Alpine Slide Breckenridge: Experience Adventure At Its Peak

Alpine Slide Breckenridge: Ultimate Track Down About The Thrilling Summer Toboggan! 

Experience the thrill of the Alpine Slide in Breckenridge. Enjoy an exhilarating ride down the mountain with stunning views. Fun for all ages!

When the winter snow melts away, and the sunshine of the summer begins to bring another hue, it’s impossible for adventurous people not to slide down in the state with too many mountainsides, Breckenridge, Colorado. Here, the Alpine slide is the most fun and adrenaline-filled option, a classic favorite of Breck!

In the Alpine slide Breckenridge, you can experience extraordinary views with a lot of fun. Riders can choose from three different 2,600-foot-long Alpine slides. Riding alone or with a passenger, you can control your speed while cruising down the mountain of the Alpine sled. And about the tickets? Not too pricey, only $34 for a single ride. 

That means if you get a chance, put it to great use, of course, that will be wise, right? So, without wasting any time, let’s get deep into the matter, covering everything you need to know. For instance, its exact location, how you can get there, where to park, detailed pricing, operating time, and many more! 

Alpine Slide Breckenridge

So, come along to slide into the summer!

What Is An Alpine Slide? 

No wonder, an Alpine slide and a gold runner Alpine coaster is a recreational or amusement ride. It is a type of summer toboggan that uses a cart or sled similar to a bobsled, running down a track, installed on the side of a hill, generally.  

In all simple meaning, an Alpine slide refers to a sled that runs on a smooth concave track made of concrete, metal, or fiberglass and does not need ice to operate. The ride is likely winding down Chickadee Bowl through twists, turns, and sometimes in a tunnel. Generally, the slide is installed in mountainous areas, starting at the top of the hill, and ending at the bottom.  

Moreover, riding on the slide usually doesn’t need any special skills. The driver controls the speed as it is a gravity-powered ride. So, of course, inexperienced or practiced both alike can enjoy the ride down the dual track slide.

How Does Alpine Slide Generally Work? 

The Alpine slide is generally a person-operated ride. Here, the riders transfer themselves down to the hill on a one or two-person cart. The cart has a manual brake positioned in the middle. Here, the rider has to pull back the lever of the cart to engage and push forward to release it. 

The Alpine slide and alpine coaster at Breckenridge are the most chosen epic discovery activities. What makes the Alpine ride one of the most preferred and unique choices for the rider is that the ride has hand control. It allows the rider to have full control over the speed during their ride. But here, the rider needs to control the speed to prevent rollover and injuries.

Where Is The Location Of The Alpine Slide Of The Breckenridge? 

Among the Epic Discovery on-mountain summer activities at Breckenridge, like the Alpine slide and the gold runner coaster, are located at the peak of the Breckenridge Ski Resort. The location of the Alpine slide of the Breckenridge is 1599 County Road 3, Breckenridge, Colorado, 80424. 

Adventure seekers who love taking the new challenges, their main attention is always the Alpine slide of the Breckenridge. The slide is the main attraction of the Peak 8 Base Camp, part of the summer fun park, Breckenridge. 

To get access to the Peak 8 base camp, you need to take the free BreckConnect Gondola to the base camp from town. Once you arrive there, you can enjoy the many summer activities, including the Alpine slide. For any more information about the Alpine slide, call 303-420-9963. 

Where You Have To Park For Alpine Slide In Breckenridge? 

You know, there is no parking lot in Breckenridge for the Alpine slide. That’s why you need to park your car in the town. The Gondola South and North lot is the available parking lot for visitors coming to the Breckenridge Alpine Slide. 

When you are all excited about the Alpine slide and set off to the Breckenridge ski resort, you can find the parking a little troublesome. That’s because, in the Peak 8 base camp, there is no parking lot. 

Paid parking lots are available in the town, like Gondolas South and North. The location of these parking lots are at Watson Road and North Park Avenue. South Gondola Lot and North Gondola Lot are now operated by Breck ParkOpens in a new tab.. That means for parking, you need to go gondola from town. 

