billiard room and a minibar available for those wishing to relax.

3. Basel Backpack

The central train station is just a ten-minute walk away. Furthermore, it offers a very The Basel Backpack is a prime destination reasonable price, making it ideal for all travellers in stopover. 

Rooms are usually priced between 60€ and 70€ per night. Additionally, if you go with a group, you can sleep in one of the dormitories, which has a lower rate.

There is a full kitchen and free Wi-Fi. A transport card is included, and you are not far from the principal attractions of the airport. As a result, you will be able to participate in the best activities during your stopover.

In which area to stay near Basel-Mulhouse airport?

Basel and its surrounding cities are beautiful places to visit whether travelling to France, Germany, or Switzerland. Indeed, they are full of historical monuments, cafes, and restaurants. Therefore, here are some ideas for finding an excellent place to stay near Basel-Mulhouse Airport.

The city centre of Greater Basel

Generally, this district is associated with Basel’s main attractions. As far as the eye can see, you can find world-renowned museums, shops, and restaurants. In addition, we should not overlook St. Alban Tal, a graceful and romantic place not to be missed.

Several tramlines and city buses connect the city centre. Many hotels offer free transportation cards, making it easy to get around.

Basel’s Old Town

You can visit the Basler Münster cathedral, the Town Hall, Tinguely Fountain, or the Marktplatz. These are all excellent reasons to go for a walk through the ancient streets of the old town. 

There are hundreds of hotels and restaurants to choose from in this breathtaking destination.

The port of Dreiländereck

If you enjoy an exciting atmosphere, summer is the best time to visit the Dreiländereck. A beautiful beach, Sandoase, makes you feel as if you’re on holiday in a warm country. 

In the distance, mountains and the three-country bridge provide an unparalleled view with their neat and distinct architecture.

Furthermore, there are a lot of hotels nearby, and the airport is close by.

Where to park at Basel-Mulhouse Airport?

You can park your car at Basel-Mulhouse Airport. Several parking facilities are available for short and long term parking.

As an example, OnePark charges €41 for a one-week reservation. Whenever you have last-minute changes, you can cancel free of charge. The best way to secure your Basel-Mulhouse airport parking spot is to book online in advance.

However, you can leave your vehicle in the parking lot of your hotel or in the city centre.  Therefore, booking your Basel-Mulhouse airport transfer online is a good idea.

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