Where To Stay Near Florence Airport?

Where to stay near Florence airport?

Do you have a trip or a trip planned in Tuscany? Here are our tips for where to stay at Florence Airport.

Do you have a business trip to Florence, or are you going for a short weekend in Tuscany? A connection, a delayed or canceled flight forces you to stay on-site?

Are you someone who was stressed the day before leaving? For these different reasons, the easiest way is to sleep near the airport.

Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance and one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. If you have time, you can enjoy a walk in the city center. Indeed, the airport is easy to access, and shuttles connect between 6 am, and 12:30 am. In addition, it has a taxi rank available 24 hours a day.

The city center is located just four kilometers from the airport. As a result, many accommodations are at your disposal. Need a helping hand to choose a hotel near Florence airport? So, here’s our mini-guide to get all the information about nearby establishments.

Where to stay near Florence airport?

Is Florence Airport open at night?

Florence Airport is open from 4 a.m. to midnight. It is therefore not possible to spend the night indoors. Therefore, you will have to find a hotel close to the airport to spend the night.

Nevertheless, if these times can match your expectations, you can enjoy Wi-Fi. In addition, sockets to recharge your electronic devices are available.

Hotels to stay near Florence airport

As the airport is close to the city center, many accommodations are available. You don’t have time to discover Florence, and you just want to rest? Then you will easily find a hotel just a few minutes from the airport. Four hotels particularly caught our attention for their excellent geographical position.

Prices vary between 40 € and 120 € depending on the season. In addition, note that it is necessary to add between 15 € and 20 € of taxi for a round trip.

Ibis Firenze Nord Aeroporto ***

The hotel is located five minutes from the airport and is very well connected. The reception is open 24 hours a day but does not offer a free shuttle. However, it is very simple to order a taxi. The property and rooms are modern and well equipped.

In addition, a restaurant with Tuscan specialties and a bar is at your disposal. Do you have a vehicle? Then you can take advantage of the free parking.

Novotel Firenze Nord Aeroporto ****

It takes five minutes to drive to make the connection between the hotel and the airport. This property has the advantage of offering a free shuttle. Moreover, it is possible to book your trip in advance directly at the reception. You can also take the tram, Vespucci station is a 1-kilometer walk from the hotel.

Novotel Firenze Nord Aeroporto features an outdoor pool and a café/bar. In addition, the breakfast buffet and Wi-Fi are completely free.

Hotel Franchi ***

Hotel Franchi is located seven minutes from Florence Airport. Unfortunately, the property does not offer a free shuttle, and the taxi costs about 15€ round trip. The hotel is also accessible from the city center via lines 29, 30, and 35 (Pietri stop).

Nevertheless, the staff is very welcoming and speaks French. In addition, the rooms are well equipped with air conditioning and a large TV. As for the Wi-Fi connection, it is completely free.

And if you are hungry, a restaurant can introduce you to Italian specialties. Finally, the old town is nearby, so you can take a short walk if the weather permits.

Hilton Garden Inn ****

About a ten-minute drive separates the Hilton Garden Inn from Florence Airport. Therefore, it takes about 20 € for a round trip by taxi. The property has an excellent geographical position, and the rooms are spacious, comfortable, and clean. In addition, the restaurant serves Tuscan specialties, and a grocery store remains open to eat 24 hours a day. If you are sporty, you can even enjoy a complete and modern gym.

Finally, the Hilton Hotel is close to a tram station (Novoli) and a bus stop (Piccagli stop), making it easy to reach the city.

In which city to stay near Florence airport?

The hotels closest to the airports are not the most financially attractive. However, Florence airport is very close to the old town. So you will have a large choice of accommodation in the city center. It is possible to opt for a hotel, but also an Airbnb accommodation.

Several districts are near the main roads and thus offer quick access to the airport. In addition, it is possible to take public transport to get around. Here are some neighborhoods you might consider:


The Novoli district is close to the main roads and is about ten minutes from the airport. It is a good compromise to find calm and serenity. Indeed, the district is not commercial, unlike the city center of Florence. Nevertheless, many bars and restaurants will allow you to spend a good evening.

In addition, you will find hotels much cheaper than in the historic center. Public transport serves the city center, and a bus line provides access to the airport. In addition to the proximity to the airport, the area is home to the ruins of Villa San Donato. It is a palace built by a Russian ambassador dating from the nineteenth century that is worth visiting.

Sesto Fiorentino

Sesto Fiorentino is the second closest district to the airport. The agglomeration developed strongly after the Second World War. It is a dynamic neighborhood that continues to grow. Sesto Fiorentino is located outside the old town, but a bus line makes the junction.

Visitors who want to get off the beaten track come to visit the parks and various monuments. Indeed, the neighborhood is home to historical secrets such as the Tomb Etrusca “La Montagnola.” You can also enjoy the church of Pieve di Sant’Andrea a Cercina, which is beautiful and very little touristic.

Where to park at Florence Airport?

Do you have a rental vehicle, or are you with your car? Then it is possible to leave it in the P1 or P2car park of the airport. The cheapest rate is €24 for a day and €108 for a week.

Are you staying in the city center and want to reach Florence airport? So, a bus line makes this trip. In addition, you can book your transfer from Florence airport directly on the internet.

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