But you should keep in mind that these are the paid parking lots of the Gondola. You can also get free parking, available at the Airport Road satellite lotOpens in a new tab.. From here, From here, take the gondola free shuttle. It will take a few minutes for a free shuttle to the Gondola base.

Local: (970) 453-5000

Toll Free: 1-800-789-7669

Operating Hours Of The Alpine Slide Of The Breckenridge 

As for the operating hours of the Alpine slide of the Breckenridge, it opens in the summer season. In summer seasons, the Breckenridge hosts its visitors to the Alpine slide from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. 

When the snow melts in the summer in Breckenridge resort, it gives way to the Alpine slide adventure in full force. It is the time when the Alpine ride, mountain coasters or mountain biking becomes the most thrilling or the most attractive of the visitors coming to visit the park. 

The Alpine slide ride is limited to certain months during the year. The summer season usually runs from mid-June to early September. During this whole summer season, the resort hosts its visitors from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

The operating hours of the BreckConnect Gondola are from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The last ride up at 5 p.m. and ride down at 5:30 p.m. 

Unfortunately, the Breckenridge summer fascination like alpine will remain closed in the summer 2023 pardon to the construction of Peak 8 base area. The resort is upgrading the 5 chairs with enhancement of the summer and the winter experience. It will impact the summer activity and the alpine slide will be closed. 

Does Breckenridge Alpine Slide Open In Winter? 

The Alpine slide is the main winter and summer attraction of the Breck, especially during the summer season for summer activities. But as for the winter season, the Alpine slide remains closed. It’s because, during this time, snow covers the slide, making the ride almost impossible. 

When the matter is about exciting summer activities in the Breckenridge ski resort, the adventurers never forget to add an Alpine slide to their bucket list. The riders can’t even cut the leash of the excitement of this super slide even in the winter season. 

But sad to say that the Alpine slide of the Breckenridge usually remains closed in winter. That’s because the Alpine slide is not elevated in the ground. For this, the snow covers the slide during this time. 

But don’t be heartbroken! The other exciting fascination of the Breck Alpine Coaster remains open in the winter season.

How Long Are The Slides At Breckenridge Alpine?

The Breckenridge Ski Resort Alpine slide boasts three different tracks to choose from. Each of them is about 2,600 feet or 793 meters long. These long Breck Alpine slides feature banked turns, quick dips, and fast speeds making it all exciting to its riders. 

The Alpine slide and the Alpine coaster are part of the Epic Discovery on-mountain activities located on the base of Peak 8 Camp of the Breckenridge ski resort of Colorado. Peak 8 base camp is the witness of accessing the park’s attractions. From this beautiful Peak 8 fun park, three different Alpine slides run down from the top of the hill and end at the bottom. 

All three of them are 2,600 feet in length which is about 793 meters. The slides are not only long, but they also provide unique experiences. The whole track of the slide has exciting twists and turns, along with fast speed. It offers you an experience that can be out of words. 

Do you know what is the most amazing fact about these long and 3 Alpine slides of the Breckenridge? 

The Alpine slides run parallel to each other. That means you can enjoy these summer fascinations of the Breck, alpine slides and coasters with your family or friends at a time alongside each other. 

So what to wait more to get ready for the biggest slide in your life?

How Fast Do The Breckenridge Alpine Slides Go?

In the Alpine slide, riders can moderate themselves on the way down and choose the speed that they want. The maximum speed of an Alpine slide is up to 25 mp/h which is about 40 km/h.

The Alpine slide is an awesome choice for everyone from young kids to seasoned adults. And about the exciting part? You can control your speed on the Alpine slide! 

In the ride,  you can go as slow or as fast as you want. Moreover, there are no skills needed to ride in this rider. Yet, the sled on the slide can reach speeds up to on average 40 km/h or 25 mp/h. 

For ensuring the safety of the rider the carts are fitted with an automatic system or speed restrictor that prevents the cart from going above the maximum speed.

How Long Does It Take To Go Down The Breckenridge Alpine Slide?

Now let’s come to see how long it will take you to enjoy the Breck Alpine slide to make the whole ride. To be precise, the whole downhill ride of the Breckenridge Alpine Slide will take you approximately 2 minutes. 

