Where To Stay Near Copenhagen Airport?

Where to stay near Copenhagen Airport?

Are you coming to visit Copenhagen? The editor of Travelvibe has prepared a mini-guide to the cities where to sleep near Copenhagen airport!

Are you coming to visit Copenhagen or Malmö (Sweden)? You may need to book a place to stay near Copenhagen Airport!

The capital of Denmark is a city founded by the Vikings in the tenth century. This city of 623,404 inhabitants is a hub between Western Europe and Scandinavia. A large part of the city lies to the east of the island of Sjælland, separated from Sweden by the Øresund Strait.

Its city center – Christianhavn – is dotted with bridges and canals, which has earned it the nickname “Little Amsterdam.”

Do you have a transit at Copenhagen airport, or are you coming to visit the Danish capital? Located southeast of the city center, Copenhagen Airport is one of the most important Nordic countries. Here are our tips for finding where to stay near Copenhagen Airport.

Where to stay near Copenhagen Airport?

Is Copenhagen Airport open at night?

Copenhagen Kastrup Airport is open 24 hours a day. If you have an early flight the next morning, it is possible to spend the night there. We advise you to keep a sleeping bag, warm clothes, and a pillow. You should also try to find a quiet corner away from drafts to relax.

Notice to moderate budget travelers: Take some supplies with you. Indeed, airport fares, especially in Scandinavia, are exorbitant. You will nevertheless find shops where you can eat and enjoy a good drink to pass the time.

If you have time and budget, however, we advise you to target hotels near Copenhagen Airport. Logically, you will sleep much better!

Hotels to stay near Copenhagen Airport

Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport

Clarion Hotel is the place to choose from if you’re looking for places to stay near Copenhagen Airport. It is directly connected to Terminal 3 of the terminal and is only 12 minutes from the city center by metro. It is also accessible from Terminal 2, by only a few minutes walk.

It offers spacious rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. Some rooms offer panoramic views of the Øresund Strait. The hotel has a gym, spa, heated saltwater pool, aromatic hammam. Wi-Fi is free throughout the property.

The hotel also caters brilliantly to business travelers. It offers 29 conference and meeting rooms, accommodating up to 500 people. It also has one of the largest airport conference rooms in Northern Europe.

Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport

Did the flight cancel or was postponed? Looking for a place to stay near Copenhagen Airport? Located less than a five-minute drive from Copenhagen Airport, Zleep Hotel has 126 furnished rooms renovated in 2017.

Breakfast is served from 3 a.m. The nearest bus stop is a 10-minute walk away. A major asset to visit the city center of Copenhagen or spend the evening there.

The hotel’s facilities include free wi-fi, free and private parking, fitness room, bar and restaurant, car rental service (DriveNow). A conference room awaits its guests on a business trip.

BB-Hotel Kastrup

This hotel is located north of Copenhagen Airport, just a 15-minute walk away. If you come by car, a hotel has a free parking service.

There is one unique feature about the hotel: it is a self-service hotel with a refrigerator, sink, and microwave on the first floor. Everyone can use the devices as they see fit. Enough to feel at home when you come to sleep near Copenhagen airport!

Breakfast is served daily between 06:30 and 09:30. The little extra: the bread and croissants are homemade. The hotel has free Wi-Fi throughout the property.

Copenhagen Airport Hotel

Looking for places to stay near Copenhagen Airport? This hotel is 6 kilometers from the Øresund Bridge and a 15-minute drive from Copenhagen Airport. It is accessed by taking the coastal road.

You can stay in small apartments, in which you will feel at home. The rooms offer a beautiful view of the Øresund Strait. Free parking is available for travelers. Wi-Fi is also free.

Dragør Fort Hotel

This hotel is just 7 kilometers south of Copenhagen Airport. It occupies the ancient fortress of Dragør on a small islet in the Øresund Strait.

The property dates back to 1910 and offers modern rooms with free wi-fi. The beaches of Dragør are just a 10-minute walk away. This hotel allows you to sleep near Copenhagen Airport in a romantic setting, such as in the middle of nature.

In which city to stay near Copenhagen Airport?

Are the hotels near the airport full or closed? If you haven’t been able to book a room to sleep near Copenhagen Airport, here are some cities to aim for as a fallback.


Kastrup is a suburb of Copenhagen, located southeast of the city. The neighborhood gave its name to the airport because of its proximity. If you can’t sleep in the hotels bordering the airport, Kastrup can be a good compromise: it is served by the M2 line of the Copenhagen Metro. This makes it easy to reach both the airport and Copenhagen city center.


Dragør is a city located south of Copenhagen Airport. It is an ancient traditional fishing village. Therefore, it will instead offer residential areas (by booking homestays on Airbnb, for example). The city has 14,028 inhabitants and offers some accommodation solutions to test.


Couldn’t book a hotel to stay near Copenhagen Airport? Aim for Tårnby. It is a city in Greater Copenhagen, north of the airport. This municipality has 42,984 inhabitants in 2019. It borders Dragør to the south and Copenhagen to the north.

Where to park at Copenhagen Airport?

Are you staying in Copenhagen and want to reach the airport by car? You have two options: either you rent a carOpens in a new tab. at the airport, or you own one. If the second option concerns you, here is the list of airport car parks. This can be useful if you plan to book a place in advance, online:

  • We Park You Fly (P6): Terminal 2
  • Weekend (P4, P7, P8, P10, P11, P12): Terminals 2 and 3
  • Budget (P15): Terminal 3
  • Direct (P6): Terminal 2

Are you on foot? Public transport – train, bus, metro (M2) and taxi – allows you to reach the airport and the city center in a few minutes!

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