The 6 Most Beautiful Villages In The Ardennes

The 6 Most Beautiful Villages in the Ardennes

Forget preconceived ideas and head east! Here are the 8 most beautiful villages in the Ardennes to discover.

I am excited to show you some of the loveliest villages I have visited in the Ardennes.

From the pretty roads of Rocroi to the charming town of Givet, these secret treasures will definitely touch your heart.

Prepare yourself to experience the fascinating history and breathtaking scenery of Hierges, Mouzon, Monthermé, and Wasigny.

Come along with me as we discover the beauty and peace of these enchanting Ardennes villages.

The 6 Most Beautiful Villages in the Ardennes

1. Rocroi

The 6 Most Beautiful Villages in the Ardennes | Rocroi | Travelvibe

If you visit Rocroi, you will be amazed by the village’s impressive star-shaped walls. The original fortifications have been well preserved, making Rocroi one of the last villages in Europe with such intact historical buildings.

One important event in Rocroi’s history is the Battle of Rocroi, where the Grand Condé won. You can learn more about this battle in one of the city’s museums, which showcase its memory and the village’s rich history.

To make the most of your visit, I highly recommend joining a guided tour or following the heritage trail. These tours provide interesting information about Rocroi’s past and help you understand the importance of its fortifications even more.

2. Givet

The 6 Most Beautiful Villages in the Ardennes | Givet | Travelvibe

Givet has old stone houses and bluestone buildings that make the village very charming. As I walk along the Meuse, I am fascinated by the historical landmarks in the area. The old convents, churches, and the chapel of Walcourt show the rich history of Givet. The citadel of Charlemont, which is located high on a rocky hill and overlooks the village, is also a beautiful sight.

But Givet is not only about history. The local food here is delicious. They have hearty Ardennes specialties like wild boar stew and delicate river fish dishes that will satisfy any taste. And, of course, you can’t miss trying the famous Ardennes ham and cheese when visiting Givet.

While wandering through the village, I was amazed by the beautiful scenery around Givet. The Meuse River, with its calm waters, adds to the place’s charm. The green landscape and rolling hills provide a perfect background for a relaxing afternoon walk.

Givet is truly a hidden gem in the Ardennes. Its historical landmarks, tasty cuisine, and beautiful scenery make it a place that takes you back in time. I feel fortunate to have experienced the timeless charm of Givet.

3. Hierges

The 6 Most Beautiful Villages in the Ardennes | Hierges | Travelvibe

When you go to Hierges, you will be amazed by the pretty houses made of old blue stones and the lovely cobblestone square. Exploring Hierges’ medieval buildings is like going back in time.

The old blue stone houses, with their slate roofs, tell a story of a time long ago. As you walk through the narrow, flower-lined streets, you will find the small church of Saint Jean-Baptiste, which is very important historically.

But Hierges is not just about its buildings; it also has beautiful natural scenery and hiking paths. The remains of the castle, with its well-maintained gardens, show the cultural heritage of Hierges.

4. Mouzon

The 6 Most Beautiful Villages in the Ardennes | Mouzon | Travelvibe

When you visit Mouzon, you will be amazed by its beautiful streets and old buildings. Mouzon has a lot of historical architecture to see, like the tall abbey church and the remains of old fortifications. Walking around the ramparts, you can learn about the village’s interesting past.

When it comes to food, Mouzon has a great variety of local dishes to try. You can enjoy traditional Ardennes specialties like game meat, hearty stews, and delicious pastries and cheeses. Make sure you don’t miss out on the famous Ardennes ham; it’s a real treat.

If you like outdoor activities, Mouzon has a lot to offer. You can take a relaxing walk in the beautiful gardens of the former Benedictine abbey or explore the small streets and squares that have surprises around every corner. Nature lovers can also go hiking or biking in the countryside nearby.

In Mouzon, you can experience history, food, and outdoor adventures all in one place. It will be a memorable experience.

5. Monthermé

The 6 Most Beautiful Villages in the Ardennes | Montherme | Travelvibe

Monthermé is a charming village with a rich history. It is located along the Meuse River and offers beautiful views.

The main street is lined with old houses that hold stories and legends that have been passed down through generations.

To fully appreciate the village and its surroundings, consider taking a river cruise. If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t forget your hiking shoes! Monthermé is the starting point for some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the region.

Come and discover the hidden treasures of Monthermé, where history, nature, and folklore come together.

6. Wasigny

The 6 Most Beautiful Villages in the Ardennes | Wasigny | Travelvibe

Wasigny is a small village with a long history and a lovely atmosphere. Exploring the charm, history, and architecture of Wasigny is like going back in time.

The old hall, which is a Historical Monument, shows the village’s past. As I walk through the narrow streets, I am fascinated by the old houses made of wood and bricks, each with its own story.

But Wasigny is not only beautiful because of its buildings. The natural landscapes around the village are absolutely stunning. I really enjoy looking at the hills and the grand entrance to the castle park.

And, of course, it’s a must to experience the local culture and traditions of Wasigny. Whether it’s going to a traditional festival or trying the local food, the village always makes me feel like I’m a part of its lively way of life.

Conclusion: Most Beautiful Villages in the Ardennes

Exploring the beautiful villages in the Ardennes has been an amazing experience. The streets in Rocroi are charming, and the views in Givet are breathtaking. These villages have a special charm that captures the heart.

Hierges, Mouzon, Monthermé, and Wasigny each have their own unique character and show the region’s rich history and culture.

The Ardennes is truly a hidden treasure, and I’m thankful to have had the chance to discover these pretty villages myself.

I hope our guide on “Most Beautiful Villages in the Ardennes” was helpful to you.

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