As you already see, the Alpine slide of the Breckenridge ski resort boasts one of the largest Alpine slides in Colorado City. The twists and turns of the long ride provide you with an exceptional experience. No matter whether you are riding alone or with your family or friends! 

Say you start your journey with the small cart of the Alpine slide of one or two people with manual control in your hand and pull back to engage and push forward to release it. You start going down through the exciting twist and turning off the Alpine slide with an amazing view of the surrounding hilly landscape. 

Although there is also a matter of personal speed that we already stated, on average it will take you two minutes to make the whole downhill ride.

Isn’t it too fascinating?

What Are the Height And Weight Requirements To Ride On The Alpine Slide Of The Breckenridge? 

The Alpine slide is a comfortable, and smooth ride that offers an amazing view of the Breckenridge. Yet, the resort has certain requirements for riders to ensure safety during the ride. 

As for the requirement, let’s come first to the height. The height needed to ride an Alpine is at least 56 inches and the maximum is about 84 inches or 7 feet. Riders who meet the minimum height or more can experience the ride solo. But the children riders must be 38 inches tall and have to ride with adults who are a merest 56 inches tall. 

Moreover, all Alpine slides have a weight limit to ensure the safety of the passengers. The weight limit is usually 300 lbs to ride an Alpine slide in Breckenridge. It is important to note that, this weight limit referred to above is the combined weight of the cart.

How Old Do You Have To Be For The Alpine Slide Breckenridge? 

In Breckenridge, the riders have to be at least age 7 or over to ride alone. But lap riders younger than 3 years old are not permitted to ride in the Alpine slide solo. Here the riders aged 3-6 can ride with an adult who is at least 16 years old and share the experience.

The Alpine ride is a fantastic attraction with a little thrill to enjoy the summer with families and friends. Yet, there are some age limits to riding on the Alpine slide in Breckenridge. 

To ride a solo Alpine slide, riders must be at least 7 years old or older, while the lap–riders must be at least 3 years old. The lap riders must ride with a parent or guardian who is 16 years or older. Adults with riders must be able to operate the brake lever.

How Much Does The Breckenridge Alpine Slide Cost?

The Breck Alpine slide for the single rider itself will cost $34.00 for the 48″ or taller. As for the 35″ – 47″ single rider, it will cost you about $19.00. Moreover, the Breckenridge Fun Park also offers some passes for unlimited summer fun. 

Planning your visit to the Alpine slide of the Breckenridge, but does the price of the tickets, and passes concern you? 

Don’t be! You already got the hint about it, yet, let’s find out about the Breck Alpine slide in detail.  

Single Ride 48″ or taller$34.00
Single-ride passenger35″ – 47″$19.00

As an alternative to paying per ride, you can choose to buy exclusive passes. For instance, adventure pass, explorer pass, or scout pass with unlimited fun offers. What fun activities do they include, and what are the prices, check that out.

Breckenridge ParkWhat’s Included?Price
Adventure PassUnlimited all-day access to Alpine Slide (unlimited rides), Alpine Coaster (unlimited rides), Kids Base Camp Activities- Kids’ Zip Line, Kids’ Ropes Course, Kids’ Summer Tubing (unlimited rides), Bungee Trampoline, Climbing Wall, Scenic Chairlift and one trip through Gemstone Panning, Mini Golf, Bounce House, Maze, Bike Haul. $82 [Ages 7 and 7 +]
$57 [Ages 3 to 6]
Explorer PassAlpine Slide (1 ride), Alpine Coaster (1 ride), Kids Base Camp Activities- Kids’ Zip Line, Kids’ Ropes Course, Kids’ Summer Tubing (1 activity), Bungee Trampoline, Climbing Wall, Scenic Chairlift and one trip through Gemstone Panning, Mini Golf, Bounce House, Maze$68 [Ages 7 and 7 +]
$47 [Ages 3 to 6] 
Scout PassScenic Chairlift and one trip through Gemstone Panning, Bungee Trampoline, Climbing Wall, Mini Golf, Maze, Bounce House$40 [Ages 3 +]

As for the lift tickets, you may see dynamic lift ticket pricing. It depends on the time of the year when you buy it and how far you will buy the ticket in advance.

Do Breckenridge Alpine Slides Require Reservations?

