The 6 Most Beautiful Villages in the Ardennes

Forget preconceived ideas and head east! Here are the 8 most beautiful villages in the Ardennes to discover.

The Ardennes is undoubtedly one of the most underestimated French departments. Located in the Grand-Est region, they do not lack charm. And if you have the opportunity to go, do not hesitate to visit the charming villages that hide in the Ardennes.

Here, forests and rivers are queens, providing excellent opportunities for walks and water sports. But, of course, history has passed through this, shown by the many fortifications.

It must be said that the Ardennes straddle France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Wars have not spared them either. Enthusiasts find something to spread their thirst for knowledge.

Finally, poetry lovers can discover the life of Arthur Rimbaud, who is a child of the country. In short, there is something to do for everyone. Here is a selection of the 6 most beautiful villages in the Ardennes.

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The 6 Most Beautiful Villages in the Ardennes

1. Rocroi

Too bad we cannot fly because the view from the sky of this village in the Ardennes is impressive and unusual. Located on the border of Belgium, Rocroi is fully fortified, which gives it a star shape.

It is one of the last in Europe to have kept this shape with all the original fortifications. It is also known in history books for a famous battle won by the Grand Condé, which is the center of one of the city’s museums.

The best way to discover it is to sign up for a guided tour or follow the heritage circuit.

2. Givet

Givet is always overlooked by the citadel of Charlemont, perched on a rocky peak. This village in the Ardennes is one of the most beautiful detours of France. Its old stone houses border the Meuse that will take you back in time. During your stroll in Givet, you can admire many buildings built of bluestone. These come directly from the nearby quarries.

Among these, do not miss to admire the old convents, the churches, the chapel of Walcourt, and course, the fort. Givet is also known for its gastronomic specialties that will be the icing on the cake of your visit.

3. Hierges

Behind this village in the Ardennes hides Belgium. And the least we can say is that Hierges forms a border of charm. The center of the town has kept the marks of the feudal era. The houses are old blue stones, and you are slate.

The central square has kept its cobblestones and fountain. But an old tower was overgrown with vegetation the day before. To go to the small church of Saint Jean-Baptiste, you have to climb a small flowery alley.

And finally, there are the romantic remains of the castle, including a rebuilt mansion. You have to visit the site to admire the beautiful gardens.

4. Mouzon

On the horizon, we can see the high towers of the abbey church of the first Gothic age. This testifies to the existence of a former major Benedictine abbey. Its buildings and gardens are still visible today.

There are also the remains of the old fortifications, such as the superb Burgundy Gate Tower and the circuit of the ramparts that you can follow. Not to mention the small alleys and squares to discover.

5. Monthermé

The view of this village in the Ardennes is splendid from the ridges of the Meuse. Monthermé forms a loop along the river whose main street follows the shape. The artery is lined with old houses.

There is also the fortified church and the abbey of Laval-Dieu. The village and its surroundings are scenes of tales and legends. You can discover it during river cruises.

Do not forget to bring your hiking shoes in your suitcases as the village is also the starting point of some of the most beautiful tours in the region.

6. Wasigny

Finally, a small forgotten village whose old-fashioned charm deserves a look. The old hall of the fifteenth century is classified as a Historical Monument.

Let yourself be carried away through the alleys. There you can discover old half-timbered houses. Also, continue through the countryside. Then you can see the impressive entrance door to the castle park.

It testified like the rest of the village when the spinning mills were operating at total capacity. If that time is over, a short walk in Wasigny is enough to imagine the atmosphere of yesteryear.

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