Not only in Colorado but all across the globe, you can notice a trend in travelers that they mostly book and reserve summer vacations extensively to experience the thrill of the Alpine slide. 

But be happy as in the Breckenridge Ski Resort of Colorado, you don’t have to take the hassle of making a reservation. You don’t require a reservation for the ride and skiing with the Epic passes in the Breckenridge Resort. 

You only need to book tickets. But you should keep in mind that the inventory products like Lift tickets, Colorado superchair, lessons, and rentals are sold out sometimes. 

So, it is wise to purchase these products in advance. Then where you can buy the tickets here, right? Get to know it in the below section.

Where Can We Purchase Tickets For The Alpine Slide Breckenridge?

When your summer plan is ready for the Breckenridge Fun Park, book your tickets in advance. You can book your advance online tickets for the Alpine slide on Breckenridge.comOpens in a new tab.

Moreover, you can also purchase the Alpine slide tickets at the guest service window, located at the top of the Gondola. 

  • Operation time: Daily 10 am to 5 pm, but the operation is the subject of the weather. 
  • BreckConnect Gondola Hours: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM 

When you buy passes, they are generally shipped to your house. If you get the mail, you can go straight for the lift. By chance, if you don’t get the email, head to any base location. Moreover, if you want rentals, you can order in advance online or visit the Breckenridge rental shops.  

Alpine Slides Breckenridge Safety Requirements 

Riding an Alpine slide can be an exhilarating, carefree experience. However, it can pose health risks for those who have pre-existing medical conditions. They should avoid riding in Alpine slides for their safety, Including – 

  • Pregnant women 
  • Patients with high blood pressure 
  • People with complaints of back, neck, or bone injury
  • Patients having heart problems like asthma 
  • The one who has recent surgery or 
  • Have physical and mental ailments

Is Breckenridge Alpine Slide Safe? What Can Be The Potential Dangers of Alpine Slides?

As long as riders follow the rules, Alpine slides are a safe thrill ride. However, if the rider operates the cart recklessly, it can be dangerous. 

In the Alpine slide, the carts are usually attached to the tracks and they can reach a max speed of 25 mp/h. Risks involved in the ride when the riders start going too fast. Moreover, in the slide, the riders follow one another and can control the speed to a certain extent. 

But, there is a system that shows riders if they get close to other carts. Unfortunately, some resorts that operate the ride don’t provide proper instruction to the riders, leaving a high risk of crashing with other carts. 

However, it is nothing to be afraid of! You know, an alpine slide is not difficult to operate or doesn’t require any prior experience. You just need to follow some basic instructions. That’s why, to avoid the potential risk, you should wear helmets, should not ride in overloading carts, and ask the resorts to provide basic safety for the ride.


Where is the longest Alpine Slide in the world?

Tobotronc is the largest Alpine slide in the world which has a total length of 5,300 m or 17,400 ft. The ride drops 400 m or 1,312 ft over its whole length. Naturlandia Resort near Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra operating the slide since 2007. 

What is the difference between an Alpine coaster and a slide?

Although the Alpine coaster and the Alpine slide are often taken for the same meaning, they’re different fun rides. The Alpine coaster is the coaster that runs off the trails that can’t leave the track. But as for the Alpine slide, it runs on the smooth concave track. 

What should I wear for Breckenridge resort activities? 

For the summer activities in the Breckenridge ski resort, you should pack sun protection, including sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and reusable water bottles. As there can be afternoon thunderstorms in the mountains, don’t forget to pack a raincoat, sweater, and other extra layers.  

Wrapping Up: Alpine Slide Breckenridge!!

Well, that’s all! We assume that no more queries can knock on your mind about Alpine slide Breckenridge after going through our whole discussion.  

But before you go, let us tell you a secret tip! No wonder summer brings beautiful sunshine and weather in the Breck. But sometimes it can bring afternoon thunderstorms, especially in the last half of July and in the month of August. 

It hampers the summer activities, and sometimes lifts remain closed due to weather. That’s why starting your summer adventures and activities early and booking tickets in advance is a great way to avoid potential weather impacts. 

So, make your bucket list, and just be ready to slide into the summer